Monday, June 18, 2012

Crusaders For Yahweh-Aryan Nations LLC Becomes A Registered Pro-White Lobbyist Group in Washington DC

One of the leading political blogs in the U.S. has reported that another pro-White group has followed the example of the American Nazi Party and has registered to lobby on behalf of White racial interests in Washington D.C. The Hill reports that Crusaders For Yahweh-Aryan Nations LLC filed paperwork on Thursday June 14th, 2012 indicating that it would lobby on “any activities that adversly afect [sic] the White Race.” The Hill made sure to highlight the misspelling in their story.

Paul Mullet, senior pastor for Crusaders For Yahweh, told The Hill that the group plans to be more politically active, and entering the lobbying field is part of that effort. “Because we need to have Christianity brought back to American society,” Mullet said. “For one, the white race is being targeted as a hate group. Everywhere we turn, we are being depicted as a bunch of inbreds. … It is time we take a stand.” Mullet said his group has 37 chapters across the country and plans to run candidates for local political offices. They filed a second quarter report for 2012, which indicated that the group hadn’t lobbied during the quarter and spent less than $5,000.

Paul Mullet has an extensive history of pro-White political advocacy. During his previous sojourn with Aryan Nations, he launched a major literature outreach drive throughout much of Idaho. But plans to build a compound in John Day, Oregon were undermined and derailed by local officials in 2010, and shortly thereafter, Mullet took his faction out of Aryan Nations and started the American National Socialist Party (ANSP). However, the ANSP could not break through the dominance of the "Big Two" (NSM, ANP), and so when Pastor Morris Gulett revitalized Aryan nations in 2011, Mullet placed his group under the AN umbrella and changed it to Crusaders For Yahweh after being ordained a Christian Identity pastor by R. Vincent Bertollini in August 2011.

The American Nazi Party's West Coast organizer, Dan Schruender, was once a member of Paul Mullet's faction, but departed on reasonably civil terms. He objected to the religious emphasis. Here's his explanation:

Aryan Nations is a different story. As a former member, although they call themselves political, they are more of a church. Their religion is called Christian Identity. Most of the leaders of the different factions all use the title of "Pastor". Most of them legally hold this title. There are places on the internet where you take a home study course, pass an easy test, and BAM! Instant minister. All for a fee, of course. Paul Mullet, Morris Gulet, and August Kreiss et al all hold the title of Pastor. Technically, it could be called a cult, as it is far from mainstream religions, and their "flock" is limited in numbers. I was a member of this church, but only on a technicality. I wanted to be a part of their political activities, but Director Mullet said I had to be a church member - at least in name. That's all I was - a church member in name. I never was much of a churchgoer. I always found it too boring. No offense to any Christian was intended in that remark.

Surprisingly, there are numerous pro-White comments which have been permitted on The Hill. Here's a sampling:

BC June 18th 9:00 A.M:
It's pretty clear that blacks and hispanics have a lock on the Democrat party. Increasingly, since they vote as a single block (without the least bit of effort to vote on the issues or to become educated on political affairs), these "people of color" dominate the entire agenda in Washington. Blacks, hispanics, asians and ever other shade of color have the NAACP lobbying for them at every opportunity (not to mention the unions in the service and government sectors); white people have every right for their own interest group, free from the inevitable trash-talking and bashing that is sure to ensue.

XFD June 18th 10:15 A.M:
Is there a Congressional White Caucus too? If not why not? If it is good for the goose, it must be good for the gander.

Ralloh June 18th 10:30 A.M:
This was inevitable. I think white people are sick to death of being bashed every day in the media and made to be the root of all evil, particularly if you're Christian. We're sick of seeing special groups formed for every other race, color, and ethnicity.

Cohiba June 18th 9:30 A.M:
I am white and I get a little peeved off when I see all this anti white Christan male bashing stuff Hollywood/leftist media all ways come up with. I mean something is very wrong when Obama and Holder (who is the top law enforcement in the land) can turn a blind eye to the black panthers wielding bats and intimidating white voters in a voting station in a presidential election. The balance of power is not on the white side that's for sure.

