Friday, May 11, 2012

Brazilian White Nationalist Supports The Peaceful Secession Of Brazil's Three Southern States From The Country (Movimento O Sul É O Meu País)

White Pride World Wide does mean world wide. And this includes the one part of the world most neglected by us -- Latin America. Whites actually predominate in Argentina and Uruguay, and form a significant plurality in Chile. And Southern Brazil is majority White. We need to do a better job of reaching out to these folks and making them feel a part of the worldwide White family.

The editor of the Ddireita blog tells the story of Whites in Southern Brazil. And now that he's added a translation utility, it makes it much easier for us to keep up with it. On April 29th, he discusses a secession movement being organized in Southern Brazil. Called MOVIMENTO O SUL É MEU PAÍS (The Movement The South Is My Country), its objective is the creation of a new federation consisting of the three southernmost states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and Parana. According to this Stormfront thread, the organization had 16,000 members in 2007. Celso Deucher, the organization's president, cites a survey conducted in 2011 by the Institute GSul as proof of popular support; it showed that 43 percent of southerners favor the creation of the new country. However, that survey was only taken in the three respective state capitals; they want a new survey which covers all cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

The three southern states are marked in yellow

A visit to Wikipedia indicates the new country could be successful. Not only is Southern Brazil the most universally prosperous part of the country, but it is the whitest, it has less crime, and much of it enjoys four distinct seasons. Here are some highlights of the three states:

-- Rio Grande do Sul: The southernmost state of the region. Demographically, it's 80.8 percent White, 13.77 percent Brown (multiracial), 4.87 percent Black, 0.4 percent Amerindian, and 0.1 percent Asian. Predominant White ethnicities include Portuguese, Italian, and German. One of the most prosperous Brazilian states, Rio Grande do Sul is known especially for its grain production, viticulture, ranching, and for its considerable industrial output.

-- Santa Catarina: Wedged between Rio Grande do Sul and Parana. Demographically, it's 86.96 percent White, 9.98 percent Brown (multiracial), 2.63 percent Black, 0.25 percent Asian, and 0.09 percent Amerindian. Most of the White ethnicities include Portuguese, Germans, and Italians. Santa Catarina has one of the highest standards of living in Brazil, and is a major industrial and agricultural center.

-- Parana: The northernmost of the three states. Demographically, it's a bit darker than the other two states, at 72.68 percent White, 24.3 percent Brown (multiracial), 1.49 percent Black, 1.12 percent Asian, and 0.36 percent Amerindian. The two major White groups in the state are Italians and Germans, supplemented by Poles and Ukrainians. Parana is an agricultural powerhouse, but plants of several different brands and industries exist around metropolitan Curitiba, producing around 450.000 cars, buses, and trucks a year. The whole industry today is very diversified, and the Curitiba Metropolitan Area has a whole range of industries like computers, freezers, and cosmetics.

Brazilians of Ukrainian descent at a church in Curitiba. Yep, they're White


Anonymous said...

Latin American Criollos neglected? Oh, but their "muds" dontcha know??? Sure, just ask WNs, they'll tell ya. "muds" all of them.

Anonymous said...

Millions of White people in Latin America, even some in Mexico. No shock that Argentina and Uruguay, the two Whitest nations in South America are also the safest, cleanest, most productive.

Also, sorry to upset the reds, but your hero Che Guevara was White. Spanish, (actually Basque)and Irish background.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps those three states along with Uruguay and Argentina (both majority white) should form a new nation, all three would benefit. Getting past the hurdle of the dislike for one another among these countries is another story...

Thor said...

Brasil is more them Rio de Janeiro , samba and Copacabana ;)

Maurício said...

Although it is true that the Three Southern states are the ones with the highest white demographic percentages, it's not right to call the Movement being from White Nationalists.

The movement has it's roots on historical backgrounds, from the early 18th century independence of two southern states to the 19th century lack of support from the centralized Brazilian Federal Government.

We're a region that, unlike the others, thrives without any help of the Federal Government, and, as such, we feel it to be our right to claim for independence.

There are many reasons for the secessionist movement to exist, but in a nutshell, those are them.