Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tinley Park Police Sgt. Lori Mason Feted For Apprehending Five Of The Tinley Park ARA Terrorists; Antifa Reaffirm "Right" To Carry Out Preemptive Strikes

The story on how five of the ARA terrorists who attacked the Ashford House in Tinley Park got busted continues to filter out. On June 5th, 2012, the police officer who busted five of them got official recognition for her efforts. Tinley Park Police Sgt. Lori Mason was honored for her actions with a certificate of recognition during Tuesday’s village board meeting, and officials commended Sgt. Mason for her actions, citing her “attention to duty, courage and professionalism.”

According to the Southtown Star, a description of one of the three suspect vehicles being a red Dodge Neon was put out by dispatch. Sgt. Mason first spotted the Neon passing a McDonald’s near 172nd Street going southbound; she thought the fact that five people were squashed into it to be suspicious. She stopped the car over near 183rd Street, and held the suspects there until backup officers arrived within seconds to assist in the arrests. I previously disclosed that police discovered two expandable batons, a knife, a pair of gloves and several dark-colored hooded sweatshirts in the Neon. The assailants themselves are named in this previous post; they are charged with felony mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property, being held on high bail, and their next court appearance is on June 12th.

Police Chief Steve Neubauer said the crime would have been nearly impossible to solve without the immediate arrest that Mason initiated. This is plausible, since the rest of the perps have not yet been caught. Police are still actively searching for the others, but the fact that they wore masks during the attack is making it more difficult. While some White activists have a negative attitude towards cops, kudos to this one for good police work.

The Chicago Tribune reports that restaurant owner Mike Winston said business is mostly back to normal, although a few small holes in the walls and a food-splattered ceiling are still evidence of the violent rumble. He lost about two days of business because of the attack, but an outpouring of support in the weeks following helped balance it out. The ARA thugs inflicted an estimated $10,000 damage to his restaurant.

Meanwhile, according to this Stormfront thread, antifa continue to solicit support for the "Tinley Park Five", and are urging supporters to show up for their court hearing on June 12th. They've even published a dedicated blog. Not only are the antifa unrepentant, but they chillingly proclaim "the political right to carry out a preemptive strike to help expose the real danger that divide-and-conquer, fascistic extremist groups pose to the movement and the masses here and worldwide". Of course, they appropriate unto themselves the right to determine who's a "fascistic extremist group". Here's a screenshot of the post in case they decide to take it down later:

The antifa would have fit in perfectly with the Clinton and Bush Administrations; they also proclaimed a "right" to carry out preemptive strikes against countries who ran afoul of them, such as Serbia and Iraq. Thus the antifa have effectively crawled into bed with the same fascists who they profess to despise.

In a final note, one of the Stormfront posters discloses that he met Steven Speers, one of the White nationalist "victims" now unmasked as a possible ARA mole. WhiteMansBurden82 writes, "Not that I really doubt these accusations( I met the guy several times, and the "A" tattoo was an immediate red flag, among other things),...".

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