Friday, July 27, 2012

Stormfront Thread On Batman Massacre Attracts The Attention Of Aurora Police, Who Conclude It Was Protected Free Speech

According to KUSA Channel 9 in Denver, a Stormfront thread about the Batman Massacre in Aurora attracted the attention of Aurora Police. Their interest was triggered when when someone posted a picture of the Aurora City Council and provided their names and contact information, and also when the same poster, in a temporary fit of anger, expressed the wish that the council members would have been the first eleven victims to die when the tragedy occurred. The person was outraged over the possibility that the Aurora City Council had banned the concealed carry of handguns, which proved to be inaccurate. The Stormfront thread in question is entitled "Another Mass Shooting in a Gun Control City: Aurora, Colorado". KUSA news video below:

However, Aurora Police concluded that the postings don't constitute criminal behavior and are covered under free speech after reviewing the thread. But this story also brings out the value that Stormfront offers to the White racialist community. Once again, when a media outlet or a pundit wanted white nationalist opinion, Stormfront was the FIRST source consulted. This is because of Stormfront's immense size and influence; it literally dwarfs other white racialist resources. Stormfront is the Walmart of white racialism.

Why is this significant? Because there are several donation threads on Stormfront right now in which heavy pressure is being exerted upon people to contribute financially. One is available HERE, but the most informative thread is entitled "Stormfront's financial situation is critical", where Don Black, who does not like to beg for money, points out that in June, he made up the donation shortfall with $950 of his own money to keep the servers running another month, plus $2500 for a related legal expense. This was money he had planned to spend on his leaky roof. In July, he says he's broke and his credit is shot; in addition, he had to take an ambulance ride to the hospital for a two-week convalescence. Although he's since recovered, the medical bills, even after insurance, are huge. He says he may have to downsize servers by July 28th, which will mean slower access and more frequent bouts of saturation.

However, Stormfront dues don't just pay for the website; they're also used to pay for a daily radio show on WPBR 1340 AM in West Palm Beach, with Don and Derek Black co-hosting. When they started the radio show a couple of years ago, they had hoped that they'd pick up enough advertising to make the show self-sustaining and attract a financial angel to syndicate it nationally. Obviously, neither goal is in imminent danger of being met; the show is enroute to becoming a money pit. As a result, some people are suggesting that Don Black dump the radio show to save Stormfront, even though the radio show is also broadcast on the Internet.

Don Black has calculated that he needs $7,500 in donations per month to keep both Stormfront and the radio show going. However, he's fallen short in five of the past seven months. He estimates that airtime on WPBA costs $600 per week, for a total of $2,400 per month. Subtract $2,400 from $7,500, and you get $5,100. Relieved of the radio show, he would have met the lower goal on three months, and come within only $250 of that goal in May and June. Much more attainable. And Stormfront gets much more mainstream media attention than his AM radio show. Perhaps he could replace the AM radio show with a Talkshoe show or Blogtalk Radio.

Becoming a sustaining member of Stormfront only costs $50 per year. Yet most people don't contribute; it's estimated that only 300 people contribute regularly. Perhaps some don't see the value of the AM radio show. Ideally, it would be nice to keep both, but if Don Black has to choose, he should sacrifice the radio show to save Stormfront. Stormfront is just far too valuable to lose.


Anonymous said...

For it to be illegal he'd have had to say that he is going to kill them or he would have to actually call for people to kill them, just wishing it had happened isn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the black panthers can post a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman and even threaten to kill him. But THAT'S not news, is it?!?

Funny how selective people are about what they get outraged about! Especially liberal.

Anonymous said...

The thread was probably started up by one of zogs many trolls, and when they realized that, they pulled in their horns. One can only imagine how much information the enemy gleans from Stormfront and the like. Its amazing how some of these people shoot off their mouths on forumboards, not realizing how a professional can gather pieces of the puzzle and put them together. Idiots beware!

Anonymous said...

Someone once said you should never say anything on an open forum you wouldn't be willing to say in front of a cop.

Big Brother ZOG is watching!