Thursday, May 03, 2012

NSM Arizona Leader Harry Hughes III Characterizes J.T. Ready As A Patriot Who Risked His Life To Protect America Against Drugs And Illegal Aliens

The mass shooting of five people in Gilbert, Arizona on May 5th, 2012, in which longtime patriot J.T. Ready died, has triggered much reaction within the White racialist community. Both Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum have major discussion threads going, in which the greater number are supportive of Ready's activism, while some critics opine that his larger-than-life image overrode his activism. As for the local mainstream media, they are shifting towards a strategy of portraying Ready as an "unstable neo-Nazi monster who never justified a single breath of air he took". It's the standard "Nazis bad, Commies good" shtick. KSAZ is now reporting the existence of an indirect witness to the shooting. The witness is the other daughter of Lisa Mederos, identified HERE as 19-year-old Brittany. She was in a back bedroom, heard an argument and gunfire, then called 911 after finding the bodies.

But let's go to one of those who knew him best and who personally participated in activism with him. NSM Region 11 Director SSgt. Harry L. Hughes III first met him three years ago when Ready was also a member of the NSM, and participated in patrols in the desert with Ready as a member of the U.S. Border Guard, a paramilitary outfit set up by Ready to confront drug smuggling and illegal aliens on the ground in the Arizona desert, most notably in the Vekol Valley near Hughes' home in Maricopa. The failure of the Pinal County Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement agencies to perform this task efficiently and consistently created the need for action by disciplined private citizens. Hughes, holding forth as a private citizen rather than as an NSM spokesman, addressed the issue at length on Just Another Day. Here's the critical passage:

J.T. Ready was my friend. He was a patriotic American, despite any negative views other people may have. Mr Ready risked his life to protect this country from drugs and worked hard to help other people. J.T. Ready was the last person on Earth that would harm others, especially a child. In regards to the circumstances surrounding his death, I'm not jumping to any conclusions or making any unscientific speculations at this time.

Note that Hughes is not ruling out the possibility that J.T. Ready may have flipped out. Instead, he's merely telling us about the J.T. Ready that he knew, and intends to avoid rushing to judgment until further investigation warrants a firmer conclusion. Hughes also relates that when he got stuck in sand for three days out on the Barry Goldwater Range, it was J.T. Ready who came to his rescue and not law enforcement, although Hughes was in plain sight. Ready trusted Hughes enough to list Hughes' address on elections paperwork relating to his campaign to become Pinal County Sheriff.

Like the rest of us, J.T. Ready was an unfinished product. Like all of us, he was capable of both heroic and heinous behavior, even on the same day. We come into this world as unfinished products, and we leave this world as unfinished products. But most of the religious traditions of this world hold that the finishing we receive while we are in this world is decisive and will largely determine our eternal future.

The rest of the pro-White blogosphere is weighing in (after the jump):

-- Sense and Sensibility: Dan Schruender, the West Coast organizer for the American Nazi Party (ANP), recommends withholding any judgement until we get more facts, and opines that it is premature to proclaim him to be a martyr or a hero. Lauds the U.S. Border Guard for its effectiveness and attentiveness to legality.

-- NS Acumen Of The Old Guard: John Taylor Bowles, the SA Political Adviser to the ANP, takes a more pessimistic approach. He claims those that were close to Ready say he went "ape-shit" about five months ago, and refers to him as a "nutcase". Although Bowles takes a harder line than Schruender, both are equally valuable to ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda because they provide him with the diversity of perspective necessary for him to see the bigger picture and increase the reach of national socialism.

-- Occidental Dissent: Despite the fact that law enforcement has not yet stated definitely that J.T. Ready is responsible for the shooting, Hunter Wallace concludes that it was a personal meltdown over a woman (a la Curt Maynard) that has nothing to do with his politics, end of story. Premature conclusion.

-- Mindweapons In Ragnarok: Kievsky, one of the few WN intellectuals with connections to the reality-based community, says that the J.T. Ready murder-suicide may be a real meltdown, or it may have been a professional hit of a government agent gone wrong. He suggests that the U.S. Border Guard may be a false flag to demoralize a public that is getting its collective mind working, but thinks its possible that J.T. Ready may not have realized he was used. Kievsky writes, "This seems to be a pattern in history — promote a patsy, but the patsy doesn’t consider himself a patsy and becomes a real threat, then assassinate him when he becomes a real threat".

