Thursday, July 05, 2012

Annual Christian Identity Pastors Conference In Guin, Alabama Under Media Fire Because Only White Christians Were Invited

A Christian Identity conference being hosted by Christian Identity Ministries and the Church of God's Chosen in Guin, Alabama is taking fire from media outlets and various pundits because the conference is limited to Whites. The conference, in its fourth year and featuring seminars and sermons by three prominent Christian Identity pastors, is taking place from July 4-6, and will be capped by the traditional ceremonial cross-lighting on the last day. According to the official flyer, the pastors include Rev. D. J. Brumback, Rev. Mel Lewis, and Rev. William J. Collier.

While The Blaze provides national coverage, most other coverage is local, including WBRC Channel 6 and WIAT Channel 42 and WSFA Channel 12. In addition, DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt discussed this on the Dik-Dik Talkshoe Show on July 5th beginning 9:15 P.M. EDT.

The conference was publicized locally through the distribution of flyers entitled "Annual Pastors Conference All White Christians Invited". Although some of the members of the local church are also members of the Ku Klux Klan, Klan membership is not required to participate. Because some in the local community objected to the flyers, organizers were asked to take them down, to which Rev. Mel Lewis replied "The mayor ordered our fliers to be taken down. When did they start religious censorship?" Rev. Lewis added "We are not breaking any laws. We're not violating any ordinances. We're bringing the Word of God to people who want it, obviously, or they wouldn't be here".

Rev. Lewis explained that white Christians are part of the chosen race, but when media representatives confronted him with Biblical verses communicating "equality", Rev. Lewis took them to task for cherry-picking verses out of context and making a mockery of God's word.

Rev. William C. Collier, the organizer of the conference, says that his Church of God's Chosen is not a hate group but adds that he believes the white race is God's chosen people. When asked why only white Christians were invited, Collier said "We don't have the facilities to accommodate other people. We haven't got any invitations to black, Muslim events. Of course we are not invited to Jewish events and stuff. It has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of racism or hate or anything like that. And anybody who would brand it as that would be a racist and a hater themselves, you know.”

Rev. Mel Lewis explained the significance of the cross-lighting, saying "We are not burning a cross, look at the word, it says light a cross. If you light a light in your house do you burn down your house? We often use fire. Our ancient fathers said fire was a cleansing element. Even the Bible says the earth will be purified with fire. What purer element can we use as a symbol of our worship?"

Some of the usual suspects complained. Hezekiah Jackson, Birmingham Metro NAACP President, said "The only context that I'm familiar with is one that is not very positive. And one that really symbolizes an era that many of us have hoped to put behind us. And that is this whole era of Jim Crow, this whole era of white supremacy, this whole era of discrimination and racial hatred. I think it's really hard to clarify what's going on, but it seems to be some vestiges of what we call white supremacy here in Alabama. We just have to be honest about it." And Rev. Calvin Woods of the Southern Leadership Conference said “It sounds like racism to me. Everyone has the right to peaceful assembly, but to just point out you only want white Christians, that doesn’t sound Christian. To me at all, sounds like something Satan would want.”

Christian Identity is split between Single Seedline, referred to by some as "Covenant", and Dual Seedline (DSCI). DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt provides the following explanation:

Covenant is the older of the two doxologies. Both Covenant and D-S agree that the Western Christian nations of Teutonic, Scandinavian, and Celtic blood are of Israelite blood. Covenant says that while the LORD made all of humanity, that the LORD has a covenant with Abraham's seed, the Israelites in particular. The Dual-Seedliners say that only the White Man was directly created by the LORD, the rest of the races are simply "the beast of the field" with the exception of the so-called 'jews' who are the seed of Satan through Cain. Also, the other doctrinal dispute between Covenanters and Dual-Seedliners is in the extent of Noah's Great Flood, the Covenanters saying that it was worldwide flood, and the Dual-Seedliners saying that it was a local flood designed only to kill the wicked White Adamites, and located either in Armenia or in Central Asia. The Covenanters say that Noah's sons Japheth married a yellow woman and that Ham married a black, and that only the middle son, obedient Shem, married a white woman. The Dual-Seedliners maintain that a local flood means that since only the wicked whites who were in their Adamic places got drowned, that the blacks and mongolloids were the original beasts of the field and that the browns are the result of miscegenation.

Pastor Lindstedt also presents a five-minute tour of DSCI HERE. Obadiah 1:18 presents the scriptural basis of DSCI HERE; despite Obadiah's unhealthy obsession with Pastor Lindstedt, his Christian Identity Forum provides an organized repository of information about DSCI. Covenant People's Ministry, led by Pastor Jeromy Visser, is another useful source of information.

