Sunday, May 20, 2012

Antifa Terrorists Launch Unprovoked Attack On White Nationalist Economic Summit Meeting In Tinley Park, Illinois Under Cover Of Anti-NATO Protests

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As many as 30 anti-racist terrorists invaded a restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois on May 19th, 2012 and launched a completely unprovoked physical assault on at least 20 White nationalists gathered for an economic summit. The Chicago Sun-Times provides a somewhat sketchy mainstream media report, but the Tinley Park Patch and the antifas themselves provide much more information on the South Side ARA blog. The Blaze has now picked up the story. There's also discussion on Stormfront.

The number of antifas was set at 18 by the Sun-Times and 30 by ARA themselves. In any event, the antifas had learned of the event in advance, monitored posts on Stormfront to determine the timing and location, and then invaded the Ashford House located at 7959 W. 159th St in Tinley Park around 12:45 P.M. where 20 White nationalists were gathered for the 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet. It was a rare display of White organizational unity, as members and supporters of the Council of Conservative Citizens, the American Third Position Party, and the National Socialist Movement were represented. The antifa, all wearing black jackets, hoods and masks, and wielding metal batons and hammers, attacked the White nationalists without warning; ten nationalists were hurt, and three of them required hospitalization. One of the nationalists, Brandon Spiller, received a head wound requiring eight staples to close.

Mike Winston, the owner of the Ashford House, said that the antifas did extensive damage to the restaurant itself. He added that he chased after one of the attackers and had him on the ground, but then five more attackers got out of a car and started kicking the crap out of him. He suffered bruises but required no hospitalization. He now says the attack cost him business on Sunday, too; a party that had booked a wedding shower canceled, while Sunday brunch, which normally packs the place, filled only four tables.

Because progressives and Communists have been targeting the NATO summit in the Chicago area this weekend, police were already on alert. They reportedly have arrested five of the antifa, all of who are identified as white. Over 1,000 protesters flooded the streets of Chicago protesting the NATO summit, and 500 marched on the home of Mayor Emmanuel Rahm on May 19th. WMAQ news video now available:

Update: For a brief period of time, the antifa website was hacked, but has since been mostly restored to service. I have mixed emotions about this; while it's good that somebody paid them back, I prefer to pay them back the way some patriots did to Communists in Greensboro, NC in November 1979.

If the anitfas expected to generate public support, they failed miserably. Most of the 135 comments posted to The Patch indicate disapproval; many look upon the attack as justification to pass stronger CCW and Stand Your Ground laws. Brandon Spiller himself wrote "I had my gun in my car but couldn't get to it due to Illinois law. If I was able to CCW they would have been stopped and I wouldn't be typing this from the hospital".

This is not the first time that antifa have invaded White nationalist meetings and physically attacked participants. Chicago antifa attacked two previous gatherings involving Holocaust revisionist David Irving in November 2009 and again in May 2011. Antifa even deliberately attacked a dinner at the NSM Nationals in Trenton, NJ in April 2011, although the NSM has a reputation for fighting back. Antifa clearly state that they are are committed to shutting down and attacking any racist, nationalist, or fascist organizers or individuals that they encounter -- without qualification. Consequently, defensive security arrangements must be made in advance, and should at the very least include the use of bear spray or ammonia to spray into the eyes of antifa attackers to make it impossible for them to continue an attack. Antifa are beyond reason -- force is the only way to respond to them effectively.


Anonymous said...

Why weren't the white nationalists involved armed and why didn't they off the pigs?

I'm wondering if the antifa get hazard pay from the feds when they are ordered to conduct these attacks.

Hard to feel bad for "tough guys" who can't defend themselves.

When will people recognize this is a way, not a meet and greet social get together?

Anonymous said...

Since they allowed the NSM to attend, I'm sure where the leak came from. This group is poison, and any sensible person should avoid them.

Anonymous said...

Nice touch to hack into the antifa website! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic. What are this people, parapalegics? Surely, they could have at least starting throwing things, dishes , chairs, silverware? Plus, at these events, why don't they have a scout outside, keeping watch? Too afraid to miss all the fun inside I guess. Sometime, somewhere these anti's are gonna run into the wrong crowd of REAL WHITE WORKING CLASS MEN...

Anonymous said...

tough talk, and stupid as well.

Like the site owner said, some very simple cabelas bear spray would have put down all these felons,

and incapacitated them til they were led to Cook County Jail, at which point they would be looking at spending many months awaiting Felony charges (attempted murder is warranted for hitting someone with a hammer or bat on the head),

in the blackest and most violently out-of-control jail in the USA.

