Friday, June 29, 2012

SaveWhitePeople.Com Has Become GuardiansOfDiversity.Org, Now A Membership Organization With An Active Agenda

On Stormfront, someone asked what happened to the website, since it's now inaccessible. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to find out if they had a Twitter site, and on their Twitter site, they reveal that they are now They've migrated all their The White Voice radio shows and their previous posts onto the new site:

According to their Twitter feed, the site's owners decided to make the transition on June 28th. They felt that the term "SaveWhitePeople" gets laughed at and causes eyes to roll. According to their mission statement, Guardians Of Diversity is an organization concerned with protecting and maintaining the world's human diversity and a future for White people therein. They are still white nationalist; they are proponents of a homogenous land for White people as the world currently lacks one today. Asians have their land, Arabs have theirs, Africans have theirs, and Latinos have theirs; Whites do not.

Guardians Of Diversity is also a membership organization; dues are $10 per month. One can also become an official supporter. As they've proven already, they are NOT another "meet, eat, and retreat" organization. In the short term, they will actively engage in their respective communities by organizing protests, running in local elections, counter-protesting Anti-White events, speaking up at community meetings, actively recruiting new members, and distributing literature. In the longer term, they plan on raising funds for scholarships and cystic fibrosis research, and are even considering registering as official lobbyists. They have chapters in 10 states already.

Sounds like they've modeled themselves somewhat after Jason Hiecke's Advanced White Society, while borrowing tactics from Keystone United's Steve Smith and the lobbyist idea from John Taylor Bowles. Good role models to draw from. An interesting discussion has broken out on VNN Forum.


Anonymous said...

A colossal mistake. Save White People was a slogan that was clear and to the point. So what if people laughed at it? They won't be laughing once ethnic tensions in their land razes their liberal ideology. Guardians of Diversity suggests that whites are equally concerned about the welfare of other races, when the time to be concerned about any race other than our own is long past. Blacks care only for blacks. Mexicans care only for Mexicans. Chinese care only for Chinese. So why must Whites care for all races, or at least pretend they do? If the guys at Guardians of Diversity are so worried about being snickered at or called names, then they should leave White Nationalism altogether, because ridicule comes with the territory. A diluted racial message is no racial message at all. Guardians of Diversity. What a joke!

Anchorage Activist said...

It's not the name I would have chosen, but I think their objective is to "hide in plain sight" and hoist the multiculturalists on their own petard by using their diversity theology against them.

It'll be interesting to watch.

Wayne said...

It's a damn mistake. While Joe Hayward and John King say they are Creators, they are advocating policies that no Creator is allowedto. We aren't for uplifting te other races. Our goal is clear: The survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race alone. We don advocate white homelands but an all-White world even though I personally would aid and have in the past aid an organization for a homeland in the northwest and whatnot. They are saying that they don hate either. Look up the essence of a Creator in the Little White Book. Edward Stephens is the only true Creator on board and I'm still in contact with that bro as to why the hell he is with them. I used to do a Creativity segment on the show. I was told it would openly promote Creativity and then in a hidden way and now not anyway at all. I urge all to read Nature's Eternal Religion and the White Man's Bible. Rahowa!

Anonymous said...

You can expect the ANP to crap all over it. Their idea is just the opposite. You give yourself a white nationalist name but promote anti-racist themes. Guardians of Diversity do just the opposite. They are white nationalists with an anti racist sounding name.

Joe said...

Hey, thanks for the encouraging words from the author of this article. I do want to make clear: We do not care about the other races one bit. They exist, so they have every wish to pursue their own interests NOT at our expense (as highlighted in our FAQ's). We are also not afraid of being called names. The SWP name will still be used as a redirect so we can still use this at protests on signs, literature, and what have you.

I suggest that everyone trusts us in our endeavors as we aspired to be something great in the near future. It's only a name change, not an ideology change.

Anyone who rolls their eyes at our use of the word diversity, I suggest you meditate on the word itself. We are proponents of diversity. NOT Multiculturalism. There is a fundamental difference; the latter leaving the world without White people. Think about it carefully and anyone who has any further questions, our number is on the website and It'll be my pleasure to give you a lengthly explanation.

