Friday, May 25, 2012

Supporters Of Tinley Park ARA Terrorists Solicit Legal Defense Funds On WePay In Violation Of WePay's Terms Of Service

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Supporters of the five ARA terrorists arrested and charged for the attack on the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois on May 19th, 2012 have set up a donation portal on WePay to solicit funds for the legal defense of the five. As of this post, they've collected a paltry $875 out of a desired $250,000. You can clearly see from the screenshot below that the primary purpose of the fund is for legal defense.

No problem, right? Everyone has a right to raise money for a legal defense. However, read the Terms of Service for the WePay website:

Notice the prohibition listed on the very bottom. WePay forbids users from using their site to raise money for legal fees. Seems like antifa can't read.

However, a number of people on Stormfront can read, and have brought the problem to the attention of the WePay webmasters. You can do this by clicking the LiveChat With WePay Support button on the bottom right hand corner. Here's a sample of how the resultant conversation will go:

→Does your website support the funding of terroristic actions?

Alex: Hey there!

Alex: We don't support anything that promotes violence

→I'm looking at a part of your site now where they are raising bail money for terrorists that attacked a restaurant.

Alex: Oh geez. Can you send us a link?


→Attacked a restaurant. Put people, including the owner, in the hospital.

Alex: I'll make sure that our processing team knows about this campaign.

→Thank you. The victims are already aware about this.

Alex: Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I really appreciate it.

→You're welcome. Have a great night.

Alex: You too

Or you can start out the chat by asking, "Did you know that one of your users is using your site to raise legal defense funds for the Tinley Park Five in violation of your Terms of Service?" This is the actual reference URL:

Originally, I though that if they got enough complaints, WePay would pull the account. Not so -- WePay has found a way to dodge the issue. They now claim that as long as the money doesn't go directly to lawyers, it's not a ToS violation. WePay has a financial relationship with Bancorp, whose contact information is listed HERE.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people. LOL

Funny how this type of stuff only happens in Illinois. Where a CWP isn't allowed. They can try any time in the south. They would need funeral expense, not legal in that case.

Advanced White Society said...

There are a lot of good people on Stormfront, just as there are many good people in most of the organizations out there.
Even if people do not like certain groups, or leaders of groups it shouldn't be taken out on the entire group.
This is just another item that should show how important it is to work together.

Anonymous said...

Jason, the only, big problem with your kind of thinking is - unless you are associated with proven GOOD PEOPLE - associating with groups that DO have questional types ( to state the least, like nsm ) is like playing Russian Roulette...THEY have a high probability of #1 getting you into trouble or, #2 infecting your members with their attitudes/behaviors. This "big tent" thinking of "one big happy family" working together, is nonsense. Hitler had it correct, when he wrote in Mein Kampf that unity of eight cripples doesn't create one warrior. Uniting decent, sincere people with orgs that allow race--mixers, pedophiles, drug-dealers, and other mentally unstable, dysfunctions - is the quickest way to lose them! Better ten quality people than a hundred dregs! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Advanced White Society said...

This was a statement and I will still stand by it. There are many good people in most of the organizations out there.
I do think that organizations should better police themselves and their membership but you should not lump all the members into broad statements because of a few.
There are members of several groups that I really like and will work with even if I would not work with the group itself.
As for unity, I never see the White Pride Movement becoming unified. This is one of the reasons I will not align the A.W.S. with any group and I will also keep to our policy of not bad mouthing any of them.
I see the issues with aligning with other orgs, I also see the issues when it comes to badmouthing other orgs.
People see the facts when it comes to what groups do or allow the membership to do, and on the other hand the biggest complaint I always hear is about how dis-functional this movement is with all this nonsense of in fighting and bad mouthing of each other.
Just because I will not badmouth anyone does not make it as I have aligned myself with them, I just chose to focus on the work that needs to be done.
My previous statement was not to suggest we align ourselves with all the organizations, but we should be able to work with all the good people with in the movement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Al Capone had some really nice people in his mob, just because they were a part of Capone's ruthless mob doesn't mean that they condoned what Big Al did! Same with those people who remain in the NSM after all this shit coming out lately about Cliff Herrington of Joy of Satan, Brian Holland the Fed, JT Ready the baby slayer, and of course Jeff Schoep the race mixer. Com'on any decent WN would be out and away from that group pronto! Those who stay associated with them, must be ok with it. Calvin

Anonymous said...

