Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Student Gives Talk On "The Good Things That Hitler Did" In Speech Class As A Joke, But Develops Respect For Hitler After The Fact

Two years ago, a student who identifies himself as Hershizzle gave a presentation in his class about the good things that Hitler did. But his original intent was not to provide a more balanced perspective about Adolf Hitler. Instead, he was actually upset that his speech class was "lame", and so he gave this presentation as a "joke".

However, he also admits that he found out Adolf Hitler did indeed do "a lot of good things". His presentation was recorded on the YouTube video embedded below, and other than an insulting clip showing a photoshopped Hitler eating and dropping a watermelon slice, it actually was a balanced presentation:


But even though Hershizzle intended the presentation to be a joke, his teacher was not amused. Later on, Hershizzle posted the following comment on the YouTube channel:

...my speech teacher didnt think it was so funny. in fact the head of teh school tried to get me counseling or see a shrink or something cuz she didnt know it was a joke.

More truth about Adolf Hitler is published in this Rense.com article. In addition, the American Nazi Party has an online version of Mein Kampf specially annotated to facilitate its use as a reference tool. They also have a smiliarly-annotated version of George Lincoln Rockwell's classic "This Time The World". Both sources provide a more factual and comprehensive perspective on national socialism.

Reaction: Considerable support for Hershizzle is posted on the YouTube channel. Another student said he tried the same thing at his school, and his teachers were mad at him. The fact that students seem to hunger for the bigger picture about Hitler validates John Taylor Bowles' strategy of taking the gospel of national socialism into the high schools, and explains why he has received a positive reception. Here's a sampling of some of the supportive comments:

TheHubertusderhund 1 week ago:
For that speech You would go to jail in Germany, silly boy.

sirrvs 4 months ago:
Kudos to you on choosing a very unique topic for your speech! And man, judging by your accent I'm guessing you're in the U.S. If I tried to pull this stunt at my school I'd probably get mauled by Jews and/or suspended. So much for teaching kids how to "see both sides of the argument" eh?

beyondstitches 1 year ago:
Hitler was far better in comparison then Stalin or Mao or any other communist asshole. Hitler did great things for Germany, they just happen to lose the war and been demonized by soviets and jews ever since he Hitler came into power. I don't believe anything they say tbh.

chunxmkgee 1 year ago:
I did a similar report on this last year. Every teacher was mad at me for pointing out good things he did

LordVili 1 year ago:
Aren't you living in a free country? If you are, then you should have also the liberty to give a speech about any subject and not getting sent to a counseling shit. Where is the freedom of speech =)

BenjaminSch53 5 months ago:
Instead of Countering his points you just call him stupid. why dont you go look it up for yourself. one of hitlers bodygaurds in the 20s was jewish! and himmler was going to strip his ranks, but hitler told him not to! i think you might just be brainwashed by the Zionist-American School System.

The last comment is of interest because it tends to validate contention that Hitler himself wasn't the architect of the full-throttle Holocaust, but it represented excesses by Heinrich Himmler. It would also tend to explain why, at the tail end of NSDAP rule, Hitler bypassed Himmler and selected Admiral Karl Doenitz to be his successor. Hitler obviously realized at that point that Himmler had been substituting his own agenda for Hitler's agenda.


Floyd said...

Bowles is the number one leader in the pro-White movement and has some good ideas. Go ANP!

Anonymous said...

Odd isn't it, that Emil Maurice who is mentioned in Mein Kampf, and was one of Hitlers closet associates from the early days of the NS struggle, was 'a jew". Earhardt Milch, the second in command of the German Air Force was also "a jew". And these are only a couple representatives that show that Hitler wasn't a mindless maniac when it came to "the jews". Even according to such an obviously biased source as 'Time-Life' series on the 'Nazis', they state that up to the entry of WWII, there were only 50,000 people of all sorts in the concentration camps. The growth of numbers, can be likened to Americas rounding up and incarcerating ALL of its Japanese population and putting them into concentration camps, after stripping them of their jobs, their homes, their businesses. American jews helped and went along with this Japanese persecution, they had no problem when it was Japs. Here in America, at this current time, there are over TWO MILLION people incarcerated in gulags across this nation, many of them in 'privatized' FOR-PROFIT corporate institutions. Gives you pause to think, doesn't it? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Karl said...