This is some bias against Christian Identity within the white nationalist community; the strongest bias is expressed on a VNN Forum thread not so subtly entitled "Christian Identity: As Stupid as Whites Get". So Christian Identists tend to take it from both sides.


Susie said...


You have got to go to Bowles's Blog and see him slam Christian Identity leader Paul Mullet for being arrested for not paying child supprt. Bowles keeps the heat on these imposters.

Anonymous said...

"Rev" Mel Lewis got banished from the Klan, because he was convicted of molesting one of his daughters. (Just ask anyone in other Klans about this) So then he started his own Klan, and "Christian" ministry. Why any decent person would want to associate with his groups blows my mind. Just another reason why the "movement" needs to die.

Anonymous said...

It is pastors like these who make a mockery of the Christian faith and what God truly stands for.

Anonymous said...

Bowles is no better. The crimes he's committed has been directly against the movement. If you fall for his BS, Id have to call you a sucker of the finest order. Admitting you support Bowles means you are very gullible or live in a fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Oh com'on, they were dying for "publiciteee", by advertising their gathering with leaflets to the public at large, and they got it. Did they really expect it was going to be positive?

Anonymous said...

What crimes has Bowles committed against the Movement? List them and the proof! Rumpors and made up shit in your head isn't proof!

Also, the Christian Identity movement is what Paul Mullet is. All I need to do is hear that and I have a negative image of them since he is a career criminal and thief and race-mixer and there's proof of that.

JohnBeattie said...

Being on the fringes up here in Canada for decades, I will never ever understand why the need for meals, speeches in rented establishment halls, etc. Hell the average apartment/bungalow holds minimum 30 people squeezed in...and this is talking small homes. We all live somewhere. So why not have private legal get-togethers in our homes, and to hell with wasted money on hall rentals, etc. And why let the idiotic public know anyway. There are thousands out there who know the score and been through our ranks. Lets gather in the sheaves, by meeting in our homes PRIVATELY.

Anonymous said...

John Beattie, you ought to know. From way back in the days when the Canadian Jewish Congress infiltrated and funded your Phase One hollywood nazi group, to all your other efforts that got nowhere, most of these people in WN want to be ENTERTAINED, period. And most Mighty Poohbahs are willing to entertain them. Otherwise, I have to pretty much agree with your current assessment on operating today. But, that calls for serious people... Haven't seen you since the early 70's at John Krenzers. ROCK 88!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Beattie,
I hear what you are saying. I dont think many WN Events in recent years have brought in numbers of people that would justify renting a hall.

I guess that it does give it more of an "official" feel to it, and for many it seems like much more real activism than a more low key meet up at someones home.
There are also those who very much believe in "all publicity is good publicity" so getting mentioned in the mainstream media pleases them, regardless of how they are portrayed.

Of course there is also the matter of potential $$$ to be made from a public event.

Reminds of those "Aryan Fests" dont know if they have them anymore, but those were bigger scale events by WN standards. A big part of those fests of course, in addition to the beer and "White Power Music" was the vendors selling "stuff."
Lots of potential money to be made selling people "toys and memorabilia" that they didnt need.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have to bring this up, but why do so many of these CI types look so backwoodsy? Its like they are trying to keep up an image of greentoothed, hillbillies from the Deliverance movie. The klan has this problem too.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things are VERY clear.
1. This event has brought awareness and discussion about the issues
2.What ever critique you may bring these Pastors brought a positive message to God's people, they didn't even take up a collection, which is more than many other so called movers in the movement have done. It would seem the very people theyy have stood up for hate them for bothering to try.
3, the personal attacks upon the character of any in leadership delights those that hate white history and culture more than they love their own lives. If the message is not bigger than the messenger the cause is lost.
4. And finally as to their dress, Lamar County, Alabama is the poorest county in that state, by dressing down they did not offend those people they came as friends with the word of YHVH and mad e themselves of no consequence, they ARE reaching to the lost sheep, what are you doing?
The Bible says we will know them by their fruits, I see positive signs of genuine Christian faith among these who stood against the local and state government for your religious freedom and I ask you to name any that have done more? Seems to me they are worthy of support not jealous criticism from an ungrateful movement.

Anonymous said...


Do I hear you correctly? The government convicts a guy on gun or any other charge and you brand him an imposter? So the government tells you who your friends are? I ask would you like to be accused and convicted of some "crime" to ruin your credibilty and silennce your voice?

This is an old tactic right out of the Russian Gulags. If you canot defeat the mesage brand the messenger so that he or she is discredited. That is our movement today, don't think for yourself let the government do it for you. Forget the hard work and dedication of those the government brands, their efforts mean nothing because the government says so. One writer says the movement should die, perhaps he is right if all we are going to do is take the governments word for ANYTHING.