Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unknown White Civil Rights Activist Distributes The Aryan Alternative Newspaper In Mobile Neighborhood Where Matthew Owens Was Assaulted

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Screenshot of page 1 of The Aryan Alternative
An unknown White civil rights activist has taken the opportunity to alert the residents of the Mobile, Alabama neighborhood where the black mob assault on Matthew Owens took place to the pro-White perspective. WPMI Channel 15 and the Mobile Press-Register report that early on April 26th, 2012, residents of Delmar Drive awoke to find copies of The Aryan Alternative distributed in their driveways. Some neighbors accuse the distributor of trying to throw gas on the fire and incite racial tensions. More information from local media sources will be available later.

The specific issue was the Spring/Summer 2009 edition, which is also available online via Google Docs or as a PDF file (takes about three minutes to load, but more legible). Although the edition itself is three years old, it is still quite relevant because it predicted much of the racial strife that has emerged during the Obama regime, much of it fueled by Barack Obama and his officials. Just as importantly, an article entitled "White America's Final Warning" identifies who benefits the most behind the scenes from this discord. The Aryan Alternative is no shrinking violet -- it offers robust commentary on racial issues, but without being crude and uncouth.

Because The Aryan Alternative was published under the auspices of the Vanguard News Network, VNN webmaster Alex Linder has been asked if he organized the distribution. On this VNN Forum thread, Linder says he had no prior knowledge of the distribution, but that he doesn't object to it. One commenter to the Press-Register story expresses suspicion that the SPLC may have been behind the distribution (LOL!); TVC15 writes "Follow the money: personally, the first scenario I'd suspect is that someone from a 'hate group' in Montgomery hopped in the car with file copies of some fool's diatribe newspaper and dropped them on the lawn. Good for the bottom line, don't you know". While ludicrous, at least it shows more people are wising up to what the $PLC is really all about.

Other issues of The Aryan Alternative are accessible online via this Vanguard News Network portal. All can be downloaded and distributed.

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