Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brandon Spiller Speaks Out About The ARA Terrorist Attack On The Illinois European Heritage Group In Tinley Park

One of the primary victims of the ARA terrorist attack on 20 members of the Illinois European Heritage Group in Tinley Park, Illinois has spoken out at length, and his remarks have been published by the Tinley Park Patch. Brandon Spiller was one of the primary targets of the estimated 15 ARA thugs who invaded the Ashford House Restaurant on May 19th, 2012; he received a head wound requiring eight staples to close, and one of his eyes was injured. Spiller's eye is getting better, and the staples are set to be removed next week.

Spiller's group was holding its very first meeting ever in a back room of the restaurant. His description of the attack indicates they were blindsided; the antifas were upon them as he lunged for a chair to defend himself:

"We were just meeting for networking and helping people out and finding resources available in our area for those of European descent," he said. "It was just a meeting to get to know each other."

But the group didn't even have a chance to get down to business that afternoon, he said. Shortly after ordering appetizers, a brigade of about 15 masked people clad in black and armed with nunchucks, metal batons, hammers and table legs marched into the restaurant in a "single-file" line, he said. They pitched a chair at Spiller's table and kicked off what police call a "mob-style beating".

Spiller said that he had a gun in his car. But it was legally registered to him, in a case and was kept separate from its ammunition as Illinois law requires during transport. If Illinois had CCW, Spiller might have brought the gun into the restaurant with him.

Some of the ARA thugs even invaded the main dining area of the restaurant and attacked patrons there, but the melee came to an abrupt halt when one of the patrons clocked an assailant and knocked him out; the antifa scattered like rats afterward. Five of the assailants were subsequently arrested when police stopped their vehicle and discovered two expandable batons, a knife, a pair of gloves and several dark-colored hooded sweatshirts. The assailants are named in this previous post; they are charged with felony mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property, being held on high bail, and their next court appearance is on June 12th.

Spiller doesn't understand why his group was targeted. The group's premise is to help other European people and group members in a variety of ways, such as giving family assistance or networking to find jobs. However, what may have attracted ARA's interest is the fact that their meeting was advertised on Stormfront as the 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet. When asked why the meeting was touted at Stormfront, Spiller said “there’s no connection with that as far as I know. Maybe someone found out about our meeting and posted our information there.” Spiller believes the ARA were clued into the meeting by a "mole" who kept saying he'd show up, but then no-showed.

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Anonymous said...

The mole was an NSM organizer in that area that never showed.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile the targets of their attack were about a dozen members of the Illinois European Heritage Association, a group linked to the "White Pride" group Storm Front. Two of these victims were also caught up in the police investigation following the incident: Steven Speers of North Dakota was arrested on an outstanding warrant for possession of child pornography and Francis Gilroy of Florida was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon."

Anonymous said...

"...doesnt understand why the group was targeted."

Come on, everyone knows about those ARA scum by now! They are not "anti-racist" at all. They are criminal thugs who attack any pro-White groups or individuals using their 1st Amendent rights.

Never seen them take on black racists like Nation of islam or the New Black Panther Party, or Latino Racists like La Raza, MECHA, Brown Berets, or jew racists like the JDL.

The Nation of islam has had big conventions and events at places like the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan and the All State Arena in Rosement Illinois. I never heard of any ARA types protesting outside these events.

I am surprised that this Mr.Spiller would be surprised that ARA targeted his group. We all know by now that ARA are anti-White racists, a collection of violent (mostly white) trashy rejects. Probably getting some $$$ help from ZOG or ADL.

As AA has said, there is absloutely no reasoning with them, or room for debate. They only understand force.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know anything about this NSMer "KAYDAR" over on Stormfront, who supposedly helped organize this clusterfuck, and then never showed up himself? He's supposed to be the NSM organizer for Illinois I understand. In the picture over on the anti website, he looks like a typical bonehead, fondling a big snake in his arms in front of a Third Reich battle flag.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you. Stormfront is ARA infiltrated.

These ARA types are commie trash and should be shot dead on sight. There is no reasoning with them. They act like wilding niggers. Nothing but criminal trash. You'll also note that the Southside ARA blog disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a jewish snake... lol.

Anybody that has anything to do with any member of the nsm is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

You are completely right. Honestly, I dont think there is a group of "people" I'd rather see suffer more than ARA sub-human trash.

Even on that blog they are quite open about their use of force and lack of interest in the law/courts etc.

They are simply a terrorist group that advocates violence against White people. Which is why ZOG doesnt seem very interested in shutting them down.