CCJ is literally run by either folks or people gangs in the individual units, and these white boys would be enjoying a lot of opportunities to be 'anti-racists' inside that hell hole.

Best yet, the white nationalists NOT using any deadly force but effectively incapacitating these morons so they can get incarcerated into the (very black) illinois prison system is SMART AND EFFECTIVE in all manner.

The smart method is to damage your attacker while ensuring that you face no potential for damage. Getting drawn into the system yourself or employing illegal means is why these five antifa idiots are going to get their backdoor pounded for years inside stateville...

copying their failed tactics instead of exploiting these stupid tactics to the best advantage makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys all crazy? Suggesting that these guys start shooting or throwing things to defend themselves is ridiculous. Yeah, let's shoot into a crowded restaurant on a busy Saturday morning with innocent bystanders. Dumbshits...

Anonymous said...

Following the law and worrying about what the pigs want is not "smart" -- its just cowardice.

Its time white people realized that the pigs have no legitimacy and no right to run the show. Like Bill White said in his book, anything we can take by force or fraud is ours -- just like everything they've taken by force and fraud is theirs.

Anonymous said...

Oh we have an admirer of Willy Weiss the kike-a-like! Yes, following his example gets you WHERE? Defending yourself from attack by any means possible, is what we all need to do. Shooting in public is of course out of the question, but there are many other means of fighting back. I don't see where throwing items at an attacker is overkill. If you don't have bear-spray, certainly a chair or dish is not deadly force. What did they do, cower in fear as they were beaten? Seems only the business owner had the balls to follow them outside, pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you kick them in the shins like the little girl you are?

One thing I learned from Bill White's trials -- the federal government is paying a lot of people to spend their time discrediting him on the internet. In fact, I believe one document said that the fed's number one goal was to discredit Bill White at all costs.

So, I look at what the enemy is doing and recognize I should be on the other side. Assholes who say things like "Willy Weiss" are burnt up meth heads and bipolar schizos that the feds pushed into white activism to keep the movement "under control."

You know what I mean, Matt Ramsey / Jim Ramm / snitch bitch crystal meth head queer that you are.

Anonymous said...

ZOG is paying people to discredit Bill White on the internet? Wow! Must be slow going with the feds right now.

What "document" said the "fed's number one goal was to discredit Bill White at any cost."????

That is so damn laughable, you make it sound like White is some serious threat to ZOGs power.

Bill White is an arrogant bullshitter. He was driven by his huge ego and need for attention. He left one costumed clown group to start his own.

"anything we can take by force or fraud is ours"?

Well, if that isnt supposed to be some agent provocateur stuff, i dont know what is.

Yeah, White said all kinds of bold and brash things, look where it got him. He was just lucky enough that the jew run ACLU got a judge to overturn his conviction. What luck!

I bet ZOG wishes every WN would take White's advice and "decide the pigs have no legitimacy" and act accordingly. Would make the Feds job so easy, they'd have a field day rounding up Aryans!

Wee Willie Weiss is a legend in his own mind. The self styled "genius" did some awfully dumb things that he didnt seem to put much thought into.

Anonymous said...

William did something you could never do, Pinkus. That's withstanding the ZOG's torture. If it were you, you'd have broke the first day.

Anonymous said...

During White's trial in Roanoke there was a sidebar conversation after the federal government tried to introduce as evidence against White a Wikipedia page. In the sidebar, the federal government admitted that they the Wikipedia page in question had been authored by one of their informants and that they were paying informants to go on the internet and lie about White to discredit him. The judge disallowed the page.

There were 17 identified informants in the White case -- Michael Burks, Tim Bland, Michael Blevins, Harold Turner, Stephen Turcos or something (using the name Steve Johnson), this kid Dustin from Indiana, Elisha Strom, this guy from Michigan (can't recall his name), a kid in Tacoma, Washington, another guy in Seattle, Washington, and a bunch of others - I'd have to stop and think to name them all.

If you've read the recent court filings, the feds think White was involved in killing Joan Lefkow -- I think White himself posted a copy of the document claiming he had been the trigger man on Facebook.

In fact, scroll down here you can see some of the documents:

You assholes who have been sitting on the internet bullshitting and setting people up for the federal government have no idea about the real shit that is going on in the world. You live in a federal fantasy, and stay at home snorting crystal meth and collecting your SSI-disability checks while real living human beings suffer. The movement should cut you up with knives.