In a years time, we skyrocketed from petty hits on our show and website to thousands per episode and over a thousand hits per day. I am sick of being just another pro-White website. So I have concluded that it is time that we take our undying drive and effort with the support of our friends and take this to the next level!

We all must evolve to win. We will not let you all down. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, I think that they realized that killing off all whites who believe in christianity wouldn't sell to normal intelligent people, per RahoWa. Although I really can't imagine anyone who is tilting towards WN, finding their new lable any more attractive. Stunts like dressing in an ape costume, or like Elmo ranting about jews in a public park may be entertaining, but it sure isn't going to push our agenda forward in any serious manner. WN need to quit shooting themselves in the foot, when dealing with the public. You act like a buffoon, they think you are one. Why can't we act like the Jehova Witness's, and dress decently and politely go door to door with our message? Would that be too much to expect... Yes, I am an Official Supporter of the ANP, and proud of it! Karl Roman 88!

Anonymous said...

Joe is very fickle, he seems to be constantly changing things lately.He talks about doing one thing and then never goes through with it.For those of us who purchased his activism packs they are now null as there is now obviously a new url, although Joe says the old swp address will redirect to the new one , I have yet to see it do so.It seems Joe wants to move away from being a "typical" pro-white site to appeal to a larger demographic.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is the best organization around, I can't understand why anyone would knock them. Either your one of these creeps that they expose, or your an anti trying to cause dissention. 14/88

Anchorage Activist said...

Joe -- Glad to help. Since your re-direct wasn't working at the time, I wanted to make sure the message about your new website got out.

Interesting that you distinguish between diversity and multiculturalism. I've always considered them interchangeable. Multiculturalism would appear to be the greater danger to us.

Anonymous said...

Karl, a guy in an Elmo costume makes more sense than a lobbiest who is a convicted arsonist. Talk about a silly stunt. Let's not get into the nazi costumed presidential campaign. :))

Wayne said...

First off bro, there are plenty misconceptions about our religion and one being that we intend to in some way kill off "all whites" that follow the Christian one. I challenge you to read Rahowa! This Planet Is All Ours and lift a statement that says that. Secondly, RAHOWA is simply the WR's war for survival, expansion and advancement under Creativity. It's our two edged racial religious war. The toughest battle is straightening out the White Man's confused and befuddled thinking. It's a revolution of values through religion, a complete change in the outlook in the minds of our people. We don't have plans for a war of extermination against the mud races either, we simply need to practice Racial Loyalty as per our Golden Rule and 16 Commandments and aid and abet our own and let the parasitical bastard scum shif for themselves. We are in this population explosion due to us criminally and stupidly aiding them. We need to let them wither on the vine and stop transferring our hard earned substance over to them. Killing all Whites that follow Christianity is not part of that. We seek to win them over to Creativity but not kill themz the whole spook in the sky swindle is a fraud anyways.

Joe said...

Don't worry, those activism packets will be valid and we will still use that URL on certain pieces of literature and in certain scenarios. Unfortunately, it takes 48 hours to update because it has to go through all these different channels. I wouldn't pull a move like that!

Joe said...

I also think that Wayne needs to find a girlfriend or something. You have literally been stalking us for months now on Stormfront, our Facebook and Twitter pages, VNN, and just about everywhere else. We are not going to be a Creativity website or a Creativity radio show or a Creativity organization. It is not my fault you won't pick up the slack and start your own national organization. I am not willing to do it for the following reasons:

1) I am not willing to waste time getting people off of their religions and onto ours. This can be sorted out in the future.
2) I am not willing to have the ghost of Ben Smith (and unfortunately) Matt Hale follow me around. I love Rev. Matt Hale like as a brother, but I am sure he understands why I don't want to be in the position of having to answer questions about why the former poster boy of my group was convicted (falsely) of soliciting the murder of a Federal Judge(which he did not).
3) Religion is one of these topics much like class and nationality that continues to hold us back. If we don't cut out the diatribe back and forth we will get nowhere. I put our race first before everything; religion, nationality, class, or what have you.
4) I cannot expect to make progress with the right kinds of people while defending words like "mud races" "niggers" and "Jew Parasites." Call them what you may, but it's just not going to work anymore regardless of what they are or how we/you feel about them.

