Sunday, August 05, 2012

DSCI Pastor William Finck Responds To Rev. Ted Pike's Critique Of Christian Identity, Characterizes It As Judeo-Christian Trash

On June 18th, 2012, Rev. Ted Pike, who operates the Truthtellers ministry, published a critique of Christian Identity entitled "Is 'Christian Identity' True". Citing Galatians 3:28, Rev. Pike criticizes CI's exaltation of the importance of race in God’s agenda of redemption as conflicting with the whole message of the New Testament that Christ came to end God’s preference for one race over another. Rev. Pike also claims that Identity’s emphasis on the physical runs counter to Christ’s statement and the emphasis of the New Testament that “the kingdom of heaven is within you”, asserting that God’s main objective in the church age is spiritual. He suggests that Christ did not come to establish a dominant kingdom based on race, but rather holiness and spiritual transcendence in the hearts of all who trust Him. And finally, Rev. Pike claims that by "dehumanizing" non-Whites as mud people, Identity typecasts itself as bigoted, racist heresy not unlike its arch enemy, Talmudic Judaism, making it an irresistible target for anti-White hate groups such as the Anti-Defamation League. Nevertheless, Pike does acknowledge the support that Identity groups have given him as he continues to marshal opposition to the Zionist takeover of America.

Shortly thereafter, Pastor William Finck, one of the more prominent theologians in Christian Identity, learned of this and wrote Rev. Pike a letter on June 27th expressing disagreement with Pike's conclusions, citing himself as having built the largest and most scholarly website in Christian Identity, and challenging Pike to a friendly debate about Identity. Since Pike chose not to respond, Pastor Finck decided to address the issue on the August 3rd edition of the Christogenea Talkshoe program. For those not familiar with Identity, this episode provides an informative two-hour comparison between Identity and mainstream Christianity, albeit from the Identity perspective. The audio is also embedded below:

During the first 7:30 of the audio, Pastor Finck reports on his recovery efforts against the ADL attack on his websites. Finck has now transferred his content to five different servers parceled out amongst three different ISPs; his objective is to create such a target-rich environment so as to hinder future ADL efforts to completely censor him. Afterwards, Finck then begins launching into his response to Rev. Pike.

Since I have little knowledge about Identity doctrine, I do not intend to offer a theological critique of Finck's response. Pastor Finck essentially characterized Rev. Pike's analysis as Judeo-Christian trash and claims that Pike is trying to defend Jews. I would disagree with the latter contention because Rev. Pike has been outspoken against the influence of Jewish supremacism upon Christianity; in fact, on May 15th, he warned of the possibility of an ADL takeover of the Internet, perhaps foreshadowing the ADL attack on Finck. Pastor Eli James, and Mike Delaney. The list of essays on Rev. Pike's website shows he's been waging a nonstop war against the ADL for the past two years. Of course, Rev. Pike chooses to distinguish between "bad Jews" and "good Jews", stating that the primary purpose of his website is to protect and deliver Jews from the yoke of bondage to apostate Jewish leadership so that God's destiny for a remnant of Jews might be fulfilled. Since many Identists don't believe there is any such thing as a "good Jew", they might characterize any attempt to differentiate as "defending Jews".

It's also possible that by attacking Christian Identity, Rev. Pike might be trying to give himself additional political cover to continue his war against Jewish supremacism. This is not the first time Pike has publicly dissociated himself from White racialists; on August 16th, 2011 and on August 21st, 2011, Pike publicly dissociated himself from Dr. David Duke, to which Dr. Duke responded with a rebuttal. So Rev. Pike can now present rebuttals by Dr. Duke and Pastor Finck as "proof" that he's not supported by "white supremacists", which he believes would deflect criticism from Christian Zionists and Jewish supremacists.

Ed. Note: Pastor Martin Lindstedt may address this issue on the Dik-Dik Show to be aired on August 5th beginning at 9:30 P.M. EDT.


Anonymous said...

Im not crazy about CI, they seem to get too wrapped up in weird religious details, and I dont see it helping to bring in new White people to the WN cause.

However when I see this about "Reverend Pike":

"...chooses to distinguish between "bad Jews" and "good Jews", stating that the primary purpose of his website is to protect and deliver Jews from the yoke of bondage to apostate Jewish leadership so that God's destiny for a remnant of Jews might be fulfilled."

CI sounds pretty good. Yeah, go save yourself some jews reverend.

Anonymous said...

Christian Identity is a CULT plain, and simple. They are trying to be better Jews than the Jews. Though they will deny this claim it is true. I met this CIguy, and he answered the phone by saying shalom, ate Kosher, wouldn't do anything on the Sabbath. That shit is Jewish, no matter what they say. What do you guys think?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 8:18 A.M. - Christian Identists tend to look upon today's Jews as usurpers, and view themselves as the true Israelites. Consequently, they do not look upon keeping Jewish dietary laws or other Jewish religious customs as being Jewish.

Anonymous said...

AA, yeah I agree "they" don't look at that as being "Jewish" but history, and the facts show otherwise. Don't you think?

Wayne said...

Well.. There is always Creativity.