Sunday, May 06, 2012

Arizona Media Caught Lying About The U.S. Border Guard; Veterans Today Continues To Insist J.T. Ready And Family Were Assassinated

Update May 8th: 911 tapes released by Gilbert Police indicate that J.T. ready was solely repsonsible for this massacre; the alternative theory proposed by Veterans Today is now debunked. Updated post HERE.

Just when the preponderance of the evidence was pointing overwhelmingly at the possibility that J.T. Ready was responsible for the Gilbert Massacre, an Arizona media outlet was caught red-handed lying about the U.S. Border Guard. Note that although the U.S. Border Guard website has been suspended, their Flickr photo stream is still available.

NSM Arizona leader Harry Hughes discovered that described the U.S. Border Guard as a "white supremacist militia group". It appeared in a May 4th story entitled "FBI: J.T. Ready was target of domestic terrorism investigation". Anyone familiar with the U.S. Border Guard knows that, although J.T. Ready was still a convinced national socialist committed to the long-term ideal of racial separation, he had chosen to suspend that issue for the sake of repelling the common invaders of our country, and had thrown open the U.S. Border Guard to qualified people of all races. So Hughes immediately e-mailed to correct the record:

The US Border Guard was registered with the Arizona Secretary of State as a search and rescue organization. Most members obtained NASAR certifications. The USBG is not in any way, shape or form a white supremacist militia. The USBG was open to everyone regardless of race, religion, political affiliations or even disabilities.

It was not uncommon for me to go out on patrols with Jews, Blacks and Native Americans.

And surprise, surprise. When I checked the story on May 6th, they had dropped the phrase "white supremacist" from their designation. The phrase now simply reads "Ready was a known neo-Nazi and member of the National Socialist Movement. He was the leader of the U.S. Border Guards, a militia group which patrolled the desert near the U.S./Mexico border". This is a factual description.

The problem is that when the media reports incorrect information or outright falsehoods, it becomes next to impossible for people to believe anything they see or hear. This is one reason why Veterans Today is persisting in their contention that the Gilbert Massacre was not a suicide-murder, but a possible Cartel hit. In a story entitled "Exclusive: Arizona – Two Carloads of Shooters Escape, Survivor Witness Found", Mike Harris opines that Ready was ambushed and assassinated by parties unknown. He suggests that the suspected perpetrators could either be the Mexican Drug Cartels, a law enforcement agency from a neighboring jurisdiction, or a chapter of Hells Angels who reportedly placed a bounty on Ready’s head because of his outspoken stance against drug trafficking. Harris also provides what he calls the "gist" of a statement by the FBI task force investigating the Gilbert Massacre in which they supposedly admit that all exiting stories released by local police and news are totally false:

“J.T. Ready arrived home to find multiple armed gunmen inside. He was shot down and killed while defending friends and family. Reports of a domestic assault or suicide are utterly false. A 17 year old girl witnessed the shooting, multiple shooters with assault rifles searched the home for Ready. The girl, daughter of Ready’s fiance, a Ms. Moderno, has been sequestered by federal marshals.

She had spent an hour and a half hiding under the bed, waiting for police who eventually responded to automatic weapons fire.

Ready has been the subject of multiple death threats from both cartel members and from the Hells Angels criminal organization whose 'meth' network well as local law enforcement within Pinal County, the area Ready’s organization, the US Border Guard, had damaged.”

Of course, Mike Harris provides no supporting links to further validate his story, but if the information is not available online, it would be difficult to "link" to it.

But the Veterans Today story introduces just enough doubt to knock Chris Drake off the fence. Drake, who had patrolled with ready and the Border Guard, seemed to be preparing himself to accept the possibility that J.T. Ready suddenly snapped and wasted four people before killing himself. Now Drake believes that the Veterans Today story is "plausible". And what might make it plausible? I can accept the possibility that ready got into an argument with his girlfriend, snapped, and wasted her. I can also accept the possibility that he may have wasted the two other adults. But I have difficulty accepting the possibility that he may have gunned down a 16-month-old girl. Only genuinely evil people waste kids, and J.T. Ready was not evil. Ready was noisy and unstable at times, but he was NOT evil.

By the way, on May 5th, Chris Drake was interviewed by Peter Goodman on the NewsGuy Talkshoe program, in which he discusses Ready. The interview starts about 35 minutes into the program and lasts for about an hour. It's Episode #47, available HERE. Goodman said he will eventually extract the Drake interview and post it as a standalone MP3 on The Right Perspective.

