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National Socialist Economics Would Restrict Foreign Outsourcing, Restore The Balance Between Wall Street And Main Street

On July 29th, 2012, Occidental Dissent flagged a Forbes op-ed article by Harry Binswanger. Entitled "Obama And Romney Are Wrong: Outsourcing Is America At Its Best", it notes that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have slammed each other over "outsourcing", and makes a case that opposing outsourcing of jobs outside the United States is somehow "unpatriotic"; he condemns Barack Obama and John Boehner for opposing outsourcing. To further disarm and intimidate opponents of outsourcing psychologically, Binswanger writes "Economic nationalism is as morally outrageous as racism. Buying on the basis of nationality or race is the same collectivist evil: judging men and their products by the group from which they come, not by merit".

Why does Binswanger defend such an extreme form of turbo-capitalism? Because he's a card carrying member of the Ayn Rand Cult; his name appears on a copy of The Ayn Rand Lexicon. Ayn Rand promotes objectivism, the most extreme form of capitalism, where the only thing that matters is the dollar sign. Workers are considered nothing more than two-legged wildebeest destined to migrate from one job to another at the lowest possible wage irrespective of national borders and differences in the cost of living; only the merchant princes need to be patronized. Binswanger celebrates and promotes outsourcing as the vehicle to accomplish this purpose.

But on the other extreme, international socialism, more frequently referred to as Communism, is equally raceless and nationless. While capitalism glorifies the plutocrat at the expense of the worker, Communism glorifies the worker at the expense of the plutocrat. By demonizing capital, communism smothers individual initiative, substituting state funding for market forces. No Communist state ever had a First World economy; the so-called dictatorships of the proletariat never led to a Communist state "withering" away.

International socialism is just as destructive as international capitalism. Ayn Rand is just as evil as Karl Marx. But there is an alternative -- national socialism. The primary benefits of national socialist economics are briefly summarized below (after the jump):

Unites The Best Aspects Of Capitalism And Communism: Capitalism and communism represent the two competing extremes in today's economics, although nearly every nation has implemented a synthesis of the two. While capitalism is capital-centered, communism is labor-centered. National socialism attempts to identify and extract those aspects of capitalism and communism which best correlate with the greater public interest and unite them into a seamless synthesis. Society is best served only if capital is inclusive of labor's interests AND at the same time, labor inclusive of capital's interests. National socialism does not allow capital and labor to function adversarially.

Constructs A More Equitable Partnership Between Capital And Labor: During the "golden age" of the 1950s and 60s, society strived to maintain an equitable balance between capital (Wall Street) and labor (Main Street). Neither was allowed to get too far out in front of the other. But during the '80s, possibly starting with Drew Lewis' mass firing of air traffic controllers, the balance began to tilt decisively in favor in capital; today, Wall Street has been allowed to hijack Main Street. CEOs can even get performance bonuses for firing workers, in which case they are profiting from human misery without providing a remedial service in return. Yes, cops, doctors, lawyers and many others profit from human misery, but all provide remedial services in return. National socialism will not permit people to profit from human misery without offering remedial services or products in return.

National socialism will suppress these tendencies, not by wage controls, but by progressive taxation. A corporation would be allowed to pay a CEO as much as it wanted, but the more pay received, the higher the rate of taxation. The prospective CEO might decide it would be in his better interest to reject a pay raise to avoid entering a higher tax bracket and allow the money to be plowed back into the company to either improve the infrastructure or to hire additional workers. Furthermore, TARP-style bailouts will not be given to corporations in order to pay bonuses to executives; instead, government intervention might take the form of allowing companies to deduct the wages of newly-hired workers from their corporate income taxes for the first year of employment to provide an additional incentive for hiring.

A company would still be allowed to close plants and offices if demand for their products and services subsided, so long as it did not relocate those facilities outside the United States. No government has the right to force a business to operate at a loss. But any company who relocated a plant outside the United States would be required to pay a tariff to import the plant's products back into the United States; "made in America" would actually mean "manufactured or assembled within the United States" once again. And as an added bonus, illegal immigrants found to be working within the United States would be promptly rounded up and expeditiously deported. Illegal immigrants steal too many jobs from Americans and devalue too many others, making them financially unsustainable for American workers. A full-time job must allow people to not only pay their own way, but also accrue a surplus in order to be attractive. Disagreeable jobs become more tolerable with better compensation.

Promotes Workfare, Not Welfare: Workers will incur obligations under national socialism. The days in which baby mamas can squirt out five different turdlets by five different baby daddies and get an increase in welfare entitlements with each one will come to a close. Baby mamas who deliberately choose to get pregnant out of wedlock and cannot support their kids through their own efforts will have their kids taken away and given to more capable parents. Of course, parents who become single parents after the fact, either through widowhood or divorce, will not be penalized. But personal irresponsibility will no longer be subsidized under national socialism; this means college girls will pay for their own contraception, and old farts will pay for their own Viagra. Everyone who can work will be required to work if necessary to support themselves under national socialism; other reforms will better ensure the jobs will be affordable. Even the disabled will be encouraged to work whenever possible; the idea that the disabled should be condemned to sit and rot on the sidelines is extremely humiliating to these people and robs them of their dignity.

