Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Outs Himself As An Anti-Racist Whigger, Characterizes Montana Caucasians As Racist Rednecks

Montana's Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer just put his foot in his mouth big time and insulted nearly every white person in the state (except the self-haters at the Montana Human Rights Network). And the Montana media seems to be giving him a free pass.

The incident occurred during the Ohio Democratic State Convention on July 28th, 2012. Gov. Schweitzer was the keynote speaker during the State Dinner, which cost attendees a minimum of $150 per plate. One dewy-eyed Democratic chick, Lauren Michelle Kinsey, engaged in some serious A2M hero worship, writing that "listening to his [Schweitzer's] speech brought tears to my eyes". During his 30-minute speech, Schweitzer talked about how his grandmother emigrated to the United States to start a new life. He bragged about his gubernatorial achievements, putting special emphasis on the Indian Education for All project.

However, it was his explanation of the education project that stirred up the controversy. After noting that 93 percent of Montana's population is classified as Caucasian, Schweitzer spewed the following:

“All over Montana, you can walk into a bar, a cafĂ© or even a school or a courthouse and just listen for a while as people talk to each other. And you will hear somebody, before very long, say something outrageously racist about the people who’ve lived in Montana for 10,000 years...So, I decided, I can’t turn the heart of a 45-year-old redneck”.

So in one fell swoop, Gov. Schweitzer insulted 93 percent of his state's citizens, even though he himself is white. In case you think this is politically suicidal for him, one Montanan points out that Schweitzer is serving his last term as governor because of term limits. So I guess he doesn't give a damn what 93 percent of his constituents think of him, although on August 2nd, Politico put Schweitzer on a list of top five Democratic presidential hopefuls in 2016, ignoring the fact that it was only back in April when Schweitzer pissed off the Mormons in his state when he denigrated Mitt Romney's family background by referring to the Mormon settlement in Mexico where Romney's forebears settled as a "polygamy commune".

Brian Schweitzer may not wear a baseball cap backwards, but he's just as much a whigger as Eminem. And now he's unmasked himself as a self-hating anti-racist.

WeaselZippers was one of the first major blogs to pick it up, followed by HotAir. Gateway Pundit also weighed in, and some Montanans sounded off in the comments section. None were particularly happy with Schweitzer:

Kissmygrits #3 August 7, 2012 at 5:34 pm:
We are so glad this phony baloney piece of dem crap is termed out. Maybe his 10 min of fame is over and we won’t see him on any more interviews. Most Montanans are decent God fearing, gun toting individuals. BS certainly won’t leave the state better than he found it.

Kitty #50 August 7, 2012 at 8:30 pm:
...Montanans are not stupid, we just had a bunch of Californians and other foreigners move to Montana. He didn’t talk that way when he was running for Governor. He told us to buy Montana, but he went to Idaho to buy his farm truck — so much for that. By the way, I didn’t vote for him because I’ve always thought he was a dirtbag —
he is pro Obama also.

Indiana #51 August 7, 2012 at 8:41 pm:
He’s my Governor. I didn’t vote for him, and those that did aren’t racists either. We’re self determined and don’t need his party’s womb to tomb influence. I’m offended he said this….maybe he’s just in need of giving us the finger as he exits the office.

BioBob #62 August 7, 2012 at 11:50 pm:
I voted for the other guy….what a moron.

10,000 years ? I. don’t. think. so. In the last 300 years the blackfeet kicked out the shoshone and the crow from someplace, the sioux kicked out the crow and mandan out of someplace, the crow kicked out somebody else and the whites kicked everybody out of someplace, rofl.

the history of man is one big a$$kicking of the other and almost nobody gets to stay put for very long.

How about we kick the democraps outta here?


Anonymous said...

Is there a difference between this fool and Mr. Suyahda always attacking fellow Whites while ignoring and or misrepresnting his own short comings?

Wayne said...

David Lane supported Northwest migration. This pdf will serve as a force for good against those who call themselves "separatists" and "White Nationalists" yet reject Northwest migration and whatnot. It can be downloaded here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/102472344/First-a-Bastion-Then-a-Nation-Selected-Quotes-by-David-Lane-on-a-White-Homeland

Anonymous said...

I do have some disagreements with Rocky Suhayda, but I dont think he is a self hating Whigger type, like this moron governor.

In Rocky's defense, many of the Whites he has attacked, those in the WN Movement, were very deserving targets. Even if you differ with the ANP on some policy matters, it is true that Rocky has been on target almost all the time in exposing a lot of the bad elements in the movement.

I know there has been a lot of debate/discussion recently regarding the ANP and some of its stances. And there certainly should be discussion.

But I respect the fact that Rocky Suhayda is committed to building a Pro-White Movement that is free of the negative elements that have plagued it for so long.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Rocky is committed to building a pro white movement without all the negativity? Gee, what doesn't he demand that the government stop taxing everybody. If anyone doesn't see he is a fraud by now then you clearly don't have white interests at heart. Oh how he hates the bad apples! Oh how he hates the negativity! So he goes and stands with the antis.

