Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Black Teenage Thugs Launch Unprovoked Attack On White Lesbian Couple In Cape Girardeau, Missouri; Attack May Have Been Premeditated

Tom Metzger knows the score; what about YOU?
While we as white nationalists take a dim view of homosexuality, the bigger story here is that a white couple lived across the street from a black family, and the black family wouldn't control their kids. When the white couple verbally reproved the kids, the kids chimped out, invaded the white couple's property, and gave one of them a beatdown. Now the white woman has been hospitalized, and the black mama is claiming that her kids' actions were justified. This sequence of events plays out over and over in so many American cities. The story appears in the Southeast Missourian.

-- Jeana Terry and Lisa Lange: The white lesbian couple. They had been having problems with the black kids across the street, and had previously tried to reason with their mother. On Tuesday July 24th, 2012, Lisa looked out her window because she heard someone talking, and it was the 16-year-old black teen, identified under the pseudonym of Michelle, on her phone. Michelle responded by shouting anti-gay slurs at them, as had happened on several other occasions, and they responded by telling Michelle to get off their property. Michelle then brought her younger brother onto the couple's porch and pulled Terry outside when she opened the door, then began hitting her. The fight was then joined by the 13-year-old sister and two friends, who neighbors say were summoned by the oldest girl by phone just before the commotion began. When police arrived, all five teens scattered, and the two friends got away. The couple have since been granted a protection order against the black family by a judge. The fact that the oldest girl summoned two friends by phone before the commotion began implies the assault may have been premeditated.

But did the white lesbian couple get the full message? Maybe not. Lisa Lange said she is worried someone will attempt to make the issue about race, and that she and her partner's desire to see justice served is not about that. However, it's Jeana Terry who's in the hospital, with her face and body still badly swollen and bruised, still suffering from nausea and dizziness, and facing the possibility of eye surgery. I wonder if Terry dismisses the notion that it's about race. City-data reveals that Cape Girardeau is only 12.7 percent black.

-- Nancy Harris: The mother of the kids. "My oldest daughter was outside on her phone with a friend, and they heard her say something about 'gay,'" Harris said, "then they started yelling at her." Harris said her daughter then went to her aunt's house where she told her younger brother about the incident. The aunt, Harris said, is also gay. The two siblings returned together to the street in front of the house, according to Harris. She said the couple then came outside and began arguing with the children. "Even before this happened they would nitpick at the kids. Before this there was some arguments and the neighbors would try to provoke them to hit them", Harris added. Harris also said she intends to move soon because nothing like last week's incident has ever happened to the family before and she doesn't want her children to live there anymore.

But there's another reason why she's moving. Her landlady, Elena Perryman, has made several attempts during the past few months to serve Harris with an eviction notice. This weakens the credibility of Harris' story because it implies that her family are a disruptive influence in the neighborhood. Not surprised, are you?

-- Justice: The two younger children pleaded guilty to lesser charges of trespassing and second-degree assault during a hearing held this week and will soon be released from custody. However, the 16-year-old may face assault and burglary charges as well as hate crime-related charges, and it's possible any of them could be tried as adults. The extent of the victim's injuries and the possibility that the assault was premeditated will be taken into account by prosecutors.

So who would you rather have as a neighbor, a white lesbian couple, or a black family of misfits? Which of the two would be more respectful of your property and person? Ideally, we'd prefer neither, but sometimes we don't get the ideal. Even though the white couple are lesbians, this was still an unprovoked black-on-white crime.

Some comments of interest from Towleroad, a gay media outlet. One of them shows some race-consciousness:

Posted by: A | Aug 1, 2012 1:08:37 PM:
I agree with the victim that the assailants will try and make it a racial issue because they are black. They'll try and play the victims. The fact the woman renting to them has tried to serve them an eviction notice a number of times tells you what kind of people these are.

Posted by: Scott Rose | Aug 1, 2012 1:09:21 PM:
The mother alleging that her children were provoked into attacking the victims has no credibility. If the police are crediting her account, complaints should be made about those police to the state A.G. and to federal law enforcement authorities (the FBI). Police are supposed to be trained to determine who the initiating assailant is in a violent crime, when that is a matter of dispute. The attack against the lesbian victim took place on the lesbian's property, with corroborating direct evidence showing that the attackers organized the attack through cell phone calls to their fellow mob members.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll go through the usual: Yes, if it had been a normal heterosexual White couple, there would be no chance of any "hate crime" charge. Yes, that dyke is dumb and naive just like most Whites, saying that "race isnt the issue."
As expected, the niggers kids act like the criminals they are, and the mammy says "deys good chilluns, dem White folks is racis'" etc.

Just another day in the dying USA, *yawn*

Anonymous said...

A.A., you call the two abominations a "White Couple" as if they have the same standing of a healthy straight couple.

Crimes against nature are punished by equally offensive crimes against nature.

I se no outrage in two faggots being attacked by niggers, faggots are for the leftsits, pro ARA and anti White Nationalist.

This is Trash taking out Trash.

This is NOT any concern of ours, why does it concern you? What is your personal interest????

