Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Police Created The 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division To Smoke Out White Supremacists In Florida; August Kreis Suckered

The Orlando Sentinel reports that a so-called group with the stereotypical name of the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division was created by law enforcement officers to smoke out white supremacists suspected of engaging in "domestic terrorism", and that former Aryan Nations leader August Kreis III was suckered into recognizing them.

The original investigation began in 2007, when an undisclosed agent traded emails with Kreis, who wanted to form a Nazi motorcycle club to serve as the militant arm for white racialists across the country. Kreis apparently swallowed the bait, because in 2008, he came to Central Florida to meet the group. In the meantime, two undercover FBI agents and an agent with the Orange County Sheriff's Office worked to build up this motorcycle club; the sheriff's deputy became the Aryan Nations' top Florida administrator responsible for recruiting members for the club, while the two FBI agents masqueraded as ordinary members. Another club member who was not a copy allegedly offered $1,000 to anyone willing to shoot a black man riding an ATV in rural Osceola County

The club's actual leader, who was also suckered, was Brian Klose, a 6-foot-6 giant allegedly known for drinking from a 70-pound beer stein. Klose opened the Kavallerie Brigade's clubhouse within walking distance of their St. Cloud home on Old Canoe Creek Road; FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force agents installed enough hidden microphones and cameras in the clubhouse to stage a reality-TV show. Unaware of being filmed and recorded, Klose warned members to be wary of the post-9-11 Patriot Act, which gave police new surveillance powers, and to never admit they belonged to the Kavallerie Brigade. But despite his wariness of police infiltration, Klose's in-house explosives experts turned out to be agents whom he asked repeatedly to build bombs and hand grenades for attacks he was planning. In March 2012, Brian Klose, Leah Klose, Ronald Cusack, Deborah Plowman, Carlos Eugene and Harold Kinlaw were all taken into custody. Read an enumerated list of charges HERE, and more background on each one HERE.

The JTTF not only targeted the motorcycle club, but also targeted the American Front group in the area. In the final analysis, the two cases — the motorcycle club and the takedown of the American Front group in Osceola in May — produced 20 arrests on charges ranging from unsuccessful bomb and murder plots to drug dealing, illegal firearms possession and conducting paramilitary training to prepare for a race war. More about the American Front case is available in this previous post. As for August Kreis, he was convicted of fraud and embezzlement in an unrelated case back in December 2011 and was sentenced to time already served in addition to six months of house arrest and two years of probation. Morris Gulett has stepped up to take over Aryan Nations and is working hard to revitalize it.

If law enforcement could form a bogus biker group and sucker a prominent leader like August Kreis into accepting it, what's to stop the JTTF from forming a bogus NSM unit and convincing Jeff Schoep to accept it, too? Considering the susceptibility of the NSM to snitches, Schoep could be blindsided. In contrast, the ANP minimizes this possibility by requiring supporters to prove themselves through literature distribution and other forms of activism before agreeing to a meeting.

Beware of any group with a stereotypical name, and beware of any leader who uses a stereotypical title like "Reichsfuhrer" or something of that nature.


Anonymous said...

"Another club member who was not a copy allegedly offered $1,000 to anyone willing to shoot a black man riding an ATV in rural Osceola County"

"The club's actual leader, who was also suckered, was Brian Klose, a 6-foot-6 giant allegedly known for drinking from a 70-pound beer stein."

Yet another "just shake your head and sigh" episode.

And August Kreis, another common criminal "leadership" type.
Wasnt he the one that suggested that White Nationalists form an "alliance" with the Islamic Fundamentalists? Since we had a common enemy.

What exactly do "we" have to offer them? I am no fan of Islam and dont want them in any White nation, but they have actually put up real resistance to the Jew World Order. What would Kreis offer the Muslims, an invite to a "beer-fest?" Pure fantasy talk.

Say what you want about the ANP, but at least the are an org that is committed to keeping out the criminals, drunks, mental defectives and BS artists, etc.

Anonymous said...

A.A. who is to say the motocycle did not do anythoing minimal to gain Kreis' "recognition". The ANP has not been "targeted" because they are "jew" friendly and they attack WN all the time, thus are not considered a true WN or NS entity worthy of zog's time.

Anonymous said...

Schoep has actually announced that YES! - he too is merging with a 'neo-nazi' MOTORCYCLE CLUB! LMAO Maybe an alliance with muslim terrorists is next, after all he married and slept with one of their bitches for four years. Lets pray Yahweh that this is the one that puts him away for good!

