Tuesday, July 17, 2012

American Nazi Party Hosts Successful National Conference In Metro Detroit, But Loses Access To The Redneck Shop In South Carolina

The American Nazi Party hosted their two-day national conference in the Detroit Metro Area on July 14-15, 2012, and by the account of Chairman Rocky Suhayda, which is posted in the July 17th ANP Report, it was a success. On the down side, it looks like the ANP will not be hosting any future conferences or Christmas parties in Laurens, SC, because The Redneck Shop, and the associated indoor meeting hall, is no longer available.

Logistics: The ANP rented a large conference room at a suburban area recreation center equipped with kitchen facilities and an adequate play area for the children of those who attended. The ANP reports that 47 national socialists showed up; SA personnel monitored the parking lot to deter any trouble and no antifa showed up. Thanks to the efforts of numerous comrades, there was a meal of chicken, several salads, watermelon, pastries, and sodas, along with all the trimmings.

Saturday July 14th: Key comrades shared their areas of expertise with the group. In addition to a speech by Rocky Suhayda, Axl Hess discussed ANP media outreach, while Dan Schruender spoke on real-world political organizing. John Taylor Bowles discussed his activities as the official ANP lobbyist, and an assortment of ANP organizers reported on their activities around the country. Later on, awards for service were bestowed, new appointments made, and a raffle was held where various books and NS items were handed out. There was also a vigorous round-table discussion period during which party comrades put forth concerns and suggestions about ANP operations. The day ended with a private executive session by the ANP Leadership Cadre where current programs were assessed and future plans discussed.

Sunday July 15th: Those who were still in town visited Greenfield Village, where "America's History Comes Alive". Venues include the Henry Ford Museum, the Wright Cycle Shop, Edison's Laboratory, and the Lincoln Courthouse. Greenfield Village has a total of seven historic districts; it's a de facto celebration of white history.

Dan Schruender has also posted his report on the ANP conference. He notes that it cost him $116 for a two-night stay in a double room at a local motel. He advises people not to fly with either American Airlines or United Airlines because of excessive delays. Although Schruender is now a "party big-wig", he had no qualms about going outside and helping with security after delivering his regional report on the Southwest.

Unfortunately, John Taylor Bowles reports that The Redneck Shop in South Carolina has closed permanently. Few additional details are given, but it's apparent the the owner, John Howard, lost his battle to prevent the final takeover by Pastor David Kennedy of the New Beginnings Baptist Church, who is the owner of the building housing The Redneck Shop. Howard contended that he had an agreement which allows him to keep The Redneck Shop open there as long as he lives, but on December 9th, 2011, a circuit judge ruled in favor of Kennedy and ordered Howard to pay Kennedy's legal bill of $3,300, although did not explicitly order Howard to vacate the building at that time. Kennedy moved immediately to exercise his newly-affirmed rights and said the future plans for the building did not include The Redneck Shop. More background about this issue in this previous post.

Update: John Howard may have thrown in the towel as early as late January 2012. According to GoLaurens.com, Howard moved all the merchandise out of The Redneck Shop during the weekend of January 27-28.

More discussion about the ANP Conference and the closure of The Redneck Shop is expected on the next ANP Talkshoe program scheduled for 8:00 P.M. EDT on July 28th.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I can't wait for all the negative hate-comments to be posted here by that Obadiah character and whoever else that never signs their name.

Sounds like the ANP had yet another successful event which is no surprise considering their steady upward momentum the past couple years.

AA: Why do you let people come on here and trash the ANP with pure lies and B.S., none of which EVER has any proof or references? It gets absurd...

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 12:17 A.M: You should see the comments I reject.

Jim T said...

I was there and I thought the head count was closer to 35 or 40 but since Mr. Suhayda has such an infallible record (in spite of constant attacks from FBI/ARA etc) regarding everything he has ever said I'm apt to believe the "official" count.

I've been a supporter of the ANP for just over a year and firmly believe that IF there is any hope for the White Race it lies with the ANP and Rocky's leadership.

Truly a professional team.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of legal wrangling going on right now. Email Nick Chappell and he'll explain in more detail and prove what a liar and con Bowles is. The Redneck Shope closure is just another ANP scandal but a big one. You might even see Rocky in court over it before long.

