Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gilbert Police Issue Final Report On The Gilbert Massacre Involving J.T. Ready

On May 29th, the Gilbert (AZ) Police Department released its final report on the Gilbert Massacre, and there are no real surprises. No information emerged which rebutted the original report that the massacre was perpetrated by J.T. Ready himself. There's no apparent evidence of any Mexican drug cartel involvement. KSAZ Channel 10 news video embedded below:

-- Read the 152-page report as a Scribd document HERE.

KPHO Channel 5 has links to their version of the report posted HERE, but it takes much longer to download.

The report reveals that 36 different police officers and detectives were involved in the case. Each one provided a narrative describing what was seen at the crime location. In addition, there are reports of property impounded at the scene, to include bullet fragments.

The report of a witness statement from page 26 of the report is of interest. This witness said she heard three loud cracks, two cars speeding away, and then two more loud cracks. Since both J.T. Ready and Jim Hiott were found outside the home dead, and the black Chevy Impala was still in the driveway, one has to wonder who was in those two vehicles said to have been speeding away. The report does not address this issue further. Here's the pertinent portion of page 26:

Some of the witness statements in the report also corroborate previous reports that J.T. Ready had moved in six months prior.


Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is that there is not information on Jeff Schoep's new girlfriend Cami Lynn Debolt. The pregnant ex girlfriend of David Lynch.. I heard she got a partial birth abortion, she was over 5 months pregnant. Not very becoming of a NS

Anonymous said...

More childish backstabbing & lies from the anp gays. Why is it these homos are allowed to post their gossip columns here. since these anp was not able to gain any strength or members from the nsm and everyone hates them for being just like the antifa now they are tearing into jeff's girl cami. this smacks of anp gossip. jeffs girl has no kids, nor was ever pregnant and the girl this person is gossipping about did have the child. just more lies from the anp. no abortion, and wrong girl the anp gossip should stick to their bathhouses and gloryholes where they are most comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Why would the ANP want any former NSM members? I sure as hell wouldnt want to associate with anyone from that gang. Even long before all the dirty details came to light, it should have been obvious to anyone who got near Schoep and company that they were no good.

I dont know anything about this new girlfriend of Schoeps and I dont care. He already has a horrendous record of un-Aryan behavior, he is a cancer on the WN movement.

Anonymous said...

The ANP has been right before when it said Schoep was a race-mixer and had a mulatoo child stepdaughter. The ANP was right when it exposed Schoep using NSM funds for a trip to a non-White country while White people were being unemployed at that time. Usually when the ANP speaks everyone should listen because they are usually right.

Harry L. Hughes III said...

Did anyone bother to read the police report? One police officer didn't know whether his weapon was loaded or not. He carelessly dropped a live .223 round at the scene. Another officer found this round after he stepped on it. Then, another officer dropped a photo ID taken from a previous traffic stop.

There were nearly three dozen police officers trampling and contaminating the crime scene. That doesn't include the military or Feds.

Most interesting of all was that J.T. Ready had a bullet wound to the left temple. He was a right handed shooter. All of the deceased had bullet wounds to the left side of the head.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Hughes, was kind of a nut are you? Besides belonging to a group that has a race-mixer as its pitiful mini-fuhrer, you still want to defend some stupid, fat, insane baby killer? Go back to your sandbox and play soldier like some imature kid. Your about that last person anybody wants to hear from after all of this crap coming down about the NSM!

Harry L. Hughes III said...

Divide and conquer is the most favored tactic used by the Jews. Guess what many of you are doing on this blog?

I'm not defending anybody. I am questioning the media and the police. Who do you think controls them? Wake up children!

People posting as "Anonymous" are either spineless cowards, trolls or Jews. Use your real manes, if you have any guts at all.

Anonymous said...

