Friday, May 04, 2012

Preponderance Of Evidence Now Shows That J.T. Ready Was The Triggerman In The Gilbert Massacre

A new Arizona Republic story entitled "Court document sheds more light into shooting" indicates that a preponderance of the evidence now shows that, like it or not, J.T. Ready was the triggerman in what is becoming known as the Gilbert massacre.

Shortly after 1:00 P.M. on May 2nd, an argument broke out between J.T. Ready and his girlfriend, Lisa Lynn Mederos. When it escalated, Lisa called 911. After she suddenly shouted "Oh my God", the call was disconnected. Moments later, a second 911 call came from Lisa's 19-year-old daughter Brittany, who told the dispatcher that her mother, sister Amber, and Amber's baby, Lilly, were all shot. She not only identified Ready as the shooter, but also told the dispatcher he was trying to flee in a black Chevrolet Impala later found parked in the street in a direct line to the driveway of the house. After police arrived, Britney told them that she had heard Ready arguing with her mother and sister, and then moments later, heard the gunshots. Found outside the house was ready and Ready and Jim "Jambob" Hiott; the three female victims were inside. Ironically, Ready and Hiott engaged in border patrols together as members of the U.S. Border Guard.

Well, there you have it. The smoking gun. There can no longer be any doubt. ZOG didn't do it. The cartels didn't do it. J.T. Ready did it, and it does not denigrate his memory to own up to it, since he did that when he pulled the trigger, for whatever reason he did it. Ready met Lisa a year ago, occasionally staying at her home overnight, then moved in with her six months ago after being fired from a job at AutoZone; there was one previous police response to the home. Ready also allegedly has a troubled past with other women, including a Scottsdale woman who filed an order of protection against him in 2009, and another woman in Ready's Mesa apartment complex who in 2003 accused him of stalking, spying, frequently calling and trying to kiss her. Our people may be oppressed by ZOG, but they still can sin, and sometimes they sin big time.

Police made a considerable haul when they searched the house. FBI agents seized two computer towers and two laptop computers, correspondence, various cellphones, police and Nazi uniforms, and National Socialist Movement propaganda. In addition there were approximately two dozen military ordinance/40 millimeter grenades with explosives and tear gas, two AR-style assault rifles, multiple rounds of ammunition, and pyrotechnic and military style flares. The Phoenix New Times reports that six of the grenades specifically were anti-tank grenades, said to be at least 20 years old.

-- 17-page search warrant document available HERE.

As for the U.S. Border Guard, although it has indefinitely suspended its website out of respect for the deceased, it will continue operation. Harry Hughes, a close friend of Ready's and a regional director with the NSM, said he plans to continue his own one-to-two man desert patrols. "Just because Mr. Ready is no longer with us doesn't mean we're going to stop," Hughes said. "After we pay our last respects and get our ducks back in a row, I'm pretty sure business will continue. I don't think JT would have wanted us to stop."

Harry Hughes is still skeptical that J.T. Ready is responsible. In his latest post, he says that Mexican cartels can operate with impunity in any American neighborhood, and law enforcement cannot effectively protect the public against them. Once Americans realize that the cartels can murder them in their own homes, they will panic, so law enforcement softpedals the threat to prevent widespread panic in the civilian population and potential racial reprisals against illegal aliens in the USA. Hughes has a B.S. degree in natural science, and also studied analytical chemistry and criminology, and he doesn't believe that one can reach an absolute conclusion of any incident simply by the position of bodies, especially if the crime scene is contaminated by first responders and a swarm of federal agents.

Update: Another one of Ready's compadres has weighed in. Chris Drake, who is also the author of Cruel New World, and who patrolled with Ready in the desert, writes in this post that the J.T. Ready he knew seemed incapable of committing such an act. While on patrol, everybody's safety was his first concern. He would stick his neck out for anybody who came out to help, and was quick to assist strangers in trouble on the road.


Anonymous said...

This is very very sad, very tragic.

However, as AA says:

"Our people may be oppressed by ZOG, but they still can sin, and sometimes they sin big time."

I never put anything past ZOG, as evil as they are. But, Ready is YET ANOTHER case of a real "misfit" with the track record to vouch for his character flaws.

Im not asking for anyone to be a saint, im not one myself, but how much sinning can we take from both leaders and rank and file?

Race mixing, gambling, drunks, dope heads, dope dealers, wife and child abusers, petty criminals, embezzlers who skim the membership $$$, profiteer merchandisers, ego maniacs, crazies who suffer from delusions, pathological liars, occultists, homos, and just plain losers who seem to have nothing better to do than "play nazi"

Im sure I left out a bunch.

Look, I know that no one is perfect, but so damn much of this "movement" is a freak show.