Did Rocky steal from Nick Chappell? No, not directly. He only smiled and nodded at the fact that Bowles certainly did. You are known by the company you keep. Now people are saying the ANP stole from a teenager. In reality, the theft took place during 2008 and the ANP had nothing to do with it. Disregarding the money Bowles stole from the NSOA bank account, he used "campaign" money to pay for child support. First he tried to cover it up by saying he had no children and then that his childre were full grown and married. Recently emails have proved he was lying and has had a far worse family life than Jeff Scheop. Remember, David Duke was tried and convicted for far less and with far less evidence. What makes Bowles so special?

This latest scandals has damaged the white nationalist movement as a whole. The ANP should do the right thing for once.

Anonymous said...

Ex-ANP writes:

The following email sent by Nick Chappell to another (protected), proves:

1) Bowles and the ANP public statements have been lies.

2) Proves that they fraudulently sold the Redneck Shop to Chappell (ripped him off)

3) Chappell and Bowles do NOT associate, contrary to Bowles statemt, note this email is from 2011, yet Bowles still lies.

4) Bowles, ANP, Howard, et al, have NO credibility.

5) Bowles, like Schoep, was a deadbeat Dad, owed back child support.

6) Bowles, the ANP, et al conduct is not consistent with WN and especially NS values.

More emails will be posted that will more than authenticate this as well as shocking revalations of conduct by Bowles, i.e. what can only be considered intimidation.

-----Original Message-----
From: "nicholas chappell" [nicholaschappell@hotmail.com]
Date: 01/08/2011 02:33 PM
To: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com
Subject: RE: Greetings

When I turned 16 I was in the NSM's Viking Youth Corp where I spent 2 years educating my self on National Socialism. When I turned 18 I moved from
North Carolina to South Carolina with John Bowles to become his secretary/treasurer during his presidential campaign. During this time I was very active with the NSM organizing meetings, rallies, and campaigns for various candidates. My mothers first husband died when I was 2 years old and I had inherited 263,000 dollars. I ended up loaning John Bowles 20,000 to jumpstart his presidential campaign. (It ended up going to back child support) I also ended up spending a 160,000 on the redneck shop where the ANP currently holds their South Carolina events. (turned out this old movie theatre that I bought from a klansmen was not actually owned by him so I technically dont own it; another long story of drama.) The rest of the money went to various organizations within the movement that I thought could use it for benefiting our race. My youthful ignorance proved to be a great weakness of mine. I dont associate with bowles or any other organization at the moment.

Nicholas Chappell

Anonymous said...

Let's remember that Rocky endorsed Obama in 08, look it up online, in one of the only two media interviews he has done, 1) he said he supported Obama and 2 was with a Jew.

Then fastforward a few years (2011), he announces what is a defacto "Don't As-Don't Tell Policy regarding Homoexuality and further says that Gay Civil Unions would have the same standing has straight marriage in a NS State. Then he gets into bed with the marxists and multiculturalists and the perverts in the OWS cabal.

All the while he is attacking WN & NS. Then Bowles emails and blog is hacked and we learn that everything that has been suspected about him and the ANP has been true.

Anonymous said...

Good for the ANP!! In this era of "the movement" where every single "leader" and group is full of drama, scandals, and other trash, it is almost amazing that the ANP has gone on such a long streak without ANY of that crap.

I guess if you believe in the principles of National-Socialism you pretty much have a duty to join the ANP at this point.

By the way they have a fantastic talkshoe program.

Anonymous said...

Ex ANP further provides,

The following email shows that Chappell is indeed seeking legal remedy. Emails posted on this thread and on the Jewish Non Profit Thread show that Bowles is a "Madoff". No doubt Rocky benifited as Bowles shared the love and bought his way into the ANP. As 5:59AM writes, Chappell verifies all of this. I too was suckered by the ANP and their unethical recruitment tactics. I left when I came face to face with outright homosexuals in the ANP, I learned of this during my experience as well.

This email proves:

1) Bowles version of events and all the ANP spin here has been lies
2) Chappell and Bowles are NOT on friendly terms, as reported by Bowles as recent as this week
3) Chappell is seeking legal remedy.
More to come......