This is just my personal glimpse of how a national socialist society in America would operate, and may not completely reflect the competing visions espoused by both the National Socialist Movement and the American Nazi Party. But it shows how logical and compelling the national socialist vision really is. While white nationalism is a way of life, national socialism is a specific form of governance. White nationalism points us in the direction we should go -- national socialism tells us what to do when we get there.


Anonymous said...

"Outsourcing is good for America." Yes, that is where we are at now. You lose your job and are expected to say thank you to the goverment, and be grateful that they are doing what's "best" for the country. Im guessing this Binswanger is a kike.

Isnt that "Ron Paul" phony a disciple of Ayn Rand? Even named his son "Rand?"

AA, great summation and analysis of the different economic systems. I think many WNs, myself included, lack adequate knowledge and understanding of economics.

I know there are plenty of disagreements among WNs about certain areas, specific details and such regarding how things "should" work.

However, im sure we can all agree that an NS system is far better than the twin evils of judeo capitalism and communism, which have been enslaving, raping and murdering people for ages.

"Economics" mainly jobs, will be the big issue in the election this fall, as it usually is during election season. We will hear the usual slogans and cliches, and neither candidate will dare suggest that the system itself might be deeply flawed.

Anonymous said...


NEITHER, the "NSM" or "ANP" have espoused anything that comes close to what National Socialism truly is. You are close, but are still off.

The NSM has never prsented any cohesive platform and the ANP is way off in overall worldview. The ANP is in reality a bunch of angry leftists that are evoling into Social Democrats.

National Socialism is inded a Worlkdview that is all encompassing, to include economics, science, the arts, culture and it is centered on Race, which the ANP does not get and the NSM is ignorant of.

MORE LATER as I am sure I will be attacked by pin heads from both.

Anonymous said...

"AA" I'm impressed - well done! ROCK 88!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 11:58 A.M: I agree that national socialism is all-encompassing. Right now, it appears the economic part of the message has the greatest capacity to win people over. Too many people think with their bellies and their wallets; it takes an economic message to lure them.

Anonymous said...

White Aryan Women's Forum > dead link

Anonymous said...


A.A, economics is not enough, Kosher Konservatives use economics and polarize their side with wedge issues, so as to get middle class people to vote contrary to their interests, the Left uses economics, much like Mr. Suyahda and the ANP, by calling for redistribution of wealth and using Classism and attacking those who have been successful, this is NOT what true National Socialism did.

National Socialism MUST be a Worldview that is greater. Both the Left and the Right have solutions for the "belly", we National Socialists have solutions for the heart and spirit, which in the end solves all the issues. We National Socialists are not interested in topics, we are interested in solutions.

Again...More later as this discussion develops... provided it is logical and mature

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:20 P.M: Thanks for both of your comments. I have deleted both sites from my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. More-Later: YOU sound more like a libertarian tard, than a National Socialist. In fact, you sound like one of those few rejects of that internet nutzi club the 'alp'. lol Are you so dense that you don't understand that in this present Judeo-Capitalist system, that those who are "successful" ie in control - have stacked the cards all to their own benefit? Joe Blow who has a pizza parlor and is losing his lifelong business, is NOT "too small to fail" - NO!, that honor goes to BILLIONAIRE BANKSTERS, who are obcenely wealthy, through USURY and credit-card INTEREST SLAVERY. Its time for ALL Americans to SHARE the PAIN - afterall, we're all in this boat together, aren't we? And IF the government desperately NEEDS tax-monies - WHERE DO YOU GO TO GET IT - why from those who HAVE a SURPLUS. Don't worry pal, a BILLIONAIRE will still have that cushy lifestyle - never having broke a sweat WORKING in his life ( except worrying about getting audited-lol ) when he's ONLY a MILLIONAIRE. NS is all about building a FOLK COMMUNITY - and in a Folk Community - EVERYONE pitches in, to the BEST of their abilities to have a wholesome, stable nation. You SHARE a loaf of bread with a Folk Comrade - NOBODY sits on a whole warehouse, stuffing their fat faces, while "others" go hungery - simply BECAUSE "they've got it"! You must be a plutocrat pal, you worry about the wealthy far too much... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Please spread the following to as many people as possible

Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch on farm murders in SA 2012.07.26

Anonymous said...

