Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jewish Media Outlets Launch Concerted Campaign To Portray Golden Dawn Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos As A Holocaust Denier

Although Golden Dawn has never engaged in any anti-Semitic rhetoric or activity in Greece, that hasn't stopped Jewish supremacists from joining the campaign to discredit and denigrate the organization. Now there appears to be an effort led by several Jewish media outlets to portray Golden Dawn head Nikolaos Michaloliakos as a Holocaust denier.

The stories were published by Forward, the Times of Israel, Arutz Sheva, and the European Jewish Press. All of these stories were published during a six-hour time window, implying some coordination.

The incident occurred on Sunday May 13th. While being interviewed on the private Mega TV network, Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos said gas chambers were lies and also said claims that six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust was an exaggeration, saying “There were no ovens. This is a lie. I believe that it is a lie. There were no gas chambers either.” Michaloliakos also asked the interviewer "Auschwitz, what Auschwitz? I didn't go there. What happened there? Have you been there," adding that he had read many books casting doubt on the number of six million Jews who died in the Holocaust. Once again, Michaloliakos denied the “Neo-Nazi” and “Fascist” labels, saying the movements’ leaders are dead and that his Heil Hitler salute during the Athens City Council in 2010 was just a joke.

Of course, the Jews' own records at Yad Vashem indicate that the Holocaust has been exaggerated; they've recorded only four million Jewish names so far. But that did not stop the Greek government from condemning Michaloliakos' remarks. Government spokesman Pentelis Kapsis said the remarks constitute a distortion of history and a fierce insult to the memory of the millions of Holocaust victims. In addition, he said the Greek people have not forgotten that they mourned hundreds of thousands of victims of Nazism, including tens of thousands of Greek Jews. Of course, Kapsis failed to mention that the Greek civil war from 1946-49, in which Greek Communists who wanted to make Greece a Soviet slave state rebelled against the government, left the country in ruins and in even greater economic distress than it had been following the end of German occupation.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece also condemned Michaloliakos, and called on the Greek government and public to firmly condemn and isolate the forces seeking the revival of the darkest ideology of European history. In part, their statement read “It is an insult to the historical memory, the memory of the six million Jews, our brethren, amongst whom there were 70,000 Greek Jews, who perished in the death camps of Auschwitz, Dachau (and) Treblinka”. Some 5,000 Jews live in Greece today; the pre-war community of some 78,000, most of whom lived in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, was almost entirely wiped out during World War II.

Meanwhile, even though Golden Dawn won 6.9 percent of the vote and is entitled to 21 seats in Parliament as a result, the Greek government continues to marginalize them. Although President Carolos Papoulias hosted a meeting with five political party leaders on May 15th, Golden Dawn was not invited to send a representative. Even the Communists were invited; they turned it down. So the efforts to freeze out Golden Dawn from the power structure continue.

Golden Dawn has surfaced a tentative definition of "who is Greek". Michaloliakos made it clear that Greeks living in Canada, Germany, USA, Australia and elsewhere should not be granted local nationality, since Greece should take DNA examinations to find out who is Greek or not. He says Greeks should only be those people whose parents and grandparents, as well as themselves, live in Greece.


Anonymous said...

Never allow yourself to be dragged into a discussion of the holohoax - NEVER! Simply state - "Thats long past war-time history - I'm concerned about TODAYS issues". Or, " I DON'T CARE about WWII - I'm concerned about XYZ ". The holohoax is a pre-set enemy minefield that we should always refuse to walk into - period. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anchorage Activist said...

Rocky -- you might want to include that point of view in the next ANP Report. Holocaust Revisionism ought to become a back-burner issue, if it's to be brought up at all. Determining the exact number of Jews who died in the holocaust isn't going to save our race.

Anonymous said...

White People Fearlessly Stick Up For Truth
(Apollonian, 16 May 12)

If one stands for white folk, one must stand for Christianity, hence TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all other considerations.

Hence Jews must be understood for the liars they are, in accord w. their Talmud (see RevisionistReview.blogspot.com, RevisionistHistory.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo) which lies include holohoax. Of course kikes died in WWII--and I only wish all of them could have died--Jews are just psychopaths, truth be told.

And the way one approaches holohoax is same as for any other issue, the accuser required to show any proof, which of course, kikes cannot supply any--NEVER.

CONCLUSION: Suhayda has no understanding or sympathy for real white culture, which necessarily includes Christianity, and is obviously a coward who wears a costume w. swastika on it, which FBI pays him to wear, no doubt. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I do think that its not just WNs who are sick of the Holocaust BS. It seems like many many people, even ones who believe the official story are tired of the constant media campaign to promote the Holyhoax.

The neverending propaganda has been used over and over as a weapon to put down any kind of pro-White sentiment. After all, when White goyim start seeking to control their destiny, mass murder cant be far behind!

I had read that on average there is a new Holocaust story in the national media every ten days. I think that the jews will get even more shrill and relentless as most "survivors" are at least in their 80s and dying off.

They could survive being gassed 4 times at 3 different camps, but no one can escape the reality of time.

Rocky makes a great point though, as we should focus on current issues that are much more relevant than fairy tales from 70 years ago.
As ridiculous as the whole Holocaust scam is, we have much more pressing issues to address.

Anonymous said...


Christinsanity has NOTHING to do with White people and White culture. It is a Middle Eastern Semitic desert religion foisted upon Whites to make them weak and passive.

If White people choose to be Xtians, because its part of their family heritage or they want to get into "heaven" fine, its their choice. If a WN wants to be Xtian, fine, as long as it doesnt interfere with putting our race first, and please, keep it to yourself.

But I am not going to subscribe to a suicidal cult that has brought great destruction and misery to White civilization. Not to mention being anti-nature, anti-human, anti-logic and anti-common sense.

You're calling Suhayda an FBI asset because he is not a Christian? What a strange, irrational thing to do. You sound like a fed, seeing as how you want to divide the movement along religious lines.

ted said...

Yep, sounds like a fed to me sayingthose things about Suhayda. Last time we had a nut saying those things was Kevin Brannen.

Anonymous said...

Apollonian: If you never posted here again that would be an excellent thing. And by "here" I mean the entire Internet. Your ridiculous post is Exactly the type of nonsense that turns people away from Christianity.

Mr. Suhayda is a champion for White people and a true leader.

Anonymous said...

If Rockys a Fed, pleeeeze send us more like him!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Rock SooHATEya "a champion for white people". The guy works at fast food joints, and wears shirts with yellow spots on them. He bitches and blames everyone except himself for his lack I wealth. He hates everyone in the movement that isn't a member of his small meaningless group. He hits up his members to pay his bills and new computer equip etc...... He blames the system and everything else on his poverty. He promotes the Strasserite version of NS that was eliminated by the Fuhrer and the real party faithful. He turns people away for being so negative and counterproductive, as a result his group remains small and insignificant. Pitiful.....

Anonymous said...

Gee, I happen to know "Rock SooHATEya" for many years and never saw him wearing shirts with yellow spots on them. As far as I know, the last time he held a job at a fast food joint (not that there is anything wrong with it) when he was in high school back in the 1960s. He was employed for almost 30 years as a supervisor in shipping service for a large company, never had any problem at work in spite of his active involvement it the Movement, and retired with a pention some time ago. And yes, "10:59 AM" is pitiful...