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Former National Socialist Activist Bill White Arrested In Mexico For Violation Of Supervised Release, Has Now Returned To The United States

The latest saga involving former American National Socialist Workers Party Commander Bill White was so rife with twists, turns, and potential inaccuracies that I chose not to address it on this blog, until now. On June 8th, 2012, WDBJ Channel 7 in Roanoke and the Virginian-Pilot report that White was arrested in Playa Del Carmen, MX after nearly a month on the run. White will be returned to Roanoke after he is deported from Mexico. WSLS Channel 10 news video embedded below:

White's disappearance was first reported by the Roanoke Times on May 24th. It dates back to the issuance of a federal warrant out of the Western District of Virginia on May 11th, 2012 charging him with Supervised Release Violation(s). White had been scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Roanoke on May 14th for a resentencing after the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on March 1st that the judge in his case did not properly follow sentencing guidelines, which meant that White faced the possibility of being returned to prison for three months through no fault of his own. The hearing was canceled with no explanation listed in court records. Later in the week, a probation officer stopped by White's home and found that he had left. This violated the condition of his probation requiring White to keep in regular contact with supervising officials and notify them when he moves.

Update June 11th: Bill White has now been returned to the United States and is currently being held in a detention facility in Miami. He faces a hearing in federal court in Miami before his transfer back to Roanoke; this could take up to a month. At that point, he could face additional time for violating his probation.

White had previously been convicted of three counts of transmitting threats and one count of obstruction of justice, and was placed on supervised release after serving 2 1/2 years in prison. The media outlets do not explain why the warrant was issued on May 11th when the probation officer didn't stop by White's home and found him missing until after the aborted May 14th hearing. Update June 11th: It's now being reported that White's probation officer did go by his apartment for a check on May 11th, and found that all of White's personal belongings were gone and White left a note telling his landlord he would never return.

The story was discussed extensively on this VNN Forum thread. Shortly after White disappeared, a Facebook page attributable to him popped up, but it's only available to Facebook members, so I could not verify the authenticity. A number of people were posting spurious information about White on Nimbusters, to include rumors that he had gone to Iran, so that made the Facebook page suspect. Finally, Donald E. Pauly verified to my satisfaction that the Facebook page was actually authored by Bill White; Pauly may be a bit squirrelly, but his word is considered good, and he does his homework.

The latter point is important because there was information posted by White which sheds much light upon his frame of mind and why he felt motivated to fly the coop. According to this post on BillWhiteTrial, White has been pursuing a divorce case against his wife Meghan for a year and a half. Even knowing that Bill White can be given to hyperbole, this account is a world-class horror story. While Bill was in prison, Meghan allegedly stole $2.3 million from him. He claims Meghan put on a supporting act after he was first arrested, but in reality did everything she could to keep him in prison, take his money, and guarantee he would not receive a legal defense. Because what she did meshed so well with the goals of the federal government, they chose not to prosecute her for embezzling from a bankruptcy court and other crimes. White also claimed that his lawyers in Roanoke despised him and deliberately flubbed his case, saying that he actually wrote his own briefs for the post-trial motions.

So when you add the prospect of Bill White going back to prison for three months through no fault of his own to the fact that his wife apparently betrayed and bankrupted him, it was too much for him to bear, and so he decided to go Hail Mary and fly the coop. I can understand why he would do it, and I don't blame him. Too bad he didn't succeed. Of course, White will now face more than three additional months for flying the coop, and probably won't be invited to write any more articles for American Free Press.


Anonymous said...

Gee, poor Willy Weise, sounds like he's being 'persecuted' by just about everybody. Now where does that refrain sound familiar? Oi Vey! Honestly, I'm surprised he felt so much at home in Mexico, as to try and hide out there. I thought for sure he was in israel! LMAO Really, he ought to be called a "hollywierd nutzi" as thats all he ever was. For White WORKER Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88! PS - Com'on all you tards out there, and start sticking up for this moron! After all, birds of a feather flock together...

Max said...

As far as Bill White having Jewish ancestry: I have not seen a speck of evidence that supports this claim -- zilch, nada, nothing.

If Rocky Suhayda, or anyone else, actually has such evidence, they should either produce it or SHUT THE F*** UP!

This kind of mud-slinging, rumor-moangering and false innuendo has no place in the struggle for White survival!