This comment section is filled with intelligent discussion, dotted and marred by Rocky's choppy, nearly incoherent rants.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Mr. Suyahda's comments were expected. He attacks, nearly all the time for 2 reasons, 1- to keep detailed focus off him and 2) he lacks true ideas and core principles that are aligned with true National Socialism. I will agree that there are a lot of confused Libertarians who call themselves White Nationalists and even National Socialists, such as Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson, at the same time there are left leaners, such as Mr. Suyahda who borrow the symbols from National Socialism, them attempt to incorporate leftism of Marxism and Social Democracy, such as "tolerance" and such, this is evidenced by Mr. Suyahda's evolution in the past few years with regard to homosexuality, jews, and heated attacks agaisnt fellow Whites, some of which are partially correct, but most of which are rooted in his philosophical bent on the left, i.e with Trade Unions, which are a tool of the Marxist Left, and his failure to embarce Western Christian Civilization. There is a plethoria of other National Socialist concepts that Mr. Suyahda ommits, I will save those for later. In the end, Mr. Suyahda says just enough to tickle the uneducated so as to stay in the White Nationalist money chase, which has always ben more imporatnt than any cause. This is a key problem as well.

Again more later...

Anonymous said...

Hey More-Later, when are YOU going to use YOUR real name, something that Mr. SUHAYDA is not afraid to do. Do you think your cute mis-spelling his name? At least he is willing to put his name to his views, something which you aren't, so that says a lot about the lurker in the shadows. The fact that you state that Taylor and Johnson are NS, shows you are grossly misinformed, and by doing so I'm thinking that you are an Anti doing your job of misinformation. Caught you out fag!

Anonymous said...

9:14 AM continues..

@9:08 AM, the ranting has been a key characteristic, but is more rooted in Mr. Suyahda's lack of philosophoical knowledge and understanding of fundemental precepts of National Socialism and or his desire to merge National Socialist imagry with his leftist or Social Democratic ideology. Mr. Suyahda is correct in arguing agaisnt "usuary", as do I, but he uses this as clever desguise as he switches he argumentation to a clear leftist point of view. The greatest achievement of National Socialism in Germany was its great economic success absent destruction of the bedrock German economy and industry which allowed the rich to remain rich and allowed the poor to move into the middle class and allowed middle class Germans to become rich as they advanced and developed their "German" busines. The key point was a Jew Free conomy and the National Socialist Racial Policy, which is absolutely absent from Mr. Suyahda's talks and writings. In fact Mr. Suyahda goes to great lengths to say that "some Jews" are OK in the econmic structure, this is akin to saying that some cancer is Ok while others is not. The fact is all cancer becomes deadly. The National Socialists in Germany did NOT punish successful German business, such as the Krupps, as Mr. Suyahda propses to do with American business, nor did the National Socialists in Germany pit busines vs. the worker as Mr. Suyahda does, in fact this is a fundemental Mrxist principal.

I will go into greater detail, but I would be curious to hear very specific, emphasis on very specific , from Mr. Suhayda RE: his proposals as to the Jewish question, National Socialist Economics, Class, and the difference between Marxism and National Socialism. Of coure absent name calling and the attacks that has ben his hallmark when he has been void of specifics.

Anonymous said...

Mr. 10:38, what is your real name??? Lead by example

Anonymous said...

9:14 Clarifies..

A few clarifications, I note that you posted your demand "anonymously", I dare say you are a hypocrite.

I did not state that Messers Taylor and Johnson wre National Socialist, I referred to them in the context as White Nationalist. I think you may wish to read for comprehension prior to banging away on your keyboard in an emotional rant.

As to calling me a "fag", I would direct that question to others in the so called "Movement", that have called for "inclussion" of that perversion", I certainly have not. You may even wish you ask Mr. Suyahda as to why he has not adopted the NSDAP position as to homosexuals but rather has taken the position of Marxists and Multiculturalists.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the latest ANP talk-shoe radio program. They are coming out with a "Movement Frauds" webpage, where there will be a standing, library of the crooks, con-men, and dysfunctionals like Jeffy Schoep, listed along with their skeletons for every WN to review. Given the stature of the ANP, a lot of people are now going to be aware of who's ok and who should be shunned, not by rumors, but by linked, proven, documented facts and photo's. That should put a wild-hair in the panties of many of these frauds! Its about time that someone in this movement acted to seriously clean up its act. Hats off to the ANP!

Anonymous said...

11:56AM continues
@11:13AM, I seem to recall toward the end of 2011 Mr. Bowles email account and his prior blog was compromised, the more revealing items were photos of the ANP members and the fact that nearly all ANP members use pen names and that the ANP had a practice of having their people joing other groups, this is a common tactic employed by the ARA.

