Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oklahoma House District 59 Candidate Rodney Hiebert Questioned About Wearing Of "Swastika", Says It's Just Part Of A Halloween Costume

A candidate for the Oklahoma State House has raised some eyebrows after a picture of him wearing an iron cross with an embedded swastika surfaced, but it doesn't appear that Oklahomans are too excited about it. Rodney Hiebert, who's challenging incumbent Rep. Mike Sanders (R-Kingfisher) for the House District 59 seat, says the swastika he’s wearing in the snapshot was part of his Halloween costume. The Tulsa World notes that the replica of a Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross awarded to German Nazi heroes on the wall behind Hiebert is there because he likes what it stands for, quoting Hiebert as saying “Traditionally it represents honor and dignity, which frankly is something this country can use more of”.

But Rep. Sanders isn't too excited about it himself, either. Sanders simply said “We live in America, and everyone has the right to put their name on the ballot”.

Hiebert said he is not a racist, explaining that people of American Indian descent help in his campaign, and he believes more history about indigenous Oklahomans should be taught in schools. But in many respects, he is a pro-White American patriot. Some of his other positions:

-- Wants to eliminate Spanish-language classes, because as he explained, “Mexico is a Third World country and Spain is economically folding ... I don’t see any reason why our young people need to waste their time learning Spanish.”

-- Opposes efforts to incorporate more Black history into teachers’ lesson plans.

-- Plans to research the state lottery’s contribution to education.

-- Promote and sponsor legislation to reduce crime.

-- Support measures that would spur additional oil production and reduce government spending.

-- Holds incumbents responsible for the problems in state government, and will serve only one term if elected. He’s not accepting campaign donations.

Here's a video of Sanders and Hiebert debating at a candidate forum in El Reno in May 2012:

Hiebert is currently unemployed because he wants to focus on his campaign. In the past, he has worked as roughneck in the oil field, as a nursing home aide, and has farmed. In contrast, Mike Sanders, who is seeking a third term, is employed at his family’s business, Sanders Funeral Home in Kingfisher. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Oklahoma Christian University. Under the Bush II Administration, he served as director of interns at the White House.

Rodney Hiebert has no known connections with the White nationalist community nor any discernible track record of racial activism. Most likely, Sanders will win the primary election on June 26th, but it will be good experience for Hiebert, who at least is determined to protect America's sovereignty and oppose political correctness.

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