Tuesday, May 08, 2012

911 Calls Firmly Establish That J.T. Ready Was Responsible For The Gilbert Massacre, Permanently Discredit Veterans Today As A Reliable Media Source

Despite the fact that the preponderance of evidence indicated that J.T. Ready was responsible for the Gilbert Massacre, a report by Veterans Today offered some hope that this might not be the case. Veterans Today suggested some unsubstantiated evidence of an outside hit.

Not so. The "preponderance of evidence" has now become "guilt beyond reasonable doubt". Late on May 7th, 2012, KSAZ Channel 10 has published the tapes of the 911 calls which show unmistakeably that J.T. Ready was the perpetrator -- and the ONLY perpetrator -- of the Gilbert Massacre which claimed five lives, including his own:

911 calls released in Gilbert shootings: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

The most important part of the tape:

Lisa: “I need a police officer to come to 530 W Tumbleweed Road.”
911: “What do you need assistance with ma’am?”
Lisa: “Domestic violence, he's going a blitz in the house and ruined the [expletive] garage door and -" 911: “Who is he, your husband? Are you speaking about your husband ma’am?”
Lisa: “My boyfriend.”

Moments later, there are gunshots and screaming. The call goes dead.

Brittany Mederos, Lisa's daughter, survived the shooting by hiding in a back bedroom, and in her own 911 call, identified Ready as the shooter, stating that he and Lisa were screaming and fighting. A neighbor also called 911 and reported that he had heard six shots. When officers arrived, they found Lisa Mederos, her daughter and granddaughter, the daughter's boyfriend, and Ready all dead. Police still believe Ready shot himself after shooting the others.

Unfortunately, the triggering mechanism for the massacre has been taken to the grave with the victims. It is known that J.T. Ready lost his job at Auto Zone and subsequently moved in with Lisa Mederos and her family; they soon began squabbling. Perhaps Lisa got tired of carrying Ready on her back financially and ordered him out of the house; this could have set him off. It has also been asked how J.T. Ready, with no visible means of support, could have afforded all this military equipment used by the U.S. Border Guard.

But this does not invalidate what Harry Hughes and Chris Drake have said regarding J.T. Ready. Neither one absolutely ruled out the possibility that Ready was the shooter; they merely opined that it seemed improbable. The record clearly shows that J.T. Ready would give a comrade the shirt off his back if necessary to perpetrate the Cause, and that he would stop to aid a motorist in distress. And to dismiss J.T. Ready as nothing more than a "vainglorious attention whore" would not only be disrespectful of his activism, but inaccurate; "attention whores" do not suit up in full combat gear and go patrolling in the desert in 100F degree heat. J.T. Ready was clearly a patriot -- albeit a flawed patriot.

The flaw was not that J.T. Ready carried the seeds of murder within him, because we all do. But the majority of us will exercise the power of life and death only in self-defense or at the behest of lawfully-constituted authority. J.T. Ready's flaw is that, for whatever reason, he broke those customary restraints and became an executioner solely upon his own personal authority. One of the hallmarks of an organized civil society is that we do not allow or sanction the practice of blowing people away simply because they piss us off.

We also should not write off Harry Hughes and Chris Drake as "dupes". It is human nature to first go into denial when one learns of a close friend or relative committing such an act. Hughes and Drake knew and worked with Ready, and this was a side he never displayed to them. They need sufficient time to digest and process the information before they can come to terms with it emotionally. Harry Hughes and Chris Drake should still be considered solid comrades unless or until they prove otherwise.

One other outcome of this tragedy is that we can now permanently disqualify Veterans Today as a reliable source of information. Veterans Today is nothing more than a conspiracy website; even Alex Linder admits this. We can also credit John Taylor Bowles and DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt with being right on this case from the beginning, even if it was driven somewhat by personal animus.


Anonymous said...

It is sad what these actions will do to even further diminish a "Nazi" in the eyes of American people.

I don't know much about the NSM or JT Ready but from what I DO know it appears Jeff Schoep ran off with a Race mixer and whom when I look at I think... "not white". This being based on Mr. Metzger's "3 Second rule".

And JT...
I have yet to see an up close facial picture of the mother Mederos but the daughter is definitely a half breed.