As to the ANP creating yet another web site or blog, this is another effort on their part to create an illusion of being broader than they are. None of their blogs contain any substance, they merely repost nearly the identical content. I doubt if the ANP can present anything regarding Mr. Schoep that has not already been presented to the public, this again is an attempt to keep the focus off the defects and lack of clarity of the ANP. If anything the ANP is a near Leftist-Marxist Trojan Horse, the most interesting point is that a Trojan Horse is a deception, yet the ANP in word and position does not deceive its Marxist leanings. The more the ANP lashes out at its kindred and plays nice with Jews and other emenies the more irrelavant it will become. However it is the duty of true National Socialists expose the ANP and others self described "Pro-Whites" when they are in reality False Prophets.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how when someone disagrees with the ANP, or in this case someone making some excellent points in their criticism, the ANP supporters fire back with "why dont you use your real name?" What does that have to do with anything?
That is such a pathetic comeback. This guy is raising a lot of relevant issues, and the ANP seems to be incapable of addressing them, so they revert to some silly insults and demand to know the guys name.
So, if he told you his name, would his criticism be okay then? Probably not, the ANPers would still call him a ZOG agent.

So the ANP is starting a "Movement Frauds" web page. Will there be a section for that swindler crook JT Bowles? Or a section for Rocky, for impersonating a National Socialist?

Anonymous said...

10:49AM reasserts:
@ the name callers

In my prior posting, I respectfully stated, which has been ignored in place of my being attacked:

"I will go into greater detail, but I would be curious to hear very specific, emphasis on very specific , from Mr. Suhayda RE: his proposals as to the Jewish question, National Socialist Economics, Class, and the difference between Marxism and National Socialism. Of coure absent name calling and the attacks that has ben his hallmark when he has been void of specifics."

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Suhayda:

Thank you for going to build a fraud page regarding fraudulent pro-White leaders. Out them bastards.

Alex Fox said...

Mr. Anonymous 11:58, or freak behind the computer scree, you have gotten my attention because not only am I a history buff when it comes to the Third Reich, but I’m glad you have posted some of the nonsense that you are posting especially this:
“National Socialism MUST be a Worldview that is greater. Both the Left and the Right have solutions for the "belly", we National Socialists have solutions for the heart and spirit, which in the end solves all the issues. We National Socialists are not interested in topics, we are interested in solutions.”
You speak like a modern day “Large Dollar Flower Child”. In case you didn’t get the memo, Adolf Hitler fought very proudly as a SOLDIER, NOT A HIPPY FLOWERCHILD WINNING THE HEARTS AND SPIRITS OF THE GERMAN POPULATION. He also saw what it was like to be POOR and work his way up to the top, in which you must know nothing about.
I suggest you really sit back and start from the beginning of “Mein Kampf” and seriously analyze what He was talking about. Most of it was from the eyes of a very strong Military Leader that understood that you have to get ALL to work together, which I do agree on the Jew point of view to an extent. Start doing your research and you’ll see he spared those that were in the military, which all stated they were going to help RE-BUILD A GREATER GERMANY. By the way, if you haven’t checked, Germany was primarily WHITE; the U.S. is not, so we are doing exactly what is stated in “Mein Kampf” ‘The German National Socialist Labour Party extracts the essential principles from the general conception of the world which is based on the folk idea. On these principles it establishes a political doctrine which takes into account the practical realities of the day, the nature of the times, the available human material and all its deficiencies.’ –Adolf Hitler
Of course, you already knew that being as you’re such a big National Socialist right? Guess not with the comments that you keep making on here.
He literally went after people like Democrats (Liberals) which you kind of fit in with that type of comment you posted, Jews who showed power i.e. media, public offices and such and most of all, he sure in the world would not have tolerated any type of cowardice, race-mixing or any of that type of behavior in which most of the people the ANP have surely put in the spotlight.
You can remain anonymous all you want and throw all kinds of crazy words out there that make you sound like an intellectual, another type of person Hitler hated or you can wise up and start doing more research on history and the Third Reich. I suggest you start reading books published by German Military Service Members from WWII and go from there. You will find everything the idiots dressing up in SS Costumes and such these days would have been dealt with by the Gestapo and SS in one final sweep.
Final thought: National Socialism also preaches a better education, which to me shows you don’t know how to spell or know anything about History, two of which Hitler would very much disapprove of. I guess you need to go to college or at least het a high school diploma while serious National Socialists try to figure out how to deal with the U.S. and the current issues. I’m done ranting.

Anonymous said...

11:56AM further asks,

I negelected in my prior request for specifics from Mr. Suyahda, which have so far been ignored, for specific clarification regarding his concept of a National Socialist Folkish State, I ask this given Mr. Suyahda's reference to "Folk Community" in his diatribe vs me. I am wondering if he was confused by the idea of a "National Community", these are two slightly different terms. I would be interesting to hear Mr. Suyahda's clarification.

Inyourface said...

There will probably be a section for habitual criminals like Paul Mullet and a page for race-mixers and liars like Jeff Schoep and devil-worshipping page for Cliff Herrington and a tax cheats page for David Duke and a special child molesters page for a whole bunch of em. haha

Anonymous said...