And what would Rocky replace all the "bad apples" with? Let's see: queers, occupy protesters, Jews and assorted sexual deviants. Meanwhile he admits he accepts Jewish support. I guess they just pay Rocky because deep down, they want to see white nationalism succeed. They know he is such a good guy. Yes, this is what Rocky has gleamed from 40+ years of being connected to white nationalism. Jews are ok. Gay is fine (bring your kids to an ANP event!). Race isnt the issue, money is. DLJ couldn't have said it better himself! Is his motives and alligences still unclear to anybody?

And even if he was a real national socialist ideologically, what kind of person is he? He calls street action "just plain dangerous!". What kind of a man is he? It is supposed to be dangerous, you old fruit. It is called standing up for what you believe in. Try it sometime! Sam Williams.

James M said...

Rocky is easily the best pro-white and National-Socialist leader that the US has had since Rockwell. He has exposed many of the frauds and informants in this "movement" as well as led the charge for real political activity. Take your ARA b.s. elsewhere "Sam Williams"

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'v heard of Rocky Suhayda and the ANP in very positive ways. I have never heard of a 'Sam Williams', so apparently he doesn't do anything except carp on a forum board at those wishing to improve WN. Either your misinformed about Rocky and the ANP, with your silly alligations, or your an anti. Btw, which one of those bad apples that the ANP exposes, do you like? And why? Phil H.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is the best NS group out there now. They do what so many are unwilling to do. Expose the garbage in the "movement". Also it takes blind hate to "stereotype" an entire group, by saying all Jews are bad, while no whites are not. This is one of the reasons the "movement" ain't "moving" . HATE won't get you nowhere in the political process.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree, Mr. Suyahuda attacks for sole purpose of keeping focus off himself and to avoid having to provide specific issues and details. We see how quickly he folded (like a lawn chair) when confronted with a opportunity to discuss issues on the National Socialist Economic Thread on this blog, he ran away and resorted to name calling and had his minions attack.

Anonymous said...

The anti-ANP comments are always ridiculous and filled with laughable accusations that aren't really even worth responding to. Next we will hear that the ANP flies UFOs around the moon or something, lol.

Oh well, that's what FBI agents get paid to do - spread false information and lies in order to create problems.

Anonymous said...

I fully support the ANP and all that they do. Rocky is an excellent leader with all the qualities a leader should have: honesty, integrity, character, determination, resilience, morality etc...

Anonymous said...

I a for one am becoming disillusioned with the ANP. I like a lot of what Rocky has to say, and I applaud him for exposing so many frauds in the movmement.

It just seems like Rocky has lost sight of the fact that National Socialism is a race based ideology. Yes, its important to address economic and other areas, but then Rocky uses Marxist terms like social justice, worker power, trade union stuff.

And these recent strange stances on jews, very odd. The ANP has jewish supporters and Rocky knows lots of good working class jews? Better snap a photo of one when you see it, working class jews are like Bigfoot. No one really ever sees them, better have some proof.

Also, Rocky seems to not be interested in challenging the Holohoax story. You would think as a dedicated NS, he would gladly shoot holes in the story of the supposed greatest crime ever committed, the reason the Third Reich is so utterly reviled by the system. Instead Rocky just says its in the past, who cares.

Now we have Rocky and the ANP supporters acting like the NSM did when it was prominent on this blog. Instead of answering questions/criticism, they just attack, name calling and acccusing anyone who disagree as ZOG agents.

Anonymous said...

"Also, Rocky seems to not be interested in challenging the Holohoax story. You would think as a dedicated NS, he would gladly shoot holes in the story of the supposed greatest crime ever committed, the reason the Third Reich is so utterly reviled by the system. Instead Rocky just says its in the past, who cares."

Hey, in case you didn't read it right. Rocky leads the American Nazi Party. Not German Nazi Party idiot. No need to address foreign issues 50 years ago. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Thats the big difference between Chairman Suhayda and these other so-called nazi posers. Rocky address's issues concerning 2012, not 1945. These other re-enacters, playing dress up, are stuck in the past, so far in the past that they know or care little about whats happening to White people NOW. Buddy, you like to nit-pic a lot. How about telling us all, what the hell your doing besides constantly criticizing Rocky and the ANP on this forum? Since you claim to have all the answers, please tell us about yourself and your activities. Kevin B.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is going to avoid any subject that requires insight and possible research. Thats obvious. If it is bad mouthing and complaining like someone's democrat dad, he'll do that.

The Holocaust lie is used to wage wars and justify funding the Jew's terrorist state. There are lots of relatively anti racist people who engage in revisionism for those reasons alone. Rocky is terrified of truly offending his Jewish supporters apparently. You can tell his true stripes very easily.