From: "nicholas chappell" [nicholaschappell@hotmail.com]
Date: 01/08/2012 09:20 PM
To: xxxxx@xxxxx.com

Yea my move here has been good. I got married a couple years ago and have a son of my own. The economy here is still good and the demographics are relatively well. I can go a entire week without seeing a non-white. I actually believe that I will win the case and hopefully will be able to sue for the stress I was under after the news broke out that a Black Preacher owned the building. I did nearly 80 interviews within a weeks time. I went home to find the local news agencies outside of my house. I can honestly say it wasnt the best time of my life.

Nicholas Chappell

Anonymous said...

The Redneck Shop is another ANP scandal? WTF Due to all the successful progress that the ANP has been making, up pops these tards and rumor-mongers slinging lies and misinformation. Mr. Bowles wasn't even a member of the ANP when all this bullcrap was supposedly going on, he was with the NSM, so how any retard can try and link Rocky and the ANP to these fabrications is beyond me. It only goes to show how if you associate with fucked up groups and individuals like the NSM, you get burned. In any case, we are all unaware of this 'Nick Chapple' person saying anything about any of these acusations, so who is this person slinging shit in his name? Hey, 'Nick' told me that you are a homosexual who has a crush on him, and your trying to show your buddy-love in your own weird way to get his attention. Now, what do you say to that Mr. Anonymous? Rocky, Mr. Bowles, and the entire ANP have got a lot more credibility by what they have done and are doing, than any anonymous poster, with some wild hair up his ass. More than likely, your some anti simply trying to stir up drama. If not, well you act like one!

Anonymous said...

I know Nick Chappell and he said everything is fine between him and Bowles. Write him and ask. I did. 5:59AM is 100% wrong and can't prove any of their allegations.

A.A. Where did you see Bowles write the ANP lost access to the Redneck shop meeting hall?

Anonymous said...

The e-mails exonerate Bowles in my opinion because there is nothing stated that Bowles and Ramsey are still close or even communicating or Bowles okayed anything Ramsey did except in your demented and twisted brain. But I guess you see it magically somewhere in there with those e-mails. All those e-mails do is make Bowles not guilty or any wrong doing. Geez. They are over a year old.

Also, you said you are ex-ANP which goes to prove you have a bone to grind and could not fit in an organization and follow directions. Probably a pervert and they threw you out. If those e-mails are the only shit you can find about anything than Bowles than he is better than race-mixer Schoep or career criminal Mullet. Those things are worse examples of bad character.

3:54 PM

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 12:11 P.M. - Go back and read Bowles' post again. In the second paragraph, he writes, "The Redneck Shop was the last pro-White physical building open to the public in America where pro-White organizations could gather freely to hold meetings".

The key word is "WAS". That implies it's no longer available to the ANP.

Anonymous said...

12:09pm is dead-on accurate. These FBI trolls flinging mud are really quite pathetic, their stories and fables don't even make sense.

The ANP has not had one single scandal with Mr. Suhayda as Chairman and they have grown substantially in recent years because of his leadership and strict quality control. I really don't know why these trolls are allowed to post these insane off-topic lies.

Jim said...

American National-Socialism = ANP, the best pro-white and NS org since Rockwell

Anonymous said...

Howard skips out, doesn't pay his bills--what did he do with the
$200K he got from Nick Chappell, the $200K for selling the store he did not own???

Bowels "borowed" $20K for back child support, how much did Howard pay Bowles and how much did Bowles divert to Rocky and the ANP?

There was a lot of money that was ripped off from Nick in 08-09, why don't these supposid honorable WN & NS pay their obligations and make things right?

Redneck Shop emptied of merchandise
"In December, the judge also ruled that Howard must pay the church’s legal fees. The church has yet to collect payment."


Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 2:51 P.M. - Thanks for that link; I've now incorporated it into my post. It indicates John Howard may have thrown in the towel as early as January.

Anonymous said...

Considering that it is the ANP we are talking about here, I doubt that the loss of he redneck shop will hurt them much if at all. Obviously they just had a successful national meeting and will probably soon come back stronger with a better building to use in a better location than the middle of nowhere, SC.

Anonymous said...

I was at that conference also and it did go extremely well - I was impressed.

It's hilarious when the FBI trolls on here cry and whine and make up fantasy stories about imaginary "scandals" within the ANP. It's really quite sad.... Get a life guys.

Anonymous said...

