Monday, July 23, 2012

Southern Poverty Law Center Slams Erich Gliebe And The National Alliance On The 10th Anniversary Of Dr. William Pierce's Death

On July 23rd, 2002, National Alliance Chairman Dr. William Pierce passed on from this mortal coil after living a productive life. The new National Alliance News website contains an impressive tribute authored by Jim Ring, the Sacramento Unit Coordinator. In the National Alliance, Dr. Pierce not only developed the physical and philosophical infrastructure necessary to maintain a professionally-based organization, but more importantly, his deliberate program and ideologically sound message attracted to him some of the best quality of human material with which to work. At the time of his passing, the National Alliance was the Cadillac of White racialist organizations, with around 1,400 members nationwide. Ring also includes a short message from Dr. Pierce's brother Sanders Pierce, who is also a member of the National Alliance. There's also a relatively new blog by Hadding Scott called The Legacy Of Dr. William Pierce, in which the contributors are attempting to collect and re-publish various legacy essays by Dr. Pierce.

Jim Ring notes that some people were fearful that the National Alliance wouldn’t survive the death of Dr. Pierce. The fact that it did and went on to continue to survive some of the greatest challenges in its history all the while continuing to convey its message of hope to White Americans proved that Dr. Pierce indeed was on the proper road to the ultimate victory of what he called "Our Cause".

But "surviving" and "thriving" are two different things. On the same day, the Southern Poverty Law Center published a hit piece in which they claim that the National Alliance is on its deathbed. Entitled "Ten years after founder's death, key neo-Nazi movement 'a joke'" and intended for publication in their upcoming Intelligence Report to be published in August, the SPLC decided to jump the gun and publish it on July 23rd, the anniversary of Dr. Pierce's death. The timing cannot be considered accidental; the intent is clearly to trample upon Dr. Pierce's grave on the date of his demise.

Like other SPLC material, it contains a mishmash of facts and legend. Here are some pertinent excerpts:

Ten years ago, the Alliance had 1,400 carefully selected and clean-cut members, a paid national staff of 17, and great respect in radical-right circles in America and abroad. Its publications, including a newsletter and a journal, set the standard on the extreme right, and its leaders regularly met with their counterparts in Europe. In Florida, it bought radio time and billboard ads. Between dues and income from its white-power music label, it was bringing in almost $1 million a year.

Today, the National Alliance is widely viewed as a joke...Remarkably, Pierce's handpicked successor, Erich Gliebe, has managed over the last 10 years to hold on to power through a series of internal revolts, splits and personal attacks on him for his extremely weak leadership. But he has also taken the Alliance to a place where it has a membership of fewer than 75 people, has not published a magazine in recent memory, and is in desperate need of funds.


Things came to something of a head in 2010, when Willis Carto, a longtime anti-Semite who had feuded with 1960s ally William Pierce for decades, was invited to one of the Alliance’s leadership conferences. Carto gave a speech sharply criticizing Gliebe and arguing the Alliance was failing because of his leadership. Members who were there describe Gliebe as almost paralyzed during the attack and say he did not respond or try to defend himself. Instead, Jim Ring, a longtime member who some see as the group’s real leader, took Carto aside later and ordered him and his entourage off the group’s West Virginia compound. Many were shocked Gliebe had even invited Carto, who is not an Alliance member, and Gliebe later claimed he had not done so. But that was contradicted by the pre-printed program for the conference, which included Carto’s name.

Although these facts are true, the SPLC ignores the fact that two of the National Alliance's units, in Cincinnati and Sacramento, continue to thrive under dynamic local leadership. In Cincinnati, Dennis Ransdell not only led a flyer distribution in Florence, KY back in June to highlight the problems of illegal immigration, but followed up with a seminar at the Boone County Public Library. Just one month before was Ransdell's attempt to confront Holocaust marketer Elie Wiesel during his May 6th appearance at Xavier University in conjunction with the $1,000 Tattoo Challenge. Ransdell has put up $1,000 of his own money to the first person who can get Elie Wiesel to show his left forearm and reveal his A-7713 tattoo number.

In Sacramento, Jim Ring organized the Sacramento Unit's participation at a local gun show during the weekend of June 30-July 1st. This is a recurring form of activism for the unit, and they report that they attracted many people. They had personal conversations with dozens of interested people and almost all took away the free recruiting materials being offered. Their selection of books and videos also proved to be popular. Some photos are available HERE.

