Thursday, May 31, 2012

White Nationalist "Victim" Steven Speers Exposed By Stormfront As A Possible Antifa Mole In The ARA Terrorist Attack In Tinley Park

Screenshot of Cook County booking photo of Steven Speers
As a result of the ARA terrorist attack on the Illinois European Heritage Association group meeting at the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, IL, five antifa were charged with felony mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property. But two member of the heritage group, Francis John Gilroy Jr. and Steven Eugene Speers, were also arrested. Gilroy was charged with unlawful possession of weapons by a felon, while Speers was wanted on a warrant from Dallas County, TX, for possession of child pornography.

However, strong circumstantial evidence has now emerged indicating that Steven Speers, who currently hails from Grand Forks, ND, may have been an antifa mole specifically tasked to infiltrate the heritage group and orchestrate the ARA attack. The evidence is first alluded to in this Stormfront post. But it is on page 20 of the thread entitled "Five charged in Chicago attack! Here are their names" that the bulk of the evidence is presented.

Steven Speers is now verified to have posted on Stormfront as "Steven the Viking", and masqueraded as a white nationalist. A poster named Dark Sorrow has compiled considerable evidence against Speers, and documents links in this post. Dark Sorrow postulates that Steven Speers had access to the computer and the email account of Beckie Williams at some point, which would explain how antifa were able to hack it and publish the contents on One Peoples Project and other antifa sites.

Speers gets around. Although currently from Grand Forks, his child pornography warrant originates from Texas. Further research uncovered his Inmate Release Information Detail from the Northwest Florida Reception Center (NWFRC) Annex in 2009, where he was serving time for felony battery. His release address was given as DeFuniak Springs, FL. So in the space of three years, Speers has jumped from Florida to Texas to North Dakota. But even more significantly, Speers is described as having the "circle A" anarchy tattoo on the right side of his chest, along with a neck tattoo saying "Who's Next" and a "circle A" tattoo on the left arm. Had he appeared shirtless before the heritage group, that would have been a dead giveaway.

A photo referenced HERE, represented to be Speers' chest but omitting his head, shows two of the tattoos. Apparently the terms "left" and "right" are with respect to the reader's viewpoint. The anarchy tattoo on the right side is to the reader's right rather than the right side of his body.

Antifa sources are not acknowledging their ownership of Speers. One People's Project continues to cover his ass by representing him as one of us. However, thanks to some Stormfront researchers, the cat is out of the bag. Of course, the fact that Speers is wanted for child pornography does not exactly encourage ARA to claim him.

White Nationalist Reaction: On Stormfront, Merk0331 writes in part, "That sick POS! I spent time emailing him about how to fix his brothers artificial leg. Probably either wanted to worm his way in with that story or wanted us to give him money. Parts of his story didn't quite add up... but I'm suspicious about everybody online"...

On VNN Forum, Angel Ramsey writes, "This person contacted me on SF [Stormfront]. He was spreading lies about the Kelso's [Jamie Kelso, webmaster of White News Now]. They were kind enough to help him move to N. Dakota. This is obviously a very sick individual. He had a lot of people fooled".


Anonymous said...

Far too many people involved in this "movement", have the naive mentality of a child ( some, of a disabled child ) who "trusts" far too easily "anybody" if they spout the "right" lines. LOOK at this creature - would you REALLY want him around your CHILDREN? Posting in a forum or chatroom, carries ZERO weight with me - no matter "WHAT" someone writes. I often review the enemies websites, to see what they are saying. Its getting shameful how MUCH info these people get from movementites THEMSELVES. Over on OPP there's a guy BOASTING about how much information they glean of these posts, and laughing about it! Also, I think its comical how this "movement" puts so much CREDENCE on these publicity hounds who are showered with coverage in the ENEMIES media - like they think, so and so got some free publicity again, in the jews-media - gosh, he's gotta be one fantastic dude! Did you ever pause and wonder WHY the jews are GIVING so and so - so much "FREE PUBLICITY"? Could it be that they are building up so and so, as a "well known rallying point" - to get impressional people to "wanna hook up with this 'important' person/group? They certainly aren't doing it out of the goodness of their hearts - Lincoln Rockwell often spoke about getting the "silent treatment" meant to keep his organization OUT of sight, out of mind, not growing - have the jews had a CHANGE of HEART? OR, are these the persons/groups that the enemy WANTS to channel people towards, and WHY? People, I've said this before and I'll repeat myself - THIS IS NOT SOME GAME - its damn SERIOUS, or OUGHT to BE! So many TALK about INFILTRATION - yet, they ACT like it doesn't exist - WISE UP and act accordingly. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Jamie Kelso aided this guy? What does that say about Kelso?

Anonymous said...

The guy looks like a member of the Manson family. Sometimes you certainly can judge a book by its cover. He got access to the computer and e-mail of this Beckie Williams. How?

Rocky is right, so many people feel the need to "share" so much on the forums. Im sure the Israelis wish the Palestinian dissedents, y'know the "terrorists" as they call them LOL, would be so open and post the "who and where" details of their events online.

Tom Smith said...

What does it say about Kelso? Not a damn thing. How would Kelso know anything about his past?

Some people are such dipshits it isn't even funny.

Anonymous said...

He looks like he would fit right in, in the NSM. I'm sure that Schoep would make him an officer of something, maybe his youth corps.

Ward Kendall said...

On the contrary: if it is true that Jamie Kelso (rumored to be a homosexual and "possible" sexual deviant) had dealings with another, proven sexual deviant then it adds credence to all the suspicions surrounding him. For years similar suspicions surrounded Kevin Alfred Strom, and the lying shits running the National Alliance and Stormfront savagely suppressed the ugly truth - UNTIL it burst on the national media. Strom is human filth, and many have stated he was very "close" to Jaime Kelso, that the two even acted alike and sounded alike. So it's no surprise that that bucket of shit "Speers" turned out to be what he is. Unfortunately, THIS website will probably write a sobbing apology for him.

Disgusting to the extreme.
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