Thursday, May 17, 2012

Non-White Births Now Exceed White Births In The United States; The White Redoubt Strategy Now Becomes More Imperative

For the first time in the recorded history of the United States as an organized nation, non-White births actually outnumber White births. The New York Times reports that during the 12-month period which ended July 2011, there were 2,019,176 non-White births vs. 1,988,824 White births.

The Wall Street Journal uses birth-to-death ratios in their analysis. They note that although there were 1,025 white children were born for every 1,000 who died last year, there were 3,940 births to 1,000 deaths for all other groups. And the traditional "White" heartland is not exempt; Schuyler, Neb., a rural town of 6,211 settled by Irish and German immigrants, is now 65 percent Hispanic, up from 41 percent in 2000 and just 4 percent in 1990. At nearby Columbus Community Hospital, between half and 60 percent of the babies born in the past two years were Hispanic. And about 90 percent of the students in the building that houses kindergarten to third graders in Schuyler are Hispanic.

It's obvious that immigrants and Hispanics are fueling the trend. The Times discloses that Hispanics make up the majority of immigrants, and they tend to be younger and have more children, than non-Hispanic whites. Of the total births in the year that ended last July, about 26 percent were Hispanic, about 15 percent black, and about 4 percent Asian. Furthermore, Hispanics are expected to continue outbreeding Whites because while the median age for non-Hispanic whites is 42, meaning the bulk of women are moving out of their prime childbearing years, the median age for Hispanics in only 27, squarely within their peak fertility period. Another indication of America's darkening future is that while there are 348 counties in which Whites are no longer in the majority, that number doubles when it comes to the toddler population.

But the situation may even be more dire than advertised. Gildebrand44 posted the following explanation on Stormfront:

They manipulate statistics as they want. Some 'whites' whom they calculated as whites at this census are not white at all. [Ed. Note: Some mestizos declare themselves as 'white'] Moreover, even the Jews could be calculated as whites... Real white people of European descend became less than 50% of population a lot of time ago. They calculate this way just to misguide people about the real situation. If whites were informed that they are a minority just as soon as it happened, they could resist yet, but now, when the real number of whites in USA is much less than 50%, the resistance is doomed because that is too late. They just tricked whites ones more time.

This development also increases the value of the redoubt strategy, as expressed locally through the PLE (Pioneer Little Europe) concept, and regionally through Harold Covington's Northwest Republic strategy and Hunter Wallace's more nebulous neo-Confederate strategy. Other already White-majority areas potentially suitable as White redoubts include the Ozarks and the Appalachians. The Intermountain West would be good as well, except that the Mormons' infatuation with Hispanics as descendants of the historical Lamanites who need to be "redeemed" could undermine the demographic integrity of a prospective Republic of Deseret. The idea is simple -- if we cannot outbreed the non-Whites, then we must identify and concentrate ourselves in defensible areas where Whites are still the overwhelming majority. "Defensible" means geographically-defensible, with mountains, large rivers, and lakes to serve as natural barriers against invasion.

The redoubt strategy is discussed on this Stormfront thread, where Mattwhiteamerica writes, "Build Super PLEs (town and even city sized) within white areas of the midwest and rocky mountain states. Take over the educational, political and media within these areas. Grow and make normal our ideas within these areas as people are going to have to in the tens of thousands must put their foot down on the feds. We must make life so freaking harsh for the non-whites that they don't want to live within these communities".

Note that the redoubt strategy is not necessarily intended to be a surrender of the rest of the country, but to provide a secure rear base from which we can sally forth and contend for the rest of the country if necessary. But it's a strategy that is clearly moving from desirable to imperative with each passing year.


Anonymous said...

My parents ran from Detroit to the suburbs, along with all the other Whiteys and WHAT did it prove? It proved that the "greatest generation" who was more than happy to cross an entire ocean to kill and maim their brothers and sisters at the behest of the war-mongering jews - didn't have the guts to SAY NO - to "intergration" and all the other perverse "goodies" handed to them by their beloved Judeo-Capitalist society. So they RAN AWAY from the "problems". But, the "problems" GREW and are still here! WHEN are White people going to STOP running AWAY? "PLE's" and "REDOUBTS" are silly, stupid FANTASY nonsense! IF we haven't got what it takes to at LEAST attempt to control our current locales - ala thru local election campaigns, which ARE possible with enough time, effort and expence expended - we better be prepared to learn Spanglese and to be subseviant! This "NW" migration has been around since the 1980's - NOBODIES MOVED - if you haven't noticed. And they WON'T. I'm not. Lets see all these advocates on the internet, packing up their pickups and GOING THERE - it ain't happening... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Well, the writings been on the wall with this one for a long time now.