11:56AM ponders:

@ ANP focus swithers:

The discussion here was on National Socialism and some very specific details, as to economics and broader concepts. In true form and not just with the ANP, when pressed for specifics and detail, Mr. Suyahda has gone silent and in his place are minions engaging in unsophisticated rants regarding a "new and pending" web site or blog which will attack "others", such as Mr. Schoep, Mr. Mullet, Mr. Duke, et al,. Is this the best use of time and resources? Again I doubt there is anything that can be posted that has not been hashed out here and other places. I must ask just what can be gained by the ANP by attacking your kindred,if fellow Whites are the ANP's Kindred, won't the Jew and their stooges do this? If so, why should the ANP do this? and why are the infractions of the ANP off limits?

I would rather engage in the very serious debate as to what is and what is not National Socialism and what should and what should not be accepted in White Nationalism. The attacks by the ANP on fellow Whites appear to have to primary motivations, 1) an attempt to broaden the money chase by peeling off donors from those the ANP attacks, 2) keep the focus off the ANP or 3) the ANP is doing the work of others and if so who? I frankly sem to think #'s 1 & 2 apply.

I will patiently await replies to the questions and clarification I previoulsy posed. Silence does often speak volumnes.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a better job of exposing the ANP than on this blog today. As usual, we can see they are trying deflect criticism by bashing others. Enough people are starting to find out about the ANP and it is getting infectious. I hope they do make a movement fraud website. Remember how popular that made Bill White. I guess it works for Darrel Lamont Jenkins.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! The pigs are really squealing today, I guess that ANP expose fraud idea is upseting quite a few. Give it to'em Rock!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 12:29 A.M: Dan Schruender warned on his blog before the Talkshoe program this past weekend that the ANP's Movement Fraud idea might cause a lot of squealing, and it looks like he's been proven right. You should see the comments I had to reject.

Anonymous said...

11:56 Continues:

I can care less whether the ANP or any other group has one or 100 web sites. Inerestingly there are already a significnt number of web sites that attack White Nationalists, those sites are run by te ADL, SPLC, and the One People's Project and many other antis. If the ANP wishes to formally join these ranks, then as the old saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together". The only result of ths web site will be the ANP becoming the useful idiots of these other antis.
My obective is to have a true discussion of National Socialism and to expose those who use it improperly It is not by accident that when pressed for specifics, Mr. Suyahda went into one of his now classic rants, then stormed off,leaving his minions to attempt change the focus and attack, this truly does speak to his shallowness of National Socialism and unwillingness to engage in an specific dialog, thus I ask is this a trait of a National Socialist Leader? I dare say a "Movement Fraud" may have been exposed right here on this thead, thus there is no need for another web site.

Anonymous said...

no, it is not the trait of a leader, Jeff Schoep, for all his issues, would stand and talk issues and would not shit talk personal attacks. 11:56 is a real NS, he is respectful while disagreeing with fellow Whites.

Anonymous said...

8:20AM I think that you ought to have as your 'objective', learning to spell correctly. Look at your post, your an illiterate! Perhaps if you came out like a white man, and told who you are, and with what credentials you claim to speak about National Socialism, Mr. Suhayda might honor you with a debate. I'm certain that most here, can't find fault with Rocky ignoring a nameless troll. After all, he has an organization to lead. You seem to have all day to play on the net, what are you, some kid on summer vacation?

Anonymous said...

11:56 further inquires:

I have reviewed the ANP and other sites. The ANP's full name is, and I quote, "American Nazi Party", this inferrs a National Socialist Political Party, but when one reads the very fine print, the ANP is not a political Party and thus really truly cannot enage in meaningful political action, thus no member, however the ANP has no real members, it is at best a loose confederation, can enter the political frey as a " ANP" identified candidate. At best all the ANP does is hand out a few liers, which are poorly rendered and do not deleiver a real National Socialist message, they in reality deleiver Trade Unionist messages and Leftist political messages. Granted, the ANP holds meetings, but any Social Club, such as Rotary, Elks, Moose, et all do this as well. In the end the ANP appears to provide safe harbor for those unwilling to enagage in real politics as National Socialists, for if they did they would come under fire by antis for their use of National Socialist imagry and true National Socialists for being less than genuine. So, I must ask is there a real difference between the "ANP" and the so called "net-Nazis" ? In fact I see the ANP as somewhat more comical as they charge their "non-Members a monthly Pledge for the honor of being a "Supporter", ANP Supporters then must purchase the ANP Literature that they are to distribute and they must also purchase the monthly Newspaper as well. In eality the ANP has all the trappings as a cult such as Scientology. The NSM on the other hand, while being very rough around the edges and requiring a very strong dose of bath water and disciplne are not fearful of displaying their National Socialism publically, and I sense they are just a tad more genuine in terms of true Folkish living than those in the ANP. This does not mean I give a pass tro the trasgressions of the NSM, but I have not heard of the NSM calling for a rethinking of the Jewish Question, tolerance with regard to homosexuality and a complete inability to engage in specific detailed dicussion. Also I have done a significant amount of searching and I cannot find a single report of ANP literature turning up in mass, placing literature in bathroom stalls is not sufficient.

