Friday, July 06, 2012

One Of The Anonymous Cyber-Critics Of ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda Outs Itself; The Christian Identity Forum Attacks Suhayda

Of all the American white nationalist leaders, NSM Commander Jeff Schoep and ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda attract the most frequent and sometimes vitriolic criticism. I find it necessary to reject many comments that are nothing more than personal attacks upon these individuals. Most of the critics are anonymous.

One of those anonymous cybercritics has unmasked himself. It turns out that Obadiah 1:18, the proprietor of the Christian Identity Forum, is among them. Obadiah's obsession with Pastor Martin Lindstedt is already legendary. Since Obadiah 1:18 has a reputation for hiding inconvenient posts from public view (not the best way to get an audience and grow a website), I find it best to post a screenshot:

This shows an absolute lack of understanding. While the NSM and the ANP are both national socialist organizations, they are hardly two peas in a pod. The ANP's leadership has not engaged in race-mixing, either knowingly or unknowingly. ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda has not walked out on his family, but instead continues to care for two autistic sons who are unlikely to ever become self-supporting. And the ANP has not produced a steady stream of informers. These are leadership issues which touch upon the fundamental character of an organization.

But Obadiah 1:18 cares nothing about these distinctions, instead being interested only in attacking those who think differently than he. Since his comment was merely a personal attack upon Suhayda, I chose to reject it, and would have done so even if he hadn't posted anonymously. But also notice in the Christian Identity Forum thread that an individual identifying as Pastor Bill decides to chime in. Pastor Bill writes, "And as far as Anchorage Activist goes, he is nothing but a two bit clown and may as well be Lindstedt's publicist". While my feelings aren't exactly hurt by this, Pastor Bill has never crossed this blog's radar screen before.

But since Pastor Bill wants to play, maybe he should pay. Pastor Bill, who along with Obadiah 1:18 is responsible for at least 90 percent of the posts on the Christian Identity Forum, is none other than Pastor Bill DeClue; you can read some of his content on Covenant People's Ministry. However, there's another side to Pastor Bill which is explored at length on the Christian Nationalist Forum, where Pastor Martin Lindstedt reveals much more about DeClue's background. Much of the information is embarrassing and unfavorable, and does not reflect well on DeClue's character.

National socialist activists can take heart in the fact that a "two-mamzer forum" is hardly representative of the Christian Identity community in general. While Obadiah 1:18 defines "activism" as subjecting other white activists to Talmudic-style worthiness tests, three Christian Identity pastors are actually trying to grow Christian Identity down in Alabama. Rev. D. J. Brumback, Rev. Mel Lewis, and Rev. William J. Collier are all involved in a three-day Christian Identity Pastors Conference, and because they decided to try to grow Christian Identity by distributing flyers announcing the event, have been subjected to public criticism by the elite.

In the final analysis, is Obadiah 1:18 really interested in growing Christian Identity, or, by displaying a sanctimonious, self-righteous persona, actually interested in driving people away from it? Would he have been one of the Pharisees who judged the Savior for healing the sick on the Sabbath?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about you 'AA', but personally I'm glad that certain elements of this so-called "movement" don't like, and attempt to denegrate me. After all, a individual is known by his FRIENDS as well as his ENEMIES! If all the Tubby's, Mullets, Schoeps, and assorted freaks and wierdo's thought that they were my pals, I would have to reassess whatever I'm doing. Part of my job, is to EXPOSE and DRIVE OUT the com-men and dysfunctionals who infest WN - so as to prevent good, decent WN from being fooled like I was over many decades of involvement. Yourself, I must give credit - when you HAVE become aware and convinced of someone being more of a negative than a positive to achieving those 14Words - you unlike 99% of these websites out there, have risen to the challenge like an Honorable Aryan should, and shined the spotlight upon them! Exposing rotten-apples, and then hearing them SQUEAL like a PIG ( I was going to say cockroach, but cockroaches don't squeal ), disregarding all this "can't we get along" garbage, takes some big cajones. Thank you! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88! PS - Harold Covington IS grossly obese. I don't "knock" people without some consideration, but when I hear of some "mighty warrior" type like HC, who promotes the silly 'militant" nonsense he does to naive and/or gullible people - I at LEAST sort of expect them to be "role-models" of "military preparedness", ie somewhat physically fit. I'm 60, 6' 185lbs - Harold could make up about THREE of ME, and if I remember him correctly from the old 1970 Arlington days in the NSWPP, he was shorter! LOL

Sid said...