The person posting these e-mails was from the NSALP. They really don't prove anything against Bowles. You don't see Chappell attacking Bowles in them. One comrade lent money to another to help them out. Big deal. Nothing mentioned from Chappell that Bowles didn't pay it back. Duh! Chappell didn't like all the newsmedia outside the redneck shop. So! That's politics.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought that this thread was about America's ONLY real National Socialist organization - the American Nazi Party - having concluded a very successful National Conference. Apparently, our success struck a few nerves amongst the "under the slimy log dwellers"! LOL Here's my take on the Redneck Shop, from what I'm aware of - #1 It was 100% owned and controlled by Mr. Howard and the "klan", who kindly allowed us to utilize it for various events, #2 Mr. Howard keep that shop open, pretty much ALL ON HIS OWN for many years, dispite legal battles and outright violence - WHERE WERE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE willing to HELP Mr. Howard when he NEEDED it? , #3 So Zog's "Just-Us" system ruled finally against Mr. Howard in the end, after a long, up-hill battle. Is anyone here surprised? #4 Mr. Howard was getting old ( as I myself am ) and perhaps he felt that it was time for an Old Fighter, who gave it his all, to step back - HOPING and EXPECTING the younger generation to step up to the plate and "relieve him". I REALLY lol at THAT - looking at the kind of bimbo's who creep around these forums - criticizing and not much else from the peanut-gallery! Bottom line is - its gone. Very sad that the "movement" couldn't GET TOGETHER and SAVE ONE BUILDING. Good news is - that in this ever worsening economy - NEW buildings will be a dime-a-dozen to rent, to any group that has the NEED to have a permanent location. I have literally NO knowledge of any "finacial dealings" of Mr. Howard, nor do I care to - its NONE of my business, nor is it any business of anyone here, unless YOU were involved with Mr. Howard. I will state this - when a person makes a DONATION to ANYTHING ( political, religious, et al ), they have no "right" to question how it is utilized, or ask for it to be returned. If one has "doubts", then they shouldn't support that which they are not convinced upon in the first place. Mr. Chapple seems to have been of mature adult age, if he now feels he "wasted" his inheritance in any manner, and regrets it - thats unfortunate. At the time, apparently he felt differently. I suppose a lot of "gamblers" feel the same, after losing their wad. Not knowing the circumstances, I would have advised him to get legal help, at the time, to have the "papers" drawn up properly. He didn't I guess, so I'm assuming that ANYTHING that he gave to Mr. Howard was a free-will DONATION. I sense a feeling of glee, amongst some of these posters, that the Redneck Shop is gone, and that nasty ol'ANP won't get to utilize it any longer - got news for you - we have PLANS, that if this makes you happy, your gonna be bawling your eyes out SOON! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

Ex-ANP, further clarifies for 12:17--- I posted these emails, I was in the ANP and said so in my posts.

The emails POSTED SO FAR, are clear to anyone with minimal inteligence and who can engage in critical thought. Nick was ripped off, he does not associate with Bowles, etc, etc. All of these emails disprove Bowles narrative of the last year. I have only posted these emails, since 2011, as these specifically do disprove Bowles narrative of the last year.

As I said I was in the ANP and I watched and listened to lies and bulshit and was confronted with, on two occasions overt homosexuals.

12:17 asks for proof and references, they have now been provided. The Red Neck Shop issue was resolved in December of 2011, Howard shopped out in January, yet it is only just now, over 6 months later reported here, I supose the fools here will say, oh nooo, the Red Neck Shop is still open, the ANP still meets there. That is how vad the ANP was, they have an alternate reality, like all homosexuals.

My next project will be to out the homosexuals, either here or on my own blog, I have photos.

Anonymous said...

Good job ANP! I'm glad thats there is finally some positive news about the movement, instead of all these stories about murders, racemixing, arrests, beatdowns, and narcs that seems to be the norm anymore.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Sounds like 6:50 is obsessed with "homos." Rocky hit the nail on the head when he described creeps like 6:50 as "under the slimy log dwellers." how true. The emails aren't legitimate references, nor are they proof of ANYTHING whatsoever! Duh.....

Anonymous said...

Lok, Rocky is getting ready for Court.... this statement is pathetic. Interestingly Rocky DOES NOT refute Chappell's version in the emails. He instead attempts to distance himself, like a rat jumping off a sinking ship.

"so I'm assuming that ANYTHING that he gave to Mr. Howard was a free-will DONATION."Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

I am really impressed with the leadership of Rocky Suhayda. He must be a very humble and sincere guy to come on this comment board and try and help educate the worthless trolls that have no life except for trying (and failing) to stir up trouble.

