Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chris Mahlangu Found Guilty Of Murdering South African AWB White Patriot Eugene Terre’Blanche; Patrick Ndlovu Found Not Guilty

Update August 23rd: Chris Mahlangu sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche.

Two years and one month after the April 3rd, 2010 murder of South African White patriot Eugene Terre’Blanche, itinerant Black handyman Chris Mahlangu was found guilty of the crime on May 22nd, 2012. Mahlangu will remain in custody until a June 18th sentencing hearing, and pending a likely appeal. Primary South African media sources include News24, the Mail & Guardian, and the Independent; credible international sources include the Daily Mail (with numerous photos), Deutsche Welle, and the Telegraph. YouTube video of Al-Jazeera report embedded below:


Mahlangu's co-defendant, who was not previously named publicly because he was 16 years old at the time of the murder, was found guilty of breaking into Terre’Blanche’s house with the intent to steal, and to have been in close proximity to the murder, but not to have been a participant in the murder. This means the co-defendant, now identified by News24 as Patrick Ndlovu, is likely to walk free almost immediately. Judge John Horn dismissed suggestions by the defense that Mahlangu had acted in self defense, or that there had been a physical altercation. He also dismissed claims that Terre’Blanche had sodomized at least one of his workers, or that there had been any complex motive to the crime. Judge Horn also said there was no evidence Terre'Blanche was killed due to his political views, but over a dispute about wages. Judge Horn also rejected much of the version of events offered by the accused, as well as various explanations that had been put foreword in their defense. But on the basis of blood-splatter evidence, he said it was inconceivable that Patrick Ndlovu could have taken part in the murder.

Screenshot of Chris Mahlangu

Mahlangu and Ndlovu were arrested shortly after the murder of Terre’Blanche in his farmhouse outside Ventersdorp in the North West and charged with murder, housebreaking and robbery with aggravating circumstances. Both pleaded not guilty; while Mahlangu claimed self-defense, Ndlovu denied any involvement.

Screenshot of Patrick Ndlovu

Reaction of Principals: One-time AWB leader and now head of the Geloftevolk Republikeine, Andre Visagie, said the court had no choice in its judgment, given the evidence presented, and that his group would not fight the verdict. They would be more interested in seeing what sentence Mahlangu receives. In contrast, current AWB leader Steyn van Ronge said his group blamed poor police work for the acquittal of Patrick Ndlovu on a technicality. But van Ronge added that once sentencing is complete, the AWB would consolidate and focus on its mandate of training members in self-defense. Terre’Blanche’s family expressed strong disappointment with the acquittal of Ndlovu, while saying Mahlangu should spent the rest of his life in jail. Many South Africans posting comments to the South African media sources also think Ndlovu got off too lightly.

Some blacks gathered outside the courtroom sang the controversial "Shoot The Boer" (Dubul' iBhunu) song upon learning of the verdict, but there were no serious scuffles between Blacks and the White supporters of Terre’Blanche, who were kept separate by armed police. According to Deutsche Welle, the "rainbow nation" has not changed racial attitudes in the Ventersdorp area much; Whites and Blacks are still reluctant to interact more than necessary.

Pro-White Reaction: Documented on Stormfront and WhiteNewsNow

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