Ok Harry, I'll have a go. What about your belonging to a supposedly NS/WN group that has a confirmed RACE MIXER ( Jeff Schoep ) as its leader? You ok with THAT apparently? What about Ready having all those illegal "toys" in his possession, "40MM Grenades" etc - how come Zog isn't coming down on YOU and all the others in your tiny 'racist' para-military club? Any other outfit, with known 'neo-nazis' would have been turned upside down by now, especially since one of your guys was busted for bombs already. What kind of a National Socialist are you, to hang around and associate with race mixers (Schoep and Ready) and NON-Aryans in your little "lets help Zog POLICE the border" clusterfuck? Why if your a NS/WN do you boast about "saving beaners" who get stranded INVADING our country? Instead of "SAVING" meztizo's, why aren't you spending 100% of your time amongst your own people, organizing them politically, instead of "playing soldier"? I get a very BAD feeling about you Harry, based on many decades of EXPERIENCE in this movement. You don't have RACIAL LOYALTY, you love to play with WEAPONS ( Zogs favorite 'lure' to corral naive and/or stupid WN ) which raises a BIG alarm bell in my mind, and NO HARM seems to come your way because of it. Hell, you OUGHT to LOVE the "police" after all, your out there pretending to be a "heavily armed" Texas Ranger yourself! LOL Btw, just "WHO" is providing Ready et al , with all that very EXPENSIVE equipment ( he was a broke bum, living off of his meztizo girlfriend ), inquiring minds would really like to know. You know, having been involved "in this" for over 40 years - and never having been busted, or had any of my close associates busted by Zog for "doing stupid things" - my "radar" ( which is just about always right so far ) tells me that your operation is a HONEY-POT, meant to sucker in people and bring down the hammer on them. You get away with way too much, that normal "white racists" - in the past - NEVER could get away with ( and we got a much bigger, growing POLICE STATE now ). How about that appearing at that candidates news conference carrying high-power weaponry, here in Michigan anyone dressed-up like a guy going to war would be grabbed off the street as a "terrorist" in about 50 seconds - ESPECIALLY, if he was a "neo-nazi". What makes Ready and YOU so "special". These are only a FEW of the questions I have for you - answer THEM and I'll have some more... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Harry Hughes III wants NAMES! How about some address's too? After all of the people getting in trouble over their forum posts recently, I think a little security mindedness is in order. If your trolling Harry I think your being a little too open about it.

Anchorage Activist said...

Rocky -- Perhaps Jeff Schoep shields Harry Hughes from the internal politics of the NSM. Hughes is simply out there doing the job the way he thinks it ought to be done.

I think you're being a bit hard on Harry. The man operates openly under his own name, suiting up in 100 degree heat to track down illegal aliens. Twice he's applied to fill vacancies on his local school board. If you read his blog, you'll find he's been threatened in his own neighborhood and even in his own home. The man puts it on the line personally. Let's not tag him for the sins of Jeff Schoep.

Anonymous said...

That is a good point, Rocky. You've been in the movement for decades and have never been picked up once. That's a very good point. Either you are so ineffective that they don't pay any attention to you are a rodent, which is what you are clearly suggesting Harry is. Which is it? And don't assume that you are addressing whatever crowd of slack jawed teenagers Taylor Bowles can round up. If you are worth a damn, they will find a way to stop you whether you do anything or not. Go ahead and say that everybody sitting in prison for the cause is stupid and you aren't.

And what about Bowles? Why has never been arrested even when he's committed felonies right out in the open? And you don't seem to care. Do you know something we don't?

Fuck off and leave people like Hughes alone. He's got more heat on him any given month than old stories have you hauling ass from at break-neck speeds. He needs his rifle and gear to do what guys like you should have been doing years ago when you were prancing around in your ww2 costumes. You've got room to say anything about anyone playing at anything? How about your only active real world member, Bowles and his latest costume he is seen wearing? Go back to your website and type us up some more rambling fence walker dribble. Try to not show how much men like Harry intimidate you.

Spent fifty fmg

Anonymous said...

"AA", he sure must be "aware" of him by NOW - and yet, he's still with him. Secondly, I worked as a roofer before I retired, you know how HOT and how HARD that is, especially for an "old guy"? - yet, it was my job I did it day after day. And in the winter we did snow, but we never thought about ourselves as "special". Lastly, Hughes and Co. have never caught anyone - and IF they did, they better not "get involved" with them - as foreigners have special protection per Federal LAW. Yep, this whole thing is a time-bomb waiting to happen. Lets say they use weapons against foreigners - can you IMAGINE the crap coming down on them? Everyone forget that rancher who LOST his place, for shooting illegals crossing his own property? Myself, I have a bullet hole in my front picture window, but it goes with the territory with what I do - big deal. I still want him to answer my questions that I put forth earlier. Not being snide or rude, but I think that their pertinant for a "movement personality"... Respectfully I mention that you yourself tried to avoid the Schoep situation for years, even to the point of bending over backwards when he LIED to YOU about his race mixing. Lets try NOT to give people a pass, when there are so many question marks about "what" they're "doing". In truth, peoples live do depend upon it. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Rocky was never "picked up" because he has engaged in sensible, legal activism for all these years.