Now let's here from Rocky's handful of followers who know they'd be pointing out the same things about Rocky if they were allowed anywhere else in the movement.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone need to spread lies about the ANP when they make it crystal clear that they support all the left wing causes, Antifa and ARA. They are the only self proclaimed WN group that consistently bashes nearly all white activists. It's like wearing black socks then telling everyone there white.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the ANP is against pollution, gee, so are the leftists - we MUST be FOR pollution! Thats the stupidest line of thinking I've ever heard. As for bashing other activists, I've only noticed them exposing RACE-MIXERS like Jeff Schoep, and career criminal con-men like Paul Mullet, but your ok with these types infesting our movement?

Anonymous said...

12:-10, I agree totally. It almost insults the intelligence of the average white nationalist. I think both Rocky and Taylor are used to dealing with slow witted types who only have to be told about their "experience". So far all anyone has seen from either is how to talk shit, beg/blow money, a ridiculas and expensive presidential campaign and a handful of meetings with turn outs so low that Rocky feels the need to bitch at people in public about them. The moral of that side of the story isn't to oversell your abilities from one side of your mouth while bad mouthing everybody else from the other. Oh and it's so funny to assume people are impressed with "60+ years of activism" or whatever. What happens to idiots and losers if they don't die? They become old.

What is funny is that they should be ten times as big and influential as they are based on just name recognition. But you are right, I don't think they are fooling anybody anymore.

Anonymous said...

The reason why is because the movement as a whole is a dismal failure. The ANP is one of the only decent groups, that wants to distance itself from the garbage can that is the "White movement". The only way decent white folks will "get on board" in massive numbers is if a group like ANP does what they do. Hail the ANP.

Anonymous said...

I would rather support the ANP than a race-mixer NSM Commander that lies to his members about his wife and her mulatoo child and commits adultery.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Rocky has addressed the holohoax issue plenty of times on his ANP Reports and it was discussed in depth on at least two ANP TalkShoe episodes (best racial talk program by FAR). It doesn't need to be constantly talked about non-stop when there are real issues that concern the white working-class TODAY. Working class Americans don't give a crap about the holohoax, and talking about it won't bring them to the struggle.

And 12:10, I can't believe your absurd comment was published. OBVIOUSLY the American NAZI Party has never once supported antifa/ARA - DUH!!!!! LOL!! What a total fool.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, 7:10. The ANP has admitted several times to lending a hand to the antis "against a common enemy". They also publicly thanked the ARA for attacking the NSM in New Jersey. Taylor Bowles was mortified on his blog that the NSM used chair to beat the antifa back.

That is the least of their crimes against the white race. Rocky, the supposed leader of the American Nazi Party confessed to recieving financial assistance from Jews. He also detailed a don't ask, don't tell policy concerning his Jewish members. He has admitted to worse race mixing than Jeff Scheop has ever been accused of. Allowing Jews to wear our holy symbols to line his pockets is inexcuseable.

Anonymous said...

7:21PM How about adding that Rocky has negroid members too? Even a few Martians with two heads? You are either an anti, or your one of these creeps exposed by the ANP, and have a real hard on about them. Who really cares what dribble you spout, the ANP seems to be doing just fine, without all the dysfunctionals that infest the typical 'movement' groups. I'm sure that its been a challenge gathering together normal white people, as the ANP has, instead of the types we have been reading about lately in the jews media. I give them a big hand!

Anonymous said...

I've got a question for the Anp supporters. Why do you try to cloud the issues so much? I'm not really into the Anp versus Nsm thing but I notice the ANP being very far off base on most everything. You might not think so but people notice how flimsy your defenses are. Your chairman says one thing while the membership says he never said it. When someone points out what a fraud the ANP is, you just whine that people are always picking on you. Yet the Anp attacks everyone involved in white nationalism on a regular basis. They call everyone low lifes or criminals yet the Anp has it's fair share of felons and excons. Most of the comments defending the Anp are as childish and juvinile as what can be found on Taylor Bowles' blog, even though the ANP were supposed to be slowly distancing itself from Bowles and his type. The Nsm might be guilty of everything the Anp says but the Anp is guilty of far worse by their own words.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 7:21!! What a wild imagination you have. Rocky never said any of the things you are making up. And regarding the NSM - Jeffy and his bunch have done more to harm NS and the "movement" then the ARA/SPLC etc, and it's great that they are almost extinct.

The ANP is a NATIONAL SOCIALIST group. Do you know what that means? Obviously they don't have any Jewish members, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Thats right. Sissies use chairs. White men use their fists. I side with Bowles in this matter.

POLARBEAR87 said...

“Because of history? ” does not justify white genocide.

“For the economy” does not justify white genocide.

“Low birth rates”, does not justify white genocide.

“We all bleed red!” does not justify white genocide.

“We are all human!” does not justify white genocide.

“Race is just a social construct!” does not justify white genocide.

“We are all from Africa!” does not justify white genocide.

Anti-Racist is just a CODEWORD for Anti-White.