But the SPLC goes on to report that no one is living full time at the Alliance's main compound in West Virginia; a couple of members visit weekly to deal with the mail and other necessary tasks. Gliebe himself lives in North Royalton, Ohio, from where he runs the Alliance's Cleveland Unit, and when the Cleveland Plain Dealer picked up this story and contacted him for reaction, Gliebe refused to speak to them. In addition, the content on Natallnews is almost never written by Gliebe himself, but by Dennis Ransdell and Jim Ring. And although Michael Carothers was a highly-valued member of the National Alliance, selected as their 2008 Activist of the Year, Gliebe remained silent when Carothers got arrested and railroaded down in Georgia.

The SPLC also notes that when Pierce died in 2002, the Alliance was taking in about $18,000 a week in dues, donations, book and music sales. Today, sales at Resistance Records and National Vanguard Books are down to about $500 a week. The group’s Resistance music magazine has not been published in five years, and its National Vanguard flagship publication has not appeared in three.

All these are clear-cut signs of a vacuum at the top. It's as if Erich Gliebe is no longer interesting in actively running the organization. He has played into the hands of the SPLC, and the SPLC has jumped all over him. The National Alliance can be saved, but there needs to be a change of leadership at the top. It would not be dishonorable for Erich Gliebe to resign as chairman if the job is too much for him.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that it's been ten years. I really miss hearing Dr. Pierce's voice on the ADV broadcasts.

I would hope that even those who had/have disagreements with Dr. Pierce (I know he had his flaws, like we all do) could at least acknowledge that he was a major force in reaching and awakening a lot of our folk.

I got more education from the ADV Broadcasts that I ever did in all my years of school.

I am glad the NA is still going, contrary to the lies of the vile $PLC. No, its not what it used to be, but like AA said, it can be revived with the right leadership.

Here's to Dr. William Pierce! Thank you for all you did for our people.

Anonymous said...

Good summation of the NA situation AA. I agree, it would not be dishonorable for Erich to once again move himself side-ways and work on Resistance Records, like he did when Shaun Walker took over Chairmanship.

However, the vacuum at the top seems complete. There is nobody I know of who has the caliber to lead the NA, that is the most sad abd disturbing part of this whole situation.

New leadership is needed, somebody dynamic,intelligent,charismatic,
is vitally needed now, but who is out in the wilderness who fits that criteria?

The situation can be saved, but it seems all concerned are just fine with their heads in the sand, waiting and watching while Dr. Pierce's flagship slowly sinks into despair and oblivion.

Anonymous said...

To be honest Jim Ring should be running the NA, he's a far better leader.

Anonymous said...

All of these "sad comments" here and elsewhere on the net, make me laugh. All that these people had to DO - was continue to fight, but because the Great Man died, not even CARING to choose a successor - they all found reasons to bail on the NA. Its obvious that Pierce didn't care what happened to the NA, if HE could no longer be The Chosen One in charge. Plus, lets be HONEST here folks - when Pierce bought his bonehead "CD business" - he HAD to allow his customer-base to join. THAT was what destroyed the NA. Oh, it made Pierce a LOT of MONEY, from those he claimed he couldn't stand ( boneheads and hobbiests ) - but, it ended any hopes for building a QUALITY "elite" organization that anyone envisioned. Pierce was a BUSINESSMAN, pure and simple. Dispite his "bloodthirsty" writings, personally he was a PHYSICAL COWARD - his nickname back in the ANP days, was "Dr. Pussy". At Rockwell's funeral - he HID in the TREES - not wanting to be involved in the melee that ensued. Never ONCE handed out a leaflet, nor was he BLED by or ever BLOODIED the opposition. If it hadn't been for that $250,000+ given to him by the Order Comrades, he would have remained the small-time peddlar of books and trinkets of his previous days. Its pretty easy to grow with that kinda change to work with. Then lets look at the people whom Pierce personally CHOSE as his Officers - Gliebe, Roper, KEVIN the pervert STROM - did he choose these types so he wouldn't feel challenged, or did he feel more at home around them? Need we get into that MAIL ORDER BRIDE circus that went on up there at Pierce's compound? Or his last S&M girlfriend? Or, his personal computer that was found filled with PORN after his death? How about his "teflon" with the Feds - harboring an international criminal, giving them the perfect excuse to raid the compound, yet they waited to arrest the guy AFTER he left? Or, his frequent trips to GERMANY - this "famous neo-nazi" ala Hunter, Turner Diaries, etc - not ONLY was allowed repeated visits, he was allowed to SPEAK at "neo-nazi" gatherings! Anybody SMELL something here folks? Under Pierces tenure, old Morris Dees NEVER went after the FATTEST PLUM on the TREE?! WTF I think it boils down to the fact, that WN were IMPRESSED by that alphabet after his name - WHY do you think David Duke added that phony lettering to HIS? Pierce NEVER intended to build an ORGANIZATION - anything that was done that way, was done DISPITE him - by various NA activists who saw things differently from the BUSINESSMAN. He was into providing ENTERTAINMENT - first BOOKS, then NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES, then "MUSIC", until finally he was selling colored shoelaces and "whatever they'ed buy". LOL And when cancer struck and within a month it would all be over, what did HE care - he let the toadies fight over the spoils. THATS his sad "legacy", like it or not. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, how different was what Dr. Pierce did than what you try and do minis the fact that he was effective at it? Your long rants are here out of AA's charity. Where else beside one of the ANP blogs are you welcomed to blab? Dr. Pierce was flown all over the world so people could here him speak.