Is it a bad thing that he was never busted for "possessing" something he shouldn't have, or for making some outlandish threat or acting like a poster boy for ZOGs "White supremacist nutjob" stereotype, just begging for "attention" from the authorities?

Guess doing the right thing and not acting stupid to get sent to the pen isnt cool with some people.

What is the point of Hughes and his pals "playing soldier" in the desert, trying to help ZOGs joke of a Border Patrol try to apprehend spics? Sure, it makes you feel important to strut around with a gun, but ultimately, what will it accomplish?

Like Rocky said, why not be in our own communities, trying to help our people. Say Hughes and his team "catch" some Jose. Maybe Jose will be sent back home, but most likely he will try again, and succeed in joining the 20 million (?) others already here!

Oh and Harry, if you want my name, its Daryl Lamont Jenkins, you can find me living behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken in East Coontown. Peace Out! LOL.

Billy said...

Does anyone still believe that JT Ready didn't go APESHIT (like most NSM members eventually do) and kill that family? haha

A political party is suppose to try and gain political power. What does walking around in a desert with a firearm ready to be arrested by ZOG help in gaining political power? NOTHING.

I see the NSM attacking Bowles. Saying he commits felonies in the open. What felonies? The System is HOT on his ass for tinkering with its JEW Congress. If they had something on them they would have nailed him by now. Since they haven't. He's probably clean as a whistle unlike the NSM informant Brian Holland and Sandra Coy (NSM Kentucky organizer) who has animal cruelty charges before.

Rocky, you can't talk any sense to the NSM members. If they haven't got appalled at having a race-mixing Commander (which has been proven) then they are just as sick as him. Frauds and imposter's.

The NSM has been hit with so many scandals in the past 6 weeks they are lashing out at the ANP because of its successes and having NO DRAMA. They are like jealous children.

Anonymous said...

Rocky made some interesting points, and I would love to hear the answers. Personally, I don't see how playing soldier helps achieve the 14Words. If anything its helping zog out, kind of like those famous NSM trashtroopers picking up garbage for zog along the road like prisoners. Cozying up to zog, like a whipped cur isn't going to save the white race.

Anonymous said...

10:35, can we remind you that you are addressing adults here? Most of us have been around and seen way to many innocent people go to prison for nothing. Few if anybody lack the common sense enough to believe that Rocky has stayed out of trouble due to "sensible activism". That is almost as far fetched as Taylor Bowles becoming the next president.

Hughes stopping drug dealers at the border doesn't amount to much? Then please explain to me what the ANP "activities" amount to. Playing dress up behind closed doors or in the case of Bowles, in front of actual politicians gets somewhere? I suppose all the omnidirectional slander does amount to something if you are an anti or a fed gathering information.

Rocky, you haven't got most people fooled. You know that and we know that. The game isn't in that. It is you keeping your cadre of teenagers and throwbacks while holding to the notion that if you down others, it will increase your following. How is that last part holding out? If it worked, you'd be a huge group by now and have nothing to whine about and no time to do it. The future belongs to somebody else, "Rock". Sorry but that is how it is.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, you should really avoid sticking your foot in your mouth in public more often. The USBG has taken fire several times and returned it in kind. That is a fairly well known fact. And plenty of law enforcement in the area has been killed by the cartels, normally due to being under armed by the government. What Harry is doing isn't anything new or out of the ordinary for the area. Go down there and see for yourself if you've got the balls.

Harry L. Hughes III said...

Commander Jeff Schoep's personal life is none of my concern. I have more meaningful things to do in Arizona than dwell on that. The ADL. ARA & SPLC are rubbing their hands together with joy because of the infighting, senseless bickering and back stabbing they read in these comments. That's exactly what they want. I have no issues with the ANP or any other group.

