Monday, June 18, 2012

Daryle Lamont Jenkins Of One People's Project Was The Source Of The Rumor That I Was David Pringle

Remember back in the first half of 2011 when a few spammers were falsely claiming that I was David Pringle? I have now found out the likely source of the rumor; it was Daryle Lamont Jenkins.

I discovered this information while researching for an upcoming post about Paul Mullet and Crusaders For Yahweh. On February 20th, 2011, Jenkins published a post on One People's Project entitled "Paul's Fall: Whatever Paul Mullet Is Doing, It Isn't Working Anymore:, in which he claimed that Morris Gulett removed Mullet from the ranks of Aryan Nations for allegedly "lying and stealing from Aryan Nations".

Jenkins also wrote the following:

None of this seems to be a problem for the person who posts as "Anchorage Activist" on the White Reference website, long believed to be David Pringle, former head of the National Alliance. "Interesting implications here," he wrote. "Is [Chris] Hogan considering the possibility of marketing pro-White rap? If so, this means Hogan might be considering taking a potent weapon that Jewish entertainment moguls use against White youth and turning it on its own head. Instead of bitching about rap, Hogan might be considering soliciting and marketing pro-White rap to further radicalize White youth who have already been alienated by exposure to compulsory diversity. This tactic has potential even if most of us hate the rap genre."

It was shortly thereafter that the spammers showed up to post comments on this blog; I ended up posting a rebuttal in response. If Jenkins was so well-informed about the White Nationalist scene, he would have known that David Pringle had long since left Anchorage, Alaska. What's more likely is that Jenkins has no interest in representing the White Nationalist scene accurately; he will insinuate and lie in order to mislead the public.

Consequently, it's logical to conclude that most of the people who show up to post personal attacks on the NSM and the ANP are also antifa who are interested in dividing and polarizing our people through discourse poisoning. I continue to reject comments which are purely personal attacks upon either the NSM or the ANP, although I will permit robust criticism. Oh, and by the way, Paul Mullet and Morris Gulett are back in communion once again; so much for the info about Gulett kicking Mullet out of Aryan nations.

It should be no surprise that antifa would lie about White Nationalists. They showed just how far they would go to stop White Nationalism in Tinley Park, Illinois.


Anonymous said...

AA, most of the anti white nationalists comments on your page come from the ANP. There is no way to softball that one in. Taylor Bowles says the exact same thing on his blog. It is strictly rumor but several anti-ANP posters on here are current ANP members who are angry at the direction the ANP has taken since Bowles took over. Perhaps they need to replace Rocky with a strong leader who will shut Bowles down and bring the ANP back to its past glory. Besides, Bowles puts the NSM stink all over the ANP.

Anonymous said...

4:57PM Your a liar, and a trouble maker. Name just ONE of these current ANP members, if you know so much! Thats the trouble with these democratic forums, they provide a voice for antis and idiots. I think your the former.

Anonymous said...

At least the ANP holds a steady course and not jump around "thing to thing" like Mexican jumping beans like Mullet and Gullet and Schoep.

Anonymous said...

Gulett has been Aryan Nations for about 20 years now and does not "jump around". He's been a pretty steady hand with Aryan Nations and Christian Identity for a pretty long while. I think the truce with Mullet was just a power play on Gulett's part to gain custody of away from Mullet. Something Mullet had no business with in the first place. And apparently it worked, because Mullet is no longer with Aryan Nations and Aryan Nations now has a website that rightfully belonged to them in the first place. And if the gossip the ANP indulges themselves in is called holding a steady course, then I'll take a pass on the school-girl bullshit.