Wednesday, August 29, 2012

East Lansing Police Question Whether Zach Tennen Was Really The Victim Of An Anti-Semitic Hate Crime; Two Witnesses Report No Anti-Semitism

When the attack on Zach Tennen was first reported, Stormfronters were immediately skeptical of the anti-Semitic angle. Three aspects stood out as cartoonish and stereotypical:

-- The attackers were bald-headed KKK members and chanted "Heil Hitler".
-- The attackers stapled Tennen's mouth shut.
-- The victim's parents immediately filed a complaint with the Anti-Defamation League.

Now it turns out that East Lansing Police are also skeptical of the anti-Semitic angle as well. East Lansing police Captain Jeff Murphy said there was no dispute that Zach Tennen, 19, was seriously assaulted in the early hours of Sunday and suffered a broken jaw. However, Chief Murphy said witnesses have not confirmed Tennen's account that he was attacked after being asked if he was Jewish at a party close to Michigan State University campus; in fact, two witnesses specifically said that Tennen's religion was NOT an issue. Detectives also have no evidence that Tennen's mouth was stapled during the attack as he claimed.

Tennen originally claimed that around 2:30 A.M. on Sunday August 26th, while at an off-campus party, two men asked him if he was Jewish, raised their arms in Nazi salutes, said “Heil Hitler” and knocked him to the ground, after which they stapled his gums. He said that least 20 other people at the party did nothing to intervene and threw him out when the fight was over, leaving him to take a cab to Sparrow Hospital. Tennen underwent surgery at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland hospital in Pontiac on Monday night to have his jaw wired shut. Tennen admitted drinking alcohol at the party, but claimed it was only a small amount.

However, witnesses reported that most of the 40 people at the party were hanging out in back of the house on the 500 block of Spartan Avenue, and the confrontation took place in front. The witnesses say the entire assault consisted of a single punch, that the two men left the area and the witnesses went over to see if Tennen was OK, got cold vegetables to put on his face, and got him into a cab so he could get to the hospital. They didn’t see the Nazi salutes or hear anyone say “Heil Hitler”. As for the staple, one witness saw Tennen take it out of his mouth, but never saw it go in.

Police have found a person of interest. They questioned an 18-year-old man from Farmington Hills on Tuesday August 28th, but did not arrest him. The assailant, if arrested and tried, could be sentenced to up to a year in jail and $1,000 in fines if found guilty of aggravated assault, a minor misdemeanor that specifies the victim was seriously injured in an attack. Police say the suspect will remain free as local prosecutors review the case later this week to determine specifically what charges to file.

Tennen's father Bruce says the conclusions by East Lansing police sicken him, calling police statements that the attack wasn't a hate crime "absurd". He added that his son was upset about investigators debating the claim. He said he would support Anti-Defamation League follow-up with the FBI. Zachary Tennen is the grandson of longtime Michigan 3rd District Judge Harvey F. Tennen.

Some members of the public are skeptical:

Chuck 11 hours ago (Royal Oak Daily Tribune):
Tennen is a loudmouth punk. He shot his mouth off to the wrong guys and got back a little bit of what he deserved. Hopefully he transfers out to Brandeis or wherever.

MIKENLEEDS Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:55pm (The Blaze):
this whole story does nt pass the smell test, sounds like another made up fake liberals pity story looking for knee jerk reactions.

HJABLO Posted on August 28, 2012 at 4:59pm (The Blaze):
Just like the Holocaust – I’m sorry, that was just another made up story.

JUST_US2 Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:53pm (The Blaze):
Maybe it’s because of other false hate crimes that have been reported, but something just does not seem right here.

KELLY HENDERSON Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:59pm (The Blaze):
I think you are right. This story doesn`t pass the smell test. What was the 20 people doing while this was happening? I aint buying it.


Anonymous said...

So, these were skinhead KKK guys who said Heil Hitler. Maybe they're confused about what their affiliation is? Im surprised the jew didnt say one of them was wearing a t-shirt with the Church of the Creators logo on it. A nice triple whammy for the media to play up.

