Thursday, July 26, 2012

Holly Madison To Become The Sixth White Female Celebrity To Adopt A Handpicked Custom-Tailored Designer Black Baby

From The Aryan Alternative #3
There are many unwanted White kids in White-dominated countries. Some of them get adopted by White families each year. Yet there is a disturbing trend of white female celebrities who turn their noses up at the prospect of adopting an unwanted White child in their own countries and adopt a designer foreign baby, most often African.

The latest to join the parade will be Holly Madison, most famous for having dated Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner for seven years. According to the Daily Mail, the former Girl Next Door star and Playboy model has employed an agency, Hold My Hand, to help her with the long and difficult process of securing a child. The baby will likely be from either Africa or South Korea. There's no word on how Madison's reputed boyfriend, Pasquale Rotella, is involved or even how he feels about it.

Holly added that she decided to take the adoption route to parenthood because she's been too busy with her career these days to focus on having a baby of her own. That includes starring the last couple of years in her own reality spin-off, Holly's World, as well as appearing in a hit Vegas show and at various events.

Public Reaction: As expected, disapproval expressed on the Vanguard News Network Forum. But Madison's intent is also being questioned on a number of other forums, too. Most want to know why Holly Madison won't consider adopting an American child. Some blacks also question the value of allowing non-black parents to adopt black children. Too bad more whites don't question trans-racial adoptions.

Here's a list of the other five prominent white celebrities who have adopted black children during the past seven years (after the jump):

-- Angelina Jolie adopted a daughter, six-month-old Zahara Marley, from an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on July 6th, 2005. Zahara was born as Yemsrach on January 8th, 2005 in Awasa. However, her household is a regular United Nations as she also adopted a child from Cambodia and a child from Vietnam, in addition to her own biological children.

-- Madonna adopted two black children from Malawi, David Banda in 2006, and Chifundo "Mercy" James in 2009. To their credit, some Malawians, including the biological father James Kambewa, got their dander up, yielded to healthy nationalistic and racial instincts, and tried to prevent this from happening; it took a Malawi court decision to make the adoption of Mercy James happen.

-- Sandra Bullock announced the adoption 3 1/2-month-old Louis Bardo Bullock in April 2010. At least this kid is an American from New Orleans. Bullock and her then-husband Jesse James began looking for a child to adopt four years prior, and brought Louis home in January 2010. However, it became public news only after the breakup of her marriage to Jesse James, and because Jesse James had posed as Adolf Hitler while first dating Bullock, there was widespread speculation that Bullock publicized the adoption in order to make a political statement symbolically distancing herself from that act.

Some Blacks were skeptical of Bullock's motives; writer Lola Adesioye asked "Why do they want a black baby as opposed to a white one, when there are also white kids who are up for adoption?" And the online magazine Clutch, which is aimed at African-American women, asked its readers "Do you think Sandra Bullock is using her new black son to curtail the negative publicity on her husband's scandalous affairs? Or is Bullock like many adoptive mothers who simply want to give children in need a happy home?"

-- Charlize Theron, a white South African actress, adopted the six-month-old American-born "Baby Boy Jackson" in March 2012 after the dissolution of her nine-year relationship with actor Stuart Townsend in January 2010.

-- Jillian Michaels, the former trainer from America's Biggest Loser, adopted a Haitian girl named Lukensia from an orphanage in May 2012. Michaels is in a lesbian relationship with Heidi Rhoades.


Alex Fox said...

This "White Guilt" crap has got to go. I hear about it all of the time and here in Louisiana, it's getting worse as well. Everytime I go out somewhere, it seems I'm seeing more mixed couples or I see a White woman with a mixed child in a shopping cart, however the father is 99% of the time not around. It's this stupid jew's media that we have and it's getting people to act as if they should follow suit with the movie stars. This has gotten out of hand. I guess that's another reason why I had to get into National Socialism; promote what we stand for in the ANP and to help expose those who are degenerating this country. By the way, my blog is now for anyone interested in Louisiana or brushing up on "Mein Kampf".

Anonymous said...

I hear you 1:22.

I have seen a lot of the older White grandmothers at the supermarket with the ugly mulatto grandkid. Most likely its a case of having a trashy slut daughter who decided to "rebel" and got knocked up by a nigger, who is now long gone.
Its easy to blame the grandparents of the mocha mistake, for doing a shit job of raising the daughter, but there is only so much a parent can do.
With all the jew created race mixing propaganda, a lot of young White people fall into the trap easily.
Its heartbreaking to see, when I see a half White half mud kid all I can think is well that's one less White kid that wasnt born.

Anonymous said...

This chick is mentally immature (permanently). She should neither be allowed to adopt (any race) a kid nor have one biologically. She would be a disaster as a (inevitably single) mother.

Wayne said...

Aww well ain't dat swayyyt?? The bitch prolly can't even get her Easy Bake to work and she's adopting some rat from yonder lands ? Lol.

Anonymous said...

You know what is funny? The amount of men involved in this white movement, who #1 can't attract a white woman, and #2 don't have any children of their own. You know, if everyone of these guys brought in a white woman, our numbers of people involved would double overnight. Too many of these guys are grown men who still act like kids. They refuse to provide and care for a woman and children as they should. They are poor role-models for anything at best, and think of females as sex-objects first, and personal "care-givers" (to them) as a close second (honey, get me another...). I don't want to hear the whines about "there ain't no good women anymore" - I think it MIGHT be - GOOD WOMEN aren't attracted to LOSERS, DRUNKS, and MOMMA'S boys. If the truth hits too close to home for some reading this - TOO BAD! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, I agree with what you have said about many WNs acting immature, and holding twisted views on the role of women.

I will say though, that even if one is a decent, upstanding quality guy, it can still be tough to attract a good mate. Being WN is often akin to being a leper nowadays. Look how brainwashed our people are now. It can be difficult enough to maintain a normal relationship with friends and family if you are openly WN/NS. The average young White woman is so much in the hold of the PC disease that some would rather date an ex-felon/dope addict/metrosexual pansy boy than a good and honorable White man who supports the 14 words.

Im not trying to make excuses, I just know that it can be frustratingly difficult to attract a good woman when the popular sentiment views pro-White people as evil.

Oh, and "keeping it a secret" hiding your true views from your mate in order to keep the peace doesnt work. Doesnt make for a healthy relationship.

Anonymous said...

one question: Why dont i hear of ANY black folk adopting any white children?