Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lamb And Lynx Gaede No Longer White Nationalists, Attribute Their Change Of Heart To The Influence Of Medical Marijuana

A Daily Mail story entitled "Marijuana changed us from Nazis to peace-loving hippies: Twin sisters who sparked outrage with pop band named after gas used on Jews claim they've grown up" reveals that Lamb and Lynx Gaede no longer consider themselves white nationalists and that they're now "stoked" about multiculturalism, but they still believe the Holocaust tale has been highly exaggerated and take some issue with pointless Hitler-bashing. And the twins attribute much of their change in thinking to medical marijuana.

This shouldn't be a major surprise to those who have followed the careers of Lynx and Lamb. In my previous post, "Prussian Blue Twins Lamb & Lynx Gaede Cease White Nationalist Activism, But Have Not Turned Anti-Racist", published in July 2011, I reported that the twins had ceased racial activism, and that their change of heart may have begin as early as 2006. Subsequent enrollment in a public high school in Kalispell, MT appears to have accelerated the change.

What's new is that the twins appear to longer embrace white nationalism philosophically. In response to April Gaede's determination to continue building a PLE (Pioneer Little Europe) community in Kalispell, Lamb said "I’m not a white nationalist anymore. My sister and I are pretty liberal now". But the girls haven't completely jumped the shark, and retain a healthy skepticism about the Official Authorized Version of the Holocaust and mainstream World War II history. Asked whether the Holocaust happened, Lynx replied, "I think certain things happened. I think a lot of the stories got misconstrued. I mean, yeah, Hitler wasn't the best, but Stalin wasn't, Churchill wasn't. I disagree with everybody at that time". To which Lamb added: "I just think everyone needs to frickin' get over it. That's what I think".

While the pressures of touring and exposure to the diversity propaganda of public education helped to trigger their change of heart, the Daily Mail story implies that marijuana use was the major trigger. Both Lynx and Lamb began using medical marijuana in response to continuing health issues. Lynx was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school, when doctors removed a tumor from her shoulder. She was prescribed OxyContin and morphine to deal with the pain. She also suffers from a rare condition called cyclic vomiting syndrome, and began smoking to ease withdrawal symptoms and nausea. Lamb, who suffers from scoliosis and chronic back pain, leading to emotional stress, soon acquired a medical marijuana card of her own. Both say that marijuana has reignited their creativity, which they now channel in other ways, such as painting.

The twins still maintain a relationship with their mother. Lynx, a painter and furniture restorer, still lives at home with her mother, while Lamb, who moved out, still lives in Kalispell and works as a hotel maid. As for April, she's not yet posted any commentary about this new story, but when it first broke a year ago, she said that the twins were under pressure to fit in with the local hippy-dippy crowd and were simply tired of all the attacks on them.

Lesson Learned: The story illustrates why most white nationalists consider recreational drug usage inconsistent with white nationalism. In this case, marijuana use has made a couple of people more passive. Harold Covington takes it one step further; realizing that alcohol abuse has made white nationalists too aggressive in the past, he incorporates a General Order No. 10 into his racialist fiction about the Northwest Volunteer Army, in which the cadre agree to abstain from alcohol for the duration of the struggle.


Anonymous said...

Harold ought to abstain from food for a while, he reminds me of Jabba the Hut. Sad about these two girls, I guess their mother should have concentrated a lot more time on their upbringing instead of living her dreams through her kids entertaining grown men with childrens singing. I always thought that a bit wierd. But this movement tolerates a lot of freaks and wierdo's doesn't it? If they want to get out of the movement fine, but why do they have to go around seeking publicity by bashing White Nationalism, they could just quietly walk away... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

White Nationalism is a useless avenue anyway, because there is no serious movement in North America. The movement has been dead for sometime. It is inevitable that we are going to have to except other races being part of our culture, and land. This is not going to change at all. When we are the minority, we will have to unite with some conservative minorities who may share some view with us. This is hard to except for most in the toilet bowl movement, but it is the future. The future is we are going to be a minority group, so trying to be "exclusively" pro white is a meaningless position to hold. There are good non-whites, and trashy bad whites, so no race is all "GOOD" while others are all "BAD". Just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is sad. Now they are white trash. Problem of course, as others have said, was their mother pushing them into the "White Power Music Scene" when they were just kids.

Kinda like one of these stage mothers who force their kids into mainstream showbiz and then the kids end up as messed up adults.

Whatever, let them go. We have much more important issues to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Great attitude. "pro white is a meaningless position to hold."

What a a pitiful defeatist view. You sound like a republican.

See, this White Nationalist movement is about fighting the trends and working to change the future.

Yes, we have a lot of bad elements that make a lot of the movement a junk heap, but part of moving forward is purging ourselves of those losers. That includes weak surrending types like yourself.


