Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Aftermath Of The May 2011 Mackinaw Street Fire: White Resident Of Buffalo, New York Says Blacks Ruin Neighborhoods, Gets Death Threats

On May 22nd, 2011, a vacant home on Mackinaw Street in Buffalo's first ward caught fire and burned to the ground. The fire was so hot it caused $10,000 in damage to an adjacent home. As the investigation proceeded, signs of arson began to be uncovered, leading to a federal grand jury indicting a local resident, Michael Fijal, of paying someone to purposely set the empty building on fire. The indictment was returned in January 2012; Fijal was arraigned, pleaded not guilty and was released; as of June 7th, he still awaits trial. Fijal reportedly owned several houses on Tennessee Street, where he lives, and was on the board of directors for the Old First Ward Housing Association, serving as the housing committee chair.

However, because Fijal is White, and the owner of the destroyed home is an immigrant from the Congo, the feds began snooping around to see if they could transform it into a "hate crime". FBI Special Agent Christopher Piehota said, "The elements of the case indicate there may be a hate crime motivated incident and we want to get to the bottom of it". So WIVB Channel 4 decided to interview residents of the neighborhood to find out if they believed race played a role in the crime, and they found one White resident who was willing to speak out frankly about what Jared Taylor has called "the color of crime". Although WIVB has their own video, a YouTube version is embedded below:

Summary: The unidentified White man, who has lived in the Old First Ward for more than 30 years, said "People in these neighborhoods don't want those type of people moving down here and destroying the property value. So when things like that happen, it shouldn't such a shock." When asked what he meant by "those types of people", he responded "Minorities. African Americans." He further explained, ..."I own a home and I see what happens when they move into the neighborhood. Property value goes down, kids on the corner, crime goes up. The east side used to be a beautiful place; look what they did to that."

Of course, the man is talking primarily about the Black underclass; namely, the hood rats or ghetto trash. But the problem is that too many middle-class Black leaders have not only failed to confront the misbehavior of the Black underclass, but have actually encouraged it. Black leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Ben Jealous constantly excuse Black misbehavior by playing the race card. Furthermore, Black majority cities like Detroit, Camden, and East St. Louis are uninhabitable for civilized folk of any race. After 45 years of this, is it any wonder that Whites begin to believe that separation is the only effective answer?

Aftermath: The man called into the Shredd and Ragan show on 103.3 The Edge to explain his opinions further and to report that he has received death threats after his comments aired on WIVB on Thursday June 7th. An audio embed is posted below:

Additional Reaction: The man gets strong support at Stormfront, on White News Now, and on American Renaissance. A sampling of Stormfront comments below (after the jump):

Watson 11: The guy is right. I'm from NY and have family in Buffalo. My grandpa is from the east side and the neighborhood used to be BEAUTIFUL. Now it looks like a bomb went through it. Buffalo ranked among the most dangerous cities in the country last year, and you would be disgusted to see what the east side looks like.

Watson11: I hate how in the radio interview one of the guys says he moved into white neighborhoods where white people sold drugs and trashed the neighborhood. I would love to have heard what neighborhood that was. Because I know the Buffalo area very well and I can assure you that there is not a single white neighborhood that has as much crime and shootings as the east side does. I was in Buffalo once, on the north side (the nicest part, the whitest part), but we were close to the east side. We were sitting on a family friend's front porch talking and heard "bang bang bang," three shots in the distance. About 60 seconds later, sirens. One of my cousins teacher's house is near the east side, and he said she told the class her house was ransacked, thousands of dollars worth of stuff was stolen.

White neighborhoods that are trashy may have one scumbag who grows weed and sells it, smokes it, etc... but guess what? How many people does he jump every day, shoot, rob, etc? How much graffiti is he spraying on peoples houses? How many innocent kids are being caught in crossfire on playgrounds in white neighborhoods?

Fulminata: Blacks ruined my old neighborhood. Yeah, its a bit of a generalization obviously, not every black person is a criminal or keeping a dirty house, but enough are that the old neighborhood is a craphole. You cant have a nice, middle class neighborhood made into a ghetto by only a few bad apples.

From American Renaissance:

sbuffalonative: Buffalo has been rated the 5th poorest US city and the 6th or 7th most segregated city. It's also overwhelmingly Democrats. No one ever seems to make this connection.

What this man did was nothing short of courageous. However, this isn't the end of the story, it's only the beginning.