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why the movement is "dead". It's full of Jews, informants, and creatures like Rocky SooHATEYa. It's no wonder normal people don't give a shit anymore. Face the facts guys, plan for the collapse of the US and be ready. Disregard "outdated" systems like NS, and embrace true revolutionary principles of Secession, and Survival.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rocky. You got a nibble. Look at the tard 11:48AM. You must of hurt his feelings. Waaaaa! Sniff, sniff.

Wilma said...

OMG. What have we got here with 12:30PM. A run and retreat asshole. Let's all run away to some fantasyland where we can rub dickheads togther and live in peace. This is tard thinking.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, serious question for you. Do ANP members buy your bs? We're wondering because nobody in the movement does that anyone is aware of. Bill White has been to court at least half a dozen times and not once has been called by any other name. You don't have a shred of proof that he is Jewish. Why not go back to the drawing board and work on a better lie to spin.

There are a lot of ways to engage in effective activism. They ANP has yet to land on one. Bill White's aggressive activism against the enemy cost him much. No Rocky, the things he did aren't going to be distracted by him. He isn't going to cost you a dime. So sit down and shut up or go play mini-Hitler somewhere else.

Ex NSM Member said...

Rocky playng mini-fuhrer??? NOT! Look at Bill White's history of destroying every organization he joined or created. He is like a roaming cancer in the pro-White Movement. Everything he touches turns to shit.

I knew Bill White and his wife. He deserves everything he got and I hope she got every red nickle out of his ass. Go get the son-of-a-bitch Megan. Perhaps Jeff Schoeps Arab wife can learn from her. haha

Anonymous said...

Below are some articles from the past related to Mr. White's activism and his Jewish ancestry:

Anonymous said...

2:19PM What did the millionaire hollywied nutzi accomplish, except to smear all WN as stereotyped kooks and hatemongers? Everything he ever did reenforced that image in peoples minds.

Anonymous said...

Harold Covington supports Bill White.

Harlan Markwalder said...
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Anchorage Activist said...

Harlan - I saw Covington's post and am absolutely stunned. He has to know that numerous media sources have reported White's arrest in Mexico.

It's not like Covington to publish conspiracy theories -- at least not recently, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Covingon's "support" is ordinarily the "kiss of death"!

Bill White will someday be remembered as NS folk today revere GLR.


Anonymous said...

You have got to be freakin' kidding! Bill White being remembered the same way as Commander Rockwell? That's so ridiculous and insulting to the legacy and memory of Rockwell.

Commander Rockwell was possibly the greatest American of the 20th Century, the man who was the catalyst for the post WW2 WN Movement in this country. A truly courageous and brilliant visionary.

White is an arrogant loudmouth who got himself in trouble with his reckless antics.

As for Tubby Covington, he and White are made for each other. Legends in their own minds and a hindrance to any real progress for this movement.

Anonymous said...

Bill White revered? GAG! CHOKE! PUKE!

White is not an activist. He's a rabble-rouser. There's a big difference. I'm an activist and I've never been in jail for it, or any other reason for that matter.

Anonymous said...

People like men of action. That is one reason Rocky and Taylor have virtually no support. All they can do is sit on the sidelines and hurl lies while people like Bill White show the world that we aren't afraid of ZOG. I hate to pick on the SNP but they are the best example here. They fit right into the Hollywood stereotype of a bizzare collection of misfits led by a couple of eccentrics, blabbing away in back room somewhere. If you watch the film, Mothernight, you'll see an inaccurate cartoon image of the old ANP and a spot on description of the "new" ANP. We don't need anyone who is comfortable to rest on that image. Bill White brought them something that couldn't be pokes fun at or made light of.

It is no wonder why more people turn to ruffians like Jeff Scheop than talkers and their occasional low-effort publicity stunts. We need more action and people like Bill White.

Anonymous said...

8:50AM was obviously written by disappointed kike. He is so frusterated that a sensible, serious political organization has arisen, like the American Nazi Party, from the rotten "bowel movement" filled with turds like Bill White and Jeff Schoep. Com'on you white warriors, act like the clowns we portray you to be, damnit! After all, going to prison for being an idiot is the sign of a true believer, and a heroic martyr!

Anonymous said...

The ANP has no support? Odd then, that they have over 1,500 followers on Twitter, when Jeff Schoep has only a couple hundred. I know! Rocky and Taylor made all those accounts up, and its really just them.

Anonymous said...

