Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Victory For Free Speech: Pastor Martin Lindstedt Outlasts Bryan Reo On Talkshoe, Reo Disables His Talkshoe Channel

Some welcome news was posted on Nimbusters on July 9th, 2012. It appears that one of Pastor Martin Lindstedt's longtime nemeses, Bryan Reo, has decided to disable his Talkshoe channel. You can see the notice HERE. Reo's previous shows are not lost; they're available at this feed for those who are interested. Reo presented a more pro-White perspective of World War II, national socialist Germany, and Adolf Hitler.

But what makes the news of Reo's retirement from Talkshoe even more welcome is that the man he persecuted and stalked so relentlessly, Martin Lindstedt, is still on Talkshoe. Consequently, Lindstedt outlasted Reo; the hunter got captured by the game. Reo moved heaven and earth to constrict Lindstedt's free speech, but in the end, Reo silenced himself.

Constitutionalists are celebrating. Frankenwhigger summed up Lindstedt's victory eloquently on Nimbusters, writing:

"Honorable Discharged Veteran, Missouri Militia Leader, Political Analyst, Former Political candidate, Patriot and Political Pope of Christian Identity!! Illegally Imprisoned, Falsely accused and denied Due process. He has survived everything that ZOG has thrown at him!! Where are his detractors NOW?!?!?! Reo's last Post was February! Finck and James have lost most of their listenership. Commander McBragg is gone, Victor Switzer Gone, INTJ GONE, Reo has Disabled his show and is MIA! And yet Martin Still Stands!! Hail Martin!!! Hail Victory and Praise Yahweh!"

A brief summary of Lindstedt's troubles with Reo follows after the jump.

For those not familiar, Lindstedt's account of the saga is posted on the Christian Nationalist Forum. To summarize, the saga began on November 15th, 2010, when Bryan Reo filed his first DMCA complaint with Lindstedt's ISP. The complaint centered around the use of Bryan Reo's photo, which he believed enjoyed copyright protection even though Reo was already a semi-public figure. Lindstedt immediately filed a counterclaim. Nevertheless, Lindstedt's ISP did terminate his account. This did not mollify Reo, who continued to pursue Lindstedt and who eventually caused nine of Lindstedt's websites to be taken down.

At the same time, Bryan Reo was targeting Lindstedt's first Talkshoe program, known as The Movement Turd. He eventually got the program ToS's, after which Lindstedt migrated, in succession, to Teamspeak and then PalTalk. Neither have the appeal or simplicity of Talkshoe. Ultimately, Lindstedt resurrected his show on Talkshoe as a "Secret Turd", then after the furor died down, revealed it publicly as The Dik-Dik Show.

But even this was not enough for the obsessive Reo. In mid-2011, Reo began an offensive against the Nimbusters website, claiming that they were committing copyright violations merely by posting links to image hosting sites where pictures of Reo were archived. His complaint was based on a spurious U.S. District Court ruling that posting a link to material that is a copyright infringement is itself a copyright violation. Ultimately, Nimbusters was taken down at least three times before its admin, Stan Lawson, banned any photos or links to Reo's photos as the price of continuing to operate. In addition, Bryan Reo also intimidated the proprietor of Upstanding Citizens into taking his site offline permanently, and threatened the BeerBarrel website as well, so that The Beer Barrel had to hide Lindstedt's "jewlag" (subforum) from public view.

Another thread entitled "Bryan Reo's latest bogus DMCA cumplaint against WhiteNationalist.org" documents the remainder of Reo's offensive against Lindstedt from July 2011 onward. This time, Reo made no pretense of his objectives. He didn't merely want offending material removed; he wanted Lindstedt silenced. And if the ISP didn't silence Lindstedt, Reo threatened to sue the ISP. Ironically, even though Reo is an adherent of Christian Identity, considered a racist religion, Reo claimed that Lindstedt was "breaching terms of service for racism...". Talk about chutzpah. In response, Lindstedt agreed to disable or remove all controversial material, but in August, Reo was back with another DMCA complaint. and once again threatened litigation. After Lindstedt responded by removing an offensive image, Reo's copyright jihad against Lindstedt began to subside.

It should be obvious from this summary that Bryan Reo wasn't using the DMCA complaint system merely to assert his copyright privileges, but as a form of political warfare against Lindstedt to silence him. This is similar to the manner in which Andree McLeod used the ethics complaint system in Alaska as a form of political warfare to hobble then-Governor Sarah Palin and eventually drive her from office after just a half-term. But Reo's "victories" proved Pyrrhic; Lindstedt is still on Talkshoe, and it's Reo who's now silenced. And not because of anyone else's DMCA complaint, but by his own hand.

It's a victory for the First Amendment and free speech!


Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no knowledge about anything associated with eother of these people, but I would like to know why anyone would call their programs "The Movement Turd, "The Turd", or "The Dik-Dik Show"? All of these sound isanely ludicrous to me. Any comment 'AA'...?

Anonymous said...

So why did Bryan close his talkshoe down? He hasn't done a show in almost a year so what was the point of closing it now?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 5:23 P.M: Martin Lindstedt refers to the WN movement as a "bowel movement" because he believes there are a large number of malcontents. So he named his original program The Movement Turd as an extension on that theme. I was originally turned off by the title until I started listening to the show. He specifically focuses on the Christian Identity movement.

Not sure why he calls the successor program The Dik-Dik Show

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:20 P.M: It's almost as if Bryan Reo has dropped off the face of the earth. Perhaps he's decided to go mainstream and wants to sever all ties with the WN movement.

Anonymous said...

Bryan is back on Bill Finck's show. The only thing that has changed is that he has taken very good advice to ignore idiots like Lindstedt. I told him from day one that there was no way to Take Martin down permanantly, as as far as Martin outlasting SB well I'm sorry to say SB is still online with Bill Finck and has more listeners than Lindstedt ever has. You silly little online people seem to think that this fake online world is all there is. Some of you boys need to get out more. I understand that Alaska weather blows most of the year but it is beautiful out there in summer. Turn off your computer and go enjoy the real world for awhile. Putting this imaginary online world ahead of the real world is simply not conductive to good mental hygiene. Having one of countless small time blogs is not a real world accomplishment. Try being a real world activist, I guarentee it is much more fullfilling than this online world that ya'll are stuck in for life.

Anonymous said...

Well it's not too hard to figure out that "Dik Dik" refers to make genitalia since Linstedt is totally obsessed with sex. I also find it hard to believe that AA is completely ignorant of this fact. He has a way of not noticing Lindsredt's perversions no matter how often he has had to see them.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Bryan Reo that made threats at Perry Nuclear Power Plant to employees and had guns and ammo in his car while he was working there as a student?

Anonymous said...

It only went down for a few minutes with ALL the TalkShoe accounts.