Sunday, May 27, 2012

White Civil Rights Activists Report Receiving Physical Threats From Antifa Terrorists Because Of Condemnation Of Antifa Terrorist Attack In Tinley Park

Antifa Nicholas Koehler, who's posted physical threats against white activists
A number of White civil rights activists who've taken a public stand against the antifa terrorist attack on the Restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois are now reporting that they've been the recipient of a number of physical threats from antifa terrorists around the country. This includes threats against their children. Furthermore, WhiteRabbitRadio is being targeted for a prospective takedown during one of their broadcasts.

The information has been published by Scott K. Ernest, who posts as Mjodr on this Stormfront thread. Mjodr writes:

Sadly, I have no article to go with this, because we are actually living it. Plus, the only links I have give out personal information of several of us. I am going to put as little info in this as possible.. for safety reasons, but it needs to be said in the open.

Due to the outrage many of us have at the Tinley Park Terrorism incident, those of us speaking up are now being targeted.

Several victims have had accounts hacked, including a specific threat towards anyone associated with her that was in her hacked items. (Including myself)

Another victim has received death threats by phone.

The last I checked, that is witness intimidation.

Also, due to my efforts to get their blogs shut down, as well as the site they are trying to raise money for legal defense... I am now receiving them as well on Facebook.

This is what happens when we speak out against violence. Funny how that goes.

Because of safety considerations, Mjodr must be somewhat circumspect. One of the reasons Mjodr has been specifically targeted by antifa is because the online accounts of one of the White activists at Tinley Park was hacked by antifa, and Mjodr's personal information was in that account. Southside ARA brags about the hacking and posts the personal info of some of the White activists HERE.

Mjodr has been discussing the threats with the FBI and the Flathead County Sheriff's Department. He's also called the Polk County (FL) Sheriff's Department and will be calling a prosecutor in Illinois. The primary reason he's consulting with the FBI is not so much for his personal benefit; the Montana Human Rights Network is all bark and no bite. It is for the benefit of those in much greater danger, particularly those who live in states that impose greater restrictions upon Second Amendment freedoms. Some hobbyists are advising Mjodr to back down, but he's having none of it.

Another Stormfront regular, Boy Howdy, also reported receiving e-mail threats; he forwarded the e-mails to the respective hosts.

Mjodr identifies two sources of the threats by name; Michael Haley of Vallejo, CA (who has a GhettoHash page HERE), and Nicholas Koehler of San Francisco. Koehler posted a number of threats on his RoamingRadical Twitter account; here are some of the more pertinent Tweets (after the jump):


Anonymous said...

You should ask Bill White to go get the antifa's addresses for you.

Not that there are many white activists who would have the courage to then go do what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

Too many people in this "movement" think that its a fun hobby, when they've got nothing better to do to occupy their time. They go about their lives, acting like typical systemite lemmings - ie PERSONAL information on sites like "facebook" - thinking it won't ever come back to bite them on their ass. Bottom line IS - either start taking what your involved in SERIOUSLY, and become 100% SECURITY MINDED in everything you do - or QUIT "playing around" in something which IS in all honesty quite risky in many ways. LEARN from others, or your own past mistakes - and don't leave unnecessary info on your computers. Don't mindlessly "trust" everybody, thinking "oh, he's a brother" ( HE says he is...) - until he's PROVEN it 101%, and even then its on a NEED to KNOW basis. Either LISTEN and LEARN - or, - learn the HARD WAY! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Dear AA:

You may want to know that one of the organizers of that WN meeting in Tinley Park, IL was a very well known Movement provocateur "Eli James" of Chicago, IL. Strangely enough, he did not show up himself due to a "family issue!" You put two and two together...