I'm certainly NOT going to attack somebody I don't know or ever met. I'm better than that! I read this blog daily, but rarely post here because of the negative and counterproductive behavior I witness.

I'm fairly new to the NSM (2 yrs.) and as Region 11 director have the ability to make positive and beneficial improvements. You don't tear down the whole house because the front door squeaks or the faucet drips.

During March of 2012, 26 sex offenders were stopped trying to enter the USA. A 24 pk of 0.5 liter bottles of water costs $2.50 at Kroger. If I can entertain a group of UDA's with a few bottles of water long enough for the Border Patrol to arrive and deport them back to Mexico, it's well worth it. Saving just one white kid from one of these sexual predators is more than worth a little effort.

It would certainly be easier for me to stay home on a 110 degree day and watch TV or call people names on the internet, while some White kid is raped and killed by some savage Mestizo. Then, just sit around and complain about how bad things are. I'm fortunate to have the ability to actually help.

Last year, we took over a ton of dope off the street and recovered several stolen trucks. In 2012, we collected and recycled 4870 pounds of trash. Proceeds from the cans and bottles put gasoline in our vehicles.

I spent more than 30 years acquiring much of that expensive equipment, a piece at a time. That rifle seen on so many of my photos has been in service since 1994. Occasionally, we'd get a few modest donations. We fund operations out of OUR pockets, not the Feds. Arizona is not Michigan. Here, we have open carry and no permit concealed carry. Arizona is one of the last states where the 2nd. Amendment is actually "practiced".

J.T. Ready had flaws. Everybody does. If he was working for the Feds, he was perhaps, the worst "Inspector Clouseau" informant of all time. Perhaps, the Feds furnished the 40mm ordnance. They've been known to do that. Oddly, the Air Force EOD truck was at the crime scene in just 20 minutes. The nearest AFB is an hour away, even with red lights and siren. We will NEVER know the truth. He's gone and it doesn't matter anymore. The border problem is still there. The past has nothing for me. Time to look ahead.

ZOG was all over me during the last few weeks, they quickly lost interest because I'm involved solely in lawful activities. We've already returned to the desert. People get busted because they get stupid and break the law. If they do, they deserve what they have coming. We weed out and expel informants and those that advocate unlawful activities. We have no control over what "former members" do. Perhaps, they are "former members" because they didn't want to engage in lawful activities. Good Riddance!

I really don't care what your names are, however, people that openly use their real names earn some credibility. "Anonymous" just sounds too much like some degenerate ARA or OWS thug's Twitter handle.

Good Day.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Mohave, I've started up a neo-nazi Patrol Operation too! We squeeze our ass's into our pickup trucks and travel a few miles to the area woods, where dressed in full camo, we kill dozens of beers and sometimes get lucky in downing a bottle of MD20-20. After we stuff our faces with pizza and taco's, its picture time! We all load up our camera's, and shoot each other holding what weapons we could scrounge, a few guys in our army are better equiped but they have no family to spend it on, or won't so all their money goes towards this cool hobby. Sure the economic situation sucks, but an AK is a lot better than a washing machine. It feels great being somebody important, in our own minds, when I reflect upon the type of creatures I'm forced to associate with after the fun is over. You know the kind, race-mixers, baby-killers, kikes, muds of all mixtures. But, hey what they are isn't for me to bother about, I've got my thing to keep me preoccupied! I heard the other day, after the one where one of us went asp-shit and wiped out an entire family including a two year old kid, because his old mammaseto was kicking his fat ass out the house for consistant abuse, that our Kommanding General was married to an arab who had a nigger kid, but what the hell, so I'm a racist neo-nazi and he's not, big deal, a persons gotta live. Hitler wouldn't have really cared you know. Anyways, I'm posting another video up soon, all about myself and I hope you like it. Its about where I got stuck in the mud, a hundred yards from the main highway and had to sit there three days until I was rescued by some illegal beaners who traded'em some bottled water for a heave-ho. I made a cool video about it tho, kinda like Survivor Man, my favorite show. Once I get more known, I'm gonna start up my own show , Nazi Man, about this heroic superhero who stops crime singlehanded and saves stranded mextizo's lost trying to enter our conntry illegally, all the while picking up garbage. It'll have all sorts of tall-tales, er plots where I alone stop the drug flow into America and get elected as Water Commissioner! Cool, eh? I like Water Commissioner because its so damn hot here, and I'm gonna get one of those big blue pools to flop around in all day. Sometimes people do get busted playing around with guns, like Randy Weaver, but all our stuff is totally legal, they can't touch you waving around a legal weapon, you know. What? Why don't I just join the U.S. Border Patrol and become an agent, rather than playing this really dangerous, wierd game for a grown man? Well, first off they got these really difficult standards, like sex-offender types can't apply, and secondly it would be real, I mean man, no more video's and cool stuff like that! Fuck off! I'm going to hang out with my buddie Jesus Sanchas... Gomer Pyle neo-nazi organizer of Chatamoras County