Discussion has already surfaced on VNN Forum.


Anonymous said...

Paul Mullet the perrenial con-man. What can I say, I think he would have more 'success' in his life of crime and scanning, and its a long one, if he became an anti like TJ Leyden. Apparently, he chose this idea after the ANP did, because he was desperate to come up with something new.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who has been around more than a few years can see that all these other FBI-funded fake groups with Mullets and Schoeps have only copied what the ANP has done.

It has come down to the ANP being the ONLY choice for National Socialism and pro-white organization in general.

Anonymous said...

You got that right 5:04 PM. The ANP IS the only sensible choice. However, groups like Mullet's are filled with mostly dysfunctional types, so they are far from what we would call sensible.

Anyone realize what the LLC stands for in Aryan Nations LLC? It stands for "Limited Liability Corporation". It's another scheme for Mullet to bilk the dysfunctional and gullible out of their money.

Anonymous said...


Reminds of Schoeps $$$ making company Tyr productions or whatever its called.

Rocky has been talking for years in his reports about the "trinket peddlers" These leaders/businessmen who have made some nice profits from selling people stuff they dont really need.

Funny how many WNs cant come up with a bit of cash to donate to an org, but yet have enough to splurge on flags, jewelry, clothing, music, etc.

Believe me, there was a time when I wasted some money on such "merchandise" but then wised up and realized it served no real purpose, except to line the pockets of these WN profiteers.

Also, im sure we have all noticed that most of these cheap Third Reich era repro flags are "Made in Taiwan." Strange.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is a choice like sitting home is a choice when faced with conflict. Young people need to beware of any organization that sounds like a get rich quick scam but for politics. The ns scene in America is dead. Right now the ANP is involved in yet another scandal. This time Rocky is admitting to receiving Jewsish support. What is next?

Anonymous said...

Paul Mullet is head and shoulders above Taylor Bowles. Calling Mullet a con man while praising the ANP is laughable joke. He has a lifetime of action while people like people like Rocky and Taylor Bowles have spent their time cowering in the trenches of white nationalism. Mullet will carry Bowles' publicity stunt into the real world and do something actually.

Maybe Mullet needs to go talk to a high school once a year. I hear that is like getting elected to the senate.

Anonymous said...

No self respecting White Nationalist would follow a nut job like Rocky S. from the ANP (American Nutsy Party). All these guys do is bash other groups, which is counterproductive & in my opinion, is Treasonous action (especially Johnathon Bowles). Paul Mullet is a good man that you can trust, with the leadership capability & tireless energy/devotion, that it takes to battle the evil forces that look to destroy our beloved white race. The ANP should be ashamed of themselves.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 8:31 A.M: You would increase your credibility if you referred to the American Nazi Party by its correct name and spell Bowles' first name properly.

However, I agree in part with your premise that Paul Mullet is being excessively savaged. Even if he does move from one group to another, he has been consistently and openly active under his own name. I respect his activism, which is why I didn't make an issue of it when he adopted the ridiculous title of "Reichsfuhrer" when he was heading up the ANSP.

The ANSP's eventual demise dates back to that unfortunate decision on his part.

Anonymous said...

I would accept support from the man in the moon, if it would achieve the 14 words. How can any sincere WN dispute that? Nit pickers are a dime a dozen. Get in the trenches and lets see what you can do.

Anonymous said...

AA, a creep is a creep, its that simple. White people don't need a lifelong con-artist criminal as their supposed representative. Mullet IS a lifelong criminal and would be locked up, or gotten rid of in an Aryan society.

Anonymous said...