Anonymous said...

11:56 apologizes...

@1:48AM (today), I apologize for minor typos in my posting, they however do not take away from the substance of my posting and your post does not address any substance either and is not a very clever attempt to ...yet again change the subject and emphasis. I note name calling, yet again, I doubt if you know the true meaning of what a "troll" really is, but that is not the topic. As to Mr. Suyahda debating, I seriously doubt he would engage in such an endeavor, I would welcome such an event, in person with a moderator and with the topic confined to National Socialism. I note that you refer to Mr. Suyahda as "Rocky", this is yet another problematic example and flaw within the ANP. One does not refer to a true leader by his nickname or first name, at least a leader that is really and truly respected. For example, no one within the NSDAP referred to Adolf Hitler as "Adolf" or "dolf", no one in the original and real "ANP" refrred to GLR as "George", and I dare say no one in the NSM referrs to Jeff Schoep as "Jeff". The use of Mr. Suyahda's first or nick name is more in tune with the egalitarianism of Marxism and of the Leftist Trade Unionism than with the Leadership Principal of National Socialism. This is, however, minor, compapared to the many other flaws of the ANP.

Anonymous said...

11:48...seriously? Rocky has an organization to run? That doesn't stop him from spamming this page with his rants several times a day. That is your leader?

Sorry but he's a fake and he's been largely found out. If it wasn't for AA, Rocky would have no place to drone on and on.

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between Rocky and the guy posting as 11:56 with his very intelligent questions, 11:56 is the real deal, he is a real National Socialist and Rocky has been exposed. I would pay money to see these him debate Rocky, actually he would maul Rocky worse than he has done here. I am proud as hell to be a NS, this guy spells it out. He has taken on the entire ANP here and made them look like idiots.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, you must be the most important person in this one creeps mind! All day long, all he does is come on here and post nasty accusations about you. I'm wondering if he's a homo who has some kind of a wierd crush on you, and he's desperate for your attention. Kayla W. White WORKER Power!

Anonymous said...

11:56 respectfully corrects Ms. W.

With all due respect, Mr. Suyahda has no space in my mind. What does have space in my mind is real and true National Socialism. Mr. Suyahda made some representations, which I challenged and corrected,and in a respectful manner. I have made NO personal attacks. Mr. Suyahda retreated behind rants and insults and his minions came here and attacked and rather than engaged in meaningful discussion on the topic, as you have done in a similar manner, i.e. an inmature taunt, rather high schoolish to say the least.

Neither Mr. Suyahda nor any of his followers have engaged in the serious discussuion of what is and what is not true National Socialism. I suspect the reason why Mr. Suyahda has not is because he is not and the reason his followers have not is because they really truly do not know what real and true National Socialism is and have been taught to attack and taunt much like cultists do, i.e. Scientologists. This is very revealing. I note that you, like others use Mr. Suyahda's nickname, which is equally revealing and not in keeping with National Socialist precepts.

Anonymous said...

Kayla W. (ANP sycophant):

Doing the usual, diverting the attention from the relevant questions this ANP critic is asking by making some personal attack,saying he is a queer.

You're talking about "homos" well Rocky has made it quite clear that he is a-ok with them.

Funny to see you highlight "WORKER" above "White" very communist of you.

Alex Fox said...

11:56, I did engage you, and yet you didn't engage back. I told you exactly what I know about NS yet you still go after the Chairman of the ANP. Why not engage me? I don't mind. Just as the Furher, I've done my time in the service, spent three different tours overseas and would love nothing more than to debate with someone who probably has never done anything more than stay on a forum all day long. I have time today, so please, by all means; you can e-mail me from my profile if you would like.

Anonymous said...

I can see the debate now, Rocky is sitting in a chair before the audience, and "someone' is hiding behind a screen like the Wizard of Oz. Rocky gets up, walks over and tears down the screen, exposing - WHAT?! A hunchbacked, ugly, hook-nosed, anti-White jew! Poof! The kike disappears in a puff of smoke, like a vampire exposed to sunlight.. More later for sure!

Anonymous said...

Your attackibg a white woman because she's standing up for herself, because her employer is either a jew or a hudeo-capitalist? Now you've exposed yourself pretty well pal! Your not on the side of all us exploitied white working class folks, you think we should be wage slaves and nothing more. A typical, 1%er attitude if I ever saw one. Well, I'll tell you 'more-later', your types are going to get theirs SOONER than you think! White working folks are getting fed up, and we are NOT going to be silent anymore.