I know we can do better than this.

Dolly said...

There are those that excuse JT Ready's murder rampage and say "Let's all live together in peace and harmony and not degrade the dead and merrily rub dick heads together in joy". BULLSHIT! JT Ready was a lawbreaker and a woman abuser and a murderer.

I feel sorry for the American Nazi Party of Rocky Suhayda. They do positive great things and the freaks come along from other groups and ruin the image of White Racialists.

Anonymous said...

The NS ACUMEN of the Old Guard blog is pounding JT Ready and the NSM. I like the writer of that BLOG because he doesn't hold any punches when exposing Movement turds.

Harry L. Hughes III said...

Unfortunately, the press and the police have lied to the American people so many times before, it's hard to know what the real truth is. I will always have some doubts, simply because of this fact.

In this case alone, the media has repeatedly made false and misleading statements.

FBI: Can’t rule out sixth person in Gilbert shootingFBI documents show investigators can’t conclusively rule out a sixth person who may have been in the Mederos home in Gilbert.

Anonymous said...

Since the bodies of both males were found outside the house, and the living daughter said Ready was trying to excape in a black car, maybe he didn't commit suicide. Perhaps the mortally shot son in law, shot and killed this coward Ready, dispite Ready's having worn body armor to the massacre? And HE'S the HERO in this whole mess? Both male bodies were said to have pistols beside them...

Anonymous said...

Actual Court Document:

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:08 P.M: Thanks for the link; I've now incorporated it into the post.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Suhayda was right as always...

I agree with what Dolly at 1:50am said "I feel sorry for the American Nazi Party of Rocky Suhayda. They do positive great things and the freaks come along from other groups and ruin the image of White Racialists."

Porky said...

JT Ready did it. No doubt. Those that are trying to sugar-coat it are wrong and trying to make him a hero. They need to stop because they look stupid. Let's all bring the stories back that Hitler escaped to South America and been sighted. That's about as believable as Ready is innocent.

Anonymous said...

Harry, I'll always have some doubts about YOU, and this racially mixed militia club. The fact that your mighty baby-killing poohbah had WMD and that the Feds aren't kicking all your doors down makes me think this is a honey-pot scam, meant to sucker in mentally challenged WN like Chris Drake. You know of course that he's got aspergers syndrome don't you? Easy to prey of poor, simpletons like that, who are desperate for friends. Some armyman you are, gets stuck in some sand near a highway for three days, while cars wizz on by, and has to be rescued by Tubby. LMAO Why didn't you call some of your meztizo pals to give you some of that Brown Power, er a PUSH!

Anonymous said...

Not that I really care about any of this. Not that I support this site either. I only came accross this because the news story doesn't seem right. What floors me is how stupid everyone is. No one has yet determined what bullets were used, what gun they were fired from or what the trajectory was. None of that can be determined by an officer responding to the scene, that's all forensics. That being said, reading the search warrant section for probable cause I found several questonable statements within it and am wondering why no one else is catching them.

1. “The female caller advised there was an argument occuring in the residence. The caller yelled “ Oh my God” and the line then disconnected”

2. “At 1310 hours, the female called back and advised she heard gunshots and found her mother, sister and niece were all shot. She believed the shooter , indentified as Jason Todd Ready, was attemptig to flee the residence in a black chevrolet impala. Initial responding officers arrived at the residence and discovered that the black impala was parked in front of the residence on the street.”

3. “During a subsequent interview of the 911 caller, she stated she was in her bedroom and heard Ready arguing with her mother and sister. The argument stopped for a few minutes. The caller then heard the gunshots. When the gunshots stopped, she exited the bedroom and discovered the three female victims. She then called 911 again.”

4. “The witness indicated that Ready was supposed to have a visitor at the house, however, she did not know who the visitor was or whether he showed up”

5. “Interviews conducted by investigating officers determined there were additional vehicles at or near the residence at the time of the shooting. The investigation has not yet determined whether other individuals were present and/or if the unidentified visitor was present at the time of the shooting.”

So, the girl saw nothing. She exited the bedroom after the gunshots stopped and found her mother,sister and niece dead but did not see that the nieces father and Ready were dead. Made no mention of whereabouts of nieces father...

Ready was expecting an unkown visitor. other vehicles were seen parked at/near residence at time of shooting, yet these vehicles left after witnessing a man supposedly shoot a man and then commit suicide...

Would you leave after seeing something like that if you were just an innocent witness? Just going by those statements it doesn't it sound suspicious? I think so. I don't know who Ready was, nor do I care, but this all seems really fishy and I cannot believe no one else has evaluated these statements. People really live in the white and are pretty blind and stupid if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

911 Calls are released:

At the end of the news report video, the full 911 calls are available.