You know, this "activity" by Paul Mullet the former 'Reichsfuhrer', who if he is lucky - has "37 members", rather than "37 chapters" -strikes me as being more creepily opportunistic than anything else. Once, when I campaigned for City Council in Livonia Michigan as an open WN in the 70's, I attended a candidates night forum, where people could see and hear the various candidates. I assembled my friends and few political supporters, so that I would have some applause as well. Lo and behold! In marched six or seven fully bedecked members of the local "SS Action Group" - hollywood nutzis in the extreme, even to the point of some of these long-haired, hippy types, donning steel helmets, along with their rumpled and dirty erzatz "SS" costumes and led by their pony-tailed mini-fuhrer Ted Dunn, who lived on welfare and later went to the Fed-Pen for selling hard drugs to White kids. Even though I had put out the word, that every WN in support should come ONLY in CIVILIAN dress - these clowns just HAD to come and MAKE a SCENE. And of course, add to those who sought to "discredit" me in the eyes of the masses. Is this a similar attempt to discredit the positive actions of the ANP to get involved in serious political activity? I suspect strongly, that Mullets handlers directed him to throw in a "monkey wrench". Either that, OR this perrenial seeker for "publicity" - because we all know, that he loves that coverage, even when he looks like a fool - isn't above doing ANYTHING to get it. Its like that supposed trip to Oregon to open a new "AN COMPOUND" - as IF any org out there, much less Mullets, has the cash to create a Butler-like compound! LMAO! Personally, I DON'T TRUST Paul Mullet - he carries way too much "baggage" - from both his personal lifestyle, AND his "message". This is the type that my "radar" states clearly...STAY AWAY FROM! Btw, yes - I received about 1,600 votes that election. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, you just admitted to having Jewish support. What makes you think anyone cares what you say?

Anonymous said...

Uh, no he didn't @ 6:38 - your lying makes you look like a fool.

Tim said...

Once again a charlatan and habitual conman like Paul Mullet is copying from the ANP and Bowles. Seems everyone in the pro-White Movement waits to see what the ANP and Bowles does and then copies it word-for-word like thieves. his was kinda expected. guess the NSM will copy the ANP and Rocky next.

Hey Mullet...why don't you go to the same website that Bowles has for his lobbying and copy it word for fake thieving asshole.

Anonymous said...

What a conman Mullet is. The NS Acumen of the Old Guard has Mullets entire criminal history on it. This man stole from White people for a longtime and now he says he represents them??? BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

I hope AA and everyone else is getting a good look at the real Taylor Bowles. Stealing ideas? I thought Bowles was so in it for the struggle! We are told constantly how he is down for the cause! No, he is an eccentrick weirdo with an ego problem.

Yes, Mullet will do a better job at lobbying than Bowles. Right now on his blog, Bowles is self congradulating over him supposedly sitting down with "veteran affairs" and talking about white veterans. If you believe that then welcome to the fantasy world of Taylor Bowles. At the same time he is calling Mullet a criminal. Poor out of touch with reality Bowles...he has a lengthy criminal record too. Bowles pulled 4 years in prison for arson and has dabbled in criminal enterprise ever since. And he has a right to point a finger at anyone criminal record? At least Mullet never ran for president or associated with Rocky Sahayda. Do you think you'll see Mullet back peddling and trying to sound mainstream like Rabbi Rocky? We'd all rather see a dependable rough houser with some balls than a feminine eccentric playing mini-Hitler while trying to avoid real activism or dirty looks from the Jews.

Anonymous said...

If you check the NS Acumen Of the Old Guard blog, yesterdays (6/21) post details Mullets criminal history.

Nobody should be making excuses for him, this new lobbying effort is just another swindle game.

Anonymous said...

I read Bowles' blog about Paul Mullet, and he has a news article that completely exposes mullets criminal background. For a young guy, he's sure been busy with the prison system, and thats only the crimes he was caught at. How many other crimes against white people, has this 'roughhouser, with balls' committed? He's dependable all right, you can depend upon him not to live and act as an Aryan should! Hitler would have put him in a camp, as a incorrigable, repeat criminal. Pam

Anonymous said...

Pam, what do you think Hitler would have done to Bowles for burning down a national socialist headquarters building?

Anonymous said...

Probasbly nothing 1:01PM since it wasn't an NS Headquarters in 1984. They closed in 1977 asshole.

Yuck_Fu said...

Blacks, Spics, Gooks all have their own lobbyists.. I guess it's only a hate group if you show favoritism to Whites. !WP!

Vick Rattlehed said...

Niggers, Spics, and Gooks- stop crying, bitches.

It's only racist when someone forms a group that is Pro-White?