Anonymous said...

"I've done my time in the service, spent three different tours overseas..."

What does serving in ZOGs World Police Force Inc. military have to do with NS?

Comparing yourself to Hitler? Wow, how delusional. Hitler fought for Germany, you served the jews as a tool in their Imperial Occupation Force.

Anonymous said...

I like what Rocky says. He can relate to the everyday average White person.

Anonymous said...

11:56 replies
@ Mr. Fox:

With all due respect, in your prior post, you opened your diatribe with a personal atack, thus rendering everything else in the post lacking in credibility, thus the serious and educated reader will not read further. You should remmber that a vast number of NSDAP Members were educated people, had PH'ds, and were writers and would, without reservation engage in intellectual debate in defense of National Socialism absense childish name calling. This is completely absent on the part of the ANP, its leadership and its membership. Perhaps this is why the ANP fit in so well with the Marxist rubbish in the Occupy Wall Street with their defecating in public and profane language and perverted acts in public parks.

Now that you have come back and stated your amaturish tirade was engagement, I reviewed your post. It contained no serious intellectual thought as to National Socialism. What you attempted to write was your opinion as to historical traits of National Socialism, most of which are incorrect. Your prior rant also lacks any consistent reply to my very basic questions, which I assume you did not read for comprehension. With all due respect, being a "history buff" takes more than watch documentaries on the History & Military Channels, which by your reply, seems to be your primary sources of historical data.

I can also tell that your primary basis of "National Socialism" is from Mr. Suyahda's leftist bastardized version which he attempts to fuse leftist Trade Unionism, Social Democracy, and Egalitarianism with National Socialist imagry. In the end, your self described "enggement" is intellectually dishonest and lacks any serious merit. I must say that with reagrd to the comment made by the poster at 4:38, the only Wizzard of Oz curtain with dubious persons behind it may be a curtain with a "ANP" logo on it. So far the ANP supporters here have acted very much like the Cultists when confronted by the truth or Jews when a Revisionist is in the room.

Anonymous said...

11:56 provides an example:

I decided to review some of the ANP "Supporter blogs". The following quote was is posted on "Sense & Sensibility"
by an ANP Supporter by the name of Dan S:
"On the bright side, my landlord lives only ten miles away from San Onofre in the Dana Point area (where Richard M. Nixon died, btw)....... Dan 88!"

It is a well known fact that Richard Nixon never lived nor died in Dana Point, Ca. Nixon died in a New York Hospital after having moved to New Jersey from California.

My point is that there is a pattern on the part in the ANP, by its suporters and especilly by Mr. Suyahda in making statments that are factually and materially false, this applies to National Socialism as well as historical and current events. A reader who visits any of the ANP "Supporter Blogs" will find mere vague generalizatons applied to cut and pasted news articles. I did note that Mr. Dan S. went out of his way on his blog to be sensitive to minorities and especially Jews, he used many of the multicultual code words which are inconsistent with National Socialism but is very much in keeping with Leftist/Marxist Socialism and Trade Unionism and Social Democracy.

Anonymous said...

This 'more later' creep, is JAQUE PLUSSMAN, the self-hating ex-nsm JEWISH spokeman! IGNORE HIM!

Anonymous said...

Hey assholes. This is a comment section, not a debate section.

Anonymous said...

11:56 clarifies...
I will state clearly for the benifit of the poster at 4:25 AM and others, that I am not Jaque Plussman. I do note that the posted at 4:25AM started off with an insult/personal attack. There has been an intense effort by ANP Supporters of making personal attacks and insults rather than engaging in a meaningful discussion of National Socialim. The tactic employed by the ANP Supporters resembels Cultists and Jews when their misdeeds ae revealed, i.e. bankruptcy and void of ideas.

Anonymous said...

"My point is that there is a pattern on the part in the ANP, by its suporters and especilly by Mr. Suyahda in making statments that are factually and materially false,"

One of the biggest problems I have with the ANP is that Rocky cant seem to get his own life straight. His "claim to fame" that he mentions in nearly every ANP report, is that he joined Rockwells ANP in 1967 when he (Rocky) was 16.

Rocky has stated that he was born in 1952. This means that at no time in 1967 could he have been 16 years old. It would be understandable if this was a 1 time typo, but Rocky has repeated it over and over for years.

Also, Rocky says he joined the ANP in Septmeber of 1967. Rockwell was assasinated the month before. At this time there was no ANP, the organization was now known as the National Socialist White Peoples Party. (NSWPP.)

I find it hard to take Rocky seriously if he cant get his own personal details straight. Definitely cause for suspicion.

Alex Fox said...

A.A. I just want to apologize first hand to you because I know it's not a debate forum, however I think this post is relevant for all to see. I want to tell you first hand, this is my last post for this "Annonymous Debater".

