Saturday, April 07, 2012

White Racial Activist Thomas Buhls Promotes Southern Heritage And Confederate History In Bloomington, Indiana, Attracts 200 Protesters

Update April 12th: The antifas bragged about their role in this Infoshop article, and provide more information. At least four Klan members originally showed up, but two of them were knocked down and beaten by antifas after one of the Klan members pepper-sprayed an antifa. Afterwards, Thomas Buhls was the sole Klan member remaining. The antifas also state that of the 200 protesters present, at least 40 were hard core antifa, most wearing black hoodies and masks.

A longtime White racial activist attracted protesters when he hosted a one-man rally at the Monroe County Courthouse Square in Bloomington, Indiana to promote Southern heritage and Confederate history. Thomas Buhls, identified elsewhere as a member of the Knights Party, held a cardboard sign that had an image of a confederate flag and read “CELEBRATE YOUR WHITE HERITAGE.” A crowd of around 200 protesters gathered closely around, using expletives to tell him to “go home” and “get out of Bloomington.” Media sources include Indiana Public Media and the Reporter Times (a snippet), as well as a Stormfront thread.

Several police officers and vehicles were present at the scene. No one was injured, but the group got heated when Buhls tried to walk away and protesters would not let him leave, blocking his path and pushing him. Buhls later started walking down Kirkwood toward the Indiana University campus. The protesters followed him, and he was eventually taken away in a police car. He was not arrested.

As you can see, many of the protesters appeared to be scruffy loudmouth college trash from the nearby university. Pumped full of diversity, multiculturalism, and white privilege propaganda, these 200 "brave souls" chased away the one so-called "evil racist". Thomas Buhls definitely had cast-iron balls for standing firm in the face of all those thugs. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) classifies Indiana University as a "yellow-light school", meaning that they have some oppressive speech codes, so these slackers may have a distorted sense of free speech.

Thomas Buhls has a record of previous activism, and ran afoul of the law one time. In October 2011, Buhls was found not guilty of littering. The charge stemmed from the fact that in May 2011, he had left a copy of the Knights' newspaper, "The Crusader" at Steve's Appliances in Martinsville. Owner Mary Waltz said she didn’t want the newspaper in her store, so she called police and pressed littering charges. Judge Mark Peden ruled after a 40-minute bench trial that although Buhls' actions may unnerve the people within his community, he still has the right to distribute the material. Ken Falk, who represents the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana which defended Buhls, said the case tested the First Amendment.

"The First Amendment makes it clear that it's OK to hand out all sorts of materials. The whole point by the First Amendment is that we have the right for freedom of ideas," Falk said. "The Supreme Court says I have a right to go onto people's property and try and talk to them about things." Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights, posted his reaction HERE.

But Buhls was not finished with local officials. On December 22nd, 2011, the ACLU filed a lawsuit on his behalf in United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana, in which he contended his civil rights were violated when he was cited for littering. He's asking for unspecified monetary damages from Morgan County Prosecutor Steve Sonnega, Martinsville Police Captain Jeffrey Buskirk, and two unknown Martinsville police officers. As of March 19th, the case has not come to trial.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those protestors sure were a bunch of dirty looking scum. Some looked to be old farts with no desire for employment or soap. The60s are over losers!

Most seemed to be the empty headed young White liberal moron types, mom and dad paying for college.
Wonder if there's any hope for the White youth of America? Maybe if these protestors were all dropped into inner city Detroit some evening, now that would make a good (and hilarious) video.

Good for Mr Buhls, that took some serious courage, 1 against 200.
Now, I look forward to the "usual suspects" around here to trash him and explain how what he did was not the right way to do things, etc.....

NSM Wisconsin said...

I don't think one man suicide demonstrations deserve an applause except for stupidity.

NSALP Illinois said...

Once again the police had to rescue a pro-White activist. Sounds like a NSM kinda tactic.

I take that back. The police didn't intervene when the ARA whipped the NSM asses at their Nationasl Meeting in Trenton last year.

Anonymous said...

OK "11:17PM" I'll comply. While yes, Mr. Buhls certainly should be commended for his courage, I would put forth the following thoughts - (A) IF he had spent his time distributing literature, on parked cars, house to house, etc, he would surely have made contact with MORE normal White folks than he did surrounded by that marxist mob. And through his literature, he could have given people HIS viewpoint ALONG with a follow-up "contact point" (web address, etc) to follow-up upon if they were interested. (B) I notice that the sign he carried was destroyed by the mob, hence ONE PERSON ALONE in such a situation is PERCIEVED WEAK. If he was counting upon the Zog-Cops to "protect his rights", well I guess he LEARNED the HARD-WAY that the blue-enforcers are NOT on the side of WN. (C) Until WN DO have enough "numbers" to go out in public AND to be able to DEFEND THEMSELVES properly - they should stick to doing what they can, in the best way possible - to BUILD THEMSELVES up into being in that position. And that IS doing safe, "low-level" literature outreach. Our Struggle does NOT need "martyres" - SACRIFICED needlessly - to ENTERTAIN the likes of YOU! Apparently, the org that he currently belongs to, doesn't see the need on how to instruct its adherents on HOW to engage in dissident activities PROPERLY or SAFELY. Thats truly unfortunate. If the mob had set upon him, and/or trashed his vehicle etc et al - I suppose that HE would have been given a lot of applause from the "peanut gallery" ( folks like you ) but, ZERO EMULATION from all the "anonymous ones" from the keyboard kommando. For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

At least he looked more normal than the typical NSMer. Its too bad that he didn't have someone like Chairman Suhayda to advise him.

Anonymous said...

People don't need "advise" to sit on their asses while you collect dues and make rambling disjointed speeches. What is funny is you apparently think people don't see through your bullshit. In fact, the only ones who might not, are the high school age kids Taylor Bowles preys on. Now mince off and regurgitate some union hall nonsense or give Taylor Bowles a break and take his ARA pom-poms for a while. I'd rather see tattooed thugs representing national socialism than a complete idiot which wanders into political brick walls at every turn. Or better yet some beach ball pansy waddling around with a wig on telling people how he was almost elected president.