Billy Roper tried the same thing as this 'AWS', bringing people together, and we all see where it went. No where. Now he's hanging out with the CI crowd, no where else to go for him. People need something to rally around like an ideology, and generalizations about white pride ain't gonna cut it. Those idiots over on rain-cloud forum are acually boasting about going to the FBI and asking for their help! Are we dealing with morons here, or just rightwing tards who still believe in their beloved system? LMAO Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Rocky.
For example, I do give the NSM credit for the times they faced off against the antifa crap and the muds, in the streets. This is the ONE thing I could admire about the NSM. It does give me great joy to see an ARA dirtbag get a richly deserved ass-kicking.

But, I could never overlook the crimes of Scheop and company. It was known to many for awhile that the NSM had a lot of bad things about it, but now everyone knows how rotten they are. Anyone still with that group, or wanting to associate with them should be shunned.

Anonymous said...

Jason, if you don't condemn evil, then you apparently condone it, or are willing to 'overlook' it. Thats very bad in a white leader. A real leader takes the flak from those exposed as the price of his position. What does it say, when a leader avoids hard issues, simply to look like a nice guy? To me, it says loud and clear, here is a guy who's wishy-washy to the hilt! One thing that I admire about Chairman Suhayda, is that he'll take a stand against whats wrong in our movement, even if others are too afraid, or unpopular, and so far he's batting 1000. Everything, yes everything he stated about Jeff Schoep, the NSM , Paul Mullet and countless others for now, and years ago, has turned out to be the truth. Yes, he was pilloried for it by many in the movement, but if it wasn't for him and the ANP, these turds wouldn't have been exposed. I'm willing to give you a chance and see what you can accomplish, but you better grow a pair, and not only cut ties with garbage, but openly denounce them, soon. Gary Crowders

Anonymous said...

Heike started up this new internet club, simply because he wanted to be a Grand Poohbah. After being the top dog over on new saxon, and seeing all these anonymous net-nazi's mouthing off, he thought that they would be a wonderful pond to fish in, unfortunately he's not spent a long enough time in the movement to understand the worth value of them, which is zero. Apparently, Heike was never a National Socialist, not did he become one during his sojorn as nsm chief of staff, otherwise he would have joined the efforts of the ANP as a common member and worked his way up to a more prominant position, if he really had what it takes. So, instead of helping to build a solid organization, he chose to form another of these 'sucker groups' as Rocky calls them, splintering the movement even more. Thanks Jason! I have faith that this new clublet will be the savior of us all, the one we've been waiting for with baited breath yeah. After all, look at what you were able to accomplish with nsm, during your time as deputy fuhrer! Btw, are you BLIND? Paul K.

Anonymous said...

The notion of Jason or anyone else who is serious joining the Anp is laughable. Nobody wants to be involved in the feminie muck racking, the slander or just constant whining. They are nearly devoid of any actual activism. And why would anyone want to associate with the likes of Taylor Bowles? Let's be realistic here. The ANP is the last stop for most anybody into ns. Most of their members arent welcome anywhere and joining the ANP just compounds that fact.

And Rocky has the nerve to call another group "an Internet group"? If you break it down, all the ANP is is a gossip circle who goes to one high school a year to spread their gossip. What a joke!

Can anyone see Jason Heike standing next to Albert Lieberfarb while Taylor Bowles begs for money and slams everybody in the book? Nobody wants to be involved in that crap. But if Jason left to avoid drama, be warned, any activism he does will be attacked by the ANP. It is sad but that is the way it is. They think they'll win members by proving how bad other groups are. Hopefully Jason will stand up to them and outshine them like most have.

Anonymous said...

Why can't anyone see that the ANP is actually doing what NS was made to do? Being NS means you are POLITICAL, NOT A DEMONSTRATOR WHO GIVES THE MEDIA GOOD STORIES FOR BAD PROPAGANDA!! Sticking with anyone who does as the NSM did and creating a lot of different NS clubs does nothing but prolongs any true political gain. The ANP has to work double time with their efforts due to the idiocracy that is caused by the "Neo-Nazis", as the media calls them, performing demonstrations that get nothing but bad publicity. Also, the AWS seems to have dropped the Swastika, which is something WE SHOULD NEVER DO. This is the symbol that NS was formed around, which is what gives us all a common bond, but only if you are true NS. This disgusts me to think that nobody is seeing this but the ANP. It's ok though, because in the end, the ANP will prevail. I have great faith in the Chairman and Taylor Bowles, no matter what anyone else may think about them. They stand for something too many people these days that claim to be NS can't even compare too. Downing them just shows you have no true understanding of anything that deals with NS. HAIL THE ANP!!! ANP14.COM