Try some actual work besides constant ranting and rambling on and on. Write a book or sort your rants into something worthy of being published. Then people would either buy your material or not, rather than you just spamming like you do. Pierce wrote books that are still sought after today and he made the money you hound people for constantly.

And shut up about how things were with Pierce in the real ANP. It has been established that you weren't there. So as usual, you are just peddling hearsay and filling in the blanks as you go.

Anonymous said...

-A nobody looking to get attention via a disgusting post.

Anonymous said...

3:18PM Personally, I myself KNEW Pierce from way back into the days of the late 1960's - there is a copy of my FIRST ANP Official Supporter card on our website dated 1968. Secondly, if you send me your name and address along with a SASE - I will be happy to mail you a copy of a DIRECT ORDER that Commander Rockwell had to post up at Party HQ - stating that Party Stormtroopers were not to refere to Pierce as "Dr. Pussy", it was so prevalent. As for "writing a book" - no, the movement doesn't need another frigging book. Mein Kampf is the ONLY book that National Socialists really NEED. I would prefer to see all these monies spent on "new books" ( that only rehash the same old subjects for the thousandth time ) to go INSTEAD, into REAL POLITICAL activity. As for Pierce's being "flown all over the world" - yeah, that PROVES my point - Metzger, Laucke, even Duke get STOPPED at the gates and TURNED BACK, or get arrested, yet Pierce had literally NO PROBLEMS. WHY was that? I stand by my words, Pierce was a BUSINESSMAN who cared ONLY about MAKING MONEY, selling CRAP to HOBBIESTS like YOU! He SUPPOSEDLY "hated" bonehead "music" - but, then he SOLD IT. What does that tell you about him... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

We need the National Alliance and it's educational outreach. Why can't we find a charismatic new leader to move the Alliance forward and bring the Pierce remnant back into the fold?

I'm so angry that Dr. Pierce's life's work is floundering onto the rocks, and nobody cares and nothing is being done.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:21 A.M: I share your frustration with the present condition of the National Alliance. While I was never a member, I met David Pringle once back in 2001, and he seemed like a standup guy. I was impressed with the NA's reach and professionalism. I distributed "Who Rules America" in my own community.

It is painful to watch this organization atrophying from the top. I commend Robert Ransdell and Jim Ring for their activity and faithfulenss. Jim Ring seems like the logical selection to become the new chairman.

Anonymous said...

4:21AM How about YOU stepping up to the plate? Noooo, so many people want to complain, and wish, but never will they themselves climb into the arena. Too many organizations are built around the ONE "personality figure" - and when he's gone - the organization is basically gone as well. Thats why the ANP is so very different from all the rest - it exists NOT for pushing the "Rocky Cult" - but, the IDEA of NATIONAL SOCIALISM itself. When I step down, - the ANP will continue to function as well as it does now, perhaps even better as younger leadership takes the rudder. The reason for this is because we all function as a TEAM - nobody is out for their own personal glory, nobody is a publicity-hound for THEIR own private agenda. There are NO little "sub-clubs", or "elite units" allowed in the ANP, to cause rivalry and dissention. We ALL strive for the ONE goal. Yes, its sad when an organization loses its 'leader', yet when Rockwell died - the MEMBERSHIP stuck TOGETHER, and over time built a National Socialist organization more successful than anything that even Rockwell himself was able to create - the "NSWPP". This COULD have happened with the NA, but too many personalities clashed with each other to grab "THEIR" percieved piece of the pie. This was Pierce's fault too - afterall, he WAS virtual dictator over the NA - yet, apparently even with all that money and resources at his disposal - he couldn't pick and fuse together a TEAM, willing and able to work together. One more aspect of his "legacy"... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

What Rocky has said is harsh, but I'll be damned if he's not right on the mark.

