Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Incompetency Of Barack Obama: One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

From the Council of Conservative Citizens:

Even a chimp can figure out which end of a phone is which:

At least this guy actually looks like a President:

Or better yet, this guy:


Anonymous said...

Romney "looks like a president"? This type of thinking is so damn reactionary, that I'm laughing my ass off! For myself, I'll take the NEGROID as the "FACE" of this anti-White, Sodom&Gomorra anyday. For far TOO LONG - WE the White population have been FOOLED into thinking that - "Oh, this one has a PALE-FACE, he's ONE of US!" ( hope/hope... ). Foul creatures like Romney have and are turning America into a THIRD WORLD craphole. It hasn't been the "niggers, nor the kikes, nor the arabs, nor the chinks, nor the meztizo's" - on the whole its been PALE-FACED Judeo-Capitalists, just like ROMNEY who have SOLD White America out! IF, and I mean IF - real White people cannot have a REAL WHITE PERSON, as their "representative" in this government - then I would RATHER have an OPENLY, NON-WHITE, ANTI-WHITE political whore on the Throne of Power, where EVERYBODY can SEE the TRUTH, instead of these ANTI-WHITE "white people" who are now in charge. All of you POOR Whites, ALL of you UNEMPLOYED and/or UNDEREMPLOYED Whites, ALL of you WHITES losing your JOBS, HOMES and BUSINESS'S - isn't THIS smiling, sack of shit just the FACE that stares across the table and hands YOU the "BAD NEWS"? You rightwing, reactionaries have bought into that "racial loyalty" bullshit for far too long! IF "they" want the WHITE VOTE - then they better start STANDING FOR the WHITE VOTER! IF they DON'T - WE STAY HOME on election day, OR better yet - we play some of that AFFIRMATIVE ACTION that these pale-faced turds FORCED upon their "White brothers and sisters", and REPLACE everyone of these smirking TRAITORS with a non-White face! Lets put each and everyone of THEM out of a juicy JOB at the tax-payer trough, hell would we REALLY be ANY worse off - if this nations government, from top to bottom was run by MUDS? It MIGHT even get a FEW of you to ACT like your ANCESTORS and CAMPAIGN and WIN BACK some political POWER in this country... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, AA! Hey, I really respect you and appreciate the great job you do with this blog. But, Romney? Sure he "looks presidential" but he is rotten to the core like the rest! Wasnt he in Israel recently with his jewish foreign policy advisors, trying to get in good with the real rulers of the USA and the West?

Yes, it sucks to have that smirking marxist mulatto as "our" president, but if Romney gets elected we all know it will be just another variety of kosher.

The problem is that a lot of Whites will breathe a sigh of relief if the "White guy" wins- "phew, back to normal now!"- But Romney will be looking to attack Iran, he will making things more profitable for the 1 percent, and he sure as hell wont stop illegal (or legal) immigration. Just to name a few things.

I honestly dont see anything good coming from Romney becoming president, beyond the meaningless symbolic value.

Anchorage Activist said...

Good points by both of you. On the outside, Romney looks more Presidential. But what this really illustrates is just how genuinely pathetic Obama truly is, that he can actually make Mitt Romney look like the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

The difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is the difference between a crash landing and a soft landing. Of course, under Romney, the richer you are, the softer will be your landing.

Anonymous said...

LOL. The one I love is Obama's mysterious Russian Uncle that liberated Aushwitz!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to correct my comment. Apparently Romney is in Israel right now. Yesterday as Romney was preparing to go, Obama singed on for 70 MILLION DOLLARS in military aid to our "greatest ally." So much for change.......yes, very cliche by now.

But really, shouldnt it be obvious to even dullards that jewish power and influence is quite real. Even if you are not WN, doesnt it seem strange that the current president and the wannabe president go to great lengths to kiss up to 2.5 percent of the US population? Just like all the rest have for the last 50 plus years.

Israel lobby in the USA makes all the rest look like small timers. Oil, tobacco, gun lobbyists etc. cant come close to holding the sway that AIPAC does.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I forgot, Rocky says working class Jews are good people, have you seen a "Working Class Jew???

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I am getting perplexed with the ANPs softline stance on jews.

This is from the latest post on "Sense and Sensibility"

"I say again, that Joe Average Jew is NOT our enemy..."

Who are these "average jews?" Jews are in a very unique situation in the USA, and throughout the world. They are by far the WEALTHIEST people in the world. About half the worlds billionaires are jews, and HALF of all jews in the USA make 6 figures or more per year.

I have encountered a pretty good amount of jews in my life, having lived in a major city for many years. There were the ones who were very much openly right wing Zionist likud types, who didnt try to hide their hate for their "enemies." Then their were the more "liberal" ones who seemed more "moderate" when it came to Zionism, but were very much in favor of leftist social policies.
The ones who didnt express their politics were still somewhat creepy, and came off as very alien to me. Surely not trustworthy.