Anonymous said...

Per 6:34AM Sorry, butt-head, you'll find no support for the creature Willy Weiss among real WN. Its comical, all these tards you've mentioned were his pals recruited, praised and promoted by Sad Willy himself! He was a fit fuhrer for this sorry mess of retards. You saw fit not to mention his involvement with race-mixer Jeff Schoep and the national satanist movement, so I will.

Anonymous said...

Jim / Matt, or Taylor, or Rocky: The only reason feds like you are still walking around is because the real movement is busy with the guys who employ you.

Think about that, because, in the end, you're going to face the knives like the guys who've protected you and the guys paying you to talk this stupid shit.

Anonymous said...

So Bill White wasn't a federal informant, WHO CARES!

He landed himself in jail because of his own stupidity!

Was it really worth loosing your family over?

Why in the hell are we even talking about this loser anyways?

Anonymous said...

Hold on:

The FBI and the US government arrests Bill White for no good reason. They torture him in an effort to get him to confess and implicate guys like you. He does two and a half years in prison, stays strong, comes out with his life shattered --

and you say its his own stupidity?

Its his fault?

So what you are saying is that if the federal government arrests somebody for no good reason that its the victim's fault?

You're a sick fuck. Go back to watching kiddy porn on Stormfront with little Kevvie and leave the fucking white movement alone you bitch.

Anonymous said...

Rocky and Taylor mean that Bill White was stupid for engaging in actual activism. Neither of those two have ever spent a day in jail for anything NS related. I guess youn could count when Taylor Bowles burned down an NS headquarters building in Maryland presumably during one of his fits.

Rocky is responsible for defaming White by calling him Willy Weise and claiming White's father was Jewish. Rocky's lie was exposed when White was charged and sentenced under his real name, William White.

amspirnational said...

I am new to this site so if my questions and comments strike anyone as unusual, please bear with me.

The last time I contacted CCC, I was informed that white nationalists did not take a stand on foreign policy as it was too divisive. Maybe that's changed.

My question is, why wasn't this white nationalist group participating in some way, even if seperately, in the anti-Nato, anti-Afghan War protest? If their ranks aren't strong enough to do so and protect themselves against "left wing" friction, maybe they ought to organize a hard core cadre before setting out on any public

Or is anyone telling me throwing away White lives in unnecessary wars for Israel and the Police State's World Empire okay?

NATO itself is anti-Russian and Russia happens to be the home of more tough White guys than any other country in the world currently. When the white nationalists take to the streets in Russia they normally call the shots and the government there on occasion even cooperates with them.

Anchorage Activist said...

amspirnational: There still is no default position on foreign policy within the WN community. Most of us do oppose American imperialism; we don't think we should be waging war all over the world for nation-building, peacekeeping, and wiping babies' asses. This is why so many of us supported Ron Paul.

But there is some diversity about Russia. While I consider Russia to be more pro-White than the U.S. government, Russia is not necessarily our friend. Leave them alone, but keep our powder dry.

amspirnational said...

Well, I would agree with you to the extent that it is possible that Putin, or others, will bend too far in favor of cooperation with the Amer-Israeli Empire.
In favor of what is called Atlanticism and away from traditional Russian Imperialism as advocated by Dugin and Prokhanov.

That would mean it would not be fighting for any form of White civilization but for liberal modernization which now grips the "West."

But your answer implies it is possible to be a White nationalist and in favor of the continuation of the multicultural American Empire's hegemony of the world, which renders that world under the impress of New York/Hollywood
decadent materialism or what Yockey called cultural syphillis and spiritual leprosy.

If it is possible for a real American White nationalist to favor this, it is possible for a Marxist anywhere to favor privatization of the largest national industries. IOW, it is impossible.

And, there is the reality that
the Empire must dismantle to free
American ethno-nationalist possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Bill White was a spoiled little rich kid, who loved to dabble in extremist politics. He started off as an anarchist, then went commie, eventually working his was over to hollywierd nutzi. He obviously believed in nothing, except self-promoting Bill White. His mental illness eventually got his ass canned. And intelligent people are supposed to follow a nut like this? Sorry, I'll take Rocky any day!

Anonymous said...

Bill White talked BIG but never really did anything except push the envelope. In the end he pushed that need for publicity too far.

Anonymous said...

I hope the anti-whites get what they deserve, but I'm not standing with no kiddie porn pervert either.