I also do not understand your continued infatuation with us. We do not proclaim to be a Creativity show, individuals or whatever. I understand it was pretty sweet to have a Creativity show that was extremely professional and was skyrocketing in popularity. I was willing to put in the work for that religion until I was embarrassed on my own show and harassed. That ship has sailed, and you NEED to get over it.

We are not trying to be the Martin Luther(s) of Creativity. We do not profess Creativity on our program because we are not such a show.

What I am doing is not for everybody, and I understand that. Those who will join me will and reap the benefits, those who chose not to because it's not for them, I'll understand. I hope to bring this to the point of such progress that eventually people do not have an option.

It should also be said that the "segments" Wayne sent us for the show were absolutely awful. They were polluted with swear words and, for lack of a better word, White trash type talk. I have no room for such banter on my radio show. Sorry, you blew it.

Wayne, I will say this for the last time. You need to get a life. Every minute you waste attacking me, my venture, and my people is a minute that could be better spent organizing our people for a cause you believe in. Please get off our posteriors and do something with yourself. This is a large reason of why I can't affiliate with Creativity: far too many Creators are just into back and forth with everyone. I am not.

Also, Steve endorses what I am doing. He understands what I am doing but also holds his religious values close but absolutely gets what I am trying to accomplish.

Finally, Creativity is what brought me to this point. It will always have a special part in my heart but for now it is just not what I am going to use as a tool to bring racial loyalty to the many sleeping souls out there.

P.S. Go start your own Creativity organization while I do things my way. Let's see who gets further! Competition is healthy!

Wayne said...

Joe, I couldn't start a new national organization even if I wanted to. I'm not authorized to do so. It's not part and parcel of Klassen's program for a person and 5 others in an area to do. We don't need new national organizations. We need to work on our own backyards, and in our own communities.

As to stalking pages, I only just got back to using twitter. One of my Hammerskin buddies here in PH uses it and that's one way I've been keeping in contact with him. As to Facebook, I liked the WV page a couple times, but don't stalk it like you're saying and I only post Creativity-related stuff on Stormfront.

You need to recite the Five Fundamentals daily and get back to reading NER and the WMB. Not only that but you have false claims on the site that it is a "sin against Mother Nature" to let part of her creation "go extinct". That's not accurate. Also, I don use VNN so that's a lie.

You're not a Creator. Do us a favor and remove our sacred emblem from all the videos you uploaded on your account on YouTube. I told you that before and you told me to stop using a copyrighted name for all Creators. I call up the show saying that Creators need to stay true to Creativity and you say I'm not welcome on the show and call me anti-White. If that's so, then you really are nothing but a mud that lives with his mother's black husband. You call yourself "President of G.O.D." bu won't even use your real last name of Hayward.

Nobody has an infatuation with you, it's more a gasp at the site of treachery. You claim to be adherents of Creativity yet are playin the part of traitors. Promote whatever the hell you want but stop talking about Creativity on the show and mentioning it like Ed did a show away.

You won't be making much "progress" using nicer names for them, and even so, the Jews are parasites and the other races have not only a semblance of mud but wallow around in it in some tribes. Using nice lango is what the whole WN movement has been doing and hasn't accomplished anything. No, take the bull by the horns. You say what you are doing is a moral cause. Within which religion exactly? In almost all it would be immoral as hell!

The audios I sent it were very few, and there were no "swear words" on them. One was about our place in Nature's realm and another about Nature's laws. Nice lie there kid. You keep talking about getting a life and finding a girlfriend but when se look at your life with your mother's black husband and all of that, and your presidency in a group that doesn't even know your age and you're scared to have people know you're identity, you're just another one of the scum that likes to talk shit but not back it up. What have you accomplished in New York??

Wayne said...

P.S. I find it ironic that "GoD" doesn't want to be tied to "poster boy" Hale or Ben Smith and all of that while they link to the Northwest Front, which essentially is promoting future terrorism and a war against the US Government. I know, John almost broke down into tears having to defend Smith while part of the Church, on one radio show, but it is all quite simple. Bottom line is stop referring to yourselves as Creators. Remove all vesitges of our Holy Emblem from all your videos on Youtube and stop referring to Creativity. If the show is a no religion zone, have Edward stop referring to Creativity and likewise, you all stop referring to your bastardizations of "Vedanta" philosophy and all of that. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. One last thing, how about you go about using your real last names? It would make "G.o.D." appear a lot more serious. And also, try finding a girlfriend yourself. You can't have the White Race as your "girlfriend" forever, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Linking to Covington ensures your org. will go no-where or achieve anything. Seems to me you have included the ingredient for political suicide.