"People that put themselves in a LEADERSHIP position to REPRESENT something would do well to separate themselves from anything that the Enemy could use against them. In Jeff and JT's case, Race mixing or relationships with those that have/do.

I spent 2 years in Oildale CA.
The "Nazi" scene was new to me and I took up with skin heads. Needless to say they were flawed in many things. One of which being what I just described. The other being drug, women, and alcohol abuse.

I did not believe that many of those individuals espoused what I believe Herr Hitler desired us to do and be.

Today, I STILL hold true to MY beliefs about Jewry and Racial Separation. However, I keep it with my wife (who is also of Like Mind, and the daughter of a WELL KNOWN "Nazi" (sic)) and our kids, who believe and know what we know.

"The Movement" is dead. And it is from the likes of those I have seen in person, Jeff Schoep, and JT Ready. These events are just another many of black eye's "we" as in Proud, White, PRO-2nd Amendment Men, have suffered and will haunt us for years to come.

TRUE Followers of Hitler, NS, White Separation, MUST!!! behave differently and be held above everything. I realize I'm getting off topic and starting to rant, so I'll close. TY for reading.

Anonymous said...

Now all those idiots and fools that declared J.T. a "hero" or "martyr" can eat their words. So sad how people will accept a baby-murderer JUST because he screams "Sieg Heil" - pathetic.

Once again, thank you to Mr. Rocky Suhayda for your wisdom. Hopefully in time even the most dense will learn.

lifester said...

I was not even a two-story home...WOW FOX News is probably the least favorite of the news broadcasting stations that I pay attention to.

Harry L. Hughes III said...

I'm not one to rush to judgement as the police and the media are not at all trustworthy.

Anonymous said...


A) The search warrant was drawn up on the day of the shootings itself;

B) They go in the house and they mysteriously find cases of grenades. No doubt the Army trucks rolled up twenty minutes after the first call came in to retrieve and carry away these items. Or to deliver them to the site?

C) FBI admits that two other unidentified vehicles, described by eyewitnesses (although not in these documents) as containing Hispanic males, were seen near the house before the shootings.

Anonymous said...

A. A search warrant was probably always ready for nutcase Ready as he was probably under surveillance from the System.

B. The grenades weren't found mysteriously??? Nothing to back that up. The feds probably have the name of the person that sold them to Ready or gave them to him.

C. Big deal. Spics are always driving around by the car-load. Is Ready's neighborhood a special place where they don't? haha

Kyle said...

Is somebody forgetting the obvious possibility that 911 call can't include everything?

Isn't it possible that even if he was solely responsible for the 5 lives, he was under a greater duress or threat, and was forced to choose the "lesser evil"?

Did the 911 call ask him or her "hey, is JT under and threat if he didn't do what he's doing?"

No white nationalist should forget the hundreds of possible conspiracy theories. We should always assume our brothers are innocent until it's physically impossible.

Porky said...

Oh yes, each 911 call should give a Dr. Phil analysis to the shooter? Listen to the 911 call again. Does it sound like a drug cartel in the background? Noooooo. Does it sound like someone has a gun to Ready's head and forcing him to kill that family including baby? Noooooo. It is nutcase Ready going off and the victim is scarred to death.

One terrible deed can undo 100 good deeds. That's what happened to JT Ready.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember when for years, people said about Jeff Schoep,- hey, I can't believe that the mighty kommander could be a race-mixer, it has to be a jew smear. Well, it turns out it was TRUE! There's only one reason to want to doubt Ready was a baby murderer - the truth HURTS. Sorry NSM, you recruit freaks and wierdo's, here's the results. And don't go trying to claim Ready wasn't NSM, he had the UNIFORMS, the LITERATURE and hung around NSM'ers. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

Max said...

"Driven by personal animus" -- LOL!

Now THERE is an understatement!


Anonymous said...

I just had some secret info about this given me. Ready went on his nut, because his lunch wasn't ready for Ready and the fat tard was HUNGRY! Or, maybe she just didn't make enough taco's and he got pissed? Update on "veterans yesterday" tabloid soon...

Anonymous said...

All I had to see was Chris Drakes name and I knew it was trouble.