Monday, June 04, 2012

Luzerne County GOP Seeks To Invalidate The Election Of White Civil Rights Activist Steve Smith As Pittston 4th Ward Republican Committeeman

Steve Smith
Longtime readers of this blog may remember how a Jewish Republican leader, Sid Dinerstein, invalidated the election of Derek Black as a Republican executive committee member in Palm Beach County, Florida in 2008. Now it appears a repeat performance may be in the works in Luzerne County. Pennsylvania. The local Republican apparatchiks are embarrassed at the election of a White civil rights activist, Steve Smith, to a four-year term as one of two Republican Committemen representing the Pittston 4th Ward, and they're fishing for ways to invalidate it.

Luzerne County Republican Party Chairman Terry Casey characterized Steve Smith as a "skinhead" and "white supremacist", and called Smith's viewpoints “despicable”. But he explained that the organization must investigate its options before making any decisions regarding whether or not Smith can maintain his seat. Although Casey said that the kneejerk reaction is to throw him out, the party has bylaws which it must follow. He said none of the members of party’s county executive committee agree with what he stands for, but there’s a line between personal feelings and the laws and rules. Casey added that they are being very careful with how they proceed legally in order to avoid a lawsuit. Note: This story has now gone international with a Daily Mail report.

But from the detailed statement issued by the Luzerne County GOP on June 4th, it appears they are more embarrassed at Democratic Party reaction than anything else. The Democrats have been making hay over the issue, and on May 31st, the hardline progressive website Think Progress published a hit piece that Republicans claim reeks of inaccuracies. Specifically, the Republican brain trust rebuts the claim of Tea Party involvement by Smith, writing that "Smith has been banned from the NEPA Tea Party Facebook page and has not been welcome at their meetings". The Republicans groveled their appreciation to the Anti-Defamation League for "unmasking" Smith.

Not surprisingly, there is a Jewish politico in the mix. Aaron Kaufer, who is described as a proud Republican and a proud Jew, is reportedly "boiling mad" over the election of Smith. Kaufer is the party’s nominee for the 120th State House seat, currently held by Rep. Phyllis Mundy (D-Kingston).

The election was actually held on April 24th. Steve Smith was one of two candidates for the 4th Ward, and he received one write-in vote. His election was certified on May 11th, 2012, and White civil rights activists on Stormfront and White News Now celebrated his success. The European American Action Coalition also interviewed him. Smith is a former director of Keystone United, once known as the Keystone State Skinheads, and is the Pennsylvania state chairman for the American Third Position Party. He's also a member of the New Jersey And Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

According to the Daily Mail, Steve Smith ran for the party post to help get Republicans elected and will fight any attempt to get him booted from the committee. He also rejected the white supremacist label, explaining that supremacists want to rule over other races, and he doesn't wish to do that. He said he advocates on behalf of the White community much like the NAACP advocates on behalf of Blacks or La Raza advocates on behalf of Hispanics. He asked reporters to name one majority Black or Hispanic neighborhood or school district that they would want to move their kids to.

We cannot allow any attempt to deprive Smith of his rightful victory to be swept under the rug.


Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about this Steve Smith, but good for him!

Very funny to see the "proud" kike get his Israeli flag underpants in a bunch. How dare this White man be an advocate for his people, and not a good White goyim shuffling humbly into oblivion like most of the rest!

The Republicans and the Tea Baggers job is to keep the White masses at bay, be the classic "pressure valve" to channel off any real dissent. Sure, they might throw Whites a few weak bones, but the Gay Old Party wants to keep Whites in a holding pattern until its too late to do anything to actually change things.

I think, and I do hope, that we will see more of this around the country. Not all White Republicans are going to tow the party line. For awhile now the GOP has been kind of a de facto "White party." A lot of Whites have been fooled into thinking the Republicans have White America's interests at heart. The race issue is inescapable, and is becoming ever more pressing. Some brave Whites in the GOP are willing to speak out, like Mr. Smith.