I can't believe Rocky still fights so hard for those 14 Words after 45 years of dealing with the trash that make up this "movement."

Anonymous said...

"I will state this - when a person makes a DONATION to ANYTHING ( political, religious, et al ), they have no "right" to question how it is utilized, or ask for it to be returned."

There it is folks, you heard Rocky. If he wants to spend your donation to the ANP on his electric bill, he will. No accountability. The ANP is not a registered political party, those who give to the party do not get to see a report of "where the money goes." In other words, just like all the other scam orgs that the ANP has been criticizing for years.

As for Chappell and the Redneck Shop, Rocky is playing ignorant and doing the "see no evil" thing.

It doesnt matter that Bowles wasnt with the ANP at the time of his dealings with Chappell. Bowles is with them now, with this strange "NS Lobbyist" role. Rocky, You are judged by the company you keep! Looks like too many ANP supporters are willing to gloss over "inconvenient" details.

Anonymous said...

7:59 makes a valid point.

I actually like the ANP, they seems like the best org going, but that doesnt mean they are beyond criticism.
For the last several years Rocky has been criticizing and nit-picking other groups and individuals. He was right to do so, and often spot on with his commentary, even if it made the ANP "unpopular" so to speak.

However, for him and the ANP supporters to get upset when others make valid criticisms of the ANP (like this Redneck Shop/Chappell affair, among other things) is very arrogant and hypocritical.

Its one thing to have wild and ridiculous attacks that are baseless, but this particular issue involving Bowles, Chappell and the Redneck Shop deserves attention. Its wrong for any ANP supporter to give Rocky a pass and try and sweep it under the rug, and attack anyone who talks about it as a ZOG Agent.

Like 7:59 said, Rocky is sort of "passing the buck" with this. He did not challenge what Nick Chappell said. He just kind of drifted away from the issue with a "sh*t happens" kind of attitude.

Anonymous said...

I use to be one of the people trashing the ANP, then I joined a group and found out that everything Mr. Suhayda said about the movment is true. At this point in time the only group I would consider joining would be the ANP, they're the only group that seems to have a sound idiology and moral character, unfortunately I don't live in America.

Anonymous said...

The numbers, 35-45 reported by Rocky and company are false. Note he has posted no pictures, unlike his big National back in 2010.

He did rent a small room in a buffet hall, 15 showed, who stayed for the half of the first day.

Rocky and the ANP acts like North Korea, he lives in hi own universe.

Anonymous said...

Nope, the ANP posted no pictures of those who attended, nor did they give out a list of names, ages and locations of employment, neither did they alert the news media and the police so that their members could be photographed, indexed and filed! Damn! Those ANP bastard goyims are making it so difficult for us to filled up our computer bases, and file cabinets. Why don't they act like all these other racist fools, er patriots, and show us who they are? Are they ashamed or something? Neo-Nutzies,er Nazi's have for decades gladly performed for us in front of our camera's for a few pathetic, nasty headlines in our publications. Whats with these putz's, too cowardly, thats what it is! Real Nazi's want to be smeared in our controled media, its a mark of honor! Don't trust this Rocky and his handful of losers, listen instead to our, er these posters spreading lies, er truths about him and the ANP! Jeff Schoep and the NSM are the biggest, strongest, most powerful threat to jewish people since Adolf Schicklegruber, er Hitler - BELIEVE IT! The ANP doesn't even exist! Its only Rocky and a few old bums from the 60's trying to steal money from you! Yeah MONEY! Whatever you do, don't send any money to this ANP Nazi Movement, continue to post on forums, thats real activism, and uh, buy more pins and t-shirts, and skinhead CD's, thats real activism! Putting money towards the ANP's political activities is a waste of time, you know you'll never get anywhere, why try? Yes, you can listen to music, you can wear t-shirts, you can admire your pins and daggers forever! Rocky steals the money anyways for himself, look at his personal lifestyle, always going on vacations, riding in a new fancy car, living the highlife! Why should you pay for that? Don't finance this hate movement, hasn't Rocky and the ANP exposed enough of these movement leaders to show you that they're all the same? Rocky loves queers, and blacks and us jews too, er, them nasty jews. Never mind what the ANP WRITES and SAYS, you know that secretly they are con-men, just as much as our man Jeff Schoep, er that most evil, powerful, and dynamic of Nazi leaders, Kommander Schoep. HE only married that arab woman who had the black child so as to infiltrate our ranks, er I mean to, er ah... White Power! Six Million More!! Seig Heil!!! Seig Heil!!! Irving Foxbaum

Anonymous said...