I’m so proud to know I’ve run across another one of you people who says crap like this:” What does serving in ZOGs World Police Force Inc. military have to do with NS?” Do you not know that the military happens to be the biggest people you want to win over and saying crap like that just makes it worse? Well, being as you don’t like saying your name and staying anonymous, I’ll pass on to the military guys that I know, who happen to know other military guys and so on and tell them the NSM along with any group affiliated with them believes our nation’s military is exactly what you just describe. Bet you didn’t know that we in the military community are of the same family and we definitely stick with our own.
You happened to break one of the best golden rules out there, which in my book is this: “I can fight only for something that I love. I can love only what I respect. And in order to respect a thing I must at least have some knowledge of it." –Adolf Hitler
Fact of matter is people like you have no understanding why we join the military. It has nothing to do with the pride of serving the government, but pride in the Nation itself. You wouldn’t understand because you never joined, i.e. you weren’t smart enough, had some ailment that prevented you, are a criminal, which I can name numerous other excuses I’ve heard, but you understand completely. The to be in the military you must have some kind of love for your country and I can personally tell you that we could care less about politics while we’re in. However, when we see our nation being destroyed like it is, we try to find the right solutions to try to save it, in which people like you, along with Westboro Baptist Church, Illegals, and many more that are destroying our nation, we want out of it. How in the world do you think you could possibly have any respect for this nation, let alone save it if you don’t even have respect for the people who would die for it? Really, you are no better than the illegals and Obama who hate this nation. I’m glad you refuse to show your name, however, just know somehow someway, every military person out there will hear of you and will have nothing but hate and contempt for whomever you associate with. No matter what disrespecting things you say about the Chairman of the American Nazi Party, the one thing he can say that you can’t is the fact he would actually die to help save the nation. You on the other hand believe it’s another “Titanic” and can’t be saved. And for the record, you didn’t read my previous post, because I don’t take much emphasis on the history channel and such; most of my knowledge about the Third Reich come from books written by soldiers who served in the Wehrmacht, SS, and U-Boats along with “Mein Kampf” therefore I think I can base a lot of my knowledge on the things they have stated in their books. A lot of what they say actually coincides with what the Americans have, however bits and pieces are turned around in favor of one’s own nation, which again is considered to be a National Pride thing, again something you don’t have or know anything about. This is the last time I’ll write against your rants because you’ve proven your point you’re a waste of everyone’s time. However, I hope everyone can see that from reading this, that you along with the people you associate with have no true pride for America or the people here, therefore another “Skinhead” that people claim the “Nazis” to be. Thanks for showing your true colors for everyone else to see here.

Pluss said...

Thank you 8:37am for clearing the air with some hard hitting good truths.

Anonymous said...

11:56 addresses Mr. Fox:

Mr. Fox, I have not posted any "rants" as you accuse in your most recent post. In reality your most recent post is lareger than several of my posts combined and says relatively nothing substantive and is in itself a rant as a result of your not being able to address fundemental concepts of true National Socialist economic, racial, cultural, scientific, and social policy, nor for that matter has Mr. Suyahda or any other ANP Supporter. I posted a few replies pointing this out and the tactic has been to use attacks, name calling, etc. A review of this thread shows this to be the case, NO ANP Supporter or its Leader has been able to discuss National Socialism, all they have done is act like cultists and dare I say Jews. The purpose of a comment section is indeed for meaningful discussion, pardon me if I took that seriously, it seems that when a serious discussion comes up that is thought provoking and that challenges you and the ANP to demonstrate substance, the ANP, pardon the expresion, folds like a lawn chair.

Anonymous said...

11:56 provides another example:

A fundemental principal of National Socialism is afhearance to National Socialist proncipals, for all the superficial talk on its several "Supporter blogs", I found the following statement on the "Sense & Sensibility Blog absolutely appalling, this is taken from a comment on a August 4th story:

"As a National Socialist, and someone who is self-employed, I have two regular clients who a Jews. On the one hand, I'd rather not work for Jews, but on the other, money is money..."

11:56 continues...
Let me say NO National Socialist should EVER associate, work for, tarade with, or otherwise engage with Jews, economically, socially or otherwise.

This is yet another example of the ANP placing money ahead of principals.

Ian O'Shea said...

Lmao money ahead of principles, so by that logic a person should starve themselves, their family and be homeless before taking a jews money you worked for and earned? Some of us live week to week and dont have the luxury of turning work down. Hell I'd build a synagogue to pay my bills and use part of it to pay my ANP dues, why not put the enemies money to work as I deem fit. As far as rock shying away from anybody is laughable. Lets be honest those upset are the frauds lashing out. I get it rock hurt some feelings, now put on your big boy pants and move on. Thats the first step to let the healing again.