Thursday, July 26, 2012

Censorship: DSCI Pastor Eli James Has His Anglo-Saxonisrael.Com Website Suspended At The Behest Of The Anti-Defamation League

Update July 27th: Pastor William Finck now apparently also being threatened with censorship; updated post HERE.

Upon visiting Nimbusters today, I learned that Dual Seedline Christian Identity Pastor Eli James has been targeted with censorship. His website,, has been suspended by his ISP at the behest of the Anti-Defamation League. Here's the message posted on Nimbusters:

Folks, I knew this day was coming; and it has arrived. The ADL is trying to shut down my website, They are trying to intimidate the company that hosts my website. We all know what happens when the ADL threatens a company with a Jewish boycott.

Attached is the letter they sent to my hosting service, accusing me of violating the terms of service. As you can see, no specific charges were made, just a vague accusation.

I need your prayers and support.

Pray to Yahshua that the ADL is SHUT DOWN!!!

Praise Yahweh the Father and Yashua the Son and Shekinah the Glory.


Pastor Eli James

To find the referenced letter, I had to go to the Covenant People's Ministry forum, where a link to it is published. I've posted a screenshot of page 1 of the letter below (page 2 contains nothing of pertinence):

Original HERE

The letter is signed by Deborah M. Lauter, the ADL's Director of Civil Rights, and Robert Trestan, Project Director of Cyberhate Response.

The other websites mentioned in the letter have also been suspended. The ISP of these sites is The Endurance International Group, headquartered in Burlington, MA. It achieved its size by acquiring a large number of smaller hosts, including,,, NetFirms, IPowerWeb, Bluehost, FastDomain, DomainHost, eHost, PureHost, and dozens of others, which it continues to operate under the original names.

Eli James has not been completely silenced, though. His active Talkshoe program, The Voice Of Christian Israel, airs weekly and is next scheduled on July 29th.

It is ironic that Deborah Lauter, who considers herself a "Director of Civil Rights", would sign a letter asking an ISP to restrict Eli James' civil right to free speech. But then again, Jewish supremacists have one standard for their tribe, and another standard for the rest of us. This calls for a unified response of rigorous condemnation not only from the Christian Identity subcommunity, but also from the greater White racialist community. I would hope that on the Dik-Dik Show which should air at 9:30 P.M. EDT tonight (July 26th), Pastor Martin Lindstedt, despite his theological differences with Eli James, will add his voice of condemnation to this cowardly act by the ADL.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, the post I saw at Lindstedt's forum showed him gloating about this situation.

Also while I disagree with Eli on quite a bit I don't want to see his show taken down either for the simple reason of who will be next?
Pastor Visser? Pastor Gullet? or even this very blog.

Pastor Bill

p.s. I want to apologize to you AA for the stuff that I said, not because I am worried about you flaming me but becuase you had done nothing to me and therefore my actions were unchristian. (people might want to get used to this change in me because Yahweh has been working in my heart and I intend to become as much like Christ as I can manage).

Anonymous said...

AA, you reported that Martin Lindstedt is condemning the ADL for going after Eli but the truth is not only is he rejoicing about it he behaves as though he would do anything in his power to assit them. If you can't be unbiased at least be accurate. I don't have to tell you how this kind of inaccuracy can affect your credibility.

Anonymous said...

Ok my last comment was off a bit, you didn't say that Martin would condemn the ADL, just that you hoped that he would, I stand corrected. Your hopes were certainly dashed to pieces when Martin behaved as though he wants to help the ADL.

Anonymous said...

Bill here again. AA I want to thank you on behalf of all legit CI people for opposing this attack on free speech. You have the intelligence to see that it won't end with CI and that once the ADL is finished with CI they will go after Nazis and all other WNs next. It's too bad Martin can't see this and insists on taking joy in what is happening.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 6:04 and 6:09 A.M: At least Martin Lindstedt did give this extensive publicity on his Talkshoe show. Regrettably, he did take the approach that Eli James was hoisted on his own petard.

But this is no time for personal recriminations. An attack upon the free speech of the DSCI subcommunity needs to be considered an attack upon the greater WN community in general.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree but Lindstedt doesn't seem to understand that. I am only going by what he said on his forum. I don't listen to his show. I honestly have better things to do.

Anchorage Activist said...

On second thought, I have decided to delete a comment posted by Martin Lindstedt, along with a response by Bill DeClue. The comment was a bit too inflammatory and personal for this post.

I prefer to keep censorship to a minimum, but strictly personal attacks on other WN figures are inappropriate.

Anchorage Activist said...

I have now published a Comments Policy, available in the top line menu.

Bill DeClue was understandably miffed at the insinuation that he "molested niglet nieces". However, bear in mind that Martin Lindstedt also gets understandably miffed when he is falsely accused of molesting his grandson, considering that no charges were never filed. The same standard must be applied across the board.

Anonymous said...

Bill here,

What made me mad was that you allowed a direct forgery by Lindstedt that he wanted to attribute to me. I have no problem with false allegations, I have refuted his lies many times. My problem was that he was allowed to forge comments and attribute them to me. I've been trying to get him to debate me openly for some time but all he will do is post his forgeries under my name and avoid direct contact with me. Also I never accused Martin of molesting his grandson here. The only thing that makes me think he might have done it is the way he constantly rants about wanting to torture and murder children, feed thier genitals to their parents etc. Anyone can go to his forum to find many many posts where he dreams of doing just that. This is not the behavior of a normal person.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that the wrong people are being attaked maybe MOZOG will call his FED Masters and ask them to stop this attack. When he was before that Grand Jury in Little Rock it must have slipped his mind. Grouping that fucktard with other men like Pastor James is a disgrace to all CI Pastors. Down with the bloody big head MOZOG.