This man is going to be crucified by the 'progressive'-liberal establishment. As I noted in a previous post, Rev. Darius Pridgen (who is also a member of the Buffalo Common Council ) spent a great deal of time talking about this man being a landlord. The implication being that racist landlords in south Buffalo are a serious problem that needs to be adressed.

Until recently, south Buffalo was overwhelmingly white and long been condemned as a racist enclave. The city of Buffalo and HUD have been closing housing project to 'decentralize' blacks and they have been sending them to south Buffalo. Two birds with one stone; decentralize blacks and break-up a racist, white community.

While I applaud this man for speaking the truth he also put a target on the back of south Buffalo. We are going to be slammed with stories and reports, demands for inclusion and tolerance, and calls for more 'die-versity'.

Right now, Buffalo News editorialist, Donn Esmonde, is busy penning a hate piece condemning this man and segregation in south Buffalo.

Lucas Evans: That's how the blacks keep whitey inline. Pure violent intimidation. That is exactly why every white person who feels this way should do exactly as he did. We've been running (white flight) for 50 years. Either we stand our ground NOW, while we are still a majority or we surrender and guarantee our children will be slaves until our race and culture go extinct.

Anon12 (partial): ..."Good" blacks? Where, may I ask? Makes you "sad" that THEY have to suffer because of the bad blacks?

Pardon me, but I do not believe there are very many "good" blacks and even if there were what difference would it make? Those "good" ones will never come to our defense nor help us in any way and you should know that by now. In fact, they are the enablers of the bad blacks.


Anonymous said...


They ruined the whole damned country!

Anonymous said...

Denial of painfully obvious truths is a big part of ZOGs act. Sadly, lots and lots of White people believe the lies, though some wise up to the truth after some real experience.

I just read online that in Chicago there were 21 shootings in a 12 hour span, Sat. night to Sunday morning. Probably all on the South and West sides aka negro territory.

ZOG can keep throwing money at the problem, the black "leaders" can make all the bs excuses they want. It aint gonna change. You cant civilize savages. Never has worked, never will.

This White man in the article said what so many Whites know, and now he's getting death threats.

I recall several years back, Bill Cosby did speak up about blacks needing to clean up their act and stop blaming everything on racism. naturally he was called an Uncle Tom.

Maybe there a few decent blacks, but they are so few and far between as to be quite insignificant. Even some that seem "good" will keep making excuses for their "bros and hoes."

It dont matter Whitey, that you "arent racist" are open minded, tolerant, an Xtian, etc. Niggers are gonna act like niggers, you can always count on that.

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Anonymous said...

It's the elephant in the room everyone ignores. Niggers ruin the neighborhood. Oh yea, there are "middle class" niggers, whatever that is.

Some blacks are upstanding citizens. The problem is the other 90% who are not.

White people make plans to goto the Nroth West, the new all white homeland. No niggers, no spics.

Ray Davis

Anonymous said...

I would certainly consider the Northwest if I thought it was a solution, but in all honesty there really is no safe haven. There are Somali refugee niggers in places like Idaho and Maine, amazingly.
ZOG will make sure they spread the shit around evenly. Hey, there's gotta be some niggers they can out to work in the local post office, no matter how White the town. LOL.

We Whites need to work on the communities we are in. We gotta stop running.
Also, I think your numbers are slightly off. I'd say 95% of blacks give the rest a bad name.

Anonymous said...

ALL of North America WAS an 'all white homeland', until white people ran away instead of standing their ground and fighting for what WAS theirs. Now you want whites to run away AGAIN? Not ME! Its time to organize and fight where we are! Hail the ANP! 88!

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Before we start pointing fingers, how about cleaning up the WN movement of all the freaks and wierdo's who pollute it? This Rocky guy of the ANP has the right idea, its too bad so many other orgs refuse to follow his example.

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I was born in 1940 back then every one got along.Then around 1956 race problems started. Of all places Crystal Beach Canada.I was there with four other couples when all hell broke out. People were stabbed for no reason other than being white.I got my group out of the main part of it to a small police station.We heared the Crystal Beach Boat horn our only means of getting home to Buffalo. Again stabbing and fights for the ride home.We put the women on the stage the guys them formed a ring around them and fought all the way home. Is this how people get respect. Then the riots in the East Side, River Side,and now we can't walk down a street for fear of being mugged during the day time. WHY