Wayne said...

Fort Gratiot Easter egg distribution. That was us.. :)

Anonymous said...

Does Paul Mullet still call himself the "Reichsfuhrer" of his group? AA, you pointed out in your article that any leader that calls themselves Reichfuhrer is a danger sign and I agree. This is ZOG trying to con and divide us. We've got to stop falling for it!!!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 6:44 P.M: No, Paul Mullet disbanded his ANSP, became ordained as a CI pastor, and formed Crusaders For Yahweh, which operates as part of Aryan Nations.

Anonymous said...

The obvious question here, should be - WHY do so many of these outfits get infiltrated by Zog so easily? Its very simple, they have ZERO - QUALITY CONTROL - they have neither the time OR the inclination for it, as they're so busy PLAYING at being what the enemy claims WN supposedly is. Lets look at this outfit, instead of getting involved in NORMAL political WN activities - they just HAD to start with the fondleing and collecting of "WEAPONS", then they just HAD to start "PLAYING" with them, pretending to "train" for the "coming race war". LOL The so-called "leaders" claim to fame was BEER DRINKING, oh boy! Its not like the "movement" hasn't been saying to itself for decades - "watch out for ILLEGAL talk", look out for "provocatures advocating ILLEGAL acts". Etc, adnausium, et al. These were damn STUPID people folks, getting involved in damn STUPID fantasy role-playing nonsense. AA is 100% correct! Beware these creatures who try and LOOK and ACT like scripted clowns, that the enemy wishs us to be! They try at first to ATTRACT the gullible and the naive, with their "hollywierd nutzi" claptrap, utilizing slogans and symbolism, of a long-lost era, that the origonal users themselves would bitchslap them down for, if they were still here - for disgracing and demonizing things that are holy to sincere National Socialists - and that literal stumblebums, degenerates and un-Aryan losers should NOT have touched with their slimy hands in the first place. I'm sure that many of you agree with me, that Adolf Hitler would have sent MANY if not MOST of these POSERS, off to a quick trip to the nearest RE-EDUCATION CAMP! The "BEST" that can be said about situations like these are - #1 It serves as ANOTHER (sigh) WARNING of WHO and what "TYPE" to STAY AWAY FROM, and #2 It once more culls the herd of WN, of another bunch of creatures who shouldn't have been involved in the first place! Sadly, but to be bluntly honest - I seriously doubt if any of these people would have been "satisfied" being adherents of an organization like the ANP. It would have been "boring", doing real-world political activities like intelligent outreach education, and campaigning for public office - no FANTASY talk, you understand. No playing with weapons, or "race war discussion". No drunken "beer bashes". Gee, where's the FUN? Now they'll go into gulage, claiming to be "POLITICAL PRISONERS", which they are NOT - the Order Comrades ARE real POW's - these are just MORONS who are gonna pay for their own stupidity. Its comical that as we discuss this situation, Jeff Schoep has announced the formation in GA., of his OWN affiliation with a "SS motorcycle" gang! Has the JTTF got their honey-pot operation sighted on a new target? If they do, I don't doubt they'll succeed, as the so-called "nsm" is so desperate for new blood, after its hemorraging of membership after Schoeps race-mixing scandal, that he would probably welcome ANYTHING or ANYBODY to replace the losses. "nsm" was never particular, in any case, about "who or what" joined, just as long as it was another warm body to throw out into the streets for "publicity". As I have always stated - either LISTEN and LEARN - or, LEARN the HARD WAY. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, why don't you reply to that real NS on the NS thread???? Why did you run away??? Can you get in a real NS discussion or just shit talk? I think you should quit and that guy be the new NS leader.

Anonymous said...

Rocky makes a lot of sense, the WN community would be better off without all the crazies.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I think all bad people should disappear. Can I now be part of Rocky's think tank? Any idiot can sit there and point out obvious flaws and formulate "how things oughta be". Big deal. An inmate in prison can tell you all that's wrong with the world and offer vague solutions on how to fix it. A leader directs people in doing so. Rocky is no leader but a droning unionite who is mad at the world for his own failures. Never have we ever came across a leader with so much self pity either. He whines about his personal life more than most teenagers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100 percent. Now, it's fine that people might have debates with Rocky and the ANP over ideological/philosophical type issues. The topic of activism and what kind of tactics to employ is also worthy of discussion.