Hatred levelled against White is almost talmudic! Fact is he not only TALKED THE TALK, he also (unlike so many US Nazi roll-players) WALKED THE WALK!

Overthrow wasn't just a website, but was actually a call to arms,and unlike those previously mentioned,White led from the front.

I note EFFECTIVE pro-white Leaders like White & Matt Hale are "taken out" of circulation via the legal system while pretenders like Rocky & Bowles are not only left alone, but cackle like old witches at the fate of REAL Whitemen.

Bill White is a latter day American folk hero, just the goy can't see it!

Terri said...

Why would Taylor Boowles want to attend other pro-White movement activities? He is too busy taking the NS message to high schools and communicating with Congressman as a lobbyist to fool around with the rest of the amateurs. He makes them all look like shit especially Jeff Schoep.

Anonymous said...

If Bill White was so smart why did he leave himnself so open for his wife to ransack him? Hmmmmm? Duh!

Donald E. Pauly said...

I am honored with the above complement. According to the Bureau of Prisons website, Pravda Bill is in Miami. This is consistent with the reports in the Judenpresse. His release date is shown as unknown.


Anchorage Activist said...

Donald -- I'm still a bit uneasy with some of the things you've said about the Edgar Steele case. Steele may not have been in full possession of his faculties, but the Department of Justice is still our ENEMY.

Nevertheless, you took the time to ferret out and share the contents of Bill White's Facebook page, which is only available to Facebook members, and I appreciate the effort. Besides, Hadding's now sniping at you, and if Hadding is on your ass, that's a plus.

Donald E. Pauly said...

Steele going crazy after aorta surgery was a gift from G-d for both the Jews and the Department of Justice. They didn't have to lift a finger to put him where they wanted him. As a matter of fact, the Jews haven't done a thing in the case.

Everyone who has studied the case including the Steele family knows that he is crazy as a shit house rate. There is some unknown reason that Cyndi wants him locked up.

I think that she wanted his social security check of $1,000 per month but was surprised that it stopped. This is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on White Nationalism. It makes David Duke look like a living saint.

Anchorage Activist said...

Donald -- What makes your thesis even more intriguing is that Cyndi Steele would have a motive to get Edgar locked up. If I was married, and my wife tried to put a hit on me, I'd want to get her locked up, but make myself look good in the process.

Perhaps even look like her most ardent defender.

Donald E. Pauly said...

The most suspicious thing is the silence from the Steele camp. Cyndi put out the lie that the water at Victorville was poisoned with jet fuel. It is actually the same water that 100,000 people in Victorville drink. I called her on it by publishing a letter from the former EPA worker on the George AFB site who confirmed my conclusion.

She stopped that particular lie. Here latest two You Tube video claim that $71,000 has been collected from supporters and that legal expenses have climbed to $400,000. Previously her website admitted that $120,000 had been collected.

It is impossible for the now convicted and disbarred scumbag lawyer McAllister to have billed $400,000 for his laughing stock of a defense. Cyndi's days as a kept woman are over. It is time for her to get a job.

Donald E. Pauly said...

Posted 25 June, 2012 18:30 MST

Bill White in Court Today and Some Details about the Case

According the Clerk’s Office in Miami, Bill White was “ordered removed” to the Western District of Virginia today. Earlier, he told me he thought he would be returned to Roanoke by way of Oklahoma and would not be getting back to Roanoke until August. I have not heard from Bill today, and I hope he is not back in solitary already.

I did get another snail mail letter from Miami today. Bill did not say I could post this on the blog, so all I pass on now is that in the first part of his probation report Bill is charged with leaving the country without permission. According to Bill, the guidelines for that charge suggest 4-10 months.

“The second part says something about internet posts. What posts and what they were about is not specified.”

Again, according to Bill, “… they [the feds] are asking that I be enhanced from 4-10 months to three, presumably concurrent, 24-month sentences. I do not believe that is where it will end, we shall see…”

Bill says he is unphased.

“So, in four months to two years, I will be free to leave the country again and go be somewhere beautiful.”

This entry was posted on June 25, 2012 at 3:27 pm and is filed under Bill White. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

Donald E. Pauly said...

I have posted several items of interest on Pravda Bill's arrest at . Also see the thread at for more detail.

Donald E. Pauly said...

You need to post this in the proper place but the Steele thread has heated up see . Steele's webmaster is making quite a fool of himself.

