Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Latino Ballplayer Caught Cheating: Oakland A's Starter Bartolo Colon Suspended For 50 Games For Using Testosterone

Baseball fans now know the real reason why Oakland A's starter Bartolo Colon is experiencing a banner season after being in retirement just two years ago. Colon was suspended for 50 games on Wednesday August 22nd, 2012 after a positive test for testosterone. The San Francisco Chronicle provides the Bay Area perspective to this story.

Colon will miss the final 40 games of the regular season and the first 10 games of the postseason if Oakland makes the playoffs. Any remainder of the suspension would be served in a future season, if Colon signs another major league contract. Because Colon is 39 years old, the chance of him retaining enough skills to come back from this recedes daily.

There are financial consequences as well. Colon will lose the remaining $469,945 of his $2 million base salary this year. Although performance bonuses already paid are not impacted, his upcoming start on Thursday would have earned him another $250,000, and the suspension will cost him the chance to make $850,000 in additional bonuses based on innings.

Colon is taking full responsibility, not even filing the customary grievance with the Major League Baseball Players Association. In a statement released by the MLBPA, Colon wrote "I apologize to the fans, to my teammates and to the Oakland A's. I accept responsibility for my actions and I will serve my suspension as required by the joint drug program."

ESPN notes that Colon is the fifth major league player suspended for performance drug usage this year, joining San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera, San Francisco reliever Guillermo Mota, Philadelphia Phillies infielder Freddy Galvis, and free agent outfielder Marlon Byrd. Click on the player links provided, and you'll find that four of the players have two things in common; they are Latinos, and they were born outside the United States. Only Marlon Byrd is black.

Latin American ballplayers have also used false names to illegally enter the United States. Roberto Hernández used the name Fausto Carmona and subtracted three years from his age to get in. In January 2012, Dominican police arrested Hernández after he left the U.S. Consulate, accusing him of using a false identity to obtain a visa. Officials in both countries received assistance in the case by a woman in the Dominican Republic who claimed she falsified a birth certificate for Hernández in exchange for $26,000, but when Hernandez's father failed to pay her, she contacted the authorities.

Juan Oviedo was born in Bonao in the Dominican Republic. At age 17, Oviedo assumed the identity of his 16-year old best friend, Leo Nunez, in order to receive a more lucrative contract. The Miami Marlins became aware of rumors that Nunez was not who he claimed to be during the 2011 season, but failed to take action. Apparently, Nunez decided to voluntarily fess up; Dominican Central Electoral Commission President Roberto Rosario said that Oviedo signed a sworn statement saying he used fake identification documents. It's common for Latin American immigrants to get false names and false documents in order to successfully sneak into the United States, and if they can't steal the identity of a fellow Latin American, they'll steal the identity of an American citizen.

Some white racialists may wonder why we should take an interest in so-called "niggerball". It's real simple; many whites follow "niggerball", so conversations about sports can lead to conversations about race. The Political Cesspool has published two sports-related stories during the past week; one about the London Olympics, and another about the Penn State sex scandal. Caste Football is exclusively devoted to sports stories presented from the pro-White perspective. We have to be conversant on more than just race to reach whites.


Anonymous said...

Remember when last years MVP Ryan Braun tested positive for performing enhancing drugs? The half jewish Braun (jew father) nicknamed "the Hebrew Hammer" was facing a 50 game suspension.

Miraculously, the suspension was challenged and successfully overturned by an arbitrator. Not only that, but the reason why the suspension was overturned is apparently never going to be disclosed.

Never before had something like this happened, a player beating a PED suspension.

Maybe if if it was Bartolo Cohen, he could have beat the rap!

I agree that sports are huge waste of time. Its sad to see these pathetic White man adopt sports as their religion, all the money and time they devote to the pointless pursuit. Dont get me started on the idiot dads wreaking havoc at their kids sporting events.
I see the pervasive sports culture as a big victory for the jews, another cultural toxin that helps weaken us and accelerate our decline.

After all, how many White "goyim" read anything past the sports page?

However, I agree with AA that we can use talk about sports with our felow Whites to lead into more important things.

I do see a lot of White fans who are big into "niggerball" but still retain some strong racial feelings. They are not necessarily WNs, but you can tell they are not totally "colorblind."

Anonymous said...

Steroids should be legal. Didn't Hitler offer them to his soldiers?

Chaplain Bill said...

Hispanics need roids to complete against whites and even blacks whose physical prowess comes from being bred for strength and stamina by whites.

Anonymous said...

It is no secret that Chris Drake is a steroid user.

Anonymous said...

NIGGERBALL! Even here, White people give a damn? Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

10:22AM Don't you understand yet, that most movementites only talk the talk, they don't walk it!

Anonymous said...

Chris Drake? Isn't that the moron down in Georgia who was kosher Bill Whites' best pal, and after his mighty poohbah got himself jailed for idiocy, rejoined the NSM even after Jeff Schoep was exposed by his own wife Joanna as being a race mixer for having an arab wife, who had a nigger kid? He never looked like he used steroids to me, he was too roly-poly looking. Nice guy, but kinda impressionable and 'slow'. Last I heard, he was hanging out with Harry Huge, playing armyman in the desert. He better look out, now that JT 'the baby killer' Ready is gone, Agent Huge might be needing another stooge to set up one of these days. Some people are so naive and gullible, that you almost feel bad for them. Almost...

Anonymous said...

Chris is ok, just kinda dense and too damn trusting of people he ought to know better about. He's the type who has to learn the hard way unfortunately. Up till now, he hasn't learned anything from the bimbo's he associated with. And when it happens, he'll be wondering why his good buddy set him up. Look at his record of involvement, every group he's been associated with has been a freak show, yet he goes on blindly to the next one. Maybe he's got an inferiorty complex, and thinks he deserves being around such human garbage like Willy Weiss and Jeff Poop-Scoop. 14/88