Friday, May 18, 2012

Feds Allege Joseph Thomas And Samuel Johnson Intended To Attack The Mexican Consulate In St. Paul, Minnesota

Update June 6th: Samuel Johnson pleads guilty to being a felon in possession of firearms. He faces a minimum of 15 years in prison.

The cases of Joseph Thomas and former NSM member Samuel Johnson have taken a bizarre turn. In an affidavit just released, the feds allege that Thomas planned to attack the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul, MN in order to stir debate on immigration amnesty issues ahead of the 2012 presidential election. Photo of Thomas available HERE.

According to the Austin Daily Herald, Thomas told an undercover agent he expected a race war within two years and that his group, which was to be the new Aryan Liberation Movement, wanted to be able to control an interstate and airports to prevent the military from coming into Minnesota. In the plot against the consulate, Thomas allegedly told an undercover agent he wanted to steal a pickup truck, load it with barrels of oil and gas, drive it into the consulate and allow the mixture to spill, then set it ablaze with a road flare. Thomas also said he’d found recipes for the mixture and instructions for making napalm. The attack was to have taken place on May 1st, but was scrubbed for personal reasons and an upsurge in police protection in the area.

And there's a reason why there was an upsurge in police protection. FBI agents reported seeing Thomas conducting surveillance on the consulate building in December 2011. They contacted the consulate and informed them of the threat; the consulate also upgraded its own security protocols.

In addition, Thomas had collected license plate numbers of people with Barack Obama bumper stickers and had asked an associate to volunteer at a left-leaning bookstore to obtain customers' addresses. Furthermore, Thomas also suggested placing hoax explosive devices along the May Day parade route in the Twin Cities, saying he had video of prior parades so he could identify parade participants.

Despite the new allegations, no additional charges have been filed against Thomas. He remains charged with four different counts in relation to possession and distribution of methamphetamine, and is scheduled to go to trial on June 25th. Samuel Johnson is not mentioned in any of these new stories; he remains charged with five felony counts for an armed career criminal in possession of firearms and ammunition; he's pleaded not guilty and his trial begins on July 16th. Both are former members of the National Socialist Movement who broke away to begin the Aryan Liberation Movement.


Anonymous said...

More wonderful "publicity" from Jeff Schoeps loony-toon outfit. I wish they'ed disappear.

Anonymous said...

Where in hell does mini-fuhrer jeffy schoep find so many retards? I guess he and his nsm are a shit-magnet...

Anonymous said...

Bill White on American Front federal prosecutors:

Anonymous said...

I just visited Bill White's facebook site. He is a total nutcase and belongs back behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would ever want to hear what bill white has to say about anything?

Anonymous said...

alFrom looking at the Facebook, I guess someone who wanted to go to the homes of the American Front prosecutors and smear the word pig in blood on their walls.

But, in a larger sense, white is right. There are no more political solutions. We can start killing these pigs or we can all go to prison for life.

Its time white people grew up and faced that instead of thinking of white activism as some sort of gossip scene.

Anonymous said...

From White's Facebook. And I checked -- his "re-sentencing hearing" has been cancelled indefinitely:

I received the following message today via email. Given that I have not been in the United States for several weeks I obviously had nothing to do with these events. I just edited this to remove Turks actual address:

On the evening of May 10, 2012, PIG JUDGE James C Turk came home to the well-manicured lawns and little brick wall outside his ranch home at xxxx Walker Dr in Radford Virignia and found the word PIG written in the blood of his GOAT GOD CHRIST all along his walls. He also received a package of photos of THE PIGLETS -- his little grandchildren which he holds SO DEAR -- and a note that if he proceeded with the PIG PROCEEDINGS against righteous NEO NAZI BILL WHITE that those PIGLETS would be found BEHEADED, DISEMBOWLED, AND HUNG FROM THE OVERPASS over highway I-581.

COMPLIANT with the DEMANDS of the NATIONAL SOCIALIST LIBERATION FRONT, PIG JUDGE James C Turk CANCELLED all further proceedings against the wrongfully persecuted RIGHTEOUS BROTHER WILLIAM A WHITE.

Similar messages were further delivered to the HOMES of the PIGS Timothy J Heaphy, Anthony Troy and Thomas Bondurant -- and more packages are coming PIGS. YOU CANNOT HIDE.

The NATIONAL SOCIALIST LIBERATION FRONT recognizes that the PIG SYSTEM will only be OVERTURNED WITH BLOOD and that HELTER SKELTER is truly coming down fast. We DO NOT DIG THE PIGS and will not allow righteous brothers to continue to be TERRORIZED by the UNITED SNAKES CULT behind America.





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Anonymous said...

Pushing the line towards ILLEGALITY and WILLY WEISS go together like a JEW and a BAGEL. Looks likes he's out to ENTRAP somebody for his handlers. Beware!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, a guy like White does years in prison, is tortured, has to leave the country to avoid being re-arrested, and a turd like Jim Ramm still collects a $400 a week check to come on the internet and call White an informant.

Of course White is breaking *AMERICAN* law because he doesn't give a shit about it any more -- he's in Iran or some nonsense like that.