Joe said...

I love how I need to "stay true to Creativity" and when I tell this mentally challenged individual to get a life I become a "Mud who lives with his mother's nigger husband." Can anyone find the logic that lacks here?

Quite ironically I am not a "mud" and my mother does not have a "black husband." Anyone who has met me or seen a picture of me will totally laugh at your petty attempts to wreck someone's credibility because they won't be an advocate for your religion.

Your call did follow such suit, only because you sent e-mails to me and John King expressing that you actively told people to not listen to our pro-White show. That would make you anti-White.

We do not have any videos with any Creativity logos. We do not claim to be Creativity. So please, again, get a life.

We are also all satisfied with our personal lives , including me, should any of you be concerned about that. We do not chase around 15 year old girls like Wayne does.

Everything you post is exposing what a psychopath you truly are Wayne. This is why nobody wants anything to do with you. Not the Creativity Movement, not the Creativity Alliance, Ed Stephens, or me. I made the mistake of giving you a chance even after leaders and ministers in both organizations told me not to because you are a liar, a thief, and slowly turning into a predator who preys on underage girls.

You are a wart on the ass of the White race and you should do the honorable thing.

I too am going to do the honorable thing and not contribute to this banter any longer.

Here is the dead horse, continue beating it if you'd like.

Wayne said...

Joe boy, your mother's race-mixing is well known. You don't use your real name last name and don't even give off your age and yet are proclaiming our presidency in GoD saying that there is already 10 chapters and whatnot. As to the videos, don't make me post screenshots.

My email was about me telling Creators to not listen to the show. Just one episode away Steve was giving a speech about how all three of you "share a common religion" smart ass, so cut the shit. And nobody is chasing around 15 year old girls. The one girl that I did have a crush on was 17 and I was 19 at the time. She is 18 and I'm 20 but I'm not into her and am with a girl from St. Clair who is 19. Don't resort to lies to make yourself try to look "better" than your opponent. I'll post screenshots of all of our messages if it comes down to it. You're not going to start lying because I'm making "GoD" look bad. Your a fucking pimple on the pale face of the White Race.

You were kicked out of The Creativity Movement right along with Steve. I should've listened to a few of the others about you and especially about Johnny, who was kicked out way back when.

Wayne said...

Also, Joe, if it wasn't for me telling you about HAC's email list, and sending it your way, you prolly would've not ran into JK until way later, and wouldn't have those many "thousands" of people that listen and go coming to your site. You're mother IS or was, like I keep track, in an interracial relationship and I'll post a screenshot of the message you wrote buddy. That's one thing you dont do, start making up lies, because you don't like honest defamation. I honestly thought you were a whole lot better than that. Now you are lying that your mother is/was banging a black man? I thought it was an "open part" of your racial views. Now you make up shit about ms going after 15 year old girls. Maybe Johnny King (original first name Pearl?) really isnt little boys walking around with those penny loafers and whatnot. Hell, you prolly fucked that cousin of yours that you got that special connection with. You could prolly say I have a incest relationship with my mother but that's taken by big L, and you say that to my mom she'll put a shotgun to your face for lying lol. But anyways, look bro. You go do your thing. You apparently removed the NaturesFinest14 account on YouTube. Stop saying it's immoral for the WR to populate all the good lands of this planet and that dead horse will stay dead but you start bringing up spooky shit like reincarnation and Vedana spiritualism and shit like that and that dead horse will majically come back to life. Rahowa!

Anonymous said...

These kids are representatives for White people to follow? Why don't they join an established organization, mature, and learn how to act like White Aryans. It sounds like they're both pretty fucked up.

Anonymous said...

Who is this "Wayne and Joe?" They sound like some Abbot and Costello WN act.
And one of them says he's 20? Boy, it shows.
Strange that this article became some bitching session for these "Creators."

Anonymous said...

'Creativity' and Fat Harold Covington, these youngsters got a lot to learn! Talk about fantasyland! They got a lot to learn.