Anonymous said...

Geez. I never knew so many people were jealous of Mr. Bowles' accomplishments and victories. I guess he makes everyone else look like shit outside the ANP.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously confused about Mr. Heikes views on racial mixing. Surely, for a National Socialist, concern over race mixing is a number one priority? To state that Jeff Schoeps being a race mixer, is of no concern to him is either being a hypocrite, or actually Mr. Heike is not a National Socialist in any manner. Race is the primacy of National Socialism. Mr. Heike needs to find another label, rather than call himself a National Socialist.

Anonymous said...

Harry Hughes, when a house is so damn contaminated like the NSM is with freaks and wierdo's, you can't clean it up, you need to torch it and rebuild. You say that you've been with them for two years, during that time you've seen as a leader, what? Feds as candidates, a race-mixer as your leader, a guy killed by his own ten year old son for abusing him, members arrested for crimes from animal abuse to armed terrorism, drug dealing and now a baby killer. I could go on and on about NSM. Whats more to KNOW about such a group? Its worse than the hells angels.

Advanced White Society said...

Mr. Anonymous 4:41 AM
What is the confusion over my views on race mixing? I am totally against it. I am for racial separation and a land for the white race.
It is interesting how people continue to try and make it look as if I am for this. What is the problem?
I am working with good people fighting for a cause I believe in.
I do not need to answer to anyone but the AWS members and supporters.
Our concerns are for our own, you can not force people to take to our views.
What ever any of these other groups or people do is really none of my concern. I can not prevent people from mixing races. I am also not wasting time and effort on badmouthing others. What ever they wish to do does not concern me or the AWS. We have an important battle we are fighting and do not have time for childish games or continuing attacks on others, there are other groups that wish to do this so let them.

Anonymous said...

"Commander Schoeps personal life is none of my concern...." "JT Ready had flaws everybody does..."

My god Harry, you sound like some "Democrat" or "Republican" making excuses for Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc.

You are (supposedly) in a NATIONAL SOCIALIST Org. yet, when the self styled "fuhrer" exhibits gross un-NS and Un-Aryan behavior (in adtion to being a common criminal) its "none of your concern."

Your fellow Border Patrol Buddy, Ready, also having "issues" with race mixing and ending up being a psycho-killer.

But, no, no big deal. Not your problem. You know you are judged by the company you keep. Who you choose to associate with says a lot about your character.

This "Nazi Border Guard" deal reeks of being a ZOG honey trap. Fine, let Hughes and friends play soldier. Who cares.

Anonymous said...

Neither Mr. Hughes nor Mr. Heike seem to want to condemn Jeff Schoeps race mixing, why? If it was some black "celebrity" defiling a White girl, I'm sure that they would be quick to condemn it. The fact that they refuse to condemn it, when it occurs within our own racial movement seems fantastic! I can see where they like Jeff Schoep, and hate to lose a friend, but Schoep has committed the ultimate sin for a true racial nationalist, he has race mixed and lied about it to the movement at large and his followers in NSM. And this, while he supposedly leads a Nazi organization, sick. Neither Adolf Hitler nor George Lincoln Rockwell would have condoned this, or looked the other way. Sue Hepfinger

Anonymous said...

Go and look at former NSM member Brian Hollands messages on the NSM Forum and New Saxon. He never attacked anyone and later confessed to being a paid FBI agent after the FBI & NSM got him to run against Bowles for President in 2008.