Unless its in the enemies media it just ain't true! Rocky unless you allow the jews-media in to film all your members to share with ZOG, like all the other racist organizations do, I'll keep believing that your a fake. Nobody could ever be smart enough to figure out that protecting your membership should be the top priority of any leader. Its publicity man! Haven't you been around long enough to get it man? And as for sending your organization any finacial support, well you ought to be honored to operate for free. When you refused me membership because I couldn't afford thirty-three cents a day, I knew you were a fake! I got better things to spend my money on, like I'm going to Nascar next weekend, do you think thats going to be cheap? Danny Deadbeat

------------------------------------- said...

Like I said on my blog, I went over to Chairman Suhayda's home to help bring things over to the rental hall.

While he doesn't live in a shack, it's obvious he isn't raking in the bucks either. To accuse him of misappropriating funds is ludicrous.

How can you be sure I'm telling the truth? You can't. It's all a matter of credibility. Throwing around wild accusations without a shred of proof serves to destroy credibility, not enhance it.

Ask yourselves this: Do I throw around accusations and trash people, or do I bend over backwards to be diplomatic and avoid that sort of thing? Then you'll have a better idea of who is the more credible. Besides, I''m willing to sign my name, while Mr. 12:53 prefers to remain anonymous.

Dan Schruender
Political Advisory Board
West Coast Organizer
American Nazi Party

Anonymous said...

When it comes to unaccountable money from donations or sales the NSM Commander is number one in that field.

Anonymous said...

Geez. Schoep being a race-mixer. Covington associating with a ex-porn star. Mullet keeping his career crime spreee going. Bowles looks like a SAINT compared to these affirmed ingrates.

C. Chambless said...

My favorite thing is the fact that Chairman Suhayda carries on tradition and knows that change is necessary for NS to really be taken seriously. Running around in WWII re-enactment uniforms and pretending to be something you're not shows you have no credibility in your organisation. Militarily, many NS groups wear SS insignia, but don't deserve it. I bet they couldn't pass the Marine Corps physical fitness test, yet they call themselves SS. I'm a former Marine, yet I don't boast to everyone about what I've done and what I did was real compared to the costumes freaks making us look bad. The SS had to be in too physically shape, but the people I see wearing that insignia would have a heart attack if it really came down to a real struggle. Hang up the BS and join the ANP, which is professional in the NS community. Also, check out the new NS blog, White Tiger under the ANP14.COM Links page.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the redneck shop closed down, that was a cool place.

Anonymous said...

What is it with all you Nazi types bad mouthing each other all the time? Don't you realize that garbage turns people off to the one doing the trashing? Ys'll are like a bunch of kids fighting over the same toy.

Anonymous said...

Today I lost my job. After 13 years on the job, I was told the shop is folding up and we all can basically go to hell. Now if I'm lucky we can try and struggle along on unemployment, which is only a small fraction of what I made, not counting overtime. I can see the ANP's point now, with few decent jobs out there, my priority concern is going to be an economic one. I used to think that Rocky went too far overboard with his constant ranting on economics, now I've seen the light the hard way. I warn everybody before they reach my point, to start to listen to Rocky's words, and if your still lucky enough to have a job, to help the ANP's growth and help spread its message, while your financially able. It looks like I'm fucked being a middle aged white man, and nobody gives a damn. I doubt if I'll even get foodstamps until we've used up every penny of our savings. What a fucked up country.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, all too many people have to learn the truth the hard way. I did, and it's no picnic.

Anonymous said...

Yep, me too. I agree with the ANP 100%. At least they don't have porno stars like Axis Slly that Covington did or marry race-mixers like Schoep did or have career criminals like Mullet is

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Rocky and the ANP have the courage to expose the bad apples in WN. They're about the only ones I know, who do that, and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't know who is a fraud and who is a true white brother. They also take the time to explain why they are exposing so&so, often linking to proof, which their detractors fail to do. Was the ANP exposing Jeff Schoep and the NSM really 'bad mouthing'? I consider it to be a public service! Thanks ANP!