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:50 P.M. - The interest here is to expose irrational and uncivilized black behavior. Most blacks cannot be trusted to react rationally. They behaved the same way towards a straight white guy down in Mobile, Alabama a couple of months ago.

We can take out our own "trash"; we don't need feral blacks to do it for us.

Anonymous said...

A.A., please, the lesbians are equally engaging in uncivilized behavior. There is NO White Nationalist Interest here.

Anonymous said...

This is from the ANP "Sense and Sensibility" blog, in a post discussing the Chik-Fil-A Homosexual marriage controversy:

"This post is NOT about Gay marriage. Quite frankly it's no skin off of my apple whether Gays can marry or not. Basically, I couldn't care less. I don't support homosexuality in any way. On the other hand, what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of my business."

See, i find this strange. Homosexuality is a disgusting perversion, gays marrying is yet another sign of our society crumbling. But the ANP party line is being towed here.

Since this is from an "NS" blog does that mean in the ANPs vision of an NS society, its okay for homos to marry?

What is it with the ANP and homosexuality???

Anonymous said...

What a paradox this so-called "White RACIAL Movement" IS. The blacks, the jews, the browns, the asians, - when ONE of THEIR's is in attacked - no matter WHO , or for WHAT, they come TOGETHER in defence of that individual. Now, LOOK at the "movement" here - except for "AA" - the knee-jerk reaction IS - "Oh, they're queers, let the niggers get'em...", NOT that they are WHITE PEOPLE. Sooo, I guess that there ARE White people who its ok for the non-Whites to "go after"? I can hear the outcry now - "Rocky LOVES homo's" - its not to me that they are homosexuals, its that they are WHITE people! And after "they" get the idea its ok to hurt "some kind" of WHITE PEOPLE - WHICH "other" WHITE PEOPLE will they progress onto? Some of you out there are so frigging WIERD. Its ok if Jeff Schoep - who IS an outed RACE-MIXER, and an ADULTERER, along with a number of other negative, disgusting things - being a so-called NS-WN "leader", hell he STILL HAS a few misguided fools following him. Its unbelieveable! These women COULD be as RACIALLY AWARE as anybody reading these words, yet because they're "lesbians", negroids ATTACKING THEM is A-OK with YOU. What IF you were driving down the road and saw them being attacked, are you going to stop, get out of your car and hand them a LIST to fill out, to see IF they fit your criteria, before helping a fellow White? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

I really think the sole reason Rocky is here is to smear the name of the real ANP. Queers, Jews, con men? What next?

Rocky rambles on like a meth head and sounds like a jilted high school student. That's your "leader"? Here he is talking about making lesbians into white nationalists. What makes it even sicker is that Rocky comes from a time of good American values and when the American family was strong. What if he had really been in the America Nazi Party and Rockwell had heard his undying support for sexual deviants? I think he should have just stuck to bashing white nationalists and never opened his mouth about his own beliefs. He proved that he is basically an anti with little to no racialist ideology. Judy Jenkins.

Anonymous said...

NO Rocky! We refuse to get involved in real political activities! We much prefer in playing dress-up and giving ourselves fantasy names and titles. We the movement will never allow you to spoil our fun, your worse than the jews, at least they say over and over again, what big, bad, tough guys we are! You on the other hand constantly belittle us, calling us dysfuntionals, losers and frauds. You make me wanna cry and pee my pants I'm so mad! Answer my e-mails damn you! Here at home my folks lock me up in the basement 24/7 and feed me with a bowl under the door. I see absolutely no one. PLEEEZE don't ignore me Rock, I have no one outside my spiderman action figures, and they stopped talking back to me. Much more later...

Ian O'Shea said...

Ive been watching all the ANP bashing going on here for awhile now and thought I'd finaly add my two cents, and yes I am an ANP member. Firstly all this the ANP supports gays is bullshit. All the chairman said is theres bigger issues then queers, and hes right. Whos the bigger threat closeted perverts who cant reproduce while killing each other with HIV, or the government who lets them adopt and allowing them to marry etc. Down low blacks are now the fastest growing segment of the population catching aids so I say let them poke each other to death. Ive attended multiple ANP conferences and ive never seen an overt homo or anything close to resembling one. Prove any claims of any existing as the claims against schoeps race treason has been repeatedly proven. If you like the ANP or not I truly dont care but we engage in real world activism without parading around behind cattlecades for antis and jews amusement. Ive done many street actions in my time and where did it get me? Oh yeah having dog shit and bottles thrown at me is that worth 2 secs of negative press? The bottom line is any ANP detractors are "net nazi cowards" to scared to even put out literature or schoep and his ilk of satanists, meth dealers, and general misfits. Rocky is the best "movement" leader ive had the pleasure to work with, he values his peoples safety, privacy and opinions. Its the members party not his, can that be said for other orgs. So badmouth us all you want while a race traitor runs loose, I know I wont lose any sleep over it. 88

Anonymous said...

Just happened to stumble on this site while looking for information on aggression for a paper at school...this is your minds people!!! You can't clump a race together as all being the same...otherwise all white people would be racist hicks like you guys...