Let me say that yes, Pierce did a good job of educating people, but unfortunately it did not go much more beyond that in the 30 years or whatever that he led the NA.

There was also, "sales" so to speak, which leads me to the next issue. For a WN org that was making nearly a MILLION dollars a year (it blows my mind to think any Pro-White group ever brought in that kind if money) they didnt seem to do much with it. With that kind of funding I would have expected a lot more activity from the NA. I know that more than a few ex-NA members were frustrated by the lack of activism.

But of course, we know that the money was mainly utilized to give Pierce and a few others in the "inner circle" the prized position of drawing a salary and not having to work in the real world.

I dont want to come off as coldly bashing a dead man, many seem to view speaking badly of Pierce as blasphemy. However, the reality is as Rocky stated, that Pierce built a successful business, which crumbled after his passing.

I know its easy to say in hindsight, but I dont think ZOG had to worry too much about destabilizing the NA. It was clear that after Pierce was gone it was unlikely that a suitable replacement could fill his shoes. It was a classic pyramid shaped structure with the charismatic leader at the top. Pierce died, and the fighting by various factions ensued.

I agree with the previous comment that it is a shame to see Dr. Pierce's work being badly neglected. I just feel that more could have been done by Pierce himself to prevent the Alliance ending up the way it is today.

Anonymous said...

If everyone is so frustrated with the NA's current chairman, and feel Jim Ring would provide better leadership, why aren't you doing something about it? Whining and complaining on the internet doesn't produce results.
People need to write to both Jim Ring and Erich Gliebe and encourage this change!

go to:

Anonymous said...

Just a tip for the ANP social cripples, folks don't spam forums and then come back the next day to agree with themselves. Nobody outside the ANP or probably just Rocky and Taylor do this. Why? Because nothing Rocky says is insiteful, "harsh" or bold. It is the same shit talking "I got all the answers" ranting we've seen from dozens before him. It's called being a Net Nazi and regardless of whatever claims to a past Rocky tries to sell, that is all he is today.

The way to tell if any organization is legit is to imagine them without the Internet. Could you even call the ANP an organization? Essentially they are just a collection of bloggers who aren't allowed back into the white nationalist public. Technically, the NA is still a bigger and more effective organization than they are, even while being "dead". Rod Davenport.

Anonymous said...

4:40AM The ANP actually has a monthly hard-copy print magazine, The White Worker. The July issue is 28 pages. A sub is only $20. What other NS organization publishes hard-copy but the ANP?

Anonymous said...

This is from the recent (July 21) ADV Broadcast.
Gliebe says:
"I can tell you that the White Racialist Cause, like any other cause that recruits from the public, contains a certain percentage of true activists and a tiny number of nutcases or, as Dr. Pierce used to call them: hobbyists."

Wow. The NA was the leading org that catered to this "hobbyist" crowd and had plenty of "merchandise" to offer.

Selling books and other informational materials is one thing, but the NA went far beyond that.
Lots of music CDs of course, clothing, flags, jewelry, and other accesories/trinkets/baubles.

Without the hobbyists Gliebe is bashing, the NA never would have raked in the big $$$. A WN could feel they were "doing something" by buying stuff, items that affirmed their White pride/power etc, purchased from a group that was one of the leading forces in the WN movement.

In terms of the NA being "bigger and more effective" than the ANP, well, how effective is the NA now? Not moving product like they used to?
I will repeat what Rocky has been saying for years, simply "Quality over quantity."
The ANP is about actually doing things, activism. The hobbyists will always be around, but its great to see a group that keeps that crowd out.

Anonymous said...

Time to move on: “what does not destroy me makes me stronger”. While the NA died of various and sundry causes, forever picking at the scab is counterproductive.