I know im preaching to the choir, but how many times do these "conservative" Whites have to be let down/screwed over before they wake up?

Romney will run a middling campaign, not as bad as McCains, and i think the election will be closer than 2008.

But any Whites hoping for Mitt to advocate for them will end up disappointed.

I believe many racially aware Whites will be ready to ditch the GOP, but are not sure where to turn to.

Anonymous said...

First, what you are doing and saying Anchorage Activist is right.

However, there can be no victory through electoral means because our rulers simply invalidate elections they do not like -- the invalidate candidates, manipulate the results, and if they still lose, they just nullify the election and call a new one.

This is the true nature of democracy -- and no change can occur within the confines of the democratic system.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the usual suspects (ANP) will be bashing this guy for doing this.

So, what's Bowles been doing with the "NS Lobbying" thing? Nothing? Yep, that's what I thought.

I know its not unique to any one group, but it gets tiresome to see an org be so critical of any activism not done by them. Even if some good is done, its always: "well they could have done it better by doing this" or "we would have done this differently."

This is a big reason why this "movement" doesn't get anywhere. So much concern with bashing others, I told you so kind of stuff. Why not just focus on doing your thing and not care what the others are doing.

The ANP is mainly known for a lot of big talk and BS, and very little actual activism. They devote a lot of time to slinging mud at others.
They're gonna ride that "Rocky being mentioned on Fox News" for the next year.

Anonymous said...

9:38 must be jealous of the ANP the way he/she writes. It drives people crazy since the ANP doesn't run their mouths and tell everything they are doing especially Bowles. HE STRIKES WITHOUT WARNING AT THE SYSTEM. Bowles
accomplishes more in a week than the other pro-White groups all combined. And Rocky is getting his TEAM on the march in the right direction.

Go over and read on the SPLC website how Jeff Schoep of the NSM has lied to his people and accepted race-mixing while trying to hush it up. Notice that 9:38PM doesn't criticize that! That must be okay to him. THE IDIOT! Why doesn't he mention his activities. haha We need a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mr. 9:38PM Steve Smith was following Rocky's and the ANP's advice, getting engaged in low level political activity. Whats your fixation with them? Are you one of those whom they've exposed in the past?

Anonymous said...

The AnP is just a group of rejects who have figured out that activism is hard, bashing and undermining is easy. Both Rocky and Taylor blame their lack of success in anything on everybody else. If it wasn't for the target of the month, they'd be ruling America. They work with the enemy openly and even congratulate them on attacking white activists. I think everybody wishes AA would stop promoting their garbage and or at least investigate them for himself. Outside their own spam, they are black balled from the movement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah go over to the SPLC. The ANP advises you to. Nah, that seems right. Makes sense. While you are there, notice how much the ANP is mentioned. 0. Odd. Don't know why that is. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I think that the ANP has just cause for refusing to associate with these other orgs. Do a quick look for just a past few months on this website, and you'll see good justification for that attitude. Why would any WN want to associate with race mixers, criminals, drug dealers and terrorists, much less that awful murderer who killed that baby? As for their 'lack of success', what do you call publishing a monthly, hard copy magazine, their radio-show (which is the best I've heard) most are embarrassing like this so-called 'movement turd', wow that impresses the white masses with intelligence right off the bat. They have seven operational websites, and Chairman Suhayda's reports are full of good, common sense, something again lacking in most groups. Just because their membership isn't standing on the corner waving a sign, looking for attention, doesn't mean they aren't active. They simply are operating in a more professional manner, something our movement has badly needed for a long time. As for them being 'rejects', from what? The collection of idiots who regularly fill this websites pages with reports of their stupidity? Well, good for them! That shows me, that they are head and shoulders above these morons. Once I find employment again, I'm going to join the ANP. They're about the only organization out there that I feel is worthy of my support. Mr. Smith ought to consider joining as well, since he apparently has left the silliness for more intelligent things, such as Chairman Suhayda constantly advocates. Kathy Amsworth Hail Hitler! 14Words!