This is frustrating. At this point, it's looking like we may never know with absolute certainty what really happened.


Anonymous said...

What about the call to 911 previously on the day in question regarding a domestic disturbance involving J.T Ready?

Anchorage Activist said...

That's another reason why we may want to approach the Veterans Today story with caution. I just thought it important to let people know that Veterans Today had put out a contrasting story; people can reach their own conclusions.

Bob said...

What about those pictures of Ready with his arms around a nigger and giving the Black Power salute posted on the NS Acumen of the Old Guard Blog? Did the cartel force Ready to pose before they shot him? lol Hughes and Drake must think everyone is stupid and the police have their finger up their ass. Wait until the forensics determine if the shots fired came from Ready's gun into that baby. Hughes will probably say the cartel ripped the gun out of Ready's hand and shot everyone with it. haha

What a disgrace the NSM is having a race-mixing Commander and adulterer. Ready fit right into that crowd.

Anonymous said...

There are websites out there that promote the most insane garbage imaginable, this "VT" is a perfect example. This reminds me of my gramma's situation. She was told she had cancer. She refused to believe the doctor, and instead increased her going to church and praying. Without accepting she needed medical help, she DIED. Anybody who believes Ready didn't do it by now, is in denial of reality and a hopeless tard.

Anonymous said...

So this so-called Border-Guard club is NOT a White racialist operation. It is filled in their own words with jews, niggers and spics. And there are some so-called WN/NS that are ok with this, namely the founders? This is supposed to be GOOD NEWS? It sounds like a multi-cult, rainbow operation more than a white one! Why should WN/NS have anything to do with such a clusterfuck? Since Ready and now Hughes both are so proud of their mud friends, playing armyman around in the desert, I suggest that we purge them completely from WN and let them be with their non-White friends. This race mixing line of thinking coming from Jeff Schoep and the NSM has gotten way out of hand! I have to AGREE with Jeff Schoep for the first time in my life - "NSM" is NOT a National Socialist organization - it IS a "CIVIL RIGHTS" group. Only thing is - its logic is more and more heading in the MARXIST, LIB-TARD direction of "can't we all just get along" line. Jeff and many of his "officers" seem to be taking that line of thinking to the EXTREME - what with their PERSONAL RACE MIXING in their own lives. How many more sips from that carton of milk do you need people, before you admit that its SOUR? For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rocky. Too many people are making these idiots to be great and now I am getting questions about if the ANP is affiliated with the NSM. We are True National Socialists and really the only TRUE National Socialists here in the U.S. These NSM idiots along with any club affiliated with them really need to break up their failed NS organisations so we can go further within the political realm. Unlike the others, we have a Lobbyist on Capital Hill which says more than any organisation could ever say about themselves to date.

Chris C. 88

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, here we go again lol more words of wisdom from the non-existant anp clowns. Rocky when you actually follow through with your own marxist agenda and get in the streets with your occupy comrades instead of cheap publicity stunts where you ask your 5 members to go out there and you refuse to do so yourself then you may start to talk crap against other activists, until that day perhaps you should shut your lazy ineffective mouth. The anp is a disgrace, and exists only to attack the other groups. What next will you guys attack the Greek Golden Dawn, or the other European groups? Seriously guys, you have the smallest most fragile of all the glass houses in the U.S. Movement and yet you cast constant stones from the safety of your internet peanut gallery. Old clucking hens! Actions speak louder than words and if you guys are so great instead of posting here over and over why not show the rest of us how its done in the real world. Until then keep collecting your agent provacatuer checks from your zog masters.

Anonymous said...

What a completely worthless post @ 11:11 - Nothing you wrote resembles the truth in any way whatsoever. You must be Schoep - get a life.

The ANP IS National Socialism and they have been paving the way for years.

Anonymous said...

"Actions speak louder than words" you say. Well, they sure do. Look at the recent "actions" of Ready, Schoep and other NSM associated characters. Embarassing, shameful, disgraceful......just a few words to describe these actions.

It is to Rocky Suhayda and the ANPs credit that they have been exposing the bad elements in this WN Movement. You call it attacking other groups, but the ANP has been quite accurate with its criticisms.

NSM is a stain on the WN Movement, anyone who harbors any association or sympathy with/for NSM should just be ignored.