For those who don't know that Steele went crazy and did essentially what the government claimed he did there are 130 pages of this thread that prove it beyond a doubt.

Donald E. Pauly said...

I just now found this Mexican newspaper article on the arrest.


Detienen a presunto líder neonazi en QROO
W Radio | Junio 10 de 2012
0 votos

Por Joaquín Quiroz

QROO.- Agentes del Instituto Nacional de Migración de México detuvieron en Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo a William White de 35 años de edad, señalado como líder neo nazi de Estados Unidos y buscado por las autoridades del citado país, quien fue entregado a autoridades norteamericanas y será deportado a Virginia, Estados Unidos.

William A. White, prófugo de Estados Unidos llegó hace poco más de un mes a Playa del Carmen, luego de violar una orden federal de libertad condicional.

Debido a que fue condenado en Virginia por amenazas contra personas que ofendían su sentido de la superioridad blanca, el detenido pertenece a organizaciones neonazis que operan clandestinamente para atacar a judíos, afroamericanos, homosexuales, asiáticos, latinos, árabes y personas con ideologías distintas.


This is a machine translation but the article clearly lost something in the translation. I don't have time to improve it.

Alleged neo-Nazi leader arrested in QROO
W Radio | June 10, 2012
0 votes

By Joaquin Quiroz QROO

Agents of the National Immigration Institute of Mexico stopped in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo to William White 35 years old, identified as neo-Nazi leader of the U.S. and wanted by the authorities of this country, who was delivered to U.S. authorities and will be deported to Virginia, USA. William A. White, a fugitive from U.S. came just over a month to Playa del Carmen, after violating a federal parole order. Because he was convicted in Virginia for threats to those who offended their sense of white superiority, the detainee belongs to neo-Nazi organizations operating clandestinely to attack Jews, blacks, gays, Asians, Latinos, Arabs and people with different ideologies.


Donald E. Pauly said...

I don't know where this should be posted but the discussion of Edgar Steele's sanity has heated up at and the several pages before it. This should be posted at the proper place.

Donald E. Pauly said...

The business about Moneygram must refer to how Bill was caught. One of his girl friends sent him some money
at a Walmart in Playa del Carmen. His name was flagged and the Mexican Army was waiting for him.

This entry was posted on July 9, 2012 at 5:46 am

Monday morning – a few items
Bill expects to be put in transit today. He is eager to move from Miami.

Bill has been spending his time doing his normal research on history and religion (Rydberg), trying to get his moneygram refunded (S. do you need help with this?), trying to get through to the AFP office (Olga and/or Julie, press five when Bill calls), trying to work out family matters, and arranging for publicity for his new book, Tradition of the Mother, which is scheduled for release this month from Numen Books.

Tradition of the Mother was called “Before Genesis: The Aryan and Hebrew in Ancient Egypt” and became “Odin and Yahweh: Aryan and Non-Aryan Encounters in the Near East and Europe, 3000 BC – 1000 AD” before the final title was selected.

Bill also has two chapters of another book that is in Northern Traditions II this month. More on that, later.

Bill White wrote on his probable sentence:

Doing some research, I was wrong when I said I couldn’t be revoked three times. Apparently, I may be serving three concurrent sentences of supervised release — so each one can be revoked separately.

However, reading case law, I can only find one case where a judge ordered consecutive sentence of revocation — where a judge ordered 13 consecutive sentences of 2.3 months for a total of 30 months, within the guidelines and less than the maximum for any one sentence.

So, I think two years is still the maximum.

Reading cases, those in which 24 months was actually imposed generally involve people who have repeatedly violated their probation — in fact, that is about the only cases where 24 months have been actually imposed…[Snip]… I really don’t care so long as I can leave the country when I am done.

This entry was posted on July 9, 2012 at 5:46 am

Ward Kendall said...

Bill White has once again brought shame and ridicule to the WN movement. That anyone should defend this 'nutter' brings even more shame and ridicule.

The actions of Bill White are totally indefensible. He is mentally unbalanced - period. That he belongs behind bars is evident, if not in a mental asylum.

To the poster who claims White is a Jew: If it walks like a Jew and talks like a know the rest. White does look Jewish, whether he actually is or not.

He's also turned out to be a ginormous sucker, letting his "wife" clean him out of two mil. Criminal minded and stupid, what else could you want?

Defending Bill White is harder to do than convincing people that dog shit doesn't stink.

Bill White is PSYCHO.

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