Monday, August 27, 2012

Cleaning Contractor Under Fire For Posting Job Advert Excluding Indians And Asians In Hobart, Tasmania

Despite rigorous anti-discrimination laws in Australia, some employers are determined not to let the government dictate who they hire without a fight. A cleaning contractor responsible for providing janitorial services at a supermarket chain is under fire for posting a job advertisement which specifically excluded Indians and other Asians from consideration. The primary story was published by the Mercury; additional stories published by the Melbourne Herald-Sun.

The contractor, who's not been publicly identified, cleans the Coles supermarket at the Eastlands Shopping Centre in Hobart, Tasmania, and posted the offending ad on the Gumtree website on Sunday August 26th. After complaints surfaced, the ad was quickly removed, but not before a screenshot was captured:

Note that the ad states "Store requires no asians or indians please". This makes me wonder whether it was the contractor or the store manager who wanted to exclude wogs. Also note that the ad spells out in caps "MUST SPEAK ENGLISH". What I'm thinking is that the store manager told the contractor not to hire Asians or Indians unless they could speak English, and the contractor decided to engage in some shorthand.

Meanwhile, Coles is distancing themselves from the ad. Spokesman Jim Cooper said, "The ad was placed without Coles' knowledge and we were extremely concerned to learn of the ad and its contents. Coles is a proud, equal-opportunity employer and at no time have we ever issued the directives contained in this ad. We have made these points in no uncertain terms to the cleaning contractors in question."

But the incident has already attracted the attention of Australia's official civil rights racketeers. Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks said she wanted to track down the cleaning contractor to pursue possible legal action. She said both the company offering the position and the publisher of the advert could also be subject to legal action as well, citing the Racial Discrimination Act of 1975. Banks even went so far as to warn employers not to discriminate against people with limited English skills.

Although media outlets are professing public outrage, citing one person who proposes to boycott Coles, the story has been picked up on VNN Forum and Stormfront Downunder, and one Stormfront poster writes, "I laugh that they'd boycott Coles. They have a policy of ONLY hiring Indians and Asians". Some mainstream support for the contractor is posted to the Mercury story:

Posted by: Michael S of Toongabbie, NSW 3:17pm today:
The most logical explanation I can think of is that they had problems with foreign workers on visas before, and only want to employ Australian citizens. Is that racist?

Posted by: Tony Beaver of Heid West Vic 3:37pm today:
It's not about race (or inferiority), but about fairness and loyalty. With high unemployment, and double-figures for young people, the priority should be jobs for long term Australians, not new-comers. It's not about race, but about avoiding "last in, first out" of the employment queue- making Australians bear an unfair advantage or "reverse racism". The big skills shortages is a myth - there are too many skilled and not enough jobs.

Posted by: janette keating of melbourne 4:04pm today:
I think Robin Banks has her work cut out for her; "It's unlawful to blanket preclude a person because of their race," Just this morning there were 18 jobs in my local rag for aboriginal and Torres Strait islander applicants only. RACISM!

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