Really though, that Rabbi cartoon sums it up. Also see how this kids parents contacted the ADL. The way a negro would go to the NAACP or a mestizo would go to MALDEF or some immigrants rights group. Must be nice to have that kind of representation.

If plain ol Whitey gets attacked by some groids or illegal mestizos, he doesnt have much going for him. File a report with the local PD. The pig at the station (usually white) might give him a lecture on how he "shouldn't have been in that area in the first place." Maybe we'll get our own advocacy groups when were a minority. Har-har.

This story was all over the mainstream media. If the investigation finds its a hoax, it probably wont be mentioned in an updated story, not nationally.

Regardless of whether its real or fake, its out there and the effect is felt. This is just more grist for the ADL fear mill. They love this stuff, keep their people in hysterics about "rampant anti-semitism." Likely to only increase. Feeds well into all this mania lately about "domestic terrorism"- right wing extremists.

Jewish paranoia, fear and their eternal "outsider" complex is always amusing, truly irrational unstable minds. The wealthiest, most powerful group in the USA and the world (oops, looks like im an anti-semite for saying that)with protection like no other group has, seems to almost always be just a whisper from mass murder.

steve HOLLIS said...

as far as i know Klan folk do not say Heil Hitler, on NS does that

mary sullivan said...

you are playing into the hands of the jew by printing this stuff. you have helped the ADL greatly by advertising for them. concentrate on helping White people and you won't print this stuff

Anonymous said...

The klan and national socialists have historicaly never played well together. There are exceptions to the rule, but its not common. The klan even goes so far as to salute with their left arm to distance themselves from "nazis". Clearly this whole tale is a work of fiction, but sadly it'll get its 15 mins and the jews will cry for their pound of flesh.

Anonymous said...

This is all bullshit. Why are we even discussing it? ROCK 88!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a stunt that someone from the nsm would do

Anonymous said...

It is bullshit Rocky. i agree.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rocky. I hate anything that makes Jews or homosexuals look bad. Let's get back to bashing white people in the movement. They are always do broke! Hail the ANP!

Anonymous said...

Some people seem to keep homos on their mind, I'd be more concerned about those who keep almost non issues at this point, ie queers on the brain then those that address the issue for what it is. I'm waiting for an explanation as to how a closeted pervert is such a major threat at this point in the game. Yes it is true that chairman suhayda isn't shy about speaking his mind when it comes to other "movement" leaders but I can hardly blame him. When it comes to schoep and the NSM anytime they incite a riot, or make the news for some dishonorable act the ANP gets the blame. They even go as far as to label themselves "Americas nazi party" on their website to get google hits. Also you will notice he never attacks "rank and file" members, just the supposed leadership that make any real White Nationalist org look bad. Even the most militant minded should appreciate in the Turner Diaries, the racialist fairy tale it is. That the order attacked their own race as standard practice. Now I'm sure the membership and supporter numbers of the ANP, along with the lack of any attacks by antis will get brought up. How can anybody know our numbers being the ANP keeps such information private to protect said people. Gee what a thought, protecting your membership instead of constantly putting them in harms way in counter productive street actions etc. Finally the antifa issue, heres a thought. Dont announce where and when your holding an event on multiple websites for the whole freaking world to see. Its a novel idea I know. Ian 88

Anonymous said...

2:30PM Why are you so concerned about Rocky and the ANP 'trashing' human garbage in the movement? Are you one of them? I agree thats it long overdue to take out the human TRASH!

Anonymous said...

I like Rocky and the ANP and consider them the true National Socialists in America.

Anonymous said...

Ian, can we suggest something? Why doesn't the ANP change it's name. First, it is a stolen name. That has been well established. Rocky was never in the real American Nazi Party. Simple math catches Rocky in that obvious lie.

The ANP is supposed to be phase two. Personally, I think that is just a buzz word that Rocky got ahold of and uses to justify his lack of activism. If the ANP was really "phase two", they would not be called "Nazi" anything. All Nazi symbolism as well as the word itself would be absent from a true phase two outfit. It is doubtful that Rocky would have anything at all without name recognition. Some speculate that there is something more sinister at play here than Rocky trying to make a few sheckles. It is possible that he is being paid or blackmailed into ruining the name of the ANP by promoting all Rockwell stood against.

