Friday, July 27, 2012

Are DSCI Pastor William Finck's Websites Also Being Targeted By The Anti-Defamation League? Harold Covington Also Sounds The Alarm

On July 26th, 2012, I reported that the Anti-Defamation League has identified 300 pro-White websites of which they disapprove, and have launched a campaign to get their ISPs to take down these websites. One of their first victims was Pastor Eli James.

But Eli James may not be the only person already victimized. Pastor William Finck also reports a threat against his websites on the Christogenea Forum:

I apologize for having even less time than usual for this forum. It warms my heart to see so many young people interested in this message. Keep the faith!

I am home a week early from my two-month travel. I received a shutdown notice from the Isp concerning last night and rather than tarrying in Pennsylvania decided it may be better handled at home. They are threatening to shut down all of my sites along with the one which I host.

In the event any christogenea sites or sites that I host are shut down, they will be back up again elsewhere and as quickly as possible. The ADL will lose in the end.

Praise Yahweh!!!

The reference to the ADL implies that Pastor Finck's ISP may have received a letter from the ADL similar to that received by Pastor James' ISP. Finck is also the proprietor of, and he intends to discuss this issue on his Christogenea Talkshoe program to air on July 27th at 8:00 P.M. EDT.

Update: During the show, Pastor Finck disclosed that his ISP,, gave him 10 days notice to remove his websites. Although only, which is actually hosted on behalf of Pastor Mark Downey, was deemed problematic, 1and1 is still demanding that Finck remove all of them. He's got six days from today to find a new ISP and is confident he'll succeed. Finck also disclosed that although the July and August editions of the Saxon Messenger will be published, they will not be sent out until September; the delay is attributable to the unexpected server move.

The threat to free speech is considered serious enough that Harold Covington has set aside his differences with Christian Identity and sounded the alarm. While Covington has not yet posted anything on his websites, he apparently sent out an e-mail which Pastor Martin Lindstedt received and posted on the Christian Nationalist Forum (after the jump):

[URGENT] ADL Offensive Against Web Hosts

Racial Comrades:

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith is now conducting a campaign of intimidation and harassment against a number of alternative web sites, by sending threatening letters to their web hosting companies demanding that sites critical of Israel or “spreading hate” by the ADL’s definition be pulled down, with an implicit threat of a Jewish economic boycott if the web hosting companies do not knuckle under.

Mr. Eli James recently circulated and published a copy of such a letter sent to his own web hosting company, which he was able to obtain. It was dated July 17th, so this is an ongoing threat. So far the ADL have successfully closed down Louis Beam’s web site and are threatening Mr. James’ Anglo Israel site, as well as Ingrid Rimland’s Z√ľndelsite.

So far as we know, no threat has yet been made against, but we have to assume that the kikes will eventually get around to us. It is therefore essential that you go to and download anything and everything you can by way of screen shots, graphics, audio files (especially as many Radio Free Northwests as possible) etc.

Be aware, people. It is an election year, the Jewish attack on Iran is coming, other major events are in the cards, our enemies are getting twitchy, and they will be lashing out at us. I am frankly astounded at the smooth ride we have had thus far. The “good times” may be about to come to an end.


And lastly, there is the possibility that White Reference itself may be on the ADL's radar screen of the "top 300 pro-White websites". Without any apparent provocation, Jewish gadfly Mikey Weinstein, who heads up the so-called Military Religious Freedom Foundation, has highlighted an old post of mine from November 2011 in which I call him out for his anti-Christian bigotry and his continuing efforts to stifle any public religious expression by Christians, accusing him of being a grinch who stole Christmas from kids, and where I used the snarky but humorous F2 Anonboard meme "Walk it off, lampshade". Here's a screenshot of Weinstein's post:

Some Jews actually believe the Nazis made lampshades out of Jewish skin, and so they're sensitive to the term. Perhaps if Whinestein was more respectful of Christian traditions, we wouldn't feel motivated to disrespect their traditions and history.

Surprisingly, as of this post, this impending assault upon the First Amendment has generated no discussion on either Stormfront or the Vanguard News Network Forum, even though both have been on the receiving end of attacks in the past. That's why it's even more incumbent upon the rest of us to get this information out. Censorship of Christian Identists today could lead to censorship of all White activists tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Bill D. here

AA you are probably the only one outside of CI that even sees the danger here.