Anonymous said...

The Aws seems like a much better alternative than the ANP. I don't want to be associated with anyone who bad mouths as much as Rocky or who is as shady as Taylor Bowles. Bowles is just there to seak out politicians who may have pro white sympathies so a group like the ADL can expose them. And he is doing it in yet another Nazi costume. I was thinking about joining the ANP but after I heard about the AWS I decided not to.

Advanced White Society said...

4:05 PM Sue Hepfinger
I have already made my statement about race mixing, I do not approve of it nor do I condone it NO MATTER WHO it is.
I am not using the A.W.S. as a platform to attack other groups or people. I m not going to jump on the famous bandwagon of badmouthing people or organizations. We have enough groups that do that very well and there is no need for me to get involved.
My stance on this subject has been and always will be, races should not mix.
I am for separation of the races completely.
You can all continue your attacks on me because I won't get on this kick about badmouthing other people, we have other more important things to deal with then trying to change another organization or what some person does or does not do.
We do not concern our selves with other organizations and what they do, we are concerned over our members and the A.W.S. organization.

Anonymous said...

I think that the ANP are doing a great service for the racial struggle by their exposure of the bad apples and frauds within. Being relatively new to this, unless more experienced people who know the truth about race mixers like this Jeffry Schope, and that crazy man who killed that family, I and others wouldn't be aware of them. Is it better that new people don't know who to trust and who to avoid? I have listened to Mr. Rocky on his radio program and what he says makes sense, and he acts very personalable and knowledgable on the subjects he discusses. Could it possibly be that those here attacking him, are guilty of the light he is throwing on them? As a white woman I resent the attitudes of some, who prefer we women shut up and listen to the boys. We are half of our race, and deserve to be treated decently. I have yet to get to the stage where I join any organization, but some of these people who I see in these articles actually frighten me. I certainly don't wish to associate with them and the ANP's assessments about various groups and individuals only reinforces my hesitation. If you don't have any serious flaws, I can only image that no one can expose you for anything, if one the other hand you do have something you wish kept hidden, I can understand your anger at what the ANP is doing. I only hope that they don't buckle under and keep it up! Thank you ANP. Brenda W.

Anonymous said...

The AWS is another "look at me I'm different organization" from someone who apparently has EGO issues. I would take the ANP anyday over some new rookies not knowing what they are doing. To me, the creaoer of it seems really shady.

Jenni said...


What is your opinion of Mr. Bowles? You see what he does in action and the comments. Why is it he does so much and creates so much anger in here? Are other pro-White activists jealous of his accomplishments because he makes others look bad. That's understandable and probably true. Look what he has done within the last 6o days if you read his blog: Did a one-on-one presentation with high school students who invited him, became a NS lobbyist in Congress, and put 50 copies of George Lincoln Rockwell books in schools and colleges. Who else can even come close to those things? And it is all positive activities! I'm not here to cheer-lead for Mr. Bowles or Rocky; but, I'm a pro-White activist of another group and I wish we had someone like them.

What's the next thing they are going to criticize Mr. Bowles for? Getting elected to Congress and not having his shoes polished? lol

Anchorage Activist said...

Jenni -- John Taylor Bowles strikes me as being a serious comrade interested in presenting and promoting national socialism in the most professional way possible. He adds important depth to the ANP.

Case in point: When Dr. Pierce died, the National Alliance spiraled downward because of a lack of proper secondary leadership. Erich Gliebe could barely carry Dr. Pierce's briefcase. In contrast, if Rocky Suhayda were taken from us now, the ANP would not only survive, but actually thrive under the leadership of Bowles.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the ANP would be better off without Rocky. John Taylor Bowles is a much better leader and sometimes looks like the only active member of the party. Rocky is just there to make boring rambles about finding common ground with the enemy while cashing membership dues. Bowles is forced to operate on his own money and does ten times as much. I think Bowles should take over the ANP and really make the party into something. Judy Burmiester.

Anonymous said...