The problem I have is when people get so offended when Rocky rightfully criticizes the bad elements (and there's a lot of em) in the WN Movement. People slam Rocky for "attacking" other WNs, but if you look back over the last few years, Rocky has pretty much always been on the mark with his critiques.
For too long the movement has been dominated by all sorts of frauds, con artists, profiteers, and people of extremely questionable character. These "leaders" often attract followers of a similar bent, and not suprisingly, the whole movement goes nowhere, no progress is made.

We are trying to get regular, decent White folks to come into the fold, there are plenty out there who dont like what is happening, and would be willing to do something about it.

This "SS Motorcycle Gang" nonsense is the kind of thing that is a surefire repellant for the normal White people we want to bring in.

Rocky is right, and until the movement cleans up its act, it will continue to flounder and maintain meager numbers of participants.

Anonymous said...

5:01AM Are you a tard, or what? Who in their right mind would even listen to some guy who's afraid to even say who he is, or give a background on his NS credability. Rocky on the other hand, unlike most politicians, isn't afraid to give his views, even if they might be unpopular at the time. I can remember when years ago he was exposing Jeff Schoep for not being a real National Socialist, nor living anAryan lifestyle. How many people attacked him, when it turned out he was 100% correct. Same with that creep who murdered all those people, including a baby JT Ready. Like him or not, Rocky never has been one to hide in the dark, when he gives his thoughts. Neither am I. Jack Jankowski

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

August Kreis always was known as a free-loading buffoon and in 2003 rebelled against Pastor Richard Butler along with Ray Redfearin. Ray Redfearin created his own Aryan Nations spin-off called Church of the Sons of YHVH (CSoY). Some dead Nazi with around a $1-million estate left 40% of it to Redfearin and Redfearin went back to heel under Butler's sway and was made Butler's second successor until Redfearin died, some say of a heart attack brought on by cocaine use. Pastor Butler died, surrounded by ZOGbots in Sept. 2004.

Both Kreis, Rick Spring, and Morris Gulett claimed to be Butler's successor. Rick Spring admitted to being a federal plant. Kreis was the $PLC choice but angered the genuine DSCI believers by claiming that his Aryan Nations faction was open to non-whites and non CI believers, in fact anyone who would give Auggie $25 to join and $10 or less per month.

Morris Gulett got caught on videotape dead drunk in early 2005 plotting with some young mamzer to rob banks in Alabama because of a snitch affiliated with Auggie Kreis. Gulett took a 'plea bargain' for six years being caught dead to rights, and now claims to be head of the Aryan Nations even though kicked out by Redfearin and not allowed back in by Pastor Butler.

I investigated the size of the Harold Grooms estate and a number of other things. Morris Gulett doesn't need any money because now the estate is over $500,000 and is to be paid over the next 41 years with a balloon payment of the principle then. Gulett should be bringing in at least $10,000 per year so that he doesn't have to work and can play Aryan Nations without putting any other whigger and mamzer fuktards at risk.

Myself and Pastor John Britton saved Morris' Church of the Sons of YHWH for him numerous times when Gulett was in prison from mamzer and melungeon thieves and from the CSOY charter expiring. Gulett has no gratitude and even less good sense. Gulett was expected to simply have a quiet little church that taught Dual-Seedline Christian Identity doctrine and only to Aryan Israelites, and not open up a tard corral for the catching and jailing of whigger and mamzer addlepated criminals.

When Pastor Butler took over for Pastor Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ, he was not Swift's first choice of successor. Butler decided to bring on the Revolution quickly and so brought in all manner of skinheads, bikers, 'ex-criminals' and all sorts of vermin to fight in this war. The end result is that the family men left and formed their own family congregations. Now 99.99% of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is in small family congregations rife with heresies and underground. The above-ground 'Wandering Mamzers and jewboys of WikiPedia-Talksjew CI' is nothing but mongrels and jewboys and ZOGbots and anyone with any sense should stay away from such.

These jewboys and mamzers and ZOGbots want to change DSCI teaching away from the basics of Pastors Wesley Swift and Bertrand Comparet. Stay away and stay out of trouble. Download your DSCI teachings from the Wayback Machine of the Library of Congress.

Unless you are a jewboy or a mamzer wanting to play CI. Then go ahead and get sent to prison playing 'Aryan Nations.'

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Anonymous said...

The NSM has a motorcycle club associated with it already. Anhanger-SS MC. Which I am a member. No snitches in our ranks. No crap allowed.