Thursday, May 10, 2012

Censorship In Greece: Wordpress Shuts Down Golden Dawn's Blog In Response To Jewish Pressure, But New Website Now Online

In an indirect response to pressure applied by Jewish extremist groups, Wordpress has shut down the blog operated by Golden Dawn, which won 6.9 percent of the vote in Greece's recent elections.

Wordpress claims the blog violated the terms of service and rules against content containing threats or which incites violence towards individuals or entities. Greece's Jewish Council complained about Golden Dawn's "serious attack on Greek democracy" after it posted allegedly anti-Semitic articles and transmitted death threats against a journalist, Xenia Kounalaki, who works for the Kathimerini newspaper. Another Jew, Rabbi Mordechai Frizis, formerly the rabbi of the Jewish community of Salonika, Greece, spoke to Arutz Sheva on May 9th and falsely claimed that Golden Dawn has people with swastikas, the Nazi salute, Nazi ideology and they blatantly say they want a new Holocaust.

Update May 11th: Golden Dawn has a new website. The Greek-language version is HERE, and a Google English translation is HERE.

In a statement released by Golden Dawn, the party blamed the biased and libelous media channels for the removal of their blog because democracy cannot stand the truth. They accused the media of using their connections to silence the Voice of Truth, the voice of Golden Dawn. The statement concluded: "It is obvious that the only thing violated was some agenda and interest and not the rules of operation. The War by the system against us, Honours us, because it shows us that we are on the right track. We will not stop, nor retreat. Until the final victory."

In a separate interview with ITV, Golden Dawn spokesman Theodoros Koudounas denied the group were either fascist or Nazi, explaining that they could not be fascists as they aren't Italians, nor could they be Nazis as they aren't Germans. Instead he described them as "popular nationalists”. They have responded to anti-immigrant sentiments which have been fuelled by the rising tide of crime in Greek cities and the financial burden imposed by over one million illegals (ITV reports a total of 2.5 million illegals).

Although two previous efforts to form a new government have failed, Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos has now received the presidential mandate to make a third try. Venizelos says that a meeting with Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis proved encouraging. Kouvelis wants a broad coalition to keep Greece in the euro and launch a gradual disengagement from the austerity program with a mandate until mid-2014; Venizelos said that almost coincides with his own position. If no party leader can form a government, President Karolos Papoulias will call new elections -- and a poll shows that in a new election, Golden Dawn's support would decline to 5.7 percent, with 16 seats.

Some interesting insight is provided in this Stormfront thread, which gives an account of a visit to Greece in March 2012 by a National Alliance member and another National Alliance supporter. They found that the electioneering on a national scale of Golden Dawn was viable and realistic, while in the U.S., we are already beyond the pale of potential victory due to the rapidly deteriorating demographic factors and sickness of our own people as well as the corruption of the political system itself in allowing alternatives to the standard two-party system. Another major factor is the disparity in sizes between our two countries, with Greece being about the size of the state of Alabama.


Anonymous said...

So the NA believes that rather than taking part in elections, albeit LOCAL campaigns that are QUITE viable, IF we simply made the needed effort - its better instead to peddle swastika soled boots, suspenders and bonehead music? That was always the biggest stumbling block that I saw, when I was a member of NA - it had NO intention of taking part in politics. Instead we were for the most part, supposed to be "salesmen" for NA's trinket line. Education is fine - except when there is no "end goal" in mind - except "educating some more". Where does all this education end, and REAL POLITICAL ACTIVITY begin? For European WN, its NOW - for American WN its still Phase One fantasytime! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

I know im not the only one who has wondered why we in the USA have never had a Nation-wide WN party. like an American National Front. Especially considering the fact that we still enjoy freedoms that our fellow Whites in Europe do not have. Mainly greater freedom of speech.

As was mentioned, a major problem is the size of the USA. Also mentioned was the stranglehold of the "Big Two" establishment political parties. When you read about an election in Europe, you see several different parties getting significant votes, like this Golden Dawn in Greece. Yet, here in the USA, with 300 million people we still have about 99% of voters going with the big two.

The real problem though, is the pitiful state of White America. I've seen a lot of news coverage over the years of people in other nations taking to the streets by the thousands to protest their governments. Hell, even lots of non-Whites do it. I think it was Thailand a few years back when thousands demanded their president resign.

Can you imagine anything like that happening here? With our people I mean. The big turnouts for public events here are when the leftists come out. Commies, Anarchists, Blacks, Hispanics, Homosexuals etc.

The modern day American White is too busy pursuing "entertainment."
Watching niggerball, getting drunk, viewing internet porn, dwelling on what useless "toy" to buy next. Crap like that.

So, "we" get some WN type demo with a dozen people from groups like the NSM, and that's it. That's the best we can do?

What a sorry state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

wordpress should not interfere in freedom of expression, if what Golden dawn saya is so offensive then it should be tried in court, but unfortunately the media is controlled and feeds what it is instructed to, wordpress should look at Israels immigration policy if its good for Israel its good for Greece!

Anonymous said...

It sucks that the Jews have the power to get sites taken off the internet, but Golden Dawn shouldn't be relying on Wordpress hosting for their site. They should have their own server where they can install their own Wordpress copy to. Same goes for other blogs and stuff like you tube channels, you don't want to rely on blogspot or youtube because at anytime they can delete it if they want. At the very least always maintain backups of your content...

Anonymous said...

White Nationalism in America is basically irrelevant, and meaningless. Until a comPlete collapse of the US Empire happens nothing will change in our favor.
All we can do now is plan and get ready for that day to come. It is completly meaningless and hopeless to think a political solution would fix our sad state of affairs. The movement collectively needs to die with the Empire then after the dust clears then a serious movement can attain the lasting victory.

Anonymous said...

If the movement died with Americas downfall that would make us defeatists, which my National Socialism is a crime in itself.

Anonymous said...

No I am a realist, there's a difference. To think the movement will ever win is foolish. Political power will not be attained in the US because the people in charge won't allow it. This is not defeatism it is reality. Anyone who thinks any different is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Who ever thought that the old Soviet Union would go down the tubes? Who ever thought that Germany would ever be united again? Just like Rome - this Judeo-Capitalist Empire - of the Jew-S-A, has overextended itself and racially poisoned itself and is doomed to eventual self-destruction. The only question IS - "WHO" will be in position to take ADVANTAGE of it? This CURRENT "movement"? LOL Of course not! Its total leadership is too corrupt and/or dysfuntional to do more than play-act through the motions of "being a resistance". BUT, if the system was to implode - as it currently is - "something" must be in place that WOULD give the disenfrachised White Workers an opportunity to rally around. Of course, folks like 2:46PM are too filled with defeatism to be expected to "do anything" MORE than peck on a keyboard. ( or is he a enemy troll? ) But, there are MILLIONS of other Aryans out there, not yet involved who COULD take that step. Of course, they AREN'T going to follow creeps like Schoep, Mullet, and the likes - but, OTHERS may come to the fore. SINCERE, HONEST, DECENT White men and women. Our "job" is to build a FRAMEWORK that can be "fleshed out" when that time arrives. And it will! Defeatism is POISON - avoid it and the weakkneed carriers of it... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!