I think you hit just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to those that post anonymous comments against the ANP people in here. Rocky and Dan of the ANP always sign there comments. The rest barely do because they are nothing but wannabees and ripoff leaders of White people.

Anonymous said...

"Pastor Bill" is William Shawn Declue. He has done 1 sermon with Pastor Visser. He was featured in the History Channel's "Klan of Killers" (the big fat guy with the beard,, @6:04). Lindstedt has published a lot of dirt on this guy after he turned on Lindstedt.

Wayne said...

Being a Creator, I think it's an act of futility, however I do admire what they are doing in trying to advance their religion. It would show them true adherents of that faith compared to the forum people. I think CI had a lot of potential back in the day but now ts time to stop playing with the non-existent spooks and embrace the Creativity religion.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the guy who wrote that against Rocky is a trouble maker.

Anonymous said...

Some fringe character from AUSTRAILIA no less, throws his two cents about the American WN scene. Who cares what he thinks? He's such a coward he hides behind a fake name to throw stones at Chairman Suhayda, who I think is doing a hell of a job for a guy his age. Most people who have been into the White Cause have given up a long time ago, Suhayda's been involved for 45 years! And in all that time, not one scandal can be proved against him. Not one stupid act where his followers got busted for idiocy. Thats a pretty good record in this movement! Yet, he likes Tubby Covington, that says it all. Sharon 14/88

Anonymous said...

Why can't we forget about all these esoteric fringe tactics, like CI and Odinism and Creativity, and follow the ANP's example of engaging in REAL POLITICAL activities? WN in the U.S., unlike in Europe, is more about role-playing, and re-enacting than serious political activity - sad. Sandra Poulson

StandSure said...

@ "Wayne"

"Creativity" - Our (The White Race) Creator IS "God".

Yes, I consider myself "CI". But I believe also that the Holy Bible has a lot of false info in it.

The White Race was Created. No doubt. That means WE have a CREATOR. No doubt.

At least a dual seed line theory explains the origins of the Jew.
Also, Herr Hitler himself many times referred to Jews as Spawn of Hell, or Lucifer's Children. In fact, much of what I read in Mein Kampf (on my 4th time now) sounds very much like Hitler would be "CI".

I have seen two kinds of people that bash "CI". The Jew loving main stream idiots who follow the big time preachers on TV. And the others who really have no concept of "Creation".

I'm not bashing you guys because honestly, I don't know anything about YOUR "Creativity" Movement.
There is no "spook in the sky" as you say. That is a pretty shallow outlook upon the Belief.

I personally believe that as long as a man/woman upholds the 88 precepts and struggles for the 14 words (and the 14 after!) then we are on the same page and I personally will not let one's "PERSONAL belief" put a wedge between now and Victory.


Anonymous said...

A.A., you are not correct. ANPer Dan Schruender has indeed race-mixed. he has a half spic child in Riverside, Ca.

This is a fact he will NOT deny.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree with you more. I am all for different ideas, White Nationalism encompasses a lot of different views. However, I see so much petty bickering over weird little details and strange dogma.

Instead of DOING, people get caught up arguing over "religious" issues and end up spending more time condeming those who disagree with them than doing anything productive.

Instead of adhering to some complex religion, worrying about being in step with it, why not just keep it simple and follow the 14 Words? Let the words be your guide, see what you can do to fulfill them.

Anonymous said...

3:53 PM that is a lie. IF you have PROOF, like the ANP had of Jeff Schoeps black step daughter and arab wife, SHOW IT - otherwise, STFU! And, no - "proof" is NOT some other "post" made somewhere on a forum. ROCK 88!

Anonymous said...

Dan from the ANP has stated many times that he does not have any children.... Duh.

Wayne said...

We aren't CI and we don't believe in any supernatural deities. There is nothing outside of Nature and that we were not "creates". Read Nature's Eternal Religion written by Ben Klassen..

StandSure said...

@ Wayne

Nothing is by chance. Everything that is, IS/was, "created".

And Nature (how I love it so) is a beautiful shining example.

Surely, when you look around at animals, humans (used subjectively), Intelligence, you believe that ALL OF "THIS" is, by chance? No :) lol, no... It is not.

And at least the White man did not "evolve" from an ape. Perhaps SOME did on this earth, evolve from an ape, but not the "Image".