It has been shown that especially in recent years, jews who are true renegades that dissent from the positions of organized jewry are a tiny minority. Kevin MacDonald has done a superb job of documenting this.

We have Rocky saying he has "jewish supporters" and talks of regular "working class" jews. Is Rocky trying to be the "Nazi" Jared Taylor? Jew-friendly National Socialism for the 21st Century?

Trying to kiss jew ass wont get you anywhere with the ZOG system. It only makes you look bad in the eyes of other WNs.

Jews are pure evil and not to be trusted. Even the jewish super-hero Jesus condemned then as children of the devil. (John 8:44)

Jeff said...

I've seen working class Jews!!!

Anonymous said...

Give any group a wide stereotyped brush is just ignorant.

Anonymous said...

As a longtime follower of this website, I have noticed that the attacks on the ANP are changing. First it was that the ANP only existed in Rockys mind. Then it was that there was only 'a few old guys from the 60's' that composed the ANP. Then everytime that the ANP came out with a realistic position that was new and completely devoid of the usual hollywood nazi idiocy, they were attacked. An example was that the ANP didn't want to murder all the jews, or that there probably is a percentage of non-Aryan people who are decent, hard working and don't want to exterminate all the White people. The mindless haters attacked the ANP for that. As the ANP got away from the one-plank platform of race-race-race, and into economic issues, broadening the scope of National Socialism, the critics who apparently can't understand economics because they still live in their childhood bedroom, where all their economic needs are met by their parents, started whining. I could go on and on, the ANP's refusal to hate everyone in the world, as the jewish media claims NS do. That the ANP believes in living the Golden Rule. That the ANP is the only obvious voice of America's White working class, vs the greedy, wealthy Judeo-Capitalists who are ruining the lives of the average White man and woman. And as time has progressed, so has the ANP! Apparently a lot of people are finding its message very attractive. Its policy of QUALITY instead of QUANTITY has worked! Reviewing the operating resources of the ANP at this time, clearly shows that is the TOP NS organization in America. So, I would have to say that Rocky and the ANP's tactics and stratigies have and are working quite well! Of course, it hasn't hurt them that they have been able to show the incompetance and degeneracy of other groups and personalities, such as Jeff Schoeps now proven race-mixing, which destroyed the NSM as a competitor for the NS mantle in America. All you detractors can bitch all you want, it looks like there's a new vision of National Socialism in acendancy, and finally its the real one! Hail the ANP! 14/88

Anonymous said...

11:05 AM.

Thank you. You are right in your comments. Long live the ANP. They are right.

Anonymous said...

One thing that would help folks take Rocky seriously is if he'd stop referring to himself in the third person. Self congradulating is one thing but that is another. I'm starting to wonder if he isn't senile.

Anonymous said...

Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, that if an individual wasn't attacked by his enemies on a continual basis, he wasn't making proper use of his time. It looks like Rock is doing one hell of a job. There is more posts here about him and the ANP, than anyone else in the entire racial movement! AA ought to give the ANP a special section, like he has for the old NSM. Matt C.

Dr. Wouter Basson said...

Question: What political experience does Merlin Miller have? For instance, has he ever served as a US Senator? What about a State Senator? No? Okay, what about a State Governor? Hmmm...not that either. Okay, how about a Mayor of a large city? A medium city? A hick town, maybe? No? Well, what about as a County dog catcher then? Not that either?!?!

Then WTF has he done????

I'm all for a pro-white guy in office, but we need someone with at least some sort of experience. Miller's got none!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone Pro-White have ANY experience in ZOGs political system? If you get elected as a "secret" WN, (yeah right)even if its the Podunk Village Council, once you eventually get "outed" its curtains for your political career.

What Pro-White politician is out there now who has "real experience?" All I can think of is Duke who was in the Louisiana legislature. Beyond him, I cant name anyone.

The important thing about Miller is that he seems to be an intelligent, respectable, decent man, and he attracts supporters of a similar type. No "scowling skinheads" no tattoos, no uniforms, normal White folks, not fringe kooks and weirdos.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a White person who has been involved in the system as a civil servant type job, can hold, or become 'racially aware'. Only a ignoramous would think that each and every White who works for Zog, loves what its doing to White America. Hell, we have several government employee's in the ANP at present, even an office holder. ROCK 88!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this Miller guy, run for some SMALLER, perhaps local office like Chairman Suhayda suggests? It seems like these kind of people always want to campaign for an office that they don't have a snowballs chance in hell to win, or even have a decent showing. This kind of makes me believe that thier only campaigning for show, like its some game of lets pretend, and look at ME! Whats wrong with WINNING a SMALL office somewhere, it would be a BIG victory for our side! Hail the ANP! 14/88