Anonymous said...

I read that article on Jeff Schoep over on the SPLC website. Jeff's own wife, admits that Schoep uses the NSM monies as a "private piggybank", and that most of his support comes from overseas. I guess that WN here in the U.S. are well aware about Jeff now. Now that his wife has spilled the beans everywhere, I wonder if Jeff will ever show his face at any WN events, they might give him an old fashioned boot party! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

ANP has shown they are the best.

Anonymous said...

3:56PM Its pretty obvious why the SPLC doesn't promote the ANP, and instead advertises certain other orgs. Its because they want those orgs that they do give the big, bigot build up to be the ones that naive newbi's are channeled into. Commander Rockwell wrote about the Silent Treatment from the controlled jewish media, and apparently the ADL, SPLC etc are still following that playbook. Build up the morons, avoid mentioning anyone who might be a serious threat. In that SPLC article they are still stating that the nsm has over 150 chapters! Where in hell are they? The only activities listed on the nsm events calender are those of that old lady up in Wisconsin! No rallies, no marches, no picking up garbage alongside the road. Schoep killed the nsm when his race-mixing came out. Good riddence! 14/88!

Anonymous said...

Sucess? If what you mentioned "Kathy" (Taylor) is sucess, then most small midwestern churches are way more sucessful than the ANP. Anybody could do that stuff and most local units of larger groups do just that. Why do you think that impresses people?

Your professionalism is out the door with every article bashing white activists or self-congradulating. Pros don't do that.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the NSALP

Anonymous said...

The US empire is collapsing, all these groups are meaningless if they don't promote seperate seceded nations once the US goes down. The movement is overwhelmingly dominated by NS (which is a foreign outdated 20th century industrial philosophy), and reactionaries who sit around and talk about blacks, and Mexicans, and the "good old days". Face the facts people, the "movement" collectively is over, and needs to be buried. The reputation of the movement as a whole is so far tarnished it won't ever be redeemed. Anybody that thinks that National Socialism will ever be the US system is ignorant as hell, as well as the Koshers who think "voting Republican", and just "get the nigger out" crowd. Rocky is a Strasserite who would have been dealt with by Hitler at the night of the long knives, had he lived during that time. To say "hey we have a complete system that will work" such as NS, lol yeah sure it will just try selling it to the average white person, and see what "success" you can muster. Bottom line it won't work in the US so drop it, and move on to something revolutionary by today's standard. NS was "revolutionary" in the 20s, 30's, and early 40's, this is 2012, it's outdated now. Most Whites are opposed to a strong centralized government, and favor States Rights, and decentralization. The democratic "political process" is controlled, so that is a dead end period. We need to build up our local communities, and wait for the US to collapse. Only a couple groups are smart enough to own these ideas for themselves. The rest of you guys will continue in the, drama, ignorance, and irrelevancy that is the White Power movement.

Anonymous said...

The SPLC promotes pro white groups? Sounds like you are a real movement expert! There is one of two reasons the anti racist groups don't say anything about the ANP. They are a false flag or do the most harm left alone. Does Rocky's little cultists believe the complete horseshit he peddles on here?

Anonymous said...

Why are you attacking the ANP? They never have had even one scandal. I think they are doing a service by pointing out the bad eggs.

Anonymous said...

"Anon" at 3:10 is correct. The ADL/SPLC etc. want to promote the groups that are most heavily infiltrated and degenerate.

The anti-ANP posts are from Jeff Schoep or an FBI guy or both.

Earl said...

If it wasn't for the ANP exposing these groups I would have joined one of them.

Anonymous said...

These people are trash and an embarrassment to our country! If anyone would associate themselves with this garbage it certainly reflects their intelligence and educational level.

Anonymous said...

All these so-called "superior" whites can't seem to find their spines, correct spelling or good grammar even with both hands and a flashlight.