In the final analysis, you, nor I, KNOW. There very well could be a "supernatural deity" OR... the population on Earth could be a result of colonization from another planet. There are many theories and beliefs.

What I strongly feel is that "all of this" around us is too powerful, unique, and fascinating, to be "by chance" - which is what something is which was not "created".

Wayne said...

The fallacy of all that is to assume there ever was a "beginning" to begin with, and even so it would be more likely a what rather than a who. Creativity doesn't affirm the existence of ghosts, gods, angels, demons etc.. All that you are doing is entering the realm of speculation which with an active imagination is not far from the realm of fantasy make-believe. Read Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible. They'll make a meaningful impact on your thinking. Entertain the idea that there are no supernatural spooks and that we are here on this planet, our one and only home and will always be here. We don't have spirits or souls or anything like that. I could say more but you're really bringing up a very cheap tactic of "you can't disprove it so it might be right". Creativity is the best thing for the White Race

Wayne said...

Relevant comment from elsewhere on the web:

Sanity is the ability to tell reality from fantasy. Being sane is to be of sound and rational mind. When I tell you that gods, angels, demons, fairies and all of that do NOT exist, I am not acting insane. Saying that they do is acting insane. The sane one would be me and the insane one would be you. If I say that your gods and angels and demons and leprechauns are all fantasy concoctions that exist only in the mind, that the realm of speculation leads to the realm of fantasy make-believe, the realm of the unknown leads to the realm of precious time often wasted arguing about it, I am not doing so to intentionally insult you. I'm trying to help straighten out your confused and befuddled thinking, to brain wash you from all the brain pollution and essentially "free" your mind. When you tune back to reality and get away from the non-existent spooks-in-the-sky and the fear of your "soul" frying and all of that, you will end up thanking me. :) I'm a Creator with the Creativity Movement. It's what we do. Now get out there and seize the day!

C. Chambless said...

"Anyone who believes that a religious reformation can be achieved through the agency of a political organization shows that he has no idea of the development of religious conceptions and doctrines of faith and how these are given practical effect by the Church." -Adolf Hitler 'Mein Kampf' pg 73 Religion has no place in politics; it's either one or the other, but you can't have both otherwise you shut yourself off from the masses. The ANP is the best way to go and the only way to go!!! ANP14.COM

Wayne said...

Not at all. Religion and politics go together. The problem is that so many are lookig to solve all the problems the White Race faces via politics. They are symptoms of something greater. Until we change the WR's total outlook on the world and all of that we won't success. It's like Louis Beam that sounds like a lady on Casaulties of an Unseen Wsr saying the biggest threat is actually DC. Lol

Robert said...

i happen to know Dan personally and he does not have any children , sounds like when someone , like Dan, or for that matter rocky, is doing great, no scandals, no weird s&m deal , no midget fixation, what ever it seems some people want to tear them down! , mow i wonder why that is? could be they are jealous? envious?, no i think it is because they are working for the JEW like a good little slave!

Robert Hollis
National Socialist!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm Bill DeClue and it is really too bad that all this so called "dirt" that Marty has dished on me comes from his own diseased mind, including the non existanct niglets he claims I molest. I've proven his lies wrong many, many times and yet he still rants on and on and on as if someone besides his buttboy wee willy believes him. And as far as Marty's claims that I have been kicked out by Billy Roper and Morriss Gilett I have e mails from both men proving that to be a lie, fell free to e mail me at for a copy and as far as my anicent felony convictions go (82 and 96) I gave Linstedt the full details of both when he was hounding me to join him in the summer of '09 and that didn't stop him from pleading with me for weeks to accept his ordanation after I told him no twice, that I was not interested because he is not validly ordained in CI at which point he and John Britton swore they would get me ordained by Morris Gulett who lindstedt claimed "owed him big time" for saving his church that was never in danger of being lost. So spare me with all the talk of Marty's "dirt" on me, I'm not afraid to debate you bozos on any venue, unlike Lindtedt who ran screaming back to his ghetto to lick his wounds after I challenged him to an open debate. But I must say that it is not likely that I will check back here so anyone that thinks they have what it takes to debate me openly can contact me at my e mail or through Obies forum or the Beer Barrel. Unlike Lindstedt I back down from no one and don't need to hide behind moderator software, censoring opponesnts like Marty does.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