Most Whites seem to be staying true to form by not caring. Lots of them are in denial, a lot probably think they can do the White flight thing to get away, others mistakenly think that this wont change things much.

Also, its important to keep in mind that the White population, though it may be a majority (?) is generally old and sick. We have been hearing about the Baby Boomers retiring and the effects it will have on the country. If anyone has money to invest, healthcare is a good bet. That's an industry that will be booming in the near future.

So, we'll have a weak aging White population and a lot of angry young non-Whites who see all Whites as bitter enemies. Younger Whites will be adjusting to second class citizen status and living worse off than their parents did, killing the old trend of things getting better with each generation.

I guess the good thing is that the non-Whites will be true to their nature and keep making messes like they do in their own lands. The jews might find that the coloreds are not as easily controlled as hoped. Then this whole thing can fall apart and there can be a rebirth. See you then.

Anonymous said...

JT Ready moved. Moved in with a hispanic and race-mixed. Jeff Schoep moved. Moved in with an Arab and married her.

Anonymous said...

I hate this "flight" mentality.

People, like Rocky said, there is nowhere to run. Nothing left for us.

What do I see? In complete honesty?
The total collapse of the White Race.

The statistics should be sobering.
One doesn't need to read them.
Take a walk around your local towns, ANYWHERE, Wal-Mart, etc, don't matter - you will see that YOU (white man) are now, a MINORITY. And have been for some time now.


Anonymous said...

Rocky is exactly right. This migration stuff is a joke. Does anyone really see significant amounts of Whites moving to Oregon or the Ozarks to "build White communities?" Most Whites have enough trouble building pyramids out of empty beer cans.

White flight will continue, for those who can afford it, but eventually their backs will be against the wall.

It would be much better for WNS to advocate stating in your own community and trying to make changhes there, rather than picking up and running to the hills. Which no none is doing anyways.

As for that "greatest generation" who "saved the world" and made it "safe for freedom and democracy." A HUGE middle finger to you. That goes for all your ass kissing patriotard supporters as well. They were so damn tough murdering those "evil Nazis", but they didnt make a noise when the colored tide swarmed in, and society rotted away to new lows.

Thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought - the JEWS are a MINORITY where-ever they infest - the BIG DIFFERENCE is that they go all out in their own interests. They JOIN jew organizations. They $UPPORT jew organizations. They BUILD jew power structures. They don't piss & moan in front of a computer screen, they GET INVOLVED. Maybe old Whitey needs to ACT more like these "JEWS"? ROCK 88!

Anonymous said...

I would only suggest that Whites in overrun areas like California think about moving to Whiter locations. Not hiding off in the woods, but reasonable areas where you can find work and continue in the NS Struggle. Like Chairman Suhayda says, there are still over 100 million Aryans left in America, and if they found their courage of their ancestors a lot could still be accomplished. The enemy wants us to feel defeated, if we do then they have won already. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

Tphe reason you people will never get what you is because of what im reading here. Youll never get influential anywgere in this country, because ggersyou keep bashing the niggers and the hews. People kaugh at you , because you sound like little children whining and complaining. Youll never get voted into an office, because youre talking hate and no one will vote for hate. People that succeed are all educated and know that is the only way to get anything done and thats why the jews and asians succeed and you peopke go niwhere and people kaugh at you. Niw that I said this, I agree with your assessment that this trend is dangerous. Ecen if these illegal scumbags cant read, the can vote and there are so many if these people that they can vote in anything they want and we will then end up as planet if the apes. That will happen. Now, let me tell you sonething. The blacks are a blight in society and so are the spanush. The jews, if you think they control everything, stop hating them and start joining them. First if all im a jew and as white as you stupud mitherfucjers are. Second u luved with 2 irush women and both if them jniw im whute. Second thete are only 5mil if ys in this country, so we do nirhing and keave us the fyck alone. Third is you oeople beed to stop emulating hitler, because ge ruined his country, was a shut feberal, and bkew his gead off when he list something he couldnt finush. Hitler us a fucking kiser. Uf yoyre so into european whites, emulate churchill cause ge kucked hitlers ass. Hitler was jyst a ounk who needed a beating so he abd hus luttle weiny would go away. The bittom line us either you morons get smart, or you will extinct yourselves. Youll do it to yourself. You act luje tge coons. Everyones picking on you and youre crying. There usnt much difference right now bwtween you guys and them. Can you deal with the truth? You just heard it. Oh, and by the way you may be obssessed by the hews, but we dont two shits about you. You dont exist to us, ir anyone for that matter. And uf you still hate ne after this, renember something. I live fucking your german and irish women. Good pussy.