"AA", When I first accepted Chairmanship of the ANP, I determined that it was going to be an ORGANIZATION unlike any other in this "movement". Instead of being a promotion vehicle for one persons personality - it was going to concentrate upon the MESSAGE - National Socialism. What we have created is a viable TEAM that works together, not a collection of ego-driven personalities. If "I" were to die tommorrow, the succession is already in place, and the Team has aknowledged the need to continue to work together for the good of the Idea. Comrade Bowles is one of my most trusted and valuable Comrades. Not only does he bring experience and zeal to our agenda, but progressive thinking. Perhaps you are one of the few, who can see beyond the "publicity whore" Phase-Oneism of this "movement" and understand just how much is being done "behind the scenes". This is quite necessary, as by NOT "outing" our personnel, we keep them safe from enemy persecution and attack. Making "smoke & mirror" headlines, is NOT the same as accomplishing solid growth and structure. How many of those making those (negative) "headlines" last year - are GONE from the scene today? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

What in the world are you talking about? Without Rocky, there would not be a modern ANP.

I respect Rocky, and admire that he has spent the last 40+ years in the movement.

However, I am still wondering why he brought Bowles into the party.

Some have said for fundraising purposes. The only fundraising I have heard of Bowles doing is swindling a 19 year old out of his inheritance.
There was also his ridiculous presidential run, which was nothing more than an ego trip. Even Rocky was mocking Bowles back in 08.
Now Bowles is the NS Lobbyist, im not sure what the ANP hopes will come of it.

I think it would be best for the ANP to get rid Bowles, let him start his own org if he so wishes.

KKK Andy said...

Hey that's good advice 4:12AM.......for someone trying to divide and destroy the ANP since they have good TEAMWORK and NO DRAMA unlike the rest of the so-called mini-fuhrer organizations like the one recently started by a disgruntled NSM member in New Jersey. One thing about Bowles is he DOES and doesn't even let the enemy know what he is going to do before he clobbers them. I like his tactics.

Anonymous said...

I love how people want us to get rid of individuals within the ANP Organization. I guess nobody realizes that it's a team effort and it takes each one of us to make it what it is. People are going to talk bad about the ANP because they actually have people doing exactly what we're supposed to be doing; POLITICAL ACTIVITY NOT LOOKING LIKE PROTESTORS. I'm just glad to be a part of the ANP and soon people will start to wake up and begin saying the same.

Chris 88

A new video for the ANP as well:

Anonymous said...

what is up with this?

Anonymous said...

I looked it up and can't believe what I read. And this is a so called Furher??? This is a true traitor yet is still backed by organizations. With an heir in the Waffen SS I say to anyone who follows this traitor to stop at once and really understand the True Reich!! You are an idiot and also a traitor if you still accept this scum!! Wise up or get out of the movement altogether if you feel the NSM is true to the NS Ideology.

Chris 88

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest Taylor. Most of us aren't in the ANP so we don't look to the SPLC for direction. Your sheep costume is falling off. Youve got to stop refferencing the antis as your primary source for info. I'll clue you in on something, real NS, what you pretend to be, don't side with the antis or the media. I know it is hard since you are more or less on house arrest as far as the movement is concerned. Maybe AA ought to consider that. For such a loved, trusted and successful guy, you won't dare show your face at even the most tame event meeting or rally. Rocky is the only friend you have and you'd best not dream of breaking off from him or trying to take over the ANP.

Anonymous said...

5:51PM your a joke! The NSM is one of those groups who love to post articles from the jews media, unless of course its like this one from the SPLC. When a mans wife spills the beans like this, it comes pretty much from the source. Remember when Schoep was gonna sue his wife, never heard anything more about that. Jeff is so full of shit, he's a walking toilet. Basically what he's doing is milking his few followers for all he can get, cause he don't want to work for a living. Luckily, most of them have wised up and left, like me!

Anonymous said...

8:12PM must be on drugs thinking Taylor Bowles is in this comment section posting. If he was he would have listed his name like he does to everything else. What a fool this person is who writes this fantasy shit.

Anonymous said...

This blog is always so entertanining. A bunch of people talking to themselves. Notice how every blog on this site no matter what the subject of it is Jeff Schoep gets bashed in a comment almost instantly. Like it's the same obsessed people each time. The same few people that talk to themselves back and forth. I don't think I need to even say who because we all know. Jilted exes and fan boys.