Anonymous said...

Personally I found their inclusion in "white nationalism" embarassing.

There was somthing creepy watching middle-aged "skinheads" drooling over very young teenage girls.

April should be horsewhipped for putting her children ion display in that way.

Anonymous said...

They aren't the only ones who are fans of smoking weed. Jeff Schoep is an avid user too. I have seen him smoking at several events on many occasions.

Anonymous said...

I'm a realisit unlike yourself, and the movement. Keep believing in your "white utopian society". It will never come. Bottom line is regardless what we do, we will be a minority in 25 years period. What are we to do at that point? Reject all non whites? Or work with the decent ones against our real enemy's such as the US government, globalists, Zionists, etc....... Like I said guys like you will go down on the "movement" Titanic while the intelligent ones, get off on lifeboats. A racial realist realizes we have to work with some decent non whites for the greater good I all. To reject that is to cling to an outdated outlook on reality.

Anonymous said...

This story is a rehash of the story which ran last year. The Daily Mirror in London republished this story for reasons unknown. The Daily Mail and other judenpresse have ran with it with slight additions. It was either a slow news day and they used this old story as a "filler" or somebody (SPLC) feed the Daily Mirror hack journalist this story. The reason why only the judenpresse know.

Anonymous said...

Fine, be that way. You seems so interested in working with non-whites, go do it then, build some alliances, whatever.

You speak of "intelligent ones getting on the lifeboats." Do you mean those "intellectual" types, who boast about their thousands of books and love to pontificate endlessly on philosophical and ideological issues, rehashing the same old themes over and over? You know, like the types over at the Occidental Observer.

Those types are all about continuing education, but just cant be bothered to leave the comfort of their easy chairs, get their hands dirty.

If you want to accept what you think is inevitable,that's your right. But why bother trying to drag others into your negative realm? You are not a White Nationalist, why do you come here?

Max said...

"Medical marijuana?" More, likely, it is just a case of teenage rebellion, which will pass in time. Assuming they do not get themselves knocked up by some mud mongrel in the meantime, my prediction is that they will be back.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuss about marijuana? I go to NSM events and we always smoke it on the parking lot after the event and sometimes before the event too!

JohnBeattie said...

Stick to pure white associates. Do not associate with " others " period, unless to pay your rent or mortgage you have no choice, to a limit. How many have tried the simple & realistic realism of PRIVATE LEGAL get-togethers in homes and apartments? Gads many apartments can hold 50 squeezed in !! As the IN HOME get-togethers spread across OUR continent, we will win. John Beattie ( oh yea, lets leave history to history..try it'll like it ! )

Anonymous said...

As someone that has always been very anti drug I would say that this does prove my point that drugs are part of what is ruining the white race. By the way I am Bill DeClue again and post under this anonymous thing cus it is easier to do, not because I am worried about people knowing who I am. Anyone that has seen me post knows there is no mistaking when it is me posting. I hide from no one but the problem for many of you fill time online people is I am not online that much and when I do come I don't care enough to check every thread, The only reasin that I have posted here today is because I was told that AA mentioned my name and Marty's butt boy wee will hid while outing my real name, which I care nothing about, I am opnely a proud white man who expresses my beliefs under my own name. So if anyone wants to try and "start something" with me you need to know that it is likely that I will not care enough to come back to look for more comments so you need to post where I might actually see it unless you want to pull a Lindstedt and only attack me when you know I cannot defend myself.

Brignerth said...

Well in my opinion, they kinda got "brainwashed" when they went to montana, as is said in the text they suffered a lot of pression from the liberal community, the usual moral terrorism that white nationalists receive, for a kid it can be very frightening, i think that this has made them deny their beliefs in those occasions, as themselves stated, also, the marijuana made them more passive like they were doped, about they being affected by their mother's philosophy, i think it's very normal, i mean everyone of us grew up by the values that our parent taught to us, and when we get older and become completely aware of the things, we either abandon our parents values and start our own positions or keep following them, but even those who rebel still keep something of what their parents taught, now that they're older they have a better perspective and they will choose if they will keep their White Nationalist beliefs or not, i think that they're still white nationalists but they're affraid of receiving hate, that's what i think of course i may be wrong. but what really gets on my nerves is this hatred by liberal mass culture against us, it can intimidate many people from expressing their feelings and beliefs, it's a big problem on our way.

Brignerth said...

i've listened to their music and they're actually pretty talented, i hope they get back into their career

Anonymous said...

Looks like they finally saw sense now there not vulnerable little kids anymore and have made up there "own" mind as adults.Let children be children, parenting at its very worst.

p.s I here old man Gaede got shot what a pity, get well soon inbred.