This reminds me of something I once read by a Luthern Minster who was arrested by the Nazis during WWII. For the record I do not believe in the holocaust and am not siding against anyone when I give this reference, I'm not trying to tick off any Nazis here but this is what the Minster said.

When they came for the jews I did not raise my voice because I was not a jew.
When they came for the Catholics I did not raise my voice becuase I was not a Catholic.
When they came for me there was no one left to raise their voice.

This can be translated into what is happening now in such a way...

When they went after the CI people I didn't care because I was not CI.
When they went after the Nazis I didn't care becuase I wasn't a Nazi.
When they went after the Creators I didn't care because I wasn't a Creator.
When they went after the rest of the WN community there was no one left to care.

I personally applaud you for having the brains to see what is happening here but I don't see anyone outside of CI caring, until they come after them of course, then they'll wish they spoke up early on, when it could have done some good.

You non CI folks need to listen to AA about this particular thing because it will eventually come down to the ADL going after everyone in the WN movement.

Again AA, thanks for being smart enough to see and speak out on this danger. I hope your readers will follow your example.

Anonymous said...

Bill again,

Also I heard they are going after Mark Downey who posts on Stormfront and though I personally don't think much of Covington I must thank him as well for seeing the danger here.

Stormfront and VNN won't say a word because both places are anti Christian and Don Black could care less because this tactic won't work with him since he owns his server. Little does he know that once the ADL has done all they can do the Government will be next and they will close him down. Again no one outside of CI but you and Covington seem to see the danger here.

Wayne said...

I think now is a good time for us all to re-read The First Law of Nature by David Lane and point out that the purpose of the so-called "Anti-Defamation League" is to DEFAME. The bastard kikes aren't nothing but oppressive tyrannical parasites that are swine. They are extremely ironic and hypocritical. Go to Chabad and read their writings on intermarriage and then go to a WN site and read WN writings on the same topic. The spitshit SPLC label WN groups as hate groups but don't do such for Chabad which only proves the point. There is an ADL flier in the Facts! Booklet that could be scheduled to be mass distributed in response provided at least 10 people in different areas decide to spread it and one gets media coverage

Anchorage Activist said...

Bill - It's times like these when we all face a common threat that we need to set our religious differences aside and think of our skin as our religion until the threat is mitigated. Of course, being a Mormon, I tend to be more sympathetic towards other Christians than many other WNs.

BTW, since some have been wondering about my avatar, I grabbed it from the Landover Baptist site. It's meant to poke fun at the commodification of Christ, which is what the charlatans on TBN have done to Him. You know the old routine -- come unto me, and for your money I will forgive you of your sins. Obadiah 1:18 lacks a sense of humor and can't see the parody.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, what do you expect from a group that was founded to defend a jewish child rapist and murderer?


Anonymous said...

AA-First the threat will never go away, in fact this is just the beginning.

I got the joke with your avatar, it reminds me of a joke I made up a long time ago. Q:what is a televangelists favorite song? A: Oh Lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz.

Additionally I would think my posts of the past few days gives vastly more insight into my character than the insane slander by Lindstedt that you directed people to read as though it were true.


Anonymous said...

If I may offer some insight.

It appears that the ADL is targeting rather small ISP's. Company's that at this stage in their development want NO rift at all.

Frankly, what needs to happen is one of these account holders neds to do the following:

1) Send a reply, via certified & return receipt.

2) In that reply ask for specific examples of violations or they will sue for breach of contract and damages, i.e. give them n example to cure.

3) When they are presented with the cure, inform them that the "curee" i a violation of the 1st Amendment and is constitutionally protected.

4) Also, IF one of the account holdres are in a anti-slap State, they are in a stronger position.

5) The Key is to reply back and inform the ISP that they will face legal action as oposed to just being in a ADL report on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you simply PRAY to YAHWEE? LOL

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

The Movement Turd Talksjew Show tonight 9:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Central on this matter.

Show agenda:

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

Anonymous said...

The movement turd talkjew show? This guy must be insane, or as Rocky goes on and on about, one of the too many nuts that infest our joke of a movement.