Anonymous said...

A big thank you to you for the humor. Gave me a nice laugh. If you really are a "hew" maybe all that jewish inbreeding over the centuries is finally kicking in and screwing up your brain.

Or maybe you're just some troll with no life whatsoever. Stopped in here between vists to porn sites.

Anyway, no jews are not White, they are quite far from it. As for your "activity" with Irish and German women, well, "doing things" to a Guinness bottle and a St.Pauli Girl bottle dont really count as messing around with Irish and German women.

Anonymous said...

I also believe that these latest stats have been manipulated. I believe that kikes, spics, dot indians, arabs, and others have been classified as "white", much like how the media classified Izzy Jorge Zimmerman and Chief England as white when it was obvious that neither were anything close to being white.

It's pretty obvious as to why they are doing this, it's to stem any possibility of resistance until it's too late.

The reason the spics don't complain much about a lack of spics on jew TV(it is growing now) is that most are content with their Univision and other Spanish language programming so there was not much need to complain, especially since most of them aren't fluent in English anyway.

What is funny is that you are likely to see more white people on certain Spanish programs than American broadcasts as Mexico city, where much of it is filmed, still has a small concentration of non-hispanic Europeans which are fit for the airwaves.

The point is, that many areas of our country are so over-run there is no choice but to retreat. There is no way to stand against the rising tide of spics out where I live, no way.

Why would I want to continue to live in this hell? Why should I pay my taxes into this system only to feed the social service sucking of illegals who do not belong here and whose numbers keep exploding?

Maybe some of you who live in areas which aren't so mud infested can stand and fight where you are but some of us aren't that lucky.

Here, as the schools let out a sea of brown locust pour out onto the town streets with a few tar drops mixed in and zero white kids. Luckily for my kids they live with my x elsewhere.

I'm a fighter but what is worth fighting for in my situation? I have outlasted almost everyone who I grew up with who have all moved away long ago at the first signs of what was coming years ago. I might add, while they continued to berate me for my supposedly racist rants about what was happening. Who ran and who stayed to fight?

So, now it's about finding a livable area which is diversity proof for now. But when we do concentrate ourselves in different areas for our own good for all sorts of reasons, I can say that this will only anger the jews to the point that they might use military action against us.

It's like I have been screaming about for years, this literally is a life and death struggle. It's too bad that so few of us have it all in perspective. Maybe as this year drags on and the niggers continue on with their jew inspired assaults against us, maybe more people will wake the fuck up.

Remember, the jews are seriously out to kill us all.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't involve a beer and reading comic books than the average American White man won't do it.

Anonymous said...

What I find most amusing is when these kind gloat over "our women".
Well, guess what genius?

We don't care. haha - jokes on YOU!

Any WHITE woman worth her skin, and worthy of continuing her blood, will steer far clear from you.

Also, I believe it is a troll that I'm addressing so my point is sort of mute.

Heil Hitler :)

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right. I find it so funny (but not that funny) that so many White people have looked down on me and lectured at me about my being a "racist" and not understanding the joys of diversity.

Not ONE of them, lived anywhere near real "diversity." They were so damn clueless and out of touch with reality. That's almost always how it is with White anti-racist types.

I would LOVE to see Obongo lose in November, not that I give a damn about Romney, but I would love to see the niggers go apeshit and do that rioting thing they are so good at.

I do think many Whites WILL awake as it gets worse. People are running out of places to retreat to, and this economic situation is making things worse than usual. The jewsmedia will keep on spinning it, the capitalist pig financial channels will say things are improving, but many will stop believing the lies because they are getting hit hard.

This IS indeed a life and death struggle, and Im sorry to say that even many WN types who are generally in the know still havent grasped the reality, looked at the long term and the endgame.

As far as I am concerned, worse it better. If Whites wont open their eyes and start caring, circumstances must arise where they HAVE to care.

Anonymous said...

The ANP telling people not to run and hide is so far the biggest joke on this site. They have mastered the art of Retreatism.

Anonymous said...

You don't see ANP people running and hiding or advocating it. Only sissies run and hide.