You don't tug on StuporMamzer's cape, you don't piss into the wind, you don't pull the mask from dat Ol' Loan Arranger, and you don't mess around with LiarBill/MumpsNut DeClue(less)

Listening to LiarBill 'MumpsNut' DeClue(less) is like listening to a low-intelligence petty criminal who is snitching in order to avoid going to prison. This type of ZOGling whigger and/or mamzer fuktard is the norm in the bowel Movement. They are petty criminal losers with the brains of rodents who wander from place to place seeking a father figure to replace the inserminaturd that quickened them in their skank whore mother's coosh and if you are stupid enough to bring such in, then you will be sorry sooner rather than later. You need to understand that some critters are better off dead and leave them well enough alone.

LiarBill 'MumpsNut' DeClue(less) in the summer of 2009 begged and begged me and Pastor John Britton from Idaho to ordain it into my church. It cum on down, sat like a retarded sack of shit for two days or so over the weekend of October 9-11th 2009, and then by Wednesday was making up with Klunt Downey and her Pastard Meercat Markkkk Clowney and for this act of treachery I gave it the boot. Since then this delusional retard simply makes up idiotic lies about me and my friends and allies in the largely underground DSCI Church over on Obie-gender-bender-pissers-poofter-possum's Two and a Half Mamzers Forum, and the Melungeon Pisser-Possums' Cornholer Piss-Pul Mamzeries and Da MamzerBarrell forum. The lies made up by LiarBill are so transparently idiotic that I sometimes repost them on my own forum.

I was able to read LiarBill's Private Messages and Moderator's Forums over on $permFront for a couple of months. LiarBill's only apparent joy in life was trying to censor and ban other whigger and mamzer tards playing CI over on $F. It was when MumpsNut tried to get Don Black to ban or censor Klunt Downey and her Meercunt Markkk Klowney and got rebuffed that LiarBill threw a tantrum, asked to be demoderaturded, and because he didn't cum onto $permFront for a while I lost the ability to spy on LiarBill for a while. Reading LiarBill's private messages revealed to me a petty-minded criminal idiot as well as liar and sneak whose only joy in life is shitting on other, slightly higher-functioning mamzer and whigger retards.

I'll admit that I was remiss in not checking out LiarBill's criminal record. Going to Missouri Case Net and looking under William Shawn DeClue reveals a petty thief and criminal whose sole ability is in getting itz pub[l]ic pretender to cut a deal in return for which most of the charges are dropped in return for snitching on others, presumably in the bowel Movement.

I informed both Billy Roper and MoGullet about LiarBill 'MumpsNut' DeClue(less)'s past criminal history. By then both had eased LiarBill out of their particular organizations because they knew itz kind. Billy Roper is usually used by known ZOGbots like Rick Spring and has a small following of sorts. Morris Gulett is deemed to be a snitch and traitor because it got caught drunk and stupid plotting to rob banks in Alabama because it was a drunken crackhead. Now MoGulett runs a $PLC/ADL/ZOG false-front 'Aryan Nations' in which more than a few mamzers and outright niggers are members. MoGulett denounced me for "extremism" in advocating the torture and skinning alive of whigger regime criminals and their entire families for their racial and religious treason on behalf of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final because MoGulett had to make a plea 'bargain' in order to get out with only six years in prison.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

Pt 2:

I have posted these matters openly on my own and other forums. There truly is nothing new under the sun. This Movement of ours is nothing but a bowel Movement and you know what a bowel Movement consists of. Hence my name for my Talksjew Podcast -- The Movement Turd.

What needs to be understood by what few pure Whites left in this decaying mighty Evil Empire/ZOG-Babylon the Third and Final, is that nothing but the Great Tribulation exterminating 120 million whiggers and 170 million muds and leaving only ten million ex-whiggers to be ruled under a theocratic dictatorship by the Ten Thousand Warlords to hand over what little remains to Jesus Christ is the only Final Solution. I call for the Movement to go and remain underground, for individuals with leadership abilities to decide which of their friends and family to carry over and when to finish off what remains when the Great Tribulation has done all of the heavy lifting of the task of depopjewlation.

