Saturday, June 09, 2012

National Alliance Cincinnati Unit Distributes Flyers In Florence, Kentucky Exposing The Problems With Immigrants

The Cincinnati Unit of the National Alliance has distributed a batch of pro-White flyers in Florence, Kentucky, and for once, I first learned about it on the Natallnews website. Both the Cincinnati Unit and the Sacramento Unit have led the way for activism within the National Alliance; the Sacramento Unit appears regularly at area gun shows and other related events and is generally well-received by the people who attend.

WKRC Channel 12 has one of the media stories. During the week ending June 7th, the Cincinnati Unit distributed 450 copies of a flyer throughout Florence decrying the malevolent influence of immigrants in the local area. The flyers were attached to vehicles parked in the area in order to avoid creating a litter problem. The flyers focused on an assault and robbery of a White man at a laundromat by three African immigrants, two of them Somali and the other a Kenyan, back on May 22nd; the Cincinnati Unit is criticizing police and claims the growing number of business signs in Spanish is cause for alarm. Ransdell himself appears briefly in this WKRC news video:

Download a copy of the flyer HERE.

WCPO Channel 9 has the other story, and published excerpts from the flyer. Ransdell said that he expects to distribute up to 450 more flyers in preparation for a meeting at the Boone County Public Library in Union, Kentucky on Monday June 11th at 7:00 P.M. The meeting is not intended to be a rally, but an opportunity to gauge community feelings and share ideas. Ransdell also says at some point he hopes to organize protests outside some of the businesses that cater to immigrants. One of the locals who expressed opposition to the flyers, Rachel Rentschler, says she just might show up and let them know how she feels. And if she does, she'll find that Robert Ransdell is not a shaven-headed tattooed circus freak, but an ordinary White man who is well-dressed, well-spoken, and indistinguishable from a typical city councilman.

By the way, Carrie Herrmann, Boone County Library’s Public Service Coordinator, vigorously defends the right of the National Alliance unit to use its meeting room. "Anyone with a Boone County Public Library card who is in what we call good standing, means that they do not owe any fines, that they have no overdue items, can book one of our meeting rooms. We are open to everyone no matter your beliefs, no matter your race, your creed. We are just open to everyone", Herrmann said.

The Cincinnati Enquirer also picked up the story, and listed other recent examples of the National Alliance's local activism. In 2009, the National Alliance participated in Kentucky’s Adopt-A-Highway program. The state Transportation Cabinet announced plans to terminate the group’s participation but reversed that decision when it appeared a potential legal battle would be decided in favor of the National Alliance. Later that same year, Northern Kentucky University pulled an advertisement for Resistance Records, an arm of the National Alliance, from its student newspaper amid complaints from readers. And in May of this year, Ransdell offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who could prove Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel did not have a Holocaust tattoo (no one has yet claimed the reward). Wiesel, a prominent Holocaust marketer, spoke to a group at Xavier University on May 6th.

In closing, Robert Ransdell posted some final thoughts on Natallnews, and complained that WCPO's coverage was biased:

You will note that nowhere in the flyer does it even mention White people but they still jump on it as racist. It seems like even identifying non-White immigrant crime when it happens is now considered racist. They are appalled by the use of the word "thug", the reporter that interviewed Robert made that clear during their discussion, yes they are more concerned with what you call non-White criminals it seems than the crimes they commit and the victims they leave in their wake. White nationalist - never think you are on the wrong side of good and evil.


Anonymous said...

Good for them for being active. I wasn't sure what the NA was doing nowadays, but this is good to hear.

"...she'll find that Robert Ransdell is not a shaven-headed tattooed circus freak, but an ordinary White man who is well-dressed, well-spoken, and indistinguishable from a typical city councilman."

There you go, that's the way to do it. It's a simple, basic thing, but many WN types find it difficult to present themselves with a decent appearance.
Not saying you have to wear a fancy suit and look like a Wall Street exec, just look normal! Like the regular White folks you are trying to reach.

Speaking of the NA, its been almost 10 years since Dr. Pierce died. While this report of activism is encouraging, I know that the NA has not been the same since Pierce passed on.

Anonymous said...

Whats happened to the NSM, they have NOTHING going on listed on their website?

Anonymous said...

To 10:09AM - when the decent people who belonged to the NSM finally understood that their leader was indeed a RACE-MIXER, who had an arab wife, who had a black child - they quit. The same thing happened to those other groups that used to work with NSM, they want nothing to do with any organization that has a race traitor as its head. Jeff Schoep personally destroyed NSM by his depraved lifestyle. Even the host of this website, "AA" has stated that the ANP is the organization that represents open National Socialism here in the U.S. The NSM is dead. Check them out -

Anonymous said...

Eriech Gliebe destroyed the NA. He got greedy like Jeff Schoep in wanting to make money off the skinhead element, peddling their crapola, and then had to let them in. That drove out the decent people and left only the dysfunctionals. Did you read over on the onepeoplesproject website about the two boneheads from AN, who popped the eyes out of another members sockets, wanting to steal his CD's? Thats not only disgusting, its awful who some of these groups allow in, just to have another warm body. And we hear this kinda crap over and over again. And you want Joe Doe and Sally Soccer Mom to join our movement when its filled with creatures like this, and no one seems to care? Thank God for Rocky and the ANP for taking a stand for purging this movement of freaks and undesirables! 14/88!

Anonymous said...

I agree! I left the NA after Dr. Pierce's death, because it was no longer the NA I knew and loved. I don't associate with losers in my personal life, and I sure as hell am not going to do it in something as potentially dangerous as what we are involved in.