The AnP does not "look bad" because of any of the trouble with the NSM. The public barely notices either group, especially the ANP. If anyone should be complaining it should be all non-ANP national socialists. Each time Rocky bashes someone in the movement and sides with the Jewish media, it gives the impression that we are easily bought off and have no loyalty to the cause. When Rocky tries constantly to find common ground with the enemy, it not only demonstrates that Rocky is a coward but also makes us all look weak. When he promotes homosexuals in the movement or admission of Jews, it paints a picture of a weak movmenet waving a white flag. Or perhaps that isnt the case and Rocky has simply been bought off.

Nobody wants to be associated with the ANP. That is why they aren't allowed anywhere but on this website. Nobody wants to hear Rocky bashing whites while coddling homosexuals or courting Jews, much less his murky views on NS. Nobody wants to hear him talk about quality control while his associates with the likes of Taylor Bowles. Nobody wants to promote a hypocrit. I think we can all agree that it is time for the ANP to change its name.

Anonymous said...

As is typical with the "chosen" and their fairy-tale "hate crimes", not to mention everything they do, this kid went toally overboard with his story. If this country were not under the control of ZOG and their ilk any story with a Jew involved would immediately be met with skepticism and suspicion; even the ADL and other traitors must have known this kid's story was B.S.

Anonymous said...

I will not be drawn into an arguement, as what would it prove but I will address a few of your points mr anonymous. Rocky can and has shown his original ANP membership card when it was under Rockwells leadership. If by lack of activism you mean setting real world attainable goals then guilty as charged. Show me where the chairman or the ANP has ever attempted to recruit jews or queers, dont take half of a sentence out of a page long statement to twist to your own ends. Also for nobody wanting to be associated with us we sure had a successful conference and new people continue to show interest in the ANP. As usual any claims go unfounded and remain conjecture while the NSM acts are well documented. Did you know for example that schoeps race treason is so infamous that when you enter his name into google it comes up jeff schoep race mixer. But by all means keep grasping onto straws you can to find fault with the ANP. Ian 88

Anonymous said...

2:22PM #1 Rockys first ANP membership card can be seen on the ANP website, look at the section about the Conference in SC. on the main-page. #2 "Phase Two" was part of GL Rockwells Four Phase strategy, Phase Two entails building a solid organizational Cadre, rather than seeking publicity at any price as in Phase One. #3 Everytime one of these hollywierd nutzi gangs, creates a media sensation, such as the NSM does, with murders, rapes, etc. It DOES create an image in the popular mind that ALL NS organizations are similar. The ANP always gets a flood of e-mails from people after one of these occurs, thinking that THEY are US. Of course, there have been zero stories about the ANP, in such situations, because we don't accept freaks and losers into our organization. #4 Any 'common ground' that Rocky and the ANP have in common with the "opposition" is only common sense. IE, The Judeo-Capitalist Banksters are THE main cause of White working class pain, hence the main enemy of White people, or while homosexuality is depraved and unnatural, it is hardly 'the' issue that is negatively effecting White people lives, such as job loss, illegal invasion, outsourcing, interest-usury etc. If the opposition said the sky was blue, would you say it wasn't? #5 Rocky "bashing someone in the movement". Is it bashing to expose people who are criminals, con-men, race-mixers like Jeff Schoep? I believe it to be a public service! #6 You claim "nobody" likes the ANP or Rocky, odd that the ANP is the largest, most effective NS organization in the entire struggle, probably the entire WN movement. We had almost FIFTY quality National Socialists at our last Conference in July. No outsiders, no 'allies', just ANP personell alone! I believe that Rockys sensible stance on petty issues, and his refusal to turn the ANP into another moronic 'hate group' is one big reason for that success. His reasoning that the problems of White people, have to be laid at the feet of White people themselves, instead of blaming them on others is quite sound. If White people acted as they should, there would be very few problems with anyone, that we couldn't overcome. As for so-called non-ANP NS, WHO ARE THEY? NSM satanists, murders, rapists? Net-nutzis? So-called, useless 'lone-wolves' who 'do' nothing positive? I think that it became apparent a long time ago, that the ANP is not one of these eight-cripples-arm-in-arm groups, that sporadically unite out of weakness, because they can't accomplish anything on their own. And I really take umbrage when YOU claim that Chairman Suhayda, or myself are 'cowards', when here we are promoting our agenda with our NAMES and YOU remain anonymous, like a COWARD hiding in the internet. I suggest that like an honorable Aryan man, you tell us WHO you are, what you have DONE for our struggle, and what you are DOING. Perhaps then we might consider your comments to be more worthy than some troll in the shadows, carping at the warrior in the arena! Axl Hess 14/88!

