Monday, May 21, 2012

Five Antifa Terrorists From Indiana Formally Charged With Three Major Felonies In Attack Upon Tinsley Park Restaurant

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Screenshot of police photos of Tinley Park terrorists

-- Top Row, left to right: Cody Sutherlin, Jason Sutherlin and Dylan Sutherlin, all brothers
-- Bottom Row, left to right: Alex Robert Stuck and John Steve Tucker

Five anti-racist terrorists have been charged with a host of felonies in association with the March 19th, 2012 attack upon 20 white nationalists at the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinsley Park, Illinois. Although South Side ARA initially bragged that 30 antifa participated in the attack, media sources almost universally set the number of attackers at anywhere from 15 to 18 now. But Tinley Park police and the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force are working to identify up to 13 additional individuals who fled the scene.

None of the five are from Illinois, however. The five are identified as John Tucker, 26, of Martinsville, Ind.; Cody Sutherlin, 23, of Bloomington, Ind.; Dylan Sutherlin, 20, and Jason Sutherlin, 33, both of Gosport, Ind.; and Alex Stuck, 22, of Bloomington, Ind. All have been charged with felony mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property. A spokesperson for the Cook County State’s Attorney says more charges may be filed later pending the outcome of the initial investigation. Jason Sutherlin’s bail was set at $250,000 because of a previous felony conviction for a burglary charge. Cody Sutherlin’s bail was set at $200,000 in part because of a previous DUI in Indiana. The bail for the other three was set at $175,000. Cook County Circuit Court Judge Terence B. Smith approved the prosecution's high bail recommendation because the attacks were unprovoked and the perpetrators wore masks; their next court date is June 12th. According to information posted on Stormfront, mob action is a class 4 felony calling for 1-3 years in prison, while aggravated battery is a class 3 felony with a sentence of anywhere from 2-5 years.

The costs of the attack to the Ashford House are now being tallied. Restaurant owner Mike Winston, who was personally attacked by the antifas when he attempted to intervene, has said property damage repairs will cost $10,000 to $15,000, and that it has already cost him additionally in lost business revenue; a party that had booked a wedding shower for Sunday May 20th canceled, while Sunday brunch, which normally packs the place, filled only four tables.

It has also now been revealed that the white nationalist group meeting at the restaurant belonged to the Illinois European Heritage Association, said to be associated with the White News Now and Stormfront discussion forums. NBCChicago identifies one of the Heritage members as Beckie Williams, who was specifically targeted by One People's Project. Williams said she doesn't know where the "white supremacist accusations" came from, and added that the Saturday meeting was the first meeting of the group. Some have speculated on this Stormfront thread that the group might have contained an informant who was a pipeline to ARA, since ARA seemed to know when and where everything was going down.

The Chicago Tribune reports that two members of the Illinois European Heritage Association were also arrested. Steven Eugene Speers, 33, of Grand Forks, ND, was wanted on a warrant from Dallas County, TX, for possession of child pornography, while Francis John Gilroy Jr., 65, of West Palm Beach, FL, is charged with unlawful possession of weapons by a felon. VNN Forum members are concerned this information may be used to try and demonize the heritage group.


Anonymous said...

Why is no surprise that a Stormfront activist or NSM member was arrested for child pornography?

And why is no surprise that some chomo toucher got his ass kicked by some ARA faggots?

Anonymous said...

Those ARA scum look like absolute low grade White trash, y'know, what the ARA calls us. Looks like they'll be getting their first showers in at least a week at the jail.

However, WHY THE HELL did this Heritage group have some sicko wanted for child porn charges as a member??? As well as another member who is a felon.

You're damn right the jewsmedia will use it to taint the whole group!

I would love to see these ARA excrement bags get the max sentence, and see how their "anti-racism" works in prison against the majority colored population there. Hint: It won't work.

But here is this WN group, looking really bad themselves because of some rotten apples. We've got to do quality control, leave the criminals and weirdos for the NSM type joker groups.

Anonymous said...

race traitors are going to get ASS RAPED IN JAIL BY THOSE BLACKS THEY LOVE SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

Another NSMer in the news again for trash.

Anonymous said...

I've heard something very strange, one of the top organizers of this thing was a guy who goes by the nickname "KAYDEN" over on stormfront. He is also a honcho in the area NSM. He oddly DIDN'T SHOW UP for his own gathering. Anybody else smell a rat? After all the shit coming out about the NSM lately, I wouldn't be surprised. I'll never have anything to do with this group or any of its members.

Anonymous said...

Didnt show up for his own event? There you go.

Anything involving NSM members is bad stuff.

Unfortunately, im quite sure former and current members will be showing up in the news several more times for criminal behavior.

Maybe Schoep will realize almost everyone knows NSM is a joke and will disband it. Then lay low for a bit, then come back with some new thing. Still under the auspices his "company", to sell crap that no one really needs, but can keep the commander from having to buy an alarm clock.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with felons or weapons -- something wrong with perverts and touchers.

The National Socialist Movement has never been a legitimate white organization -- it is a stage that all legitimate white activists go through.

And the ARA kids are going to get a minimal penalty if any. The media is already saying that their hammer attack is a "debate."

The fact is that the system encourages and utilizes violence against white people. The question is when will white people start seriously utilizing violence against the system -- and not just stand around bullshitting and fuming and pretending they have a "right" to run their mouths.

Anonymous said...

I consider myself a sincere, ligitimate white activist, but I would never associate with the types in the NSM. Dressing up like a clown, and staging silly, meaningless protests surrounded by zogs cops and screaming anti's has always seemed pointless and self defeating to me. Our struggle has always been a political one in my eyes, like Rocky and the ANP advocate, not performing pathetic street theater. No wonder the European WN are so far ahead of us, they never got bogged down in nonsense.

ATB318 said...

Some of those scumbag's info is posted here