No doubt the ANP has surpassed the NSM in quality and activism.

Anonymous said...

Bowles is not a leader, he's a team member of the ANP & your post is off-topic.

This post shows why NS education is so important. The more people learn about real NS history and ideology, the more potential recruits we will have.

Anonymous said...

Check out the new video over on Comrade Bowles' website about the rising WHITE POOR here in the "richest nation on earth" ( yeah, for that 1% who control 90% of Americas wealth ). Who can view those little White children saying they're HUNGERY without tears AND anger? To ME this is more of a reason that I fight for National Socialism, than even the "race issue". All of you haters out there who care MORE about denigrating jews and non-Whites - ought to get your priorities right. Are you FOR your own peoples best interests - or, are you simply against these "others"? If its the latter, then your a fool, doing what the "MASSA" wants you to do - directing your anger against "symptoms" rather than the CAUSE. ALL of the problems we face, are there BECAUSE of these wealthy, evil, corrupt 1%ers, - BECAUSE they are the ones in CONTROL - who make ALL of THIS happen in the first place! Now Whitey, munch on your Bar-B-Q, guzzel your beer and watch the jew-tube tell you how you "live in the greatest nation on earth" - while MILLIONS of your White brothers and sisters live in holes and go hungery. I can only hope that it happens to YOU - yes, YOU - who have the 1001 excuses "why" you just "can't get involved" beyond tapping on your keyboards. For White WORKER Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...


You have a good team.

Anonymous said...

Compared to Rocky, Bowles isnt just leader, he's the leader of the American Nazi Party. They can call it whatever, the minute Rocky started publicly coddling Jews and preaching gay rights, he should have been gone. Contrary to what Rocky and Taylor tells their members, their duty is to national socialism, not those two. They should either leave or replace Rocky with Bowles until his next scandal.

Anonymous said...

So the answer is to impose Totolatarianism and Strasserite Socialism, on people who overwhelminglly support small decentralized government with a free market. Keep holding on to those views, and wait for that system to "come to power". In the mean time don't forget to take the fries out when there done, at whatever fast food place your working now.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is so right. It absolutely makes me burn with anger thinking about so many of our people living in poverty, going hungry, getting sick and not being able to afford to get medical care.

While so many of these non-White invaders that come here "legally" (ZOGs laws, not ours) mainly ASIANS are taking jobs as doctors, lawyers, IT workers, store owners, etc. Living well and raking in money. While many of the descendants of those brave Whites who built this nation suffer and get shoved aside.

Do you think any of them give a crap about the 4th of July or America? Hell no! They just come here to make money, leech off of us, and establish a fifth column for their own nations. We all know by now that the melting pot idea is a joke, never worked, cant work. Well, maybe the conservatives dont realize it.

NONE of our "white" politicians of either party care about stopping immigration, and acting in the best interests of American Whites. The jews media focuses on the poor blacks and mestizos, and ignores places like Appalachia.

In regards to "prisons" Rocky is also right. Companies that own prisons trade their stock on Wall St. based on the number of human beings incarcerated. The more people in prison, the more stock rises. Now that's good old American capitalism!

"Greatest nation on earth" LOL. Do you think any of the Titanic passengers said it was the "greatest ship ever" as it was going down? Nope, they didnt. The difference between the Titanic and the USA is that people on the Titanic KNEW it was sinking.

Anonymous said...

The comment was harsh, but actually very interesting, he makes a good point.

I do think though, that as the economic situtation worsens to levels not seen before in this nation, and with other factors added in, many will at least consider some alternatives they may have previously dismissed.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Rocky and the ANP have decided to bring National Socialism out of the 1960's, that era of white-power and nothing else, and into the 21st century. Its obvious now, that white-power didn't work with the mass of white people, so perhaps a more progressive attitude might. In any case its sure worth a try at least. People without a job or a home are going to be more interested in these problems, than what the negroids are doing. Lets face it, by now their used to TNB even if they don't like it. Time to intelligently focus on the jewish stranglehold on America as the ANP is doing!

Anonymous said...

Its becoming obvious that with each generation, people care less about the old WWII propaganda. And with the internet, more true facts about Hitler and National Socialism are slowly coming to the fore. The jews have whipped that tired old horse, the holohoax to death. It worked well for a time, but who cares about Napoleon, or the Civil War... Times change, and are changing fast.