Monday, May 28, 2012

OnePoll Survey Reveals That One Of Every Three Britons Admits To "Racist" Feelings, But Effects Of "Positive Discrimination" Against Whites Ignored

On May 28th, 2012, the Daily Mail reports that a national poll shows that one out of every three Britons surveyed admits to "racist" feelings. A group called OnePoll surveyed 2,000 adults who were asked to honestly express their feelings about foreign nationals living and working in the U.K., and 88 per cent of the respondents identified themselves as "White British".

A spokesman for OnePoll admitted that the definition of racism could be subjective, saying "What one person deems inappropriate the next person may not". In the past, some British agencies have put forth absolutely ludicrous definitions of racism; in 2008, the National Children's Bureau, which receives £12 million a year in public funding, suggested that white toddlers who display an aversion to spicy foods could be considered "racist". More recently, ITV was forced to apologize after it allowed reporter Richard Pallot to refer to black players as "coloured" twice during a report on an anti-racism summit.

Highlights: While no detailed crosstabs are provided, here are the more significant findings.

-- One in three admitted regularly making comments or being involved in discussions which could be considered racist.

-- One in ten admitted they had been accused of being a racist by someone close to them.

-- Around 40 per cent confessed to using the phrase "I’m not a racist, but..." when discussing race issues facing Britain today.

-- One in five accept the fact people around them make disparaging remarks about different ethnic groups - and are not bothered by it.

-- Those over 55 were found to have the highest degree of race consciousness, followed by the 18-24 age demographic. Note that the Daily Mail shows media bias by describing them as having "a chip on their shoulder".

The government's policy of mass immigration was cited as a leading factor. The poll revealed that 71 percent said they felt the open doors approach to foreign nationals was fueling racist feelings, while one in six respondents demanded Britain close its doors to anyone who is not a UK national. But another factor fueling an increase in white race consciousness is completely ignored. The U.K. actually practices what's called "positive discrimination"; it positively discriminates against Whites, particularly in public sector employment. This means that in a tie between a White and a non-White to fill a job vacancy, the non-White gets picked, because it is presumed that the non-White is a permanent victim of "historical racism".

British National Party Reaction: The BNP, which is still the leading nationalist political force in the U.K., has not reacted specifically to this story. However, on May 23rd, they published a story about how ex-England footballer John Barnes attacked traditional British culture by claiming that classical authors such as Agatha Christie, Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling, and Edgar Rice Burroughs have made Britain a nation of "passive racists" by depicting the white British imperialists as superior and native people as barbarians. But undermining Barnes' credibility is the fact that he was not born in the U.K., but in Kingston, Jamaica, so one cannot be precisely sure where Barnes' loyalty really lies. In a separate article, the BNP also noted that although the present government promised to cut net migration to under 100,000, it hit 252,000 this week. They add that under the previous Labour government, 5.2 million foreign immigrants arrived in the UK while 2 million left.

It should be noted that dissident BNP members have broken away and formed the British Freedom Party because of lack of transparency regarding BNP accounting returns, and growing misgivings about the conduct of the BNP leader, Nick Griffin. The BFP has formed a de facto alliance with the English Defence League, which is patriotic but not nationalist.

White Nationalist Reaction: Discussion has just begin on Stormfront Britain and the Vanguard News Network Forum.


Anonymous said...

Commander Rockwell said back in the 60s that the UK was 10 years ahead of the US in terms of political correctness.

Modern Britain is such a nightmare, Orwell was "spot on" with his prediction, as the Brits would say.

Awhile back I read on another site where someone said that Britain today is so mentally and spiritually sick that the British people would probably go along with a mandatory race mixing program, if all Brits were ordered to mix with non-Whites.

I know not British people are lost, but WNs like the National Front have it much tougher than we do here, with the commie style race laws in the UK.

I dont know why anyone would listen to that John Barnes nigger. He was a footballer, he knows about kicking a ball, not culture, certainly not British culture.

Which reminds me, in a few weeks most Englishmen will be fanatically supporting the "English" national soccer team in the Euro championships. Half the team is niggers, yet the fans are overwhelmingly White and will be wasting their time supporting this "England" team. Most of the European teams have non-Whites on them. France is by far the worst. They look like a team from Africa.

Nothing "great" about Britain anymore.

Anonymous said...

The only REAL racialist organization in England is the National Front. All the others are kosher cons. The BNP welcomes jews and muds into its ranks, indeed it fronts them as candidates. While the EF outfit loves israel to the point they ought to go there... ROCK 88!

Anonymous said...

The British Movement (BNSM) represents the sole voice of National Socialism in the UK.

Whilst I admire & respect the Front for campaigning over the years we need to recognise that the brainwashed sheep will never vote for party political nationalism.

Anonymous said...

10:43 Is right.

The BNP has made so many compromises in an attempt to be more moderate that it is no longer the WN Party the late, great John Tyndall founded.

England Defence League is not WN, it is a civic nationalist party. No racial aspect, mainly focus on Islamic plague in UK. This is certainly an important issue, but again they are not WN and are indeed supporters of Israel.

The National Front is the longest running WN party in Britain and is a true White Nationalist organization.

Anonymous said...

Really 12:56PM? And what about Golden Dawn in Greece, or Front National in France? You sound like a bonehead.