Anonymous said...

Axl, are you that dumb or do you just think we all are? The NSM makes all NS organizations look bad? Ever heard of the History Channel? All NS looks bad from the start, thanks to the Jews your leader kisses up to. The NSM is just a gang who happen to use Nazi symbols. The ANP is a walking punch line. And don't try to tell us that you had 50 people at an ANP rally. There would be floods of photos. Oh right, security...kind of like when Taylor Bowles leaked people's private info to the ARA and OPP. Go try to sell your bs to some people less grounded in reality. Brad Williams. PS. Nice fantasy name. Why not call yourself Reudolf Hitler?

Anonymous said...

@ Axel Hess

You have posted a very thought provoking reply at 7:15AM and thus have opened the floor to some follow up questions.

Would you kindly provide the following clarification:

1) What is your true name? "It is safe to assume "Axel Hess" is a pen name.

2) The ANP and Mr. Suyahda specifically has taken some very soft, if not outright pro homosexual position, Mr. Suyahda has said he does not care if individuals are homosexual, he is not fearful of homosexuals coming at him with an errection, he has even said that equal rights would apply to homosexual "couples" in a National Socialist Folk Community, this he said in one of his Reports last year. This of course is not consistent with true National Socialism. Mr. Davenport on this blog went on to use examples of a homosexual actress who should not be excluded due to her sexual orientation and thus advocated for homosexuality. My question is simply, does the ANP have homosexuals in its ranks, allows homosexuals and views homosexuality as consistent with NS and WN?

3) The ANP, it members and Mr. Suyahda have made comments friendly Re: "Working Class Jews", the ANP has given interviews with and has been quoted in Jew publications. Jewry is NOT consistent with National Socialism or WN, Jewry seeks to destroy White Identity and White Christian Civilization. Why dos the ANP play nice-nice with Jews and does the ANP have Jews in its ranks?

4) Will you state clearly that homosexuality, whether closeted or not and Jewry is not consistent with NS and WN and has no business in any NS Organization?

5) Finally, will you state that the ANP's association and support for the OWS effort as a mistake based on all that has been learned, especially the sex offenders and the crime that took place in the OWS camps, not to mention its communist domination.

If necessary, all the Pro-Homosexual and Pro-Jew comments and Statements by Mr. Suyahda can be provided as well as links Re: sex crimes and other crimes Re" OWS. Communism, Degeneracy and Perversion are not elements that National Socialism should be associated with.

Finally, why does not the ANP articulate any core NS issues relative to economics, culture, science, etc., and why when pressed for specific does the ANP act like a cult and begin name calling and retreat into its cave of yes-men? Will Mr. Suyahda or any ANP zombie debate its positions?

Finally, please cease the false-hood Re: Mr. Suyahda and George Lincoln Rockwell. Mr. Suyahda was not a member of Rockwell's Party; his age proves this and no one alive today who was with Rockwell can attest to Mr. Suyahda's association with Rockwell, in reality, those who were there say the opposite. Mr. Suyahda's "ANP" was not born until the early 1990's and that was in fact a name change from a failed organization that Mr. Suyahda could not earn an adequate income from.

Anonymous said...

To Brad Williams: The ANP does not hold unproductive 'public rallies' at this time, which only out their members for the enemy to persecute. Apparently they took a page out of Bob Miles' teachings, ala the 'Take off the masks!' article that he wrote before his death, ridiculing the idea of exposing yourself to the enemy. They do hold Conferences across the nation, I myself attended the very enjoyable July Conference, and there were about 50 ANP members there. There was an article about it here on this website, I suggest that you read it. Comrade Hess is a well known leader of a national organization, and we know what he does for our Cause on a daily basis. WHAT do YOU DO, besides criticize? Matt Downs 88

Anonymous said...