-- Save White People: Publishes unqualified support of Ready, writing "The pro-White credentials of any man who dons a camo outfit and carries a rifle on the border on a hot summer day (temperatures go to 120) cannot be questioned. He exemplified the idea of a life of service to our race".

-- U.S. Border Guard (not a WN website): Posted the following statement: "The U.S. Border Guard is extremely saddened by the untimely loss of our founder, J.T. Ready and the other souls lost in such a senseless act of violence. Our sympathies go out to all his family and friends during this time of unbelievable grief and pain. God bless you, J.T. You will be fiercely missed".

Conclusion: I agree with Save White People; J.T. Ready rendered valuable service to our race and to America through his U.S. Border Guard. But we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility that, like James "Yankee Jim" Leshkovich, something happened in Ready's personal life that pushed him over the edge. Many signs are pointing in that direction. But for now, we wait for the investigation to conclude before making a final judgment.


Anonymous said...

Let me make you all aware of the repercussions of insane behavior like this, by a creature whom all decent Aryans should disavow - already, the ANP has received over a dozen e-mails from people thinking that this freak was one of US! Thats WHY the so-called "NSM" needs to DISAPPEAR - it denegrates the whole spectrum of American National Socialism, through the dysfunctional creatures that it recruits and appoints as "officers" - who then run amuck with either bad unAryan behavior or outright lunacy! Its OBVIOUS by now, that "NSM" does more "good" for the jews than even the holohoax, in putting American National Socialism in a NEGATIVE light with our White population. I've said it before and I'll repeat it again - since "NSM" seems INCAPABLE of injecting QUALITY CONTROL over who is in their membership - it would be better if "NSM" ceased to exist. With so-called "racialists" like THESE , who needs ANTI-RACIST opposition? In my entire lifetime I've never heard of NS who RACE-MIXED like Schoep and now this Ready creep being accepted, nor those who would dare make "excuses" FOR them. This whole mess is pathetic! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Wow Ready is no better than Schoep. He was involved with a Spic. Look at Lisa Mederos (Ready's girlfriend) Ex- Husband, the Father of Amber Mederos. What a beautiful creature he is.

Sam said...

NS Acumen of the Old Guard has Ready with his arm around a niggertte and giving the black power salute. Thank you for exposing this asshole.

Anonymous said...

TJ Ready was a coward!

Anonymous said...

Dear AA,

"Harry Hughes III" was trying to join Comrade Covington's NSWPP back in 1999, but he was turned down due to several accusations from his past, one of a woman beating, another one of "indecent liberties with a child!" He was also thrown out of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan for his "un-Klanish" behavior. Not surprisingly, a race mixer and a baby killer Ready was his best friend!

------------------------------------- said...

There is no question that Ready was a race mixer. I make no excuses for him. That was wrong and he knew it, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

As Rocky said, all too often people, especially the Jews Media believe that the NSM and the ANP are one and the same. The NSM and similar organizations need to disappear.

I have no personal knowledge of Ready going "ape shit" one way or another, so I'll with hold judgement until I have some more FACTS. Just because he was a disgraceful race mixer doesn't make him a murderer.

His race mixing is a matter of FACT. His being a murderer is still unclear.

Dan Schruender
West Coast Organizer
Political Advisory Board
American Nazi Party

Anonymous said...

J.T Ready was not perfect. But he was a true NS comrade and and American patriot. He dedicated his active life to working to improve the condition of his Race.

Those who denigrate his memory are contemptible and should hang their heads in shame!


Anonymous said...

JT Ready was a god damn fucking fruitcake and murderer. Those that excuse his demented behavior and criminal act should hang from a tree.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 8:41 P.M: Maybe you better read this account by another U.S. Border Guard member before writing J.T. Ready off altogether.

Anonymous said...

Harry Hughes is full of shit. Hughes better just admit that JT Ready was a violent bastard, a time bomb waiting to explode,and killed a family. YES, KILLED A FAMILY including someone who helped him patrol the border. A REAL BASTARD! An NSM BASTARD.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather flock together. Hughes LIKED Ready because maybe Hughes is LIKE Ready as well? Once again, Rocky was right. About the only leader who seems correct 99.9% of the time in his assessments. I for one do not mourn the loss of a guy who could murder a baby, no matter how fuzzy, cuddly he acted. Perhaps he was a "nazi" like those shown in the jews movies, throwing children into easy-bake ovens?