In any case, I can't emphasize strongly enough that there simply is no upside of having anything to do with LiarBill 'MumpsNut' DeClue(less). You bring it into your fold, it will back-bite, snitch, and shit all over you and if you eject to out like a disease then it will be stalking you on ZOGbot mamzer forums run by jews and mamzers pretending to be Christian Identity and White Nationalist. I'm sure that Billy Roper, MoGulett, Klunt Downey & Meercunt Markkk Klowney are gratefool that Ol' MumpsNut has myself to stalk and slander as opposed to getting it from LiarBill instead.

You don't tug on StuporMamzer's cape, you don't piss into the wind, you don't pull the mask from dat Ol' Loan Arranger, and you don't mess around with LiarBill/MumpsNut DeClue(less). That especially holds true if you are a niglet, a niece, and especially a niglet-niece.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Anonymous said...

See, that comment at 11:29 is just weird. What the hell is he talking about?
Do you really expect to bring in normal, healthy White people with that kind of strange ranting?

We need to deal with the here and now, on planet Earth. This wacky religious dogma just confuses people and puts them off.

Anonymous said...

Since this article was about Chairman Suhayda and the American Nazi Party, I would like to mention that I recently arrived home from attending the ANP conference after a long drive, and that Chairman has a report up about it on our website. Heil Hitler!

Anonymous said...

Tell a few more lies Marty, it's not like anyone who matters will ever believe a babbling fool like you.

I've proven that Gulett and Roper did not kick me out of their groups and I have no niglet nieces yet you love to invent slander and rant and rave like an idiot.

As far as me begging you to ordain you LOL what a joke, you know full well what happened is that when you heard I was looking for valid ordanation you started hounding me to accept your ordanation and I told you no thank you, that I was talking to John Britton who was validly ordained and thsat I could not accept your ordanation since you are not validly ordained in CI after Gulett excommunicated you for ranting about wanting to torture and murder white children. You then ran to Britton to beg him to let you ordain me, and Britton contacted me and asked me to accept it from you promising to get me ordained by Gulett when he got out of prison and as far as me driving 300 miles to meet you, that is nothing for me, I put more miles than that on my car in a week, I drove farther than that to meet Tom Robb and I went to KY 3 times when I was with Ron Edwards so while driving 300 miles might be a major feat to you it is nothing to me.

Also when I came down there you know that I showed vastly more knowledge of CI than you will ever have, you hadn't even heard of the Sonnini manuscript and didn't bother to read any more of the AIT material after having flunked lesson 3. I'll bet you haven't even read the books you got from me because you are too busy slandering your betters online.

Why don't you tell us about how you plan to torture and murder white children in your fantasy of the great tribulation?

You claim that I am a Baal Priest and teach false doctrine and that I plagiarized Compraet? prove it, show me what I plagiarized and where it came from, OOPS, you can't do it can you. You know you can't debate me on the scriptures so go back to ranting about your imaginary niglets and pretending to have a church when all you have is a piece of paper from ZOG with your signature, Roxie's and that of an insane murderer who is a director of your "church".

BTW, good work on effectively removing John Britton from the online movement with your brilliant legal advice, instead of cashing in to the tune of 50K he's going to spend years in court and will probaly end up dying before the case is ever settled. Once again Perry Lindstedt ruins everything with his lack of knowledge of the law. LOL I'm laughing at you Marty and so is pretty much everyone else.

Anonymous said...

3:54, you don't know the half of it, that guy is a former mental patient who runs aroubnd with half his beard shaved off. He is not religious at all and has no real knowledge of CI beyond the absolute basics. I asked him to prove where I plagiarized anyone now watch and see, he will offer no proof but rather will rant and rave about imaginary nilgets that the voices in his head told him that I molested because I have no non white nieces, all of my family is white. However I did have 2 adopted former sisters that I ran out of the family in 96, taking a felony conviction while doing my duty to the white race. The "man" belongs in a nuthouse but these days they only keep loons with the guts to do more than talk and since Marty has never done anything but run his gutless mouth they won't spend the time and mkney to commit him.

Anonymous said...

This is Bill again and I want to say that I personally do not support Covington, Obie and myself strongly disagree over him and have had words on the issue in the past, but unlike Lindstedt and those foolish enough to support his insanity I don't lose my mind and start slandering someone just because they disagree with me.

Also to AA, thanks for telling your readers to go read what Marty says about me, I want people to read his ranting gibberish and you recommending it it can only hurt your rep.

And to those who support Rocky Suhayda and the ANP that I have no problem with either although I think it was rather shallow for him to attack Covington's weight, I honestly thought that he was a better man than that.