LOL the "anonymous" poster demands a "real" name, what a joke. Really quite a pathetic guy that's against the ANP here.
You must be scared to death of fags if you think one with an erection is going to attack you around every corner. Thank God the ANP doesn't accept freaks and weirdos like you. Take your strange gay fetish elsewhere.
The NSM clowns have caused more harm to the image of NS then the ARA/SPLC and ADL combined!
As another poster said, Rocky's membership card from the Rockwell days is on the ANP website. Just go look.
I haven't seen any pro-homo comments from Rocky - again you and your strange fag obsession....

I've been NS for about 20 years now and Mr. Suhayda is absolutely the best leader that this "movement" has seen in a loooooong time. The ANP positions (again, look at their website since you obviously haven't yet) and platform are direct in line with Hitler's (do you know who Hitler was?) National-Socialism.

Get a clue, get a life, and refill that prescription for your mental issues.

Anonymous said...

10:38 is a obvious shit-stirrer, I suggest that Rocky ignores him, as he deserves. His pathetic questions have been asked and replied to so many times, that he reminds me of the jew Hitler discribed in Mein Kampf, that was like the slime that oozed though his fingers during a debate. Comstantly pretending he didn't understand Hitlers answers, and claiming he was right in any case.

Anonymous said...

Its SUHAYDA idiot, are you trying to appear cute, or are you just an illiterate?

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, 10:38 is asking some damn good questions. Expect him to be labeled a "ZOG Agent" and none of the questions get answered.

Rocky's words on the jews are strange. Talking of "working class jews" "good jews" even "jew supporters." (?!)

Rocky is supposedly a devout National Socialist, but you wouldnt guess it based on a lot of what he says.

Adolf Hitler had an acute awareness of the "jewish question" to an extent that no one else in the 20th Century possessed. Henry Ford might be in 2nd place.

In addition to the racialist ideological aspects of National Socialism, was also Hitler's depth of knowledge regarding the jews and their nature, their history and their tactics, maomg other things. I would argue that this was just as valuable as anything else, just as important to the cause.

Yet today, we have the "American Nazi Party" taking a strangely soft line on jews. On the "Sense and Sensibility" blog, the author, parroting the Chairmans party line, admonished a commenter critical of jews to not make broad judgements, because: "you dont know EVERY jew."

Well, neither did Hitler! Would you tell him that too?

Anonymous said...

6:40PM Hitler didn't eat meat - do you? Hitler didn't drink alcohol - do you? Hitler didn't smoke - do you? Hitler was a very great man, but he wasn't a God. His personal preferances shouldn't be a "must do" over our lives. Sad to say, but he lost you know. Therefore, he must have made some mistakes. Seig Heil! 88

Anonymous said...

Rocky is better than Hitler you idiots. Only through Taylor and Rocky can America experience TRUE National Socialism. Anyone who attacks the ANP is a fetish freak, or part of the sick degenerate wp movement. Hail the ANP!

Anonymous said...

I signed up with the ANP but almost immediately dropped out. My problem with them was their constant lying. I didn't care about their views on homosexuality. They lie to your face about things that any simpleton can read as false. They lied a lot trying to cover up for Taylor Bowles. After finding out the truth on a few things, I quit. The whole party is built on the lie that Rocky was once a member of the ANP from the 1960's.

Anonymous said...

Lol. At least the police are actually being skeptical about this as well. We aren't all brainwashed thank JESUS! haha

Anonymous said...

That creep on here who miss-spells Chairman Suhayda's name as "suyahda" is none other than the loser from the happily defunct "nsalp' net-nutzi club. Apparently, since his own fraudulent con-job never got off the ground, he now spends his time attacking a much more successful organization out of jealous spite. When you presently look at his e-mails in that light, the cockroach's repetitive ramblings are much more understandable. Hail Lillienthal! (LOL)

Anonymous said...

NSALP are losers. boohoo.