Sunday, August 12, 2012

European American Action Coalition Blocked From Hosting Third Annual European American Heritage Celebration Over A Technicality

European American Action Coalition
The political class of Moosic Borough in Pennsylvania was never really comfortable with the idea of a European American Heritage Celebration in their area, and exploited a technicality to block the event which was scheduled to be hosted by the European American Action Coalition (EAAC) at Mercatili-Segilia Park on Saturday August 11th, 2012. American Third Position Party Presidential candidate Merlon C. Miller was invited to headline the event, although he had to decline because he was busy gathering petition signatures in Tennessee for ballot access.

Borough officials claim that EAAC leader Steve Smith lied about where he lives when he applied for permission to use Mercatili-Segilia Park for the Celebration. Council President Joseph Mercatili said borough officials discovered the address discrepancy after reading a Times-Tribune story published on August 8th about the group's plans. The story reported that Smith is a Republican Party committeeman in Pittston. Borough officials claim Smith listed a Moosic address even though he lives in Pittston. The borough limits reserving use of the park and its pavilion for organized events to Moosic residents only.

Steve Smith immediately rebutted borough officials, explaining that his girlfriend's friend, a Moosic resident, applied for permission to use the park and listed him as a point of contact. He said the borough never objected the last two years when the group used the park for the same type of celebration, and suggested that the only reason the borough suddenly threw up a red flag at the very last minute is because of his politics.

When confronted with Smith's allegations, Mercatili denied the borough is forbidding the event because of the group's political nature. He acknowledged that EAAC used the park the last two years, but said they should not have used the address of a Moosic resident when it is run by a Pittston resident. Mercatili blamed the borough's process for reserving the park's pavilion, which relies on an honor system, and said it will be beefed up in the future. But Mercatili said he would short-circuit any last minute attempt by an actual Moosic resident to re-apply, saying he would still deny permission to go ahead because EAAC never applied for permission to hold a political rally.

As a result, the EAAC had to cancel the event, posting the following message on Stormfront and the EAAC website (after the jump):

I regret to inform you that the 3rd annual European American Heritage Celebration this Saturday has been canceled due to the borough of Moosic shutting the event down. I want to personally apologize to everyone that planned to make it to this event. The borough of Moosic has violated our freedom of speech and our right to peacefully assemble - action WILL be taken against the borough for their discriminatory acts against the EAAC. Please visit our site at for the latest news and updates.

Thank you all for your support!

The American Third Position Party also condemned the borough's decision, expressing doubt that Council President Mercatili would have prevented the NAACP or LaRaza from having a celebration despite the beliefs of those groups. A3P also criticized reporter Borys Krawczeniuk for regurgitating bogus SPLC propaganda about A3P; the SPLC falsely claims that A3P was initially established by "racist Southern California skinheads". Do these people look like "racist skinheads" to you? Ironically, Democratic Underground insinuated that Krawczeniuk might be a secret EAAC sympathizer for referring to them as a "white people's rights group" instead of a "white supremacist group".

The August 9th Times-Tribune story has generated 47 comments so far, and some are supportive. One person decried the borough's hypocrisy:

GWashington13 3 days ago:
Moosic said it's wants to fight if the group fights it. Well Moosic you are going to lose. You let the group use the park two years in a row when the girlfriend who lives in Moosic applied for permission. Now you find out the groups politics and come up with some rule that the president or leader of the group has to apply. Just admit you do not want the group to use the park because of their politics. I may not like their message and Moosic might not like their message, but you cannot infringe on their right to gather and freedom of speech.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, if they was black, mestizo, jew, etc, it'd be a headline story. More "racism."

Sleeze Deez $PLC says A3P founded by skins? My god, what a lazy baseless accusation, the usual trademark of that slimy pedo.

The A3P and associated orgs are for those Whites who do not want to go near some skinhead music n' beer fest-y'know, most White people. Dont get me wrong, not condemning all skins, just that that "scene" is pretty much a dead end.

Best of luck to EAAC. This is just a minor bump in the road.

Anonymous said...

What sunk them apparently, was that "publicity" that outed them. They should have went the route that the ANP did, held a private gathering, and everything would have been ok. People, you've got to toe the line, and dot all the "i's" when dealing with the system. If it states a city resident, to use a city facility, thats how it goes. They could even have stated